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(Moved as separate topic as per Alex's request)

So I'm mucking around with a built-in beam weapon that works like your typical TacLaser; it's a sustained beam with only chargeup & chargedown values, but null for burst size & burst delay (meaning that it fires without stuttering as long as LMB is held down).

A ship system (based off Tartiflette's DiableAvionics Versant transformation) is supposed to, when toggled on, lock out the beam weapon from firing. The original code made use of setRemainingCooldownTo(1) every frame to constantly keep the weapon on cooldown, which I assumed relates to a weapon's chargedown value... but apparently that only applies to projectile weapons, not beam weapons.

I'd rather not have to use disable() and repair(), as those methods work like weapon malfunctions (and thus render horrible smoke particles & sparks).

Any ideas?

Suggestions / Setting a trade commodity as globally illegal
« on: January 19, 2017, 03:46:41 PM »
When it comes to determining the legality of certain commodities across different factions, the base game currently achieves this with the use of the "illegalCommodities" enumeration within each .faction file (found in data\world\factions\). In the case of the vanilla Hegemony, for instance, the snippet below prevents the trade of Recreational Drugs, Harvested Organs, and Hand Weapons on any Hegemony world (outside of the black market):


What occurred to me, however, is that if a modder wishes to add a custom commodity that they want defined as illegal in almost all markets (perhaps barring one or two markets belonging to their custom faction), they'd essentially have to duplicate the .faction files (vanilla or from other mods) where said commodity would be illegal, just to append the commodity ID to "illegalCommodities". I hope I don't need to impress upon you all how messy this can turn out to be, especially when run alongside other mods (not to mention Nexerelin)...

The idea I am submitting is two-part:

  • A new tag option for commodities.csv, something like globallyIllegal (I'm not good with names, heh). What this would effectively do is force any commodity defined with this tag to show up as illegal across every faction (vanilla or modded) in the game, without the need to append it to the "illegalCommodities" enumeration in every .faction file.
  • [This one I'm not too sure about...] A new optional enumeration entry for .faction files, probably something called "allowedCommodities"; if a commodity defined as globallyIllegal is appended to this list for a particular faction, that faction will make an exception and allow the trade of said commodity while everyone else continues to lock down on it. I suppose you could do this already if you define a submarket's starting condition as a free_market, but by doing so you'd end up allowing ANYTHING to be traded regardless of legality, not just that particular custom commodity.

Any thoughts or criticism would be appreciated.

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