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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: New music for Galatia Academy (06/12/24)

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Borne from some discussion in the unofficial Discord, I was thinking up whether Administrators could be assigned to look after your fleet, rather than only colonies.

In the same way Officers are assigned to ships to boost their capabilities, the Fleet Administrators could grant fleet-wide skill bonuses by paying a monthly stipend to them, rather than by investing skill points. In the story, we have key officers in charge of things like Comms, Security, and Salvage - but these don't exist as a mechanic as much as they are un-named NPCs. This could be an opportunity to flesh out that niche a little bit.
(Shout out to Sunless Sea / Sunless Skies, who has an excellent way of looking at officers, albeit for a single ship rather than a fleet.)

I understand it's part of the game's vision that players need to pick and choose between the different skills, but there are some that are chosen less frequently than others. It would be nice for them to be available by some means, rather than continually ignored.

Just food for thought.

- Pete


I picked up a mission from my close contact Allen Newman, where he shares the general location of a blueprint.
However there're a few quirks to this mission:

1. The location is the hidden Alpha Site system.
I don't know who Allen was in a past life - and honestly no judgement - but it's pretty unlikely he'd know about anything going on at this location.

2. The game refers to the Alpha Site location as 'Unknown Location' probably because it's not a true system.

If I hadn't finished the campaign before, this would probably be very confusing.

My currently-enabled mods are:
  • Console Commands
    Ship and Weapon Pack
    Starship Legends

I'm not 100% sure if this is a mod-related mission (it's been a while) so please forgive me if this should've gone in the Bug Reports (Modded) section.

Hope this helps : )
- Pete

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi All,

I can't be sure if this is an issue with Phase Shields, or an issue with SRA as a mod.
Regardless, I was piloting a Scylla, and retreated while phased.  I transferred control to another ship, and so far the remaining battle is being played out in slow-motion.

It's been one hell of a battle, so I'll see it through to the end, but it's torturously slow.
Are there any fixes for such behaviour, other than "don't retreat while phased?"

- G

Edit: I'm a goose - I just saw the separate subforum for bugs possibly relating to mods.  I can't delete this topic, but I'd appreciate if it could be moved.

Fellow Pilots,

I'm sure you've all been there - a novice with a small-but-loyal crew, or perhaps a veteran flying back home after a scrap gone awry.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, an entire Hegemony Strike Fleet bears down upon you - or maybe it's those Luddic Path zealots, or an armada of cocksure Pirates.
Either way, I'm sure you've all been there - your small, insignificant fleet, up against insurmountable odds.  With twelve-thousand credits and a handful of supplies to your name, how - I hear you ask - am I possibly worth the trouble it takes to attack me?

You aren't, or at least you shouldn't be.

Unless you are public-enemy number-one, or have a bounty on your head - which doesn't happen often enough, let's face it - you shouldn't be a target for a fleet of such size.  You're a distraction, a nuisance at most.
We should band together and appeal to a higher power - for change, or at least answers.

Alright! Now who wants to buy me a drink?



I know this is a game.  Even so, I have difficulty dealing with overwhelmingly powerful fleets destroying me from time to time.
Are you all happy with the state of big-fishy-eat-little-fishy in Starsector?  It doesn't seem reasonable from an in-character perspective for a fleet to deploy dozens of supplies worth of ships just to catch and destroy something worth marginally less.

If this were to be changed so that fleets wouldn't automatically pursue smaller fleets that are below a certain threshold of supply consumption, I feel it would make the early-game a more enjoyable experience.  In addition to the lower likelihood of being utterly destroyed, this would leave more small-to-medium sized fleets to roam around the sector, increasing the likelihood of balanced early-game encounters.

How would you all feel about this change?
Alex, if you post here, what do you think?

- G

Modding / Converting Save Files Into Encounterable Fleets / IBB
« on: April 10, 2016, 10:00:45 PM »
Hi All,

I've retired a few pilots.  They've seen their causes through to the end, or perhaps their sectors have become deadlocked and inhospitable.
I was wondering if there was any functionality to convert these save files into fleets that could appear in my future games, either associated with their commissioned faction, or as a fugitive posted on the IBB.  Are there any mods that do something similar, or are there settings or files I could modify in SS+ or Nexerelin to add this?

- G

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