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Suggestions / Right click to fight! (plus one more suggestion)
« on: February 15, 2018, 05:29:35 AM »
Simple suggestion, was watching nemo's DME playthrough and he got annoyed right click is eliminate and not engage (since he uses engage more). I agree with that, however I figure there will be people who use this way and like it a lot so can we have a toggle in the options for it?

Number 2 is, can we have another toggle in options to start our games with help popups auto turned off? I sometimes create a new character and forget to turn them off, their lovely it's just I don't want to be told how to play the game again lol.

Anyways that is it

Suggestions / An idea for armor
« on: February 14, 2018, 11:12:47 PM »
I love ships like the imperium, it feels super cool to tank hits with armor however it cannot be used as a sole defense like shields can. I think I may have thought up an idea to fix that. So here is armor as I understand it:

Armor is finite and it gives damage mitigation to increase its overall HP, as you damage armor it lowers the amount of armor mitigation until it’s broken and bye bye ship.

Now let’s say for simplicity sake that 500 armor gives a 50% damage mitigation, so if you get hit by a 200 hit shot it’s now 100, you’re down to 400 armor and 40% damage mitigation (yes I know the math isn’t right, it’s fine). As you get hit more and more armor nose dives into the floor and is just gone. Now what is my idea?

Give armor 2 “health bars”

So let’s say you have 500 armor with 50% mitigation again and you keep taking hits, normally once you hit near 0 you lose almost all mitigation and damage goes to hull after armor. What if instead that when that armor hit 0 it went back to 500 but in a broken state? In the broken state it gets half the damage mitigation (because you know, it’s broken). Now when you take damage with broken armor there is a percentage chance that the armor will block the shot, let some of it through, or just not block anything. Why is this a thing? Well think of it as you made a hole in a armor plate, there’s no guarantee that you will hit that exact spot again, so you may just hit more armor, or the projectile may hit some of the armor, or it could just hit the same spot again.

Some extra rules that will help:
In the first “hp bar” of armor, damage mitigation cannot drop below half of the total armors mitigation (makes sense, why would broken armor magically make it tougher right?).

The chance to ignore armor in the second “HP bar” should be based on total armor left (since you know, you’re hitting and blowing holes in more armor as you go, increasing your chances of getting those nice squishy hull shots).

Anyways that’s my idea on armor, I’m not a super experienced player but I can say it seems like the hegemony has almost no chance against shields and EMP weapons (which is the bane of armor tanking, ever seen an onslaught spin around? EMP those engines). It seems to me poor low tech could use a bit of help, and it’s not imho a giant buff, though it is a moderate one admittedly, anyways, thoughts?

Suggestions / Suggestion for the upcoming systems
« on: February 12, 2018, 09:56:19 PM »
I know , I know their not out yet..... but I cannot help myself.

1. About the quality option, idk yet just how much each tier effects speed of production, however in my head every point of quality decreases construction speed by 10% (seemed reasonable to me). I then got to thinking, wouldn’t it be best to set it in the middle or at 4 quality and never use 5 quality? That way you get a pretty good chance of no D-mods while at the same time getting nice production.... I imagine that will be the “meta”. To combat this I had an idea that involves a new ship hullmod that only gets added during production (or perhaps a group of hullmods), I call them U-mods (ultra mods). Now there are 2 sub ideas to this that I would like to go over

1a. A single U-mod that adds 10% to just about every star on the ship, including OP.

1b. A bunch of small U-moss like: increased flux efficiency, sturdy shields, high tech engines, etc.

Now the idea is this: when you produce a ship there is a very small chance it can roll a U-mod, these make the ship stronger in some ways than others, they make the ships stronger then their standard variant and should be prized above all else. Now what about chance? Well I was thinking st max quality it should be “drum roll please”..... 1/20,000 ships! Why so low? Well that’s for the big one, if it’s the smaller ones then 1/2,000 would do I think. For every point moved away from quality and more towards quality it halved the chance of getting a U-mod, (so at 4 quality, you have 1/40,000 or 1/4,000). I think this would give a nice cool incentive to do quality over quantity. Also would be nice to see an occasional AI ship with it, and then try and cap it lol.

Another point is, if you do plan to add that, please make a toggle where we can put the U-mod ships in player storage :D I want them for me.

2. A create patrol button/add ships to stockpile. So one of the cool features of SS is going into battle and salvaging a ship, only problem is who needs 15 D-mod wolfs? Enter the thing that this suggestion is! When you go to your planets you can access that planets patrol stockpile, you can add ships from your fleet to it so they can be added to a patrol, this way in early game the players faction may be a bunch of D-modded crap boats, but over time as they get the ability to produce ships, they can upgrade to pirate stuff then later other things like whatever they want! I think it would add a cool reason to grab ships after battles.

3. I was thinking about officers and fleets, this is just an interesting double suggestion but, would be cool:

3a. Rename officers in game, make it optional for those who want to keep their officers “lore friendly” (how about the ability to change their portraits too? That way you tubers can create cool custom officers!).

3b. Add officers to fleet pool to command fleets? I imagine it’s not a possible thing, would be cool however.

Closing: again I haven’t seen the new features yet, just figure I’d get them out of the way now and save you guys from be rambling later.... thanks for reading!

Suggestions / Two suggestions I had thought of
« on: February 09, 2018, 08:48:00 AM »
So I have been getting back into SS lately, been enjoying the wonderful gameplay I remember as I wait for 0.9 to hit (I check that darn blog post 3x per day. not even joking), and I thought up two suggestions that sounded like fun to add to the game (the first one probably isn't a huge coders nightmare, while the second? Idk)

1. So I have this cool NGO ship called the NGO-IIS Lympnote Alliance Cruiser (yes to your first question, no to the second), I went 500ish fuel distance away to buy it at the capital of NGO to have the NGO represented in my fleet. The ship has been a nice addition (it's even my new personal flagship for now), and has proven itself against threats time and time again (such as the big missile boat thing that II adds, which it killed almost highhandedly (while in AI control btw)). This ship has seen a few bumps and bruises and is becoming a good symbol for my fleet (along with the 2 praetorian that follow it around), and it has a story to go with it. NGO and II are at war with the LC and ORA, and the NGO is losing pretty badly (they are smack dab right in the middle of the two empires, while we of the II are way away from the action), as such I have decided to start moving my fleet around to assist the NGO defense and help them take nearby planets, and I got to thinking about the Lympnote..... And here finally goes the suggestion:

1(really). Why not have a history of your vessels somewhere? Would be kinda nice to see a list of some big vessels it blew up, when I bought it, what are some notable things it did etc. It could be like a Bio
 from an RPG (that way we can get super attached to our ships before they blow up lol). This could happen 1 of three ways:

1a. Let it be generated by the game (not my favorite idea but better than 2), so the game generates small sets of texts when you buy the ship, when it kills certain ships (or all ships), and anything else Alex feels is noteworthy. Would be pretty cool to see a big list of what each ship has done.

1b. Have it player created (not my favorite idea, lots o work) So just have a place to type text, simple.

1c. (my favorite) have it auto generate text (like in 1a) but the player can edit it, so they can add things like creating the in-between story, adding details, etc. Would be the best idea imho

Obviously this suggestion isn't something that needs to be in the game or even would be something that is big, I just think it would add flavor to a game that already drips with it, besides instead of 3 copy paste tempests you could end up getting 3 ships that are different in the players eyes, sounds cool to me anyways lol.

2. So idea number 2 came from 3 frigates chasing down a ship with 25% CR and refusing to attack the darn thing (even when it's engines later went out). I become increasingly annoyed that none of my frigates would engage said target, so I came up with the simple to explain yet I imagine not so easy to add following idea: Make AI take CR into account. I think the AI does it already in small bits, but I think that the AI should really push into a below 50% CR ship and then just about rush a below 25% one. You could even set triggers that decide how a ship acts at certain CR values like:

Max CR: Normal AI
Medium CR: More aggressive AI
Low CR: Even more aggressive AI
Very Low CR: Suicidal AI

Would make for better AI combat I think, they should focus ships that are at a disadvantage and try and swarm and storm them.

3(While typing idea). As a side note, how about AI retreats low CR ships? That would be nice, just a thougt

Closing: Anyways that is all I can think of, thanks for reading and have fun discussing I am needed on the front lines.

Suggestions / Proportional forces tooltip
« on: February 02, 2018, 11:31:49 PM »
So I was just informed on the starsector discord that there is a system in place that reduces your supply cost of deploying in battle if you deploy less than the enemy. No one seemed to know exactly how it worked so I was wondering if on the deploy ships screen we could see a bar or tooltip that explains how much of the bonus we are getting? Idk if it's really a top priority but, would be nice to know when you get the bonuses rather than guessing.

Suggestions / Add a comma to the refit screen
« on: January 30, 2018, 10:17:58 AM »
I am unsure if this has been asked before, however upon looking it up I did not see it so I will suggest it here.

I have terrible vision and without commas it is extremely difficult to see how much money is in each screen (the biggest of these is the refit screen) could we possibly have those added to where they are supposed to be in the next update? Would appreciate it very much >.<.

Suggestions / About Broadsides
« on: August 22, 2017, 10:41:22 AM »
So I was playing around with O.R.A. Faction in my latest campaign, and I noticed one thing that irritates the heck out of me:

If I hold SHIFT it attempts to align my front to wherever my mouse is.

Usually this isn't a big deal, however with broadside based weapons it hurts (because now I am worrying about where I am facing and when and where to turn while managing flux, shields, special abilities, and aiming). So I suggest a solution:

Holding CTRL down aligns your weapons to the target (ever if they are rear facing) (if there are multiple weapons then it will try and align to best use all weapons)

I think this will help make broadsides a bit more viable, thoughts?

General Discussion / Remnant Autofactory
« on: August 19, 2017, 02:08:24 PM »
How do I use this to order ships? I click the order tab and it is blank

Modding / Creating a custom mission
« on: August 06, 2017, 12:12:13 PM »
Is there anyway to create a custom mission? For testing mod ships and the likes? Would be kind of fun to set up fights how I want them to take a break from the campaign every now and then

Just recently grabbed the -25% Fuel consumption skill (navigation tier 2 I believe) and noticed 0 difference when flying about (figured it may have been because I got a new ship added to my fleet and it's F/LY was 1 and with 25% reduction on all my reduction in total should have been 1.25 F/LY so I though I didn't notice it at first.) However after going around a bit on survey missions I noticed my fuel drops so auickly, so I decided to clicking F1 I noticed it made no difference in my fuel consumption.... Anyone know if the skill actually doesn't work or if it's just the menu displaying it wrong? Would be kinda annoying to find out the former lol.

Thanks in advance to any responses

General Discussion / About modding
« on: August 01, 2017, 11:10:30 AM »
So I just purchased the game and was wondering on the modding for vmparams what kind of file it is? I used notepad to save the file but it auto saves as a .txt file and I know it is not a .bat or .exe file so can someone give me the file extension please?

General Discussion / Questions before I buy
« on: July 22, 2017, 02:38:57 PM »
Hello, I have just watched 2 videos of this game and have a few questions if I may (I spent about 30 minutes for joining the forums looking for answers, so I figured I would just ask) thanks in advance for any responses.

1. Will you be able to create your own faction and take over the universe?
2. Is space combat slow or fast (I have a real problem with modern space games, seems capital ships go down in a few seconds, if this is how the game is then is there anyway to change it via settings?)?
3. How big can your personal fleet be? Also can you have multiple fleets?

That is really it for now, cannot think of anything else at the moment. Again thanks in advance for any responses.

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