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General Discussion / Question about NPC Fleet composition.
« on: September 21, 2014, 08:40:05 AM »
Playing a bit of SS+ with the bounty+trade-winds mod on, and ended up getting the 2flightdeck Cruiser-carrier (The Heron) as my start off ship. Still have it and im up to 8wings of Broadswords, 3wings of thunders, 6 wings of Piranha bombers, and a few frigates/gunboats. Also i keep trying to get another  Heron, but i don't think any other, besides the one you are given, exist.

My question is, does the game look at your fleets composition, and build its own fleets around yours? Because I just ran across a fleet of hegemony ships that's 2/3rds strike craft (12talons, 9piranhas, 3claymores, 2broadswords and Halberds) Along with most pirate fleets being carrier fleets. Just wondering if that's the AI looking at how successful the players fleet is and attempting to copy it/contest it if need be. Or is it just the natural progression of the game, because to be honest, normally by this point I've cheat horribly, get into a few battles, then try a different mod setup. This time I'm actually playing like a normal person.

Suggestions / Asteroid mining?
« on: April 05, 2012, 10:43:04 AM »
Would make more use of the mining drones, mining laser and give a option to harvest the asteroids for credits or even use the raw metals and whatnot as supplies for repairs. Just wondering if this would be a planned feature.

Suggestions / Railguns and kinetic energy.
« on: April 05, 2012, 01:33:21 AM »
I know kinetic energy in Starfarer is meant to disable shields, The only real problem i have is, why do rail-guns do so little damage? I haven't read the lore on them yet, i know i should before i post this, but rail-gun to me says a gun that takes a hunk of metal/rock/hard object and speeds it up to a substantial fraction of the speed of light, leading it to just destroy armor/kinetic shielding. Just seems to me that most Kinetic weapons should do the most damage to armor than shields, Or at least just one branch of them, namely the Rail-gun family. Anyone else think the same?

Edit: Or even have a certain family of kinetic weapons be able to bypass shields all together, and have some form of kinetic shielding that interacts with kinetic based weapons, would love to have two types of shielding, one to block energy based weapons (as shields in-game do now) and one that forms around the contours of the ships armor to block kinetic based weapons, which i wouldn't say add to flux at all, just recharge extremely slow or have their own power type, in witch if you where going against kinetic based attackers, turn off your energy based shielding to give a boost to your kinetic shielding.

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