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General Discussion / Too many ideas
« on: August 04, 2021, 08:53:35 PM »
Have too many ideas, don't have enough time.
Help me decide which should I make first. Just for priority.
  • A fighter AI library - State machine with customizable interrupt and pre-made formation class for grab-n-go users
  • A mini faction mod - Bizarre combat effects but unimpressive visual effects because I can't sprite
  • A campaign content mod  - Our path shall cross

Suggestions / A pop-up when fleet-wide skill effect changes
« on: August 04, 2021, 08:39:09 PM »
I think it would be nice if the game notifies player about it.
  • Player leaving fleet window
  • After salvaging
  • After battle
Just like many tutorial-ish pop-ups, player may choose not to show it again or keep the notification.

Suggestions / Improve preliminary survey ability
« on: July 31, 2021, 06:34:49 AM »
I have only used it twice since it's introduced.

I think it should be able to detect roughly how many relics are floating around in the system, including probes, stations, derelict ships and what have you.
This would encourage player to use the neutrino detector to find the relic and not worry missing a random research station hanging in a nebula system.

Maybe it can also detect if a planet has ruins, since the floating space trash is visible from space, preliminary survey should be able to pick it up.

Suggestions / Allow breaking beacons
« on: July 30, 2021, 07:08:05 AM »
I don’t want the beacon to just hang around after I cleared out the system.

Suggestions / Make it possible to edit mod configuration in game
« on: July 28, 2021, 02:18:10 PM »
I hate to need to go to a random config file just to change a setting.
I personally consider if something cannot be done in-game it’s not really a user facing setting, yet mods like Adjusted Sector it’s almost mandatory to do that setting in plain text manually.
So, is it possible to standardize configurable mod settings and make it not require opening up my notepad++?

Modding / [0.95a] Phase Prototypes (0.95.1a Phase Preview)
« on: July 23, 2021, 07:08:49 PM »

Reduce max speed according to hard flux level
Hullmods with magic

This mod is merely attempting to mimic what's described in the blog post and may not be the same as the actual changes.

All source code is in the jar file and free to reuse, with maybe exception of PhaseCloakStats95a, PhaseCloakStats95_1 as most of the codes are copied from Alex's code.

If I fit something from mod in missions and then uninstall the mod, it becomes impossible to access the mission. Even clicking reset doesn't actually reset the mission conditions, it simply bounce me back to the last "good" mission.

Bug Reports & Support / AI weird behavior on overload
« on: July 17, 2021, 08:20:52 PM »
So I was once again testing variants in variant editor

I used this variant against two onslaughts:

    "displayName": "Standard",
    "fluxCapacitors": 47,
    "fluxVents": 50,
    "hullId": "guardian",
    "hullMods": [
    "permaMods": [],
    "sMods": [],
    "variantId": "guardian_Standard",
    "weaponGroups": [
            "autofire": false,
            "mode": "LINKED",
            "weapons": {
                "WS 006": "hammerrack",
                "WS 007": "plasma",
                "WS 008": "multineedler",
                "WS 009": "hammerrack",
                "WS 010": "sabot",
                "WS 011": "sabot"
            "autofire": true,
            "mode": "LINKED",
            "weapons": {"WS 020": "mjolnir"}
            "autofire": true,
            "mode": "LINKED",
            "weapons": {
                "WS 000": "flak",
                "WS 001": "flak",
                "WS 002": "flak",
                "WS 003": "flak",
                "WS 004": "flak",
                "WS 005": "flak"
I assigned eliminate on one of the onslaught. As soon as it overloads, Guardian stops attacking completely.
It just stops. Stares at its onslaught for no particular reason. All weapons are online and well in range but it simply doesn't attack, at, all.
Worth mentioning I also have assigned reckless officer to the guardian in the variant editor sim.
I think this is a critical flaw in AI.

General Discussion / Xyphos - The sim queen
« on: July 11, 2021, 08:54:16 AM »
People tend to compare Xyphos with two actual ion beams and state it as a great fighter.
2 ion beams AND 2 burst PD for 15 OP, that would usually cost 12x2 + 7x2 = 38 OP not considering the flux cost, sounds pretty busted yeah?

In reality, no, it's the most useless and overpriced fighter in the game IMO.

First of all, it doesn't benefit from ITU or DTC. If you're using a ship that relies on range the ion beam is probably going to sit idle most of the time.
Another reason why it's bad is due to they're not controllable in any degree. Even if set to engage they won't engage the carrier's target. Instead they will just happily shoot anything that is closest to the fighter itself.
Last but not least, ion beam is not an instant beam. It takes time to extend the beam to full range which means due to the behavior previously described, it may constantly switch target and resulting in more downtime than it should because the beam takes so much extra time to re-extend on target switch.

To sum it up, it's paying 15 OP to casually poke at frigates and fighters that tries to flank you and you have no control over it whatsoever.
The only place where it can shine is in sim 1v1 (non-carrier enemy) setup when it never gets distracted. It's the only situation (and unrealistic) it can live up to it's cost. Thus, the sim queen.

Or maybe I'm using it wrong? But how do I even use it wrong when I have no control over its behavior? Am I missing something or is there a particular vanilla loadout making it actually useful?


The post is mainly for my self reference. If you want to reply, go to OP.
If this is against the forum rule please PM, let me know and delete the post

Worth noting, also, is that the Radiant is now 60 deployment points - and, of course, the Automated Ships threshold is tuned to work with that. But the point is that other automated ships may be worth another look; in particular the Rampart, which is now only 15 points and brings a fair bit of firepower.

Re: d-mods, that's a good point and something I didn't mention. The non-combat d-mods that can end up on combat ships now come with a reduction to maximum CR, so that they have *some* effect on combat performance. So, Degraded Life Support, Increased Maintenance, and Faulty Automated Systems. (None of these can roll for automated ships, btw, since that penalty would have an outsized effect there...)

I did, actually! It's now "Tactical Drills", boosts 240 points worth of ships (but with only +5% damage - I try to keep bonuses meatier, but +10% fleetwide is just... too much), and indeed buffs your marines.

I *am* prepared for this one, actually! The game doesn't limit what you can put the hullmod on - just, only the first two ships with it on the battlefield are linked, assuming you're in one of them. If one is destroyed, the remaining one can link with another ship, etc.

The hullmod also can't be built in - not to prevent exploits, but to 1) keep SO company and 2) it's a cheap mod and it's not a great idea to do it since you might want to remove it and it's a waste of an s-mod slot, anyway.

(Regarding comment about baseline should make an alpha radiant at 60%)
Hmm. Let me take a look - I might've mixed up some numbers or just mis-remembered exactly where it's at in 0.95a. ... yeah, let me just raise the threshold to 120 points, at least - so that it's at 50% and out of debuff range.

(You do have the option of giving it an extra 10% (or even 15%) CR, though 10% involves going up into Industry, and making that 15% involves going all the way up into Leadership, as well.)

I've increased the XP to get from level 1 to 5 a decent amount, and from 5 to 10 by a smaller amount. Nothing drastic, though. Oh, also - only of interest for modded games, but raising the level cap will no longer mess with the SP gain rate once you reach max level.

I'm not saying that redefining the trees by a more strictly game-mechanics-driven meta-organization is wrong or anything, I just don't like it as much as what we're used to. I suspect that Technology will still be the player's first stop if they want to make their ships into hotrods (now that I'm thinking about it, will Tech still have a +10/10 vents/caps skill?), and having the ultimate hotrod skill in a different tree, one that feels less focused on this kind of tweaking, seems pretty weird when you're not looking at it in relation to the whole design philosophy.

Fair! The 10/10 effect is now 5/5 and rolled into Flux Regulation, btw (which gives +10% instead of what it used to).

To be quite honest, you're just cheesing the battle size mechanics at that point - that's not something I can really worry about as a balancing concern. I think ideally the game would be played at battle size 400.

I don't think that's a good solution. That basically makes it so that a Reaper (1× 4K damage, reduced to 1900) will end up doing less damage than two Hammers fired back to back (first hit gets reduced to 900, second hit gets the full 1500, total 2400 damage). Not to mention that any weapon that has high per-shot damage balanced by low rate of fire (either directly or indirectly by means of high flux cost) will be severely reduced in usefulness.

The numbers are a bit off - since "-25% hull damage" from the base skill applies first. But "more small hits do more damage than fewer large hits" is an intrinsic property of the effect. For example, without the "every 2 seconds" rule, a Reaper deals 1500 out of its 4000 potential damage, while 6 shots dealing 500 damage each deal 3000 out of their potential 3000 damage.

Edit: with regards to fighters, I was talking from the persective of a interceptor/support fighter user, not the bomber user, and that +100 target leading elite bonus was soooo good
Ah! 50% of that bonus went to Fighter Uplink.

Although I do have a few questions.  Given we now have percentage reductions in deployment points for ships, will they be allowed to be fractional, or will they be rounded?  For example, does a Lasher without officer and under Support Doctrine cost 3 DP, 3.2 DP or 4 DP to deploy?  And does Support Doctrine add with or multiply with the reduction from Derelict operations (20+30=50% off DP costs?).  That will allow for some interesting fighter saturation attempts.  Assuming they add, and if you get choosy with your D-mods, you can get something like 18 Herons worth of fully operational fighters in 180 DP (or 36?! Condors).
They're rounded so e.g. 5.5 becomes 6, while 5.4 becomes 5. The Lasher thus costs 3 points. That does means that some ships will benefit a bit more or less than they "should" but I really don't want to get into fractional deployment points!

The modifiers from DO and SD are multiplicative, as with other reductions. (Though under the hood, the SD multiplier is flat, while DO is a multiplier, but functionally it amounts to them being multiplicative...)

Hmm, the fighter thing could get a little weird, yeah. I suppose we'll see! (36 Condors would require increasing the number-of-ships cap...)

And Fury at... maybe 18-22 DP (?)... will still be a very good high tech cruiser, I mean look at the flux stats and mobility of this thing, it's a bit of a mash-up of some of the good parts of Eagle, Falcon, Aurora and Shrike.

Good guess, it'll be 20! (So will the Falcon(P), btw - another ship that's, to be honest, a bit overpowered - but also fun, and I don't want to change the ship itself.)

One step ahead of you! Containment Procedures now reduces crew losses by up to 50%, at 240 total deployment points in your fleet. With that and potentially Blast Doors (and/or Damage Control from Support Doctrine, if you want to combine top skills that way), I think there's solid options to take care of this.

Thankfully we can modify the ship cap pretty easily, though the artificial limitation of how many ships you can recover at once is still going to be annoying.

(Worth mentioning: that's going up to 24 normal + 24 difficult.)

Given three ships all with Neural Interface: A (Flagship), B and C

Transfer from A to B, A and B receive bonuses. Then transfer to B to C, is it B and C with bonuses or is it A (Flagship) and C which get bonuses?

You can only transfer between two ships at any given time. If all three are on the field, then you'd only have A and B linked and receiving bonuses.

I guess if the original ship leaves, I cannot Neural Link to another, and... can it actually swap out of a neural link ship via command shuttle?  (If so, that is some advanced cloning-on-demand technology for the player to body surf, especially on a ship that cannot support human crew.)  I get that if the old flagship leaves, Neural Linking back is impossible.

If you swap out of the "linked" (but not original) ship the shuttle will take off from the original ship or its hulk. If neither is present (i.e. if it retreated, or the hulk drifted off the map) then it'll follow the standard thing it does when you "transfer command" without having your flagship deployed - it'll just fade in somewhere near the target ship and go there.

It's usually too late when the intel shows the planet is deteriorating. It should be an early warning instead of almost at point of no return.
I didn't have enough time to delete the pirate base that causes a -3 to save it. I feel bad for whoever was living there.

Suggestions / Colony system overhaul
« on: June 27, 2021, 09:27:49 AM »

I think part of the issue involves missing expectations.
Colony is too good at being passive income while people whined about the expeditions.
The expedition is definitely undertuned imo. It makes colony the one single mechanics in game that requires minimum effort for maximum profit.
(Minimum effort after you can find a good system I should say.)
People expect colonies to be free real estate.

Especially due to sseth influx, many people started the game with colony system in place and they simply don't know how to make money without colonies.
Bounty hunting? Delivery? Smuggling? All dwarfed by a few good planets.
Since money is so easy to come by they don't even need to calculate the deployment costs, just throw everything in and win. Overkill everything because overkill always works.
In some aspects it has undermined the core of the game: carefully calculated risks for rewards.

My suggestions:
By default, a player should only be able to manage 1 planet (and no admins can be hired) but is free from expeditions: it's just an independent planet, nothing special.
This would allow player to stay independent and receive enough fund to operate a fleet, and opens up much more options since they no longer need to worry about colony supply chains and defending themselves (well, still gonna deal with pirates and pathers but they're quite reasonable atm).

Industry skills should be supporting colony play style in a larger scale than just a few minor improvements.
For example:
  • T1
  • Outpost -  Allow constructing outposts (size 2 colony, monthly operation fee, no industry, can't grow size, doesn't count toward colony limit or expedition)
  • Salvaging - (same as current)
  • T2
  • Assume Diktat -  add 4 more personal colonies and halve the mismanagement penalty
  • Form Coalition - Allow hiring up to 3 admins
  • T3
  • Space Operations - (Governed colonies) +30% accessibility +25% fleet size
  • Public Relations - Halves hazard rating penalty for pop growth, halves accessibility penalty from hostile factions
  • T4
  • Ground Operations - (Governed colonies) +100% effectiveness of ground defences +2 stability
  • Homeland Security - Halves disruption period from incidents and allow paying for instant operation restoration
  • T5
  • Industrial Planning - (Governed colonies) All industries supply 1 more unit of all the commodities they produce and halves supply shortage period caused by missing trade convoy
  • VIP - Increase custom order capacity by 100% and reduce stockpile withdraw cost by 20%

Establishing second colony should give a warning about factions starting expeditions, so player know they'll need to actually do work to get the juicy incomes. No pain, no gain.
This more or less turned industry tree into colony tree but if a skill has fleet-wide effect only it ought to land in leadership tree anyways.

Bug Reports & Support / Thunder not able to attack small ship
« on: June 23, 2021, 06:21:57 PM »
Sometimes they're stuck in a perfect circle and unable to aim at the target at all. Happen constantly on frigate.

Suggestions / Odyssey shield radius is too large
« on: June 23, 2021, 12:44:23 PM »
Adding the fact that its large turrets are far back there it makes odyssey naturally outranged by just about any capital. Is there a particular reason why odyssey is using an obviously oversized shield?

Suggestions / Turret unable to turn during beam charge down
« on: June 22, 2021, 02:28:44 PM »
I would expect it turning at reduced speed just as when it’s firing but it’s stuck in place. Is this intended?

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