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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Skill Changes, Part 2 (07/15/21)

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Mods / [0.9.1a] Green Knight Security (v2.0c)
« on: May 02, 2017, 09:02:26 AM »

Requires LazyLib

New ships and faction added.
-1 new capitalship
-2 new cruisers
-3 new destroyers
-4 new frigates
-2 new fighters
-2 new freighters
-10 new weapons

To do:
-NEXT: carrier update
-Balance the ships/weapons
-Create a NPC/Market where you can acquire some mercs (GKS fleet that will follow you and help you in battles) for a set period of time

Wolf (GKS) (Line frigate)
Vasuki(Fast Attack Craft)
Vasuki (SWACS) (yes, the radome spins)
Tempest (GKS) (Phase Frigate)
Guivre (Blockade Runner)
Kaliya (Freighter)
Sunder (GKS) (Close Support Destroyer)
Cecrops-C (Carrier)
Cecrops-M (Missile Destroyer)
Vritra (Heavy cruiser)
Linnormr (Fast Cruiser)
Karkadann (Battleship)


Change Log
Credits to FlashFrozen and Tartiflette, some of their sprites were used as bases for kitbashing
-v.2.0c added source files to the download, changed some faction relationships, adjusted the weapon load out in the campaign, changed the karkadann ship system and weapon mounts
-v.2.0b compatibility with Starsector 0.9.1a added
-v.1.4c fixed a typo that made the decorative weapons show up in shops, Vritra: max flux 9000->8500, fluxdisipation 680->650 / Karkadann speed 60->50 / Cecrops(both) speed 90/85->80
-v.1.4b Nexelerin fix, added a new Capital ship: Karkadann class Battleship, balance: Vritra: max flux 10000->9000 / Linnormr: max flux 8500->8000 / Privateer Pulse Laser: damage 50->60, ammo 16->8, ammo/sec 1.5->1.2, flux 65->80, chargeup 0.35->0.40 / Privateer Heavy Pulse Laser: damage 220->200, ammo 9->6, ammo/sec 0.5->0.6, / Bifors & Hughes: missile speed 300->200, range 2000->1500, Pod Burst size 16->12
-v.1.3 reworked the Cecrops (C) & (M), reduced the damage(175->155) and rate of fire(10->12) of the missiles, reduced the ECM and Nav rating (half as much) of the linnormr and vasuki (SWACS) also reworked their shipsystems: reduced the chance to affect fighters/drones, no range reduction for large ships, missiles get their targeting affected instead of flaming out, added a new mission. 
-v.1.2b Nexelerin hotfix compatibility update
-v1.2 Nexelerin update!
-v1.1b balance fix reduced hp and dmg of the missiles
-v1.1 Adds 4 new missiles, 1 new medium energy weapon, 1 new system with 3 markets, 1 new space station, new variants, reworked some of the sprites
-v1.0a Adds faction & bases in Arcadia and Magec, lowered ship prices, re-balanced weapons and both cruisers
-v0.9b reworked the Quantum Jammers now their effects have a chance to proc instead of a flat 100% also reworked the AI to use them less often, reworked the SEW&C hullmod effects, fixed some descriptions, reduced fighter speed (now in the 2xx), reduced cruiser mobility/turn rate, bucaneer PD now does more burst damage but has a lower RoF and costs more flux to fire, changed the linnormr hunter variant now it uses harpoons instead of sabots
-v0.9 made the weapons flux negative to compensate for the extra range/accuracy, also reduced the damage of the ballistic weapons to 60 per shot, reduced damage of the small energy weapon to 60 per shot, reduced damage of the medium energy weapon to 220 per shot
-v.08 added a new cruiser (Linnormr), added a new weapon (PrivateerM), changed the ship names to fit a theme, change the Vasuki SWACS (new system and hullmod), fixed the price of some ships (Cecrops(C) doesn't cost as much as a capital ship), changed the cr reduction to the vanilla standard(0.25), now ships can break
-v.07 reduced the supply cost of the Kala, added a new ship, Varo (SWACS)
-v0.6 removed the WeaponsAI hullmod, reduced Vir's speed to 60 and Active Armor to only 1 charge, takes 25% more to recharge and reduces 33%Dmg
-v0.5b linux fix & new variants
-v.05 added a new freighter and balanced some of the other ships stats
-v0.4 added a new phase frigate
-v0.3 changed the ship systems(no more damper fields), Vir's stats are now similar to an Eagle's stats, weapons do less damage now
-v0.2 weapons are more vanilla friendly now, Vir gets a new sprite and stats (less flux, no flight deck)
-v0.1 Initial Release

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