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Modding / [WIP] Hullmod Minimod idea, help and feedback needed
« on: April 03, 2018, 02:52:26 AM »
I probably have a similar story that other people that have come to this section of the forum in the past: I love this game, had a few ideas, and now I want to turn them into an actual, funcional thing within the game. And after playing this game for a while I have come to realize that, while I would love to make a ship or a weapon, there's something more subtle that usually completely changes the number of possibilities that the already insane amount of possible builds that modded Starsector already gives you: hullmods. I want to make a hullmod (possibly more if things go right) and I have some questions

but first let me explain what I have in mind

Name:State-of-the-art Maintenance Protocol

-Peak performance multiplied by 2
-flux dissipation and flux capacity increased by 15%
-active system cooldown decreased by 25%
-active system charges increased by 50% (rounding would be upwards so that things like missile autoforge are affected by at least +1)
-maintenance cost/month multiplied by 3
-non-skeleton crew space subtracted, skeleton crew multiplied by 2
-cargo and fuel space removed

OP cost: probably the same as safety overwrites , maybe a little less

the idea is making it possible to give the player the possibility of making certain ace ships that are used often more effective, while giving a big enough drawback to the entire fleet so that it has to be used sparingly (the negative changes forces whatever ship is used on to depend on the rest on the fleet for maintenance, so it has to stop at some point).

so the questions are
-is any of the changes I just said difficult to implement on a hullmod? I have been checking some mod files, and both the code of the hullmods itself and the implementation outside the jar directory seem fairly easy to understand. I have programming background in java and so far I didn't see anything weird as long as hullmods are concerned
-opinions on the hullmod itself?

that is all, thank you for your time

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