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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Of Slipstreams and Sensor Ghosts (09/24/21)

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If a faction does not know any eligible fighters (eg only high-tier while maxTier is 0) the game can enter an infinite loop at line 329, as fighterValue never decrements while the game tries to pick from an empty picker.

while (fighterValue > 0) {
FighterWingSpecAPI fighter = fighterSubset.pick();
if (fighter != null) {...}
The other categories may have the same problem.

Repro steps: Delete all known fighters from tritachyon.faction, start a new campaign, and raid Culann for Ship Equipment.



Probably best to not take this effort too seriously. These mirror variants will show up wherever you'd find a regular Odyssey.

Ody & Ybo-class Battlecarrier
Four wings, two front-arc large energy mounts. Ship system is a Targeting Feed.

Yesosey-class Battlecruiser
A broadside ship with a hefty armament. Retains the High-Energy Focus system of the Odyssey.

Thanks to the guys who got me thinking on the idea. Have fun with it.

Mods / [0.95a] prv Starworks v21 (2021-05-08)
« on: June 04, 2017, 08:43:35 AM »


Requires Lazylib, Graphicslib and MagicLib. Additional content is available with Vayra's Sector.

Ships, main models:


prv Starworks adds two new factions, the prv Starworks corporation and the Rust Belt, to the sector with associated star systems and a wide array of ships and weapons. The new prv equipment is popular among the Persean League and the Sindrian Diktat, but the more common pieces can show up all over the sector.

the prv
For the upstarts and opportunists of the prv Starworks megacorporation the post-collapse era has been ripe with opportunity, a time where wealth and power is within reach of anyone brave enough to reach out and grasp it, hold it down, and make it his own. After a series of leveraged buyouts, hostile takeovers, and a few direct invasions, the prv has managed to carve out a fief of its own and is eyeing the post-collapse sector hungrily for any new opportunities for an ”acquisition”.

The Works, an orbital megafactory orbiting a backwards fringe world, form the heart of the corporation's power. There one of only a few still functioning nanoforges in the sector churns out ship after ship, squadron after squadron, fleet after fleet to allow the prv to challenge the sector for supremacy. The major powers are not entirely impressed however - what could a group of fringe-worlders hope to accomplish against the likes of the Hegemony? The prv seem to agree, and have pursued trade alliances with the neighboring powers of the Persean League and Sindrian Diktat. Haughtier voices in the inner sector have gone as far as to describe the relationship as ”tributary”.

Indeed the situation of the prv is not entirely clear-cut. While their industrial capacity is respectable and the corporation's navy grows stronger by the day, they lack military experience and have an unenviable strategic situation with vulnerable supply routes connecting far-flung and isolated assets.

prv military doctrine has them operating "with the utmost priority on creating and exploiting flaws in the oppository tactical disposition"; ie as underhanded tricksters. Expect cheap-shots, disorienting support systems and ships that split the difference between ambition and hubris. This line does come at a cost however -  take out the few solid line ships that the prv field and the whole fleet quickly crumbles. Which may be easier said than done, as they are adept at reacting to changing tactical circumstances.

the Rust Belt
Formally the Great Belt Alliance, but even the Rusters own official documents have trouble sticking with the full name. As a barely coherent confederation of not-quite outlaws, outcasts and other fringe elements, the Rust Belt hover just at the edge of ”shoot on sight” status with the established legal authorities of the sector.

Most of the spacefaring population of the faction live as scavengers, salvagers and miners in the Kratul Rust Belt, where the ship graveyards and asteroid mines can be scoured for a great abundance of rusted-up minerals. But, should a salvage group come up empty-handed Rusters travel well-armed and have been known to take live prey. So to speak.

Recent history has the Alliance butting heads with the prv, with a few convoy raids too many spurning the great corporation into a furious vendetta. Frequent prv patrols comb through the miserable ship graveyards of the Kratul system, trying to figure out which rusted hulks are dead, and which are Rusters that have gone dark - possibly laying up a vicious ambush. This low-intensity war has been ongoing for decades, and shows few signs of ending any time soon.

Ruster military doctrine is generally ad-hoc, with chain of command believed to be largely optional and "bring your own ship" being the main method of military procurement - though a few syndicates do operate private fleets. Ships and weapons range from solid old faithfuls to recklessly modified pirate ships that no one's even bothered to scrub the skull-and-crossbones from. The end result tends to be a collection of riff-raff orbiting a solid group of slow and powerful ships; an unbreakable rock - with all the flexibility that implies. Defeating the Rusters' light support lets you dissect their core at your pleasure - assuming you don't run out of CR before they run out of durability.

Old media:
made with sf-edit

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