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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Skill Changes, Part 2 (07/15/21)

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Mods / [0.95a] LowTech Armada
« on: April 18, 2018, 04:36:32 AM »

Hi all! I've made a ship pack mod that adds some ships to the pirates, derelicts, and Hegemony, and it's finally updated to 0.9.5a!

If there are any suggestions, critiques, or things you liked, please pop them in a post below and I'll get around to them as soon as I can!

(Please forgive me for the image size inconsistencies, I'm planning to redo them soon so hang tight! <3)
Lawful Lowtech (Mostly).
Mask class Frigate "Missing Link"

Defender class Light Cruiser "A Cuter Cravantia"

Cravantia class Super Heavy Cruiser "Underwhelmingly Overwhelming"

Mason class Blockade Cruiser "Keeping Logistics Small, Big Time"

Corsair class Artillery Ship "So What DO The Hegemony Do With Their Busted Onslaughts?"

Scourer class Super Heavy Cruiser "Why So Small?"


Unlawful Lowtech

The Epattcuds:
From First To Last, And Not Necessarily In Order:

I - "The Literal Hunk'A'Junk"

II - "A Cheapo-Dominato"

III - "A Bizarre Amalgamation"

IV - "Some Random Smeg Must Have Been Asked To Come Up With A Ship And He Must Have Just Said: "Gun", And Walked Off"

V - "A Bigger Miner... Or Just a Big Box Of Bees"

VI - "Lovecraftian Mechanigore"

VII - "And Yo Mama A Condor Too!"

VIII - "Dominator In The Front, Mora In The Back."

IX - "Unwelcome Pleasantaries"

X - "... ... ... My God... It's HUGE..."
Hegemony ComSec has redacted the following for public safety.
Tripad Log ID Confirmed, Enjoy This Placeholder Image While We Find You:

Spoiler Content Below:


XI - "A Tiny Broadside Terror"

XII - "A Proper Skipper"

XIII - "Ain't No Bash Like Kit Bash Bash"

XIV (WIP) - "Fourteenth Battlegroup's Scrapyard Sister"

More TBC...

The Colatlus Class cruiser... Pirate Hubris... Why...



Updade 0.6.0a *(Pre-Tournament Release 2)

Some additional content, along with some pre-tournament weapons balance and description writeups for weapons missing them.

New ships:

The Juror (A tiny armored frigate with lots of guns that serves as a good small fleet anchor).

The Consul (A tiny carrier frigate).

The Authority (A blocky destroyer with a large mount and built-in fighter support).

The Magister (An elite destroyer with a speed/flux system and large mount).

The Adjudicator (A heavily armed frontal cruiser akin to the dominator, comes with maneuvering jets and less turrets, but more frontal larges, albeit built-ins).

The Consigliere (A battlecruiser with good fighter support and great weapons arcs, and a speed/flux system to boot, but has few modular missiles and only one large ballistic).

The Sovereign (A large heavy battleship, though deceptively fast with a speed/flux system, that relies heavily on a built-in lowtech energy weapon to perform well in combat, but comes stocked with an array of built-in missiles and two fighter bays, along with a generous weapons package).

(There are also bits of the Judiciary in this update, they work in the simulator but due to a variety of player-facing issues the ship could not be finished for this patch).

Update 0.6.0 *(Pre-Tournament Release)*

Many balance changes, new ships, weapons and some fighters, all of which will be covered in the Update 0.6.0 *(Post Tournament Release)* for clarity.

Some major changes:

Pirate fleets will occasionally spawn with elite Duinn Thunderbirds (TB) skins, similar to Hegemony (XIV) skins.

Domain Derelict exploration content will be protected by some additional ships.

Tech Duinn is no longer size 8, making it more stable than it was previously, and therefore more dangerous.

Update 0.5.5 "More Gunfire"

This update is quite large, but most of the changes are balance or function related, that being said:

Here Are Some New Ships:

The Epattcud XXV (Brazier) - A feisty destroyer with two large ballistics and a range boost system, but with incredibly frontal weaponry.

The Epattcud XXVI (Sconce) - A cheap, tiny frigate with a built in Snapcracker Gun and a range boost system, but with terrible survivability.

The Epattcud XVII (Caldera) - A large, heavily armored capital ship with built-in Thermal Pulse Turrets, armor modules and a range boost system, that can not mount shields on its core.

A New Fighter: The Diadem (XIV), a Fourteenth Battlegroup fighter with a sextuplet of Nixie Cannons and a Salamander MRM.

New Weapons:

The Nixie Tri-Cannon - A burst fire, longer range medium version of the Nixie Cannon with similar flaws to its predecessor.

The Nixie Array - A Pentuplet array of Nixie Cannons that fire continuously as a large mount, with extended range and even higher damage efficiency.

The naming scheme has changed for this update for Pirate Epattcud ships:
The Epattcud designation is now a design type, with ships renamed to "E-[Number] (Name)" to shorten their display name. "E" refers to "Epattcud" in this case.

And Some Balance Changes:

The Epattcud VIII (Roost) now has its medium ballistic turrets locked to Flak Cannons, with a corresponding decrease to OP.

The Epattcud VII (Condite) now has four bays with Converted Hangar, with a corresponding increase to OP.

The Cravantia now has more OP to account for its status as a combat cruiser. (It now has 160 total).

The Scourer (XIV) now comes with a built-in Diadem (XIV) and should now reflect its FP and Deployment Cost.

The Diadem (P) will now engage enemies as a regular fighter rather than relying on support-fighter AI.

The Nixie Cannon now has a small explosion on impact that deals 5-10 High Explosive damage.

Many ships now have variants utilizing the new Nixie weapons, and the Hegemony will correctly deploy the Diadem and Diadem (XIV).

A variety of other minor changes to a variety of ships.

Update 0.5.1 "Fighter Redux, Now With More Bay"

There are a few new pieces of content in this update:

The Diadem - A high-performance one-fighter-per-wing LPC with a range of differently-specialized types from different designers (Diadem/Mod-Diadem/Diadem[P]).

The Nixie Cannon - A small Point Defense/Pressure ballistic weapon that does light energy and EMP damage with a moderate rate of fire and can fill a number of roles.

Pod-Bay Hangars - Large Missile weapons with 1 ammo that launch a portable fighter bay that can assist the fleet in combat using a built-in wing. (They come stocked with either a Talon/Piranha/Diadem[P] LPC).

There have also been a variety of fixes and balance changes to help make the mod function as intended (In a vanilla balanced way):

Duo Talon wings no longer spawn in markets, as they are for future content.

Hypervelocity Cannons will now spawn more reliably in Hegemony fleets.

Jackhammer wings now no longer use flux for their Snapcracker Cannon when their system is active, and will fire weapons correctly. They have also received a small damage buff to their fragmentation Swarmer Missiles, which will also fire at fighters correctly now.

Flurry Talon wings now come in groups of 3 and cost 8 OP.

Flurry Talon Skirmishers have gained a swarmer launcher, come in wings of 2, and have a much more maneuverable system, which will only flame them out if they are hit during flight. This also affects the Flurry Talon Skirmisher LPC built into the Epattcud XXI.

The Tappah now takes 45 seconds to re-prepare a hammer strike, and has -100~ armor.

The Talon X now has a turreted Vulcan Cannon.

There are now new loadouts for some ships utilizing the new weapons (Jim can now throw microfactory bays out of his ship, so his Piranha bomber crews don't pick fights with the Talon pilots).

A variety of other smaller changes.

In the previous main update (0.5) I forgot to mention I added Combat Chatter characters. Now, if you have Combat Chatter installed, some pirate officers will be replaced with people from the different factions that generally make up the pirates, whether freedom fighters or ancient warlords.

Update 0.5a (Hotfix)

The crash-to-desktop issue with Nexerelin's random sector is now fixed.

The EpattcudXV now has Thermite Flares.

Several descriptions have been tweaked.

A few other small tweaks.

Update 0.5 "Unspooled."

This update adds a lot of new ships, here's a list:

Epattcud XV (Wingman) - A small frigate with a fairly versatile weapons arrangement, but with a flare system.

Epattcud XVI (Coffin) - A ballistic oriented, low-tech phase frigate with the Ammofeeder system.

Epattcud XVIII (Lurker) -  A rare Pirate phase-capital with the highly potent Phase Leap system and plenty of weapons mounts (of both the ballistic and missile variety), but poor flux stats for its size.

Epattcud XIX (Ghoul) - An aggressive battle-tanker with a fairly versatile weapons arrangement, and Systems Overdrive.

Epattcud XX - An incredibly rare Pirate superfrigate with a Phase Jump system, many built-in hullmods that comes with point defense turrets, but only has two modular universal mounts with which to ordnance itself. Expensive both to outfit and maintain, but potent.

Epattcud XXI (Jerrycan) - A Phaeton redesign that exchanges a shield and its forwards point defense along with a little fuel capacity for a frontal medium missile and a built in Flurry Talon Skirmisher wing. It does however require more crew.

Epattcud XXII (Colossn't) - A Buffalo-alike that has a built in hellbore cannon in the front and two small ballistic turrets, but loses some of its cargo capacity and requires more crew.

Epattcud XXIII (Wight) - A rare, elite Pirate fast cruiser using the gutted remains of an Aurora, with an extremely versatile weapons layout and Systems Overdrive. It does however cost much more to outfit than a normal ship, owing to the built in Retrofitted Accelerators.

Epattcud XXIV (Princeling) - A Pirate missile cruiser/assault barge with a built in, highly potent Thermal Pulse Turret and Missile Autoforge.

Epattcud XXVIII (Nibbler) - A Pirate Nebula redesign which trades a small amount of crew capacity for a brutally potent, if highly temporary combat efficiency.

(Secret Ship) Upcycled Mitigator Class battleship - A reactive and potent capital ship that trades logistical efficiency for brute force value and the ability to respond to High-Tech turtling tactics and large threats.

There are now some new fighters:

The Jackhammer - An upscaled heavy ground armament redesigned for ground and air duties, with a heavy Snapcracker Cannon on its left shoulder mount, and an Annihilator Tube on its right. Has a fully functional Systems Overdrive system (of the strafe variety) that does not cause malfunctions but only affects missile weapons. Very expensive and only used by pirates.

The Flurry Talon - A Talon wing with half the effective wing size, and annihilator tubes rigged to the front instead of swarmer missiles. (Annihilator tubes fire flurries of three annihilator rockets.)

The Flurry Talon Skirmisher - A Talon wing like above, but with the Systems Overdrive ship system and one more fighter per wing.

The Talon x - A one-fighter-per-wing Talon LPC with massively upscaled weapons, sporting a cut-down Snapcracker cannon and various missile armaments. It comes with a strafe-only version of Systems Overdrive.

New ship systems!:

Thermite Flares - When activated, releases two fast moving flares similar to active flares, with the exception that they last longer, and when impacting a non-missile target they deal 250 Energy damage with 400 EMP.

Phase Jump - A teleportation system with 3000 range that when activated boosts the weapon attack speed of the ship briefly, before moving it to a targeted location, wherein which enemy ships within 600 range are struck with a single 1200 damage (both Energy and EMP) Arc blast. The ship itself also takes 300 energy damage and 750 EMP, split between a random number of impact locations. (Allies are hit with mostly just EMP).

Phase Leap - A teleportation system with 5000 range that when activated boosts the weapon attack speed of the ship briefly, before moving it to a targeted location, wherein which enemy ships within 800 range are struck with 15 300 Energy 450 EMP damage Arc blasts. The ship itself also takes 3900 energy damage and 6000 EMP, split between a random number of impact locations. (Allies are hit with mostly just EMP).

Systems Overdrive - An ammo feeder system combined with a limited maneuverability speed system that boosts firerate by 100% while active, and boosts ship speed by 200, but reduces maneuverability and prevents strafing. When the system is over, the ship is wracked with ruinous malfunctions, often losing over 50% of all hardpoints and engines, though none of the effects are permanent.

New built in hullmods:

Improvised Shield Hardeners - Reduces the damage taken by shields by 15%, and reduces the penetration of weapons like ion-beams by 50%, but prevents the installation of any other shield related hullmod.

Reckless Engineering - (On phase ships:) Increases the phase-time bonus by 50%, but causes the ship to cost 20% more supplies per month and per deployment, while also increasing the rate combat readiness degrades by 30% and causing all onboard systems to occasionally malfunction when stressed, sometimes permanently.
(On non-phase ships:) Increases the damage dealt by all weapons onboard by 20% and increases missile weapon rate of fire by 33%, while also reloading missile weapons at a rate of one missile every 0.25-7.5 seconds. This rate does not change based on the weapon being used, and therefore disproportionately affects low-capacity missiles comparatively. As above, this hullmod also increases the cost of the ship by 20% per month and per deployment, and increases the degradation rate of combat readiness by 30%, while also causing occasional malfunctions when the ship is stressed, that on occasion can last for the rest of a fight.

Retrofitted Accelerators - All projectile weapons onboard fire 20% faster permanently, the ship gains 50% extra engine health, and has a 33% smaller sensor profile. However, ALL non-missile weapons cost 2/5/8 more OP to mount.

Patchwork Heavy Ballistics Integration - All large ballistic weapons cost 8 less OP to mount, but all weapons on board fire 20% slower.

Balance changes (There's a fair few):

Many Epattcud cruisers now spawn slightly less frequently to avoid oversaturating large fleets.

Ship balance:

The Epattcud I has been rebalanced to a destroyer size, and spawns in smaller fleets.

The Epattcud V's medium turret arcs now converge at the front, hopefully making it less difficult to pilot.

The Epattcud VI has been overhauled as it was underperforming compared to what was intended, it now has two extra frontal medium missiles, and an additional two rear broadside ballistic mediums. In addition: minimum crew requirements are lowered to 650; it now has an omni shield with a 120 degree arc; its flux stats have been changed (It now has 800 Dissipation base and 16000 capacitors base), and it has new variant layouts.

The Epattcud VIII's maneuverability has been reduced, and it now has weaker flux systems (400 dissipation, 10000 capacitors). Its system has also been changed to the new Thermite flares system.

The Epattcud IX now has an additional small missile mount, and its system has the intended visual indicators for maneuvering jets.

The Epattcud X has changed a fair bit this update: The Core module no longer houses a shield by default and has less capacitors, instead the right wing module sports a front shield with a 90 degree arc (a bit like a parasol), and has the Improvised Shield Hardeners and Reckless Engineering hullmods. In response to this, the left wing module now has built-in heavy armor, now Jin's coffee table won't shake when she's lounging in-suite while in combat.

The Epattcud XI has had a small +5 OP bonus applied, and has slightly better flux systems.

The Epattcud XII has lost 5 OP, but now has the Patchwork Heavy Ballistics Integration hullmod, reducing the cost of large ballistics by 8, which with the reduction of damage and flux per second taken into account, should cause the ship to perform better overall in combat.

The Mason now shares the Dominator's 25 DP.

The Defender's flux systems have been given some improvements, it now sports 350 base vents and 7000 base capacitors, bringing it more in line with the falcon.

A variety of other small balance passes not mentioned here.

Other Content

Almost all of the Epattcud scrapships now have a nickname given by either the Hegemony or Pirates in quotes next to their designation to help with quality of life.

A secret custom encounter somewhere in the core worlds...

Update 0.4.2b&c (Hotfixes and Balance Adjustments)

A variety of additional balance passes and fixes:

The EpattcudVI has been given much better flux systems, likely looted from some poor odyssey in a scrapyard.

The EpattcudX now turns 50% faster, but is still just as heavy.

Various small changes to balance for other Epattcud ships.

Tech Duinn crashes no longer occur, as the market is now uncapturable. This will be fixed in a coming update.

Text now shows the correct colour on Tech Duinn.

Good pirate ships are now more likely to spawn with the weapon types requested in the variants. (There was an issue with goal variant flagging).

Tech Duinn should no longer appear on the minimap radar?

And some additional minor changes.

Update 0.4.2a (Hotfix)

A multitude of balance passes across the board, mostly small.

Some notable changes for combat include:

- The EpattcudVI has better flux systems to account for the time of its creation and resources realistically available to the pirates, also for balance.

- The EpattcudX's left wing module has more hull hitpoints to account for its size.

Several ships have recieved new variants and some love.

As for other changes:

The secret market now has no icon on the map.

Hullmod incompatability is now working for the EpattcudX once and for all.

Spawn weights have been tweaked to be more functional with other mods, as well as vanilla.

And some more minor changes.

Update 0.4.2 "Duinn time? Tech Duinn time."

The Colatlus finally takes its community voted spot in LowTech Armada!

A new secret Pirate market has been added to the game, with custom music, and enough strategic power to be an active force in the sector.

A plethora of balance changes:

Cargo space normalised to intended levels accross several ships, and the same for fuel.

The EpattcudX is now much more common, as it was nearly never appearing.

The EpattcudX can no longer have non-vanilla multi-deck converted hangar-alike hullmods installed, mostly because Jin kept forcing her less cute subordinates to man the 52 talons she controlled on her TSC Converted hangar ship. So many orphans...

Descriptions normalised.

Update 0.4.1b (Hotfix)
Ship spawn issues fixed accross the board. Please download this version as 0.4.1a had a few major issues. (Ships not spawning in for Pirates.)

EpattcudX rarity has been decreased to only 0.9 (one in every 30 or so capitals).

Update 0.4.1a (Subpatch)

Major changes:

ALL Epattcud ships are now on individualized rare blueprints to be found while exploring and raiding, as originally intended.

The same is true for the ScourerXIV (Except it is on a hegemony XIV blueprint instead).
The ScourerXIV will also now only spawn in Hegemony fleets.

Balance Changes:

EpattcudV has exchanged another one of its modular decks and 20 ordnance points for another borer drone wing, to make it more distinct.

Epattcud XI was weaker than intended in combat, so it has been given a small flux vent buff and capacitor buff, with the intention of potentially increasing the ordnance points by 5 next hotfix. ~ +20 Vent rate, +500 Capacitors (The same as 4.5 ordnance points) ~

The TappahLP (Luddic Path) is now a bombing run fighter instead of an assault fighter, owing to it containing one crewman that probably doesn't particularly want to get blown up. This may be changed in future patches as this means a lot more hammer missiles will be deployed a lot more quickly.

The ScourerXIV has had its frontal hardpoint arcs buffed to 15 degrees to compensate for the low number of hardpoints for a small cruiser.

The custom hullmod is finally finished and you can't install targeting hullmods with it!

The EpattcudX has had many of its turret arcs drafted to their intended angles, now the side turrets on a few modules cannot face into sections of the ship they weren't meant to, so now you won't have to worry about Jim taking potshots at his crewmen from the command deck on a module while they're peacefully strolling along on a spacewalk on the outside of the ship.
The EpattcudX mines now have a slightly larger (25 extra) secondary explosion effect radius, along with which the cooldown has been increased by 33.3 percent to 20 seconds, and the visual explosion should now match the damage radius better than the default used by doom mines.
The EpattcudX has also had a frontal composite exchanged for a universal mount to match the feel of the right wing module, though it will need some testing for balance. (I may swap it for a Synergy mount in the next sub-patch).
Lastly, the EpattcudX has had a logistics rebalance to make it more in line with vanilla and slightly less logistically capable. (-1500 Crew Capacity, -1250 Cargo Space, -1000 Fuel Capacity) it has however been given a slight fuel efficiency buff (30 fuel per lightyear instead of 35).

Update 0.4 "Return To Sender":

A complete re-design of the entire mod from top to bottom, with every ship redone from scratch alongside some new additions.

New Content:

A plethora of pirate //Redacted// content, notably EpattcudVII-XII.

New Derelict ships.

A new hullmod for a specific pirate vessel, though until I fix the hullmod's compatibility code it is unused.

A new ship system for a specific pirate vessel.

The TappahLP (Luddic Path).

Balance Changes:

Removal of the Scourer's flight deck.

Minor balance edits for most of the ships.

Many more smaller changes, I may pop back in here and edit if there's something I missed.

Update 0.1 "Quality Of Life Until 0.9":

New Content!:

The Epattcud V (A mid cruiser-capital carrier, with 3 bays but 2 additional borer wings).

The Epattcud VI (A capital sized scrapship).

Balance changes to:

The Cravantia (Reduced costs and hull changes).

The Corsair (Stat Rebalancing)

The Scourer (The hull was decreased but the armour has stayed the same)

On top of this, I tried to add some quality of play balance features to a few ships, and hopefully they will be more pleasant to play and fight.


All Derelict ships are by default NON-BOARDABLE, but you can re-enable this in the ship_data file in Hulls.

The Derelict custom built in weapons should now NOT appear in shops, please comment if you still see them i'm working on the problem and think I've fixed it.

And that's about it till 0.9. I may release a final update (Patch 0.15) to add the rest of the content i've been working on, but I may wait till 0.9 as it's a big update.

Update 0.04 "The Balance Hammer Falls":

Updated new stats for several ships to better suit their functions, namely:

Decreased fleet requirements for a Cravantia class cruiser.

Increased combat capability of Corsair classes by increasing hull, armour and maneuverability.

Changed the Ballista Attack Drone's Annihilator Barrage launcher to be less overwhelming, but shoot more dense arcs of missiles.

Minor fixes to the Tappah.

Various unlisted changes that were made before my four-month break.

Added new ship:

The Morias - A pirate cruiser battlecarrier with a big frontal gun and three flight decks.

Thank you Helmut for giving me permission to use some of your unused textures for kitbashing, they really helped.

And a huge thank you to Sir Arcana, Nicke535, JRG, PureTilt and the rest of the Starsector community for the support while I was recreating my mod. Thank you all so much.

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