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So I don't usually like doing these kinds of threads, but Meso pestered me into writing one up cause I kept tossing my opinions his way. This list will not follow any particular structure or anything and I'll just add things as they come to mind.

Phase Ships

Lets start with the low-hanging fruit: Phase ships are still an absolute chore to fight and the Phase Fleet in the story only drives that point home even more. The fight is incredibly non-interactive since all you can do is try to hold the phase ships at bay while praying not too many of your ships will get blown to smithereens by all the mines coming your way or deleted by reapers after a Harbinger turned off their shields and everything.
The supposed AI improvements have done very little to help that. Phase ships will be more aggressive at times, but rarely stay uncloaked for long enough to really take meaningful damage unless you have beam weaponry. Lowtech just struggled to deal anything against phase ships since their main two counters are Beams and Fighters, but the latter is the counter to everything so it doesn't really count.

Some more specific thoughts:

- Doom: Plenty things have been said about the mines in the past and they still hold true, except now that thing can also get faster mine regen and an extra mine capacity just to make absolutely sure any ship that dares to vent will be obliterated immediately.

- Harbinger: Having your shields disabled at random is terrible and removes a lot of counterplay when facing these things. It is also the only real phase-counter since it can pull ships out of phase. Why that is entirely exclusive to the Harbinger is beyond me.

New ships

- Fury: Seems really cheap for its DP when you can get two of these for the price of one Aurora. Aurora might also be a bit too high on DP these days.

- Ziggurat: Yep it's about as strong as you'd expect, but good god it's also another case of Doom-syndrome with a slow phase ship that just sits in phase and attacks from there. It looks great and I enjoy flying it for now, though.

Story Points

I really love these in many ways, but imho their scaling is very off by being tied to your levels, making you gain them very quickly early on but becoming very hard to earn in lategame. Imho these should be earned more gradually to be able to actually make decent use of them throughout a campaign. In their current state, they encourage hoarding at least some of them for the lategame, which the mechanics involved seem to imply is not intended.


First off, the current set of skills seems to favour hightech quite a bit, imho.

- Energy Weapon Mastery is insanely strong. This is an effect I actually made as a hullmod for some rare and unique ships in my mod with an added rate-of-fire debuff to maintain effective dps and I thought it was a really really strong effect like that already. The range-limitation on the hightech version isn't much of one given the naturally short ranges of energy weaponry, which also leads into my next point:

- Long-range specialist or whatever it was called (writing this from work during a break) appears to be the ballistic counterpart to Energy Weapon Mastery, but is only really usable by midline. Lowtech hulls lack the agility to dictate engagement ranges and will very easily lose the bonus damage. More importantly, though, Lowtech heavily relies on impact mitigation as their primary defensive skill meaning they can't really afford to take long range specialist. I feel this skill would be fine if the damage bonus was a curve without a minimum range bottom.

- Impact Mitigation and its shield counterpart should really share a node to actually force specialisation in one defense type. Right now hightech players just pick up IM as a freebie on the way since long-range is rubbish for hightech anyway.

- In its current form the junker fleet skill (the damage reduction chance per d-mod one) feels really weird and it seems like now the best way to make a lowtech hull tanky is by turning it into clump of d-mods to abuse this skill, especially against an increasing number of enemies that are capable of just stripping off armor easily. Chance-based damage reduction also feels awful to me. I understand why it's done this way (to preserve the effectiveness of HE weaponry against armour by still allowing full-penetration hits that flat damage reduction wouldn't) but it gets really silly when firing a reaper becomes a diceroll on whether it will actually do anything. Imho this skill should just lean into the residual armor aspect it has.

- Wolfpack Tactics seems fine, honestly. I feel it's overhyped for the most part, given its effects are tied to officers. It's certainly a good skill, but not broken.


The design:
David you *** madman these things are so sexy and really selling what they are supposed to be. The weapons have some clarity issues, though, making them look kinda pixelated when zoomed-in at all.

The ships:
Okay, these things I am not a fan of. In my opinion they are difficulty done in all the wrong ways by having them simply be overpowered stat sticks. They outgun you, they outtank you, they outrun you. A Tesseract can simply choose to delete any ship that doesn't have a way of effectively negating an attack due to the combination of temporal shell and weapons with insane damage output. There is very little method to fighting these outside of abusing various kinds of cheese (Doom mines, Hyperion backstabs, ...). A normal balanced fleet basically has to resort to throwing enough ships at the problem and taking heavy losses in the process. In my opinion these things are simply not very interesting beyond the splitting mechanic as they rely heavily on sheer brute force and being good at everything, which is already what the Remnant did.
I feel this makes them compare very poorly to a good example of a boss faction like the Templars in the modiverse which are equally very strong, but with distinct weaknesses and tactical counterplay.

The weapons:
These are really cool, but I think they didn't need to be as strong as they are. Being exotic alone would've been enough to make these really cool and the ships are strong enough already. Generally that's not the main issue though. Imho the dual weapon types on these feel like a pointless gimmick as they are still energy weapons in every meaningful way, including the low range which makes the infinitely more useful on hightech hulls and hightech really didn't need that kind of buff. They are very limited in supply, of course, but imho there needs to be some comparable goodies for lowtech. Also those anti-armor weapons *** on lowtech way too much. Where's the shield destabiliser?

Anyhow, this is all for now. Will add more as it comes to mind. Also just my opinions, of course, feel free to disregard.

Mods / [0.95.1a] ScalarTech Solutions 0.8.5
« on: July 18, 2020, 12:22:24 PM »

ScalarTech Solutions is a small faction mod that came about by accident as part of the 10th Starsector AI Fleetbuilding Tournament. It adds a small faction with a decent number of new ships and a single system towards the southeast corner of the sector. I had some decent fun making this and hope you enjoy what came out of it.

via Patreon

Version 0.8.5

GitHub mirror


Version Checker

- A new faction in high tech style -
- Pretty white spaceships -
- Ridiculous carrier technology -
- Lots of pewpew fun -
- A comfy little system at the edge of the core -
- Corporate Democracy -

Ship preview:

Tartiflette - Lots of good advice and actually sparking the idea for this
DarkRevenant - Helping me figure out some of the script wizardry in this
MesoTronik - Missile AI stuff and music, hire this man, folks
SirHartley - Some more beautiful artwork
TBDisciple - Translating the mod for the Chinese community
The Starsector Discord - For finding all those bugs for me to fix

- Gown
   - Minimum Crew increased from 650 to 800
- Hem
   - Increased dissipation from 150 to 200
   - Increased flux capacits from 2200 to 2300
   - Increased chain skimmer range from 100su to 150su
- Curl
   - Reduced DP from 4 to 3
- Corset
   - Armor increased from 1100 to 1400
- Fixed Silken Banshee bounty id
- Added new illustrations
- Added new flavour text

- Added Silken Banshee bounty ship
- Added large mount Tear torpedo variants
- Renamed medium Tear launcher
- Tear torpedo (all variants)
   - Range increased from 1200 to 1500
   - Damage increased from 1200 to 1400
   - Arc count reduced from 12 to 10
   - HP reduced from 400 to 300

- Fixed Camisette not spawning
- Fixed Silvys Renham contact reputation check
- Angora
   - Flux capacity reduced from 5500 to 5000

- Added Angora-class Phase Destroyer
- Added Camisette-class Freighter
- Percale
   - DP reduced from 30 to 28
- EMP Relay system
   - Increased range of emp arcs from 300 to 500
   - Increased emp amount from 100 to 200
- Updated some code for better compatibility   
- Updated ScalarTech phase cloak to new mechanics
   - ScalarTech phase cloak speed loss bottoms out at 50%

- Adds Silvys Renham contact in Charkha
- Twine
   - Increased hp from 300 to 600
   - Increased armor from 20 to 30
   - Increased top speed from 240 to 280
- Stocking
   - Reduced wing size from 3 to 2
   - Increased top speed from 240 to 260
- Garter
   - Reduced shield hp from 500 to 300
- Tear Torpedo
   - Reduced damage from 2000 to 1200
   - Arc damage changed from 300 frag to 100 energy

- Added Dessous-class Assault Fighter
- Added Twine-class Interceptor
- Added Strass and Strassette low-energy blasters
- Thread swarmer
   - Increased hp from 200 to 300
   - Removed shields
- Fiber bomber
   - Bombs no longer have proximity fuse
   - Now drops 3 bombs per fighter
   - Bomb hp and damage reduced
- Skye
   - System no longer affects ballistic weapons
   - Increased debuff duration from 3s to 3.5s
   - Lowered top speed from 90 to 80
- Seam
   - Reduced spread a bit
   - Improved projectile spread from 800 to 900
- Stocking
   - Increased OP cost from 12 to 14
   - Lowered shield hp from 400 to 300
- Red rings on engines now disappear when engine is flamed out
- Updated variants
- Improved turn rates on various weapons
   - Did these in one pass and was too lazy to write down which ones
- Various Rate of Fire increasing effects now also increase charge regeneration:
   - Cycle Accelerator system
   - Limit Release system
   - Dual Capacitor Banks hullmod
   - Upscaled Capacitor Banks hullmod
- Updated fighter credit costs
- Touched up some sprites

- Camise
    - Now civilian-grade
    - Lowered supply cost to 9
    - Lowered burn level to 8
- Culotte
   - Now civilian-grade
    - Lowered supply cost to 6
- Percale
   - Can no longer overload from phasing
- Sateen
   - Slightly reduced system duration
   - Increased DP from 40 to 45
- Corset
   - Lowered DP from 45 to 40
   - Increased armor from 1000 to 1200
   - Increased dissipation from 900 to 1000
   - Improved shield efficiency from 0.8 to 0.6
- Belt
   - Increased shield efficiency from 0.9 to 0.8
- Filament
   - Increased shield efficiency from 0.8 to 0.7
   - Increased armor from 900 to 1000
   - Increased flux capacity from 15000 to 18000
   - Tripled system duration
   - Halved system flux cost
- Strand
   - Increased shield efficiency from 0.8 to 0.7
- Tress
   - Increased shield efficiency from 0.8 to 0.7
- Midi
   - Increased shield efficiency from 0.9 to 0.8

- Added Garter bomber
   - Carries a single Tear-torp
   - Wing of 2
- Fixed Version Checker support
- Strand
   - Lowered DP from 24 to 18
- Fiber
   - Increased wing size from 3 to 5
   - Lowered bomb damage from 1500 to 1200
   - Lowered shield hp from 600 to 300
   - Lowered hp from 400 to 200
   - Increased top speed from 160 to 180
- Stocking
   - Lowered OP from 16 to 12
- Thread
   - Lowered OP from 8 to 4
- Cord
   - Lowered OP from 12 to 10

- Added Percale-class phase cruiser
- Increased the number of weapons and fighters available at Requisitions submarket
- HVBs will now properly appear in High End Seller when defeated
- Magmine Strike
   - Charge regen reduced by 20%
- Stitch/Stitchette
   - Added Strike and Use vs Frigates tags (will no longer target fighters)
   - Reduced magazine reload time from 10s to 8s
- Gown
   - DP reduced from 120 to 100
   - Module dissipation reduced from 500 to 400
   - Module capacity reduced from 10000 to 9000
   - Modules can no longer vent individually
   - Modules now overload with main hull
   - Modules now vent when main hull vents
   - Now has a visible hullmod explaining the above mechanics
- Fiber
   - OP reduced from 20 to 18
- Stocking
   - OP reduced from 18 to 16
- Tress
   - System changed to PD Suppression
   - DP lowered from 14 to 12
- Belt
   - Increased armor from 500 to 750
   - Increased hitpoints from 4000 to 4500
- Brim
   - Increased dissipation from 350 to 400
   - Increased capacity from 6000 to 7000
   - Reduced shield upkeep ratio from 0.4 to 0.3
   - DP reduced from 12 to 11
- Frill
   - DP reduced from 13 to 12
- Filament
   - Shield efficiency reduced from 0.7 to 0.8
   - System changed from Second Wave to EMP Relay
   - DP reduced from 55 to 50

- Added Belt-class Destroyer
- Gown
   - Increased DP from 100 to 120
- Skye
   - Lowered DP from 30 to 28
- Curl
   - Lowered DP from 5 to 4
- Fiber
   - Increased bomb speed by 50
- Ruffle Diffusion Cannon
   - Projectile velocity reduced from 1500 to 1200
- Lace Pulse Repeater
   - Increased flux/damage from 1.1 to 1.2
- Tear-type Torpedoes
   - Reduced speed from 400 to 350
- Seam Storm Pulser
   - OP increased from 24 to 25
   - Range reduced from 650 to 600
- Tousle Flechette Gun
   - Lowered combined projectile speed average from 1200 to 1000

- Fixed Sateen spawning

- Added Stocking bomber
- Updated GraphicsLib lighting data for new weapons
- Fixed Kimono HVB ship dropping as BP
- Crinkle
   - EMP arc count reduced from 10 to 5
   - EMP arc damage increased from 100 to 150

- Added Sateen-class Battlecruiser
- Added Kimono HVB
- Added Stitchette medium beamlance
- Added Baste Ion Discharger
- Added Sew Diffusion Gun
- Added Seam Storm Pulser
- Added Crinkle Disruptor
- Added Tear Torpedo in small and medium mount variants
- Increased rarity of Gowns in both STDF fleets and the requisitions market
- Added new autofit variants for most ships
- Filament
   - Top speed reduced from 50 to 40
- Ruffle
   - Renamed to Ruffle Diffusion Cannon
- String Pulser
   - Added 25 EMP damage to projectile
- Corset
   - Flux capacity increased from 14000 to 16000

- Filament
   - Reduced OP from 360 to 320
- Corset
   - Reduced top speed from 60 to 40
- Strand
   - System changed to PD Suppression
- Curl
   - Armor increased from 150 to 200
- Margin
   - Dissipation increased from 200 to 225
- Gown
   - Added a 33% dissipation penalty to Supercruise Mode
   - Supercruise Mode speed increased reduced from 50 to 40

- Increased range of Swarmer Strike shipsystem
- Fixed Midi-class not spawning properly
- Stitch
   - Reduced direct damage component of emp arcs
- Gown
   - Reduced OP of main hull from 420 to 400
   - Reduced OP of modules from 130 to 120
   - Reverted to 1 fighter bay on main hull. No longer built-in
   - Centralized targeting core now increases PD weapon range by only 60%
   - Shield efficiency reduced from 0.7 to 0.8

- Added Midi-class beam cruiser
- Added Camise-class freighter
- Added Culotte-class tanker
- Added Corset-class battlecruiser
- Gown
   - Built-in wing replaced by two Plaid drone wings
- Filament
   - Increased DP from 50 to 55
- Ruffle
   - Increased refire delay to 2.5s
- Skirt
   - Fixed system being able to hit phased ships with emp arcs
   - Increased DP from 8 to 10
- Fiber
   - Increased launch velocity of bomb from 200 to 300
- Frill
   - Reduced shield efficiency from 0.6 to 0.7

- Changed faction name to "Spindle Protectorate" to better convey its political nature
- Added Vestige-class IBB
- Updated faction nex alignments
- Updated faction relationships
- Updated ship logistics stats
- Added a Corrupted Nanoforge to Charkha's Orbital Works (only applies to new saves)
- STDF Requisitions market now always offers scalartech weaponry for sale (only applies to new saves)
- Fixed some weapon sounds
- Fixed second wave system spawning extra fighters for single fighter wings
- Removed carrier tags from Filament so it fights properly
- Lowered String Pulser projectile velocity
- Lowered Strand DP to 24
- Increased Tress DP to 14
- Tousle
   - Increased dps to 200
   - Increased efficiency to 1.1
- Lace
   - Increased efficiency to 1.1
   - Lowered range to 600
- Verge
   - Reduced top speed to 60
   - Increased shield efficiency to 0.7
   - Lowered shield upkeep to 0.3
   - Increased armor to 1000
- Skye
   - Reduced shield efficiency to 0.8
   - Increased shield upkeep to 0.4
- Hanakaze
   - Can no longer be found as BP
   - System changed to Energy Surge

- Added Skirt-class superfrigate
- Added HVB Hanakaze
- Added new STDF HQ industry icon

- Fixed Stitch Beamlance flux cost being way too high
- Fixed ScalarTech not handing out bounties

- Crash hotfix

- Fixed some inconsistent acceleration values
- Increased Gown's targeting core range bonus from 60% to 80%
- Fixed special forces naming in Nexerelin
- Cycle Accelerator cooldown increased from 10s to 15s
- Stitch Beamlance
   - Halved beam damage
   - Doubled maximum charges
   - Doubled charge regen
   - Buffed power of emp arcs relative to the beam
- Fixed Limit Release not properly applying speed debuff in cooldown phase
- Tweaked weapon sound volumes
- Spiced up Limit Release visuals

- Removed Gremlin from STS fleets
- Added STDF Requisitions market so you can actually buy Gowns (requires cooperative standing to access)

- Hotfix to remove unintended dependency

- Initial beta release

Want to support me financially for whatever reason? I now have a Patreon if you'd like to give some monthly tip money. None of my mods will ever be locked behind any sorts of paywalls, of course. This is purely if you'd like to help me out.

EDIT: Life has gotten really quite busy for me so I can't really do commission stuff anymore, sorry. Leaving this up just for posterity.

Since I've been recently asked on multiple occasions about this, I'll make a proper forum post for it. I also asked Alex if it'd be fine and he agreed as long as this remains strictly a service for commission.

I'm primarily offering a service to do custom paintjobs for Starsector ships on commission. This includes all vanilla ships and any ships from my own mods.
Should you wish for a custom paintjob on another modder's ship, please get permission from them first. I won't work on ships from other mods without express permission and other modders should be capable of handling similar commissions for their own ships.

This is also strictly offered as a service and what you do with the finished sprites is purely up for you.
Any finished sprites also retain their copyright, so the same license restrictions apply as for the original sprite.

I also reserve the right to decline commission requests as I see fit.

What I'm offering is (roughly as it ultimately depends on individual effort):
Frigates/Destroyers - 10€
Cruisers/Capitals - 15€
Overly complex ships/designs and supercapitals - 20€+ (depending on base ship)

Here's a gallery of examples for some ship skins I made:


If you are interested in this service, feel free to reply here, via PM or on discord under Nia#6230

Additionally, I am also available for commissioned sprite work on a limited scale (one ship at a time, whenever I have the time to spare for it). Feel free to inquire about it. No fixed prices. Can really be anything from a frigate to a capital ship sprite. Only real restriction is how much time I have available for it and if I feel confident I can deliver on a request. Just please no supercapitals. That stuff would take many many hours to make and you probably aren't willing to pay me upwards of 300€ for something like that, even if I had the time for something on that scale.


If you are looking for a custom paintjob for one of Tartiflette's mods, please go to him directly. He will take commissions at the same rate, but with the stipulation that any finished skins will be bundled with future updates of his mods for everyone to use.

Mods / [0.95.1a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.8.666a
« on: January 16, 2019, 09:18:15 PM »

What is this? It's a lot of things in one package, lovingly assembled from my terrible ideas and a love for Starsector. This mod adds a bunch of new ships that I thought would be fun, a new optional boss faction for those looking for a challenge, an isolated world at the edge of the sector housing the remains of a fallen nobility, secret things to find for those who go out to explore the stars and a few things more. There's no clear design goal here beyond me making what I feel like making. I hope you find something to enjoy amongst my various creations.

Patreon (no paywall)

Version 0.8.666a
Hotfix jar for people without Nex:
Place this in /jars in the mod folder


GitHub mirror


Version Checker

- A decent number of new ships, lovingly handcrafted by me without excessive use of purple paint for once -
- A handful of new fancy weapons in a unique style linked to the Great Houses of Kassadar -
- A set of custom variant skins of vanilla and mod ships related to the same -
- Cool new ship systems and fancy synergetic ship designs -
- The Legio Infernalis, a pirate splinter faction with greater ambitions -
- The faraway Lethia system, home to the isolated Kassadar -
- Secret things to discover -

Some of the more extensive features that go beyond just the ship pack aspect can be disabled in the tahlan_settings.json if you'd rather only have the new ships

Some Ship Previews:
This is not a complete list of everything in the mod as listing every single ship here would both spoil some surprises and is also getting unfeasible with how much stuff I've been adding. Some of these sprites may be somewhat outdated, too, as I don't run much maintenance on these previews.

New ships found amongst the lawful factions of the sector:

Yosei-class Heavy Frigate

Tempest's big sis

Skola-class Fast Frigate

A shocking development

Renki-class Missile Support Frigate

Every missile-fleet's little helper

Torii-class Hunter Killer

When you just want to point as many guns at the enemy as you can

Haelequin-class Destroyer

For when time is of the essence

Bronco-class Missile Destroyer

Cause missile racks are better than cargo bays

Bento-class Armoured Tanker

Too stubborn to die

Vale-class Holy Warrior

Purging the Holy Land

Kodai-class Fast Cruiser

From mining asteroids to mining armor plating

Phoca-class Light Cruiser

Small but with plenty of bite

Bungalow-class Carrier

A box of angry bees

Yukikaze-class Drone Cruiser and Korikaze-class Drone Frigates


They look up to their elegant Onee-sama

Yari-class Attack Cruiser

Big guns on a fast but fragile platform

Castigator-class Heavy Assault Cruiser

It might have anger issues

Nibelung-class Battleship

Relic of a different age

Castella-class Command Carrier

An angry brick, filled with fire

Ingress-class Battlecarrier

A hammer to smite the enemy with

Hresvelgr-class Fleet Carrier

A lowtech hive for angry bees


New pirate threats:

Tempest (P)

Small and deadly

Lasher (LI)

Bigger guns for bigger trouble

Bronco (LI)

Brings more gun

Eagle (P)

PD mounts are for cowards

Castigator (LI)

And you thought normal Castigators were angry

The Doominator

Pirate madness incarnate

Castella (LI)

Red goes fastah

Hresvelgr (LI)

Fewer bees, but more missiles

Dun Scaith

How'd they even build this?

New holy tools of Ludd:

Bento (LP)

A spicy lunch

Castella (LP)

Fewer fighters, more hammers

The Great Houses' equipment Rarely found in independent markets and fleets
Exa Pico Drone Controller

So much more than a Kite

Monitor (GH) Defense Frigate

An absurd amount of flak fire

Enforcer (GH)

He's coming for you

Izanami-class Prototype Cruiser

~za warudo~

Dominator (GH)

An unstoppable force

Legion (GH)

...for we are many

Onslaught (GH)

Not a mistake


Relic of a different age

Custom bounties:

and a new unknown threat, rarely seen amongst [REDACTED] fleets

Q: Is this mod balanced?
A: The general intent for most of the content in Tahlan Shipworks is to be balanced around vanilla power levels, but balance is in many ways a process and I won't always get it right. Adjustments are made all the time to improve balance. That said, there are certain pieces of content that are deliberately slightly overtuned to have some rare but powerful things for players to find and enjoy.

Q: Will the Great Houses ever be a faction?
No, at least not in the usual way. Their faction exists primarily as a piece of background lore. They have little power in the time period of the game and are just one of many independent planetary governments.

Bonus - List of things that are in fact NOT in this mod:
- R2D2 Commodities
- The Shadowclaw
- Lightning Bombers
- Imhotep
- The Cathedral
- Khopesh (M)
- Manta (LP)
- The Carolina
- The Attrition
- Antidiluvian Equipment
- Blessed Reach
- Infernus
- Pharrek
- Outlander
- too much stuff to list at this point

Nicke535 - For helping me out with his scripting wizardry
MesoTroniK - For advice here and there and keeping me from overdoing it again
SirHartley - For some beautiful artwork and motivating me to make players suffer
Sylva - For giving me bad ideas and the original design of the Providence
Tartiflette, DR, MShadowy - Various code snippets and other advice
Luzaitis, Alfonzo - For giving me a hand on some of the sprites
Selkie, Techpriest and the gang - For being ever helpful and great to bounce ideas off of
Avanitia - Literally the best mod tester
The Discord folks - For feedback and keeping me motivated to keep working on this

on GitHub

Want to support me financially for whatever reason? I now have a Patreon set up if you'd like to give some monthly tip money. None of my mods will ever be locked behind any sorts of paywalls, of course. This is purely if you'd like to help me out.

Mods / [0.95a] Trailer Moments 1.4 - projectile trails for vanilla
« on: November 22, 2018, 07:08:34 AM »
Trailer Moments
an eyecandy mod for Starsector


Version: 1.4



Trailer Moments is a small eyecandy mod that adds Nicke's MagicTrails to a handful of vanilla weapon projectiles. It fulfills no practical purpose besides making some weapons look subjectively prettier and as such isn't recommended to use if you have trouble running Starsector on your computer.

Currently supported weapons:
- Gauss Cannon
- Hellbore
- Hypervelocity Driver
- Heavy Mauler
- Railgun
- Mjolnir

With Tiandong:
- Mauler Battery


All trails are added via script without affecting any vanilla files and as such are fully compatible with any mods that would change these in any way. It should also be noted that the mod will affect mod weapons that use the affected vanilla projectiles.

Nicke535 - For the trails tech and plugin framework this mod was based
MesoTroniK - For constructive criticism and keeping me from overdoing things


- Overhauled some trails


- Improved the way HVD projectile changes are applied to improve compatibility
- Added plasma cannon support that nobody asked for because I could


- Polished existing trails to blend better and just look a little nicer overall
- Removed AM Blaster trail
- Added a short trail to railguns to fit more with the HVD and Gauss aesthetics for fast kinetics


- Added Tiandong support


- Transitioned to new MagicLib functionality for trails configuration
- Compatibility additions


- Added a proper startup-check for required libraries
- Adjusted coloration of HVD trail a bit


- Properly marked as utility mod. No functionality changes


- Changed HVD projectile to be more in line with damage-type color patterns (yellow/orange should be HE)
- Fixed a slight memory leak
- mod ID changed to make it load first for compatibility if some other mod actually changes the HVD projectile


- Improved Gauss trail a bit
- Redid Heavy Mauler and HVD trails to be more distinctive

- Added a fix for some issues with trail fading behaviour

- Set all trails to use a more vanilla-like drift

- added support for projectile and trail angle and drift adjustments
 -- this makes trails line up with projectiles properly

- public release

Mods / [0.9.1a] Sylphon RnD 1.0
« on: July 15, 2018, 07:43:13 AM »

Sylphon RnD
Brought to you by Nia and Nicke, a high tech fleet of purple ships arrives in the Persean Sector.

Patreon (no paywall)

Version 1.0


Recommended Mods:
Version Checker


Founded in a long-gone era, the Sylphon Institute for AI research was a small but leading institution in its field of research, making vast strides in the improvement and application of artificial intelligence. Decades of interaction with advanced alpha- and beta-level intelligences soon led to a unique culture within the growing institute as an ever increasing portion of members began accepting AIs as equal lifeforms and partners in their scientific endeavors. To avoid regulation, the institute built a new base of operations at the edge of the Persean Sector, reforming into the Sylphon Research and Development corporation.

It was only 10 years later that the catastrophic events of the collapse shattered the human Domain and cast the sector into an age of strife. Having only just finished construction of the most essential geofronts deep below the surface of the frozen world of Castrum and still lacking the ability to be self-sufficient, Sylphon entered into a contract with the aspiring Tri-Tachyon corporation, giving them the necessary stability to finish construction of the remaining necessary facilities in exchange for their expertise in AI technology. While this course of action raised many moral concerns within the board of directors, at this point composed of humans and AI equally, it was ultimately deemed necessary for the survival of Sylphon.

Staying under the radar in the following decades, Sylphon achieved self-sufficiency while avoiding political involvement in the chaotic post-collapse years. Having established themselves as a reliable think-tank and technical service provider, the young corporation entered into a multitude of contracts with most of the newly-established sector powers, assisting with anything from logistical planning to major military fleet refits.

Unknown to most, however, was a fortunate discovery by a Sylphon exploratory vessel at the edge of the event horizon of a black hole beyond explored space. An anomaly seemingly never encountered before by mankind, this black rift in space, sprakling with eerie purple lights, opened Nullspace to Sylphon. Bringing with it countless new technological applications, this discovery catapulted the small corporation into a technological renaissance.

Nullspace and Nulltech

A new pocket-dimension discovered by Sylphon, this dark void seems to be filled with an endless nothingness and not by accident. Governed by a powerful counterforce, Nullspace seeks to eject anything that enters it, be it solid mass or even any form of energy. This counterforce exponentially grows as long as an entity remains within nullspace trying to enter nullspace unprepared would rip even the sturdiest warships apart.

Using a special conduit technology, Sylphon vessels are capable of channeling this counterforce into a temporarily controllable stream of chaotic energies, enabling them to skim or even fully enter nullspace for extended periods of time.

Space within nullspace appears to be uniquely distorted, accelerating all motion within it without affecting the flow of time like p-space.

- High Tech ships that like to fight up close and personal -
- Unique nulltech-based mobility systems, designed to reposition and flank rather than hit and run -
- A series of armored high tech ships capable of parrying incoming fire to recharge their shields -
- New energy and missile weapons with unique quirks -
- Two new systems on the edge of the sector with more to come -
- The pink planetbuster laser you've always wanted -
- Glorious purple spaceships -

Gameplay hints
- While a high tech faction, Sylphon ships are for the majority designed to stay in the fight
- The Dread Eagle is a powerful flanker, but its teleport has a long cooldown and can get it in sticky situations
- Sylphon missiles are designed to fill unique roles and aren't a replacement for vanilla missiles
- Nanolaminate Armor ships can use their ship system to "parry" strong incoming fire
- Weapon flux per second displayed in outfitting does not take into account the flux discount from the integrated nullspace conduit hullmod
- With a number of fully automated ships and drone fighters, Sylphon fleet aren't very crew-intensive, but this comes at cost of supply efficiency




Furika - Celika - Catora



Ascordia - Etrika - Silverhead - Tarima - Tilia



Dread Eagle - Valestri - Rakia - Eolia - Synastry - Sylvetra



Seresvalla - Frelia - Equilibrium - Finis Astra - Replekia



Mariana - Buffalo (SRD)


Things this mod does NOT include:
- SWP Arcade boss ships
- Singularity Torpedos

Credits and thanks:
Nicke - For joining the team and elevating this project to what it is now with his scripting skills
MesoTronik - For doing many of our sounds and bitching about issues when it was needed
Soren - For assistance and design advice along the way
Tartiflette - For teaching me how to make half-decent sprites, even if he didn't mean to, heh
Originem - For inspirations and letting me learn how to mod with Borken (go check it out if you haven't)
The entire Starsector Discord - For advice, help and testing

Recent Changelogs:

- Eolia
   - Deck count reduced to 2
   - Dissipation increased to 600
   - Armor increased to 600
- Synastry
   - Increased built-in beam damage
   - built-in beam now inhibits movement of targets
   - System changed to Nullpoint Barrier
- Valestri
   - Increased burn level to 8
   - Increased armor to 1200
- Replekia
   - Increased armor to 1500
- Dread Eagle
   - Increased burn level to 9
   - Increased armor to 700
- Rakia
   - Increased burn level to 9
- Equilibrium
   - DP lowered to 50
- Finis Astra
   - Beam Damage roughly doubled
   - Halved ppt cost to fire
   - Götterdämmerung now pierces fighters
- Ascordia
   - DP lowered from 30 to 26
- Etrika
   - Shield efficiency increased from 1.1 to 1.0
- Silverhead
   - DP lowered from 12 to 10
- Rakia
   - System changed to HEF
- Various beams now properly pierce missiles

- Valestri
   - Reduced flux capacity to 14000
   - Increased shield upkeep ratio to 0.4
   - Increased DP to 28
   - Reduced armor to 1100
   - Adjusted mount arcs
   - Changed two missile hardpoints to synergy

- Dread Eagle
   - Generally overhauled
   - Ambush spec removed
   - Flux stats buffed
   - Mobility slightly buffed
   - System changed to Slip Drive
   - DP reduced to 26
- Furika
   - System changed to HEF
   - Dissipation increased by 50
- Equilibrium
   - No longer zaps friendlies
- Nanolaminate armor hullmod
   - No longer zaps friendlies
- Tarima
   - Veritas damage increased from 400 to 500
- Silverhead
   - System changed to slip drive
- Vril
   - DP reduced from 12 to 10
   - Base value lowered to 30000

- Armor Polarization
   - Duration increased to 3s
   - Cooldown reduced to 0.5s
   - Now can hold 2 charges
   - Regenerates 1 charge every 10s
- Adjusted base costs of capitals down slightly

- Fixed Sylphon missing their capitals

- Commissioned Crew Support
- Innocentis Swarmpulse

- Updated Nex integration
- Demiurge built-in on 'Balance Unto All' HVB reworked
- Zealot Rail-repeater
   - Improved sprite
   - Changed firing pattern
- Dignity Pulse Repeater
   - Improved sprite
   - Lowered time to reach full secondary RoF
- Mariana variant blueprints now come in a single package
- Seresvalla
   - System changed to "Conduit Overdrive"

- Various adjustments to DP- and credit-values
- Radiant Dawn
   - gained increased impact, slowing down targets hit
   - added 100 EMP dps
- Clemency
   - slightly increased rate of fire
- Added Predictive targeting hullmod to Etrika, Valestri and Replekia
   - increases energy weapon range by a flat 100su

- Eccentric ships are now HVBs
- Removed Outcast
- Cleaned up stuff

- Reduced Raphiel range from 2500 to 1500
- Reduced Raphiel speed from 600 to 500
- Increased time between Raphiel salves to 5s and 10s for small and medium variants respectively

- Fixed various BPs being obtainable from raiding. For real this time

- Properly updated Flux Exchanger system description

- Reworked overall behaviour of nullspace skip
   - Increased duration
   - Increased cooldown
   - Boosted agility while active
- Added a new Targeting AI Subroutines hullmod to Replekia and Valestri, that boosts energy weapon range by a flat 200su
   - This addition is meant to offset the recent nerfs to Sylphon large energy weapon ranges.
   - Since both Replekia and Valestri are somewhat sluggish, they needed something to offset their lack of mobility.
- Reduced Equilibrium DP from 60 to 55
   - While she brings firepower similar to a Paragon, the Equilibrium is also a much more fragile ship and extremely vulnerable to flanking, so I decided to lower the DP slightly.
- Doubled Rakia's flux generation from cloaking
- Buffed Tarima's built-in weapons a bit
   - Base damage increased from 400 to 500
   - Kinetic/HE split is now 3:1   
- Updated Sylvetra
   - Increased Dekris range from 600 to 700
   - Increased Dekris metal gain from beam damage
   - Added an additional small energy mount for range-finding purposes
   - Increased OP from 100 to 110

- Fixed certain blueprints being obtainable from raiding Sylphon markets
- Made Fighter weapons visible in codex

- Reworked the Finis Astra and Götterdämmerung
   - System now only halves turnrate to allow aiming while anchored
   - Weapon damage type changed to kinetic, beam damage reduced slightly
   - Now spawn shield-piercing EMP-arcs on final blast
   - Reduced bonus damage based on target hp to 25%
   - Halved chargeup duration of the weapon
   - Brought bombardment and ground support levels of the ship up to II Titan standards
   - Added doubled CR degradation after ppt runs out
   - Each shot of the Götterdämmerung now reduces remaining ppt by 30 seconds
   - Increased Finis Astra ppt to 540 to compensate

- Benison
   - Lowered damage from 300 to 120
   - Lowered refire delay to 0.5s

- Increased Furika top speed from 110 to 130
- Increased Celika top speed from 110 to 120
- Lowered Dread Eagle shield efficiency from 0.8 to 1.0

- Major tweaking of FP values for all ships. Too many to list here, but generally FP values went up, which should result in Sylphon fleets being less oversized.
   - Celika DP 8 -> 7
   - Etrika DP 18 -> 12
   - Tilia DP 14 -> 12
   - Synastry DP 30 -> 28
   - Eolia DP 25 -> 22
   - Equilibrium DP 50 -> 60
   - Frelia DP 50 -> 45

- Lowered energy weapon flux discount from nullspace conduits to 10% and 5% for projectile and beam weapons respectively
- Ships:
   - Equilibrium base shield efficiency lowered from 0.7 to 0.8
   - Equilibrium dissipation lowered from 1200 to 1000
   - Replekia shield efficiency lowered from 0.9 to 1.0
   - Frelia shield efficiency lowered from 0.7 to 0.9
   - Silverhead shield efficiency lowered from 0.7 to 0.8
   - Furika top speed lowered from 140 to 110
   - Celika top speed lowered from 140 to 110
   - Ascordia top speed lowered from 110 to 100
   - Dread Eagle flux capacity lowered from 18000 to 16000
   - Valestri dissipation lowered from 650 to 600
   - Sylvetra shield efficiency lowered from 0.8 to 1.0
   - Synastry dissipation lowered from 700 to 600
   - Frelia dissipation lowered from 900 to 700
- Weapons:
   - Lowered Adloquium per-shot damage and increased rate of fire to reduce burst potential
   - Increased Embrace flux/shot from 45 to 50
   - Increased Radiant Dawn range from 850 to 1000
   - Lowered Purgatory range from 800 to 750
   - Lowered Adloquium range from 800 to 700
   - Increased Benison flux/shot from 300 to 330
   - Increased Zealot flux/shot from 20 to 24
   - Increased Zealot emp/shot from 10 to 20
   - Reduced Raphiel EMP damage from 200 to 100
- Fixed Sylphon not registering for the bounty system

- Added civilian grade hull to both Mariana variants
- Rewrote description for Seresvalla's system for better clarity

- Nerfed Rakia's flux stats across the board
- Lowered Rakia ppt from 360s to 300s

- Added Core Blueprint Package to Nex starts
- Reworked nullspace skip system slightly and readded it to Ascordia and Silverhead
- Iridescent will no longer spawn in Remnant fleets cause it sucks. Might rework it one day, but not now
- Added various 0.9.1a functionality

- Increased Indulgence damage from 10 to 20, increased refire rate to 1.8s. Now more bursty and slightly improved dps
- Increased ammo count of all Exalt missile launchers and lowered OP costs
- Reduced Equilibrium base shield efficiency from 0.6 to 0.7
- Adjusted ship prices in accordance with 0.9.1a values

- Fixed various Sylphon shipsystem graphics rendering incorrectly, which was introduced some 6 months back
- Fixed Flux Exchanger using outdated code to check for nullspace conduits, which caused issues with Outcast ships

- Reworked Raphiel to fire in larger bursts with lower per-missile damage. Less effective against armour now, but gained a bit more firepower against shields.

- Lowered Adloquium's per-shot damage and lowered refire delay to make the burst damage less abusive
- Lowered Catharsis armor and shield values
- Lowered Disavowal range by 50su and fixed flux values
- Lowered Celika's dissipation from 300 to 250 and shield efficiency from 0.7 to 0.9
- Removed Exalt ammo regeneration and upped base ammo to compensate (subject to further change depending on how they perform)
- Halved RoF for Celemency pulse
- Changed the Catharsis' missile battery to fragmentation damage

- Fixed an issue with the Metafalica's guns that caused them to fire off-target
- Fixed an issue with the Metafalica's burst rounds that caused them to sometimes reorient

- Trails on Sylphon weapons are now considerably less CPU/GPU intesive at excessive time slowdown/speedup, at the cost of small amounts of visual pop-in at those moments for very fast projectiles
- Added Ambush Spec hullmod to Dread Eagle, boosting active vent rate by 50%
- Increased Dread Eagle flux capacaity from 16000 to 18000 and reduced dissipation from 500 to 400
- Changed Paja to be magazine-based

- Fixed some errors regarding the Frelia's convertable hangars
- The Drone Carrier hullmod now properly sounds an error when mounting incompatible LPCs
- Fixed Sylvetra crash error
- Fixed chain-lightning style weapons such as the Clemency Ping triggering multiple times if the ship moved fast enough

- New engine colour for most ships
- Changed Silverhead to skimmer system due to various issues with nullspace skip

- Adjusted a few more ship prices
- Lowered Rakia flux capacity from 18000 to 14000
- Improved Harrow's tracking ability

- Added Vesperon support

- Changed the Sylphon paintjob some

- Readjusted DP values for multiple ships

- Fixed broken MagicLib check on game load

- Changed Valestri mount types around a bit. Medium hardpoints are now missile mounts while small hardpoints are now energy

- Increased Valestri's dissipation from 600 to 650
- Some more minor adjustments to ship prices

- Fixed the Exalt fix

- Fixed crash that happens when installing Shield Bypass on a ship with a Nullpoint Shield
- Improved AI handling of Exalts

- The Metafalica's Type-3 shells are now splitter-shells
- Updated the hullmod description for the Variable Ammo Loader
- The Sylvetra's nanobots have had their metal-to-ammo gain rebalanced; they are now slightly better at refilling high-ammo weapons and slightly worse at refilling low-OP weapons (most notable on Reaper-like torpedoes)
- Added a small sound effect to the Sylvetra's nanobots when refilling a missile

- Fixed the Frelia having incorrect shield color
- The Ravana now properly uses two Embrace S instead of two Embraces
- The Embrace S can no longer be gained from blueprints, and does not show up in refit

- Adjusted the base prices of most weapons and some ships to be more within vanilla ranges
- Reduced Valestri shield efficiency from 0.9 to 1.0

- Added a new Hydroponics industry exclusive to Sylpheed Station, which replaces its old Farming industry
- Nex support

- Catharsis is now a drone fighter
- Sylphon markets now generally have AI cores on their industries; bigger markets have more cores

- The Nanobot Beam now deals its extra damage in smaller amounts at a time (same overall DPS)
- Nerfed Catharsis across the board
- Furika dissipation lowered from 300 to 250
- Replekia OP reduced from 310 to 260
- Catora OP reduced from 55 to 50
- Silverhead
   - dissipation reduced from 450 to 400
   - top speed reduced to 70
   - acceleration reduced to 60
- Etrika top speed reduced to 60
- Dread Eagle top speed reduced to 60
- Eolia dissipation reduced to 400
- Tilia dissipation reduced to 200
- Tarima dissipation reduced to 350
- Replekia dissipation reduced to 800
- Ravana
   - hitpoints reduced to 400
   - weapons changed to miniature Embrace with lower damage and without EMP cycler feature
- Valestri dissipation reduced to 600
- Lowered Stricture S damage by 20%

- The Apocastasis' secondary effect now works as intended (broke during some unknown patch, maybe even at release)
- Actually implemented the balance change for the Dread Eagle properly
- Hopefully fixed a crash related to hullmods that remove shields and the Prototype Nullpoint Shield
- Fixed some issues with sylph core detection for eccentric cores

- Added the Networked Targeting Linkup hullmod, which is exclusive to Sylph Core ships
- Added the Sylvetra nanotech cruiser
- More not yet available additions (unless you console them in)
- Added GraphicsLib support (GraphicsLib still won't be required, though. Things will just look nicer if you have it now)
- Added a number of of special ships you may for now encounter randomly in Sylphon fleets on rare occasions

- Removed Okarra
- Removed Hymnon
- Removed Hubris

- Reworked the Sylph Core installation code so that it now uses skins instead of wierd behind-the-scenes magic
- Sylph Core variants now have unique sprites
- Updates to some sprites
- Upgraded Replekia with fancy vernier thrusters
- Reworked Valestri to fit the Okarra's now vacant role as anvil
- Changed the sounds of the Götterdämmerung (credits to MesoTroniK)

- Increased Equilibrium supply costs to 55/55
- Lowered Dread Eagle's dissipation from 750 to 500 and increased flux capacity from 10000 to 16000 (This is an experimental change to more firmly establish the Dread Eagle as a hit-and-run skirmisher. The Scourge Eagle remains unchanged as it's meant to be a different kind of ship)

Known Issues:
- Apocatastasis special effect doesn't apply properly, granting basically no damage bonus whatsoever (Laserboi is on the case)

- Added the Synastry and its built-in weapon, the Apocatastasis [say *that* fast 5 times]
- Added some secret things that aren't yet obtainable

- The Frelia no longer has super-heavy mount points; instead, it has two large energy slots (which can still be turned to fighter bays if left empty)
- Moved multiple weapon blueprints into the rare category
- Added new sprites for Sylpheed Station and Ozma Station
- Random behind the scenes adjustments for stuff
- Minor system spawning adjustments
- Added "Stable Locations" to the two Sylphon systems
- Adjusted blueprint rarities for most ships
- Removed Sylphon experimental BP package
- Updated autofit tags for most weapons

- Ozma Station is no longer a freeport *twice* (don't ask how that works): only works on new saves, unfortunately, but it's not serious enough to make a new save over anyhow
- Ozma Station now properly has a Low-tech battlestation (also only on new games, but honestly don't bother with it if you're in the middle of a save)

- Fixed Vril-related problems
- Fixed certain built-ins showing up as modular weapons

- Added 0.9 integration
- Added a unique industry to Sylpheed Station allowing it to tech-mine Preatorium remotely (and some lore-gibble preventing Preatorium from being colonized/looted)
- Added the Vetra-class kinetic bomber

- Now uses and requires MagicLib; all old code which is included in MagicLib has been refactored and many old scripts have been removed

Want to support me financially for whatever reason? I now have a Patreon set up if you'd like to give some monthly tip money. None of my mods will ever be locked behind any sorts of paywalls, of course. This is purely if you'd like to help me out.

Sylphon RnD Mod by Nia Tahl and Nicke535 is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Any derivative work must also comply with Starsector's EULA

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