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Modding / [0.95.1a] Utility Mod: Obvious Neutron
« on: January 21, 2023, 11:44:44 PM »
This mod changes the Neutron Star icon to be more Obvious on the Starmap. See image.

That's all this mod does.


"...Their culture is bizarre - they truly believe that elaborate Holos are manifestations of supernatural beings, that space travel is the domain of magicians and wizards, and what they communicate with in their prayers to their comms systems are literally gods. And this information alone was painful to extract as they have this fervent religious belief that we're soulless beings seeking to entrap them and seperate them from the guidance of their 'gods'. From the data we've got it's difficult to determine exactly to what degree these 'gods' are artificial intelligences or avatars of a sophisticated police state, but it's my opinion that the Hegemony should immediately investigate - the risk to the Sector is too great if these 'gods' they're so enslaved to are alpha-level artifical intelligences."
~Intelligence Report on the Kemet System, Unnamed Hegemony Analyst

The Holy Covenant of Kemet is a small isolationist polity ruling a trinary system situated on the fringe of the Core systems. With a culture that appears to have been inspired by ancient Egypt, and using surprisingly advanced (and possibly AI influenced) technology, they are fervent in remaining isolated from the 'corrupted' Sector at large. However, encroaching Hegemony suspicion of AI misuse has forced the Covenant to seek allies in the Persean League to survive, and day by day the Covenant is finding itself thrust more and more into Sector politics against it's will.

Covenant weaponry is mostly based on their unique plasma technology, which have access to Kinetic and High Explosive damage types, making Covenant weaponry incredibly flexible. These weawpons are divided into three lines, with Ma'at weapons being the most common. Ma'at weapons are either slow firing but powerful, or fast firing and weak per shot, however once the initial capacitors are used up the rate of fire is drastically reduced. Ka weapons are more effective, with greater punch and better ranges, but are restricted by their awkward magazine fed systems, often being unable to fire while waiting toi recharge a magazine. Finally Ba weapons are the Covenant's missile weaponry, and are poorly developed; the Covenant focus on utilising their plasma weaponry has left serious deficiencies in their 'solid' projectile line.

The Holy Covenant of Kemet utilises ships that while undersized, are technologically advanced and powerful for their weight classes. All Covenant ships have Seshat Systems, a hullmod that rewards using Covenant weaponry but has severe drawbacks when dealing with missile weaponry. Further, all ships posses the Skin of Heka, an improved form of Solar Shielding derived from the blazing hot trinity of stars that regularly bake the system.

The ships of the Covenant are divided according to their combat style, and well known for being vibrantly, almost garishly coloured.

The People of Kemet craft are their civilian vessels; what they lack in specialisation they make up for in logistical flexibility. While a conventional Buffalo and a Dram may be better than two Khepris, a single Khepriswill always be better than just a Buffalo or just a dram.

Safflower vessels are nimble and fast strike craft, designed to use their system to quickly get in and deal damage, before using their system to quickly withdraw and vent. If caught out, they are quickly overloaded and destroyed.

The Lapis vessels of the Covenant are brawlers, with a focus on entering into combat and fighting their way out of trouble. With a system that vastly improves their energy weaponry, they are let down by sluggish movement.

Composed of close support vessels, the Uat-Ur line are the carrier arm of the Covenant. While weak in direct combat, they are a logistcally effective way to flood the battlefield with fighters and bombers.

Elegant in their brutality, mysterious in function, the Deshr line are the phase arm of the Covenant. With a time acceleration boost on emergence from phase and a passive system that recharges weapon charges in phase, these ships lack subtlety but make up for it in graceful simplicity - unphase, unload, rephase, restock.

Finally, the elite of the Covenant of Kemet are the Kermes craft; advanced and refined designs with powerful flux systems and frightening ship systems. However, these vessels are incredibly demanding logistically and often falter in prolonged combat situations.

This mod requires LazyLib, MagicLib and GraphicsLib to work.

>>Download HERE.<<


After making and maintaining GMDA, HMI, Brighton Federation, HMI Supervillians and Luddic Enhancement and FPE, I made this mod, because I cannot stop bloating I must bloat Covid left me with ample time to make it. Originally this faction came about from wanting to draw in an opalescent style divorced from the vanilla artstyle (similar to how shadowyards isn't precisely vanilla adjacent), with weaponry inspired visually (and in some cases mechanically) by the Halo franchise. Please give me a yell if anything breaks, but I'm pretty sure it's in a good state to be released in.

Suggestions / Colonial Choices
« on: July 28, 2021, 05:11:59 AM »
I'm not sure if this has been mentioned or put forward before, but I have an idea about making colonies a touch more impactful. When players get within Comm Relay range, they can be contacted by their colony about a problem (kind of like the UI of an inspection fleet). The choice the player makes can influence what happens on the colony, for good or bad. For instance, your colony contacts you about a smuggling cartel strangling legitimate business, and want your imput on what to do. You can crack down, and lose some accessibility and annoy the pirates (who may send a raid at you), or let it happen, and get lower profits and lower stability, or even try and outcompete the smugglers at their own game depending on how "in" you are with the pirates.

The most powerful feature I think with this is interacting with luddic path cells and AI cores in a meaningful way without having to babysit your colony,a nd only having to go back when you really mess up. Or, go back in order to trigger the Path / AI core to action so you can crush them in person.

Suggestions / Emergency Call Director
« on: May 01, 2021, 08:29:10 PM »
Just a relatively minor one, that I've found happens due to the use of the 's' key to slow you down. Typically, when you're out exploring, you put on sustained burn, and then slow down using the 's' key to avoid storms. However, if you get an emergency distress call during this time, you need to take your finger off the 's' key to check the intel screen where the call is. When you go back into the game at normal speed, because your finger is no longer on the 's' key, there's a good chance that if you're in a storm you can get hit.

One possible solution is to have a UI element that tells you where the call is coming from, and I think an easy of of doing that is having something similar to the Neutrino detecter visual. When the emergency call comes in, you have a sudden burst of the Neutrino Detector that points briefly in the direction of where the emergency contact came from, with the intensity of the spike being proportional to how far the distress call came from. Here is a rough sketch of what I'm talking about:

This doesn't exactly solve the issue, but I think the framework for it is there, and is useful for when you're going slow through hyperspace storm regions to get a quick idea of where it is, and if you'll have enough fuel or supply to reach it.

Suggestions / AI Core missions for Contacts
« on: April 10, 2021, 02:17:11 AM »
A minor one - could we have an AI core request from contacts? Like, provide them with an AI core for cash and rep as a mission.

Suggestions / Injured Officers
« on: November 08, 2020, 06:48:26 PM »
Just a small one, that would probably eat too much time for relatively minor payoff, and largely came about because at one point I ended up with seventeen officers (!).

I propose that Officers can get injured or killed. For instance, if their ship blows up, have a chance for them to actually die or be unuseable for a month or two due to injuries. This would cause players to think about how they use their officers from battle to battle, and have a reason to have extra officers on the bench to step up in case an existing officer dies or becomes injured. Right now, officers are a resource that once you get them and train them up, you don't really need to worry about losing them or worrying about getting extra back ups. Having a more dynamic rotation of officers in the fleet however could be more interesting, and make having high level officers seem more impactful as they'd be more difficult to accumulate.

Mind, this suggestion came from the fact that officers were a lot more common than they ought to be when salvaging derelicts. So a possible solution would be to make Officers appear less commonly as a find in derelict ships.

Suggestions / Manual Suspicion Clearing
« on: July 11, 2019, 05:17:39 AM »
I've found once or twice when I've been desperate to get to a station that I have been unable to access it because a nearby fleet wanted to stop me and look at my cargo. Unfortunately these patrols are in combat nearby and consequently you have to wait for them to finish before you can access the market.

What I propose is you can talk to the Security Officer at the station and undergo the cargo scan instead of waiting for a nearby fleet. Also, you can do that before you leave the station, if you've been trading on the black market and want to pre-emptively cancel the patrol. Also adds in the possibility to bribe security officers to look the other way for black market usage.

Mods / [0.95.1a] Luddic Enhancement Mod 1.2.5l
« on: February 11, 2019, 11:37:08 PM »

What is this mod?

While playing the game back in 0.8.1, I noticed that the Luddic Church regularly had an exceptionally hard time existing in the sector. Their ships were woefully terrible to the point where they were inferior quite often to pirate fleets. In Nexerellin, I noticed that the Luddic Church was often the first to bite the dust, due to a combination of a lack of markets in general, and their own terrible dodginess.

This is where this mod comes in.

What does it do?
This mod isn't a massive overhaul of the Luddic Church, nor do I intend it to be. However, it has sort of morphed into something a touch more than a simple ship pack. This pack adds:

-Luddic Church skins to the Brawler, Cerberus, Vanguard, Dominator, Enforcer, Mule, Manticore, Venture, Eradicator, Onslaught and Legion. The skins either remain unchanged besides the paint-job, or have very slight tweaks to the weapons type in their loadouts.
-A frigate, two destroyers and two cruisers unique to the Luddic Church; these ships fulfil powerful niches, but tend to be expensive and too large for their weight class or are awkward in other ways.
-Luddic Path versions of the Hermes, Mule, Venture, Phaeton and Starliner. This was more myself considering that Pathers would convert imported civilian ships as weapons of war, and considering these hulls are relatively common in that regards, I could see them being modified for the Holy Crusade. The ships are different from your average skin job, and may make facing the Luddic Path a bit more interesting. Also threw in that Vanguard and Eradicator, as it didn't make much sense why the pirates have this and the path do not.
-IED ships, specifically a dram, a phaeton, and a Prometheus, which explode, taking ships out in the near vicinity. Also adds a Prometheus Mk 4 which fires a dram bomb
-A new system near Magec called 'Alexandretta'. This contains a size 3 Hegemony military base (Hera Station) and a size 5 Luddic Church planet (Cerberus). The Cerberus market has a lesser, Luddic-Church sanctioned ship building program, considering in 0.9.1a Asher became a heavy industry area. However, this does help boost the Luddic Church and help it last longer in mod games.

These changes make the Luddic Church a more unique faction, producing their own skinned ships which differentiate them from the other factions rather than the 'Pirate minus' they tend to be in my games. Further, this strengthens the Luddic Church a bit, so they don't immediately fall over in Nexerellin games. This also synergises very well with the Ship and Weapon pack.

Here can I download it?
Right Here, although please note - This will require a new game to use.

Please give me any feedback if something goes wrong.

Suggestions / Minor UI Tweaks for Pulsars and Market Shortages
« on: February 03, 2019, 04:05:14 AM »
Just two minor things:

For Pulsars, something to make it clear that star is a pulsar (as it looks very similar to a white dwarf star, maybe if it has a more pronounced puprle hue or give it the same 'pulse' effect as a warning beacon?), as well as a warning if jumping into the pulsar system will park you directly in the beam of the pulsar. It's frustrating when you enter a system expecting a white dwarf, only to be instantly blasted to the fringe because you jumped directly in on the beam.

For Market Shortages, could we have a colour outline for goods that are over stocked or under stocked? For instance, if you go into the market, and a commoditiy is in excess, a green border could be placed around the commodity box, while a red one could go around the commodity box of something in deficit. This way a player could, at a glance, determine if they could buy or sell at a profit without having to go in depth with the trading UI for each item, or going into intel / their own inventories to find out shortages etc.

Suggestions / Volatiles as a Waystation Commodity
« on: December 27, 2018, 08:04:38 PM »
As the topic title says. A small amount of volatiles available at Waystations, to compensate for Neutrino Detector use.

General Discussion / An Opinion about Carriers
« on: March 29, 2018, 10:11:32 PM »
Hey all. I've been watching the AI combat tournament, and I've noticed something that's bothered me a bit since 0.8 came out. Specifically, it had to do with carriers. Right now the Meta is skewing towards carriers being a bit too powerful for their class, and in my opinion I feel it has to do with several problems. Within the context of this discussion, fighters refers to specifically 'fighters', not the general ship class of 'fighters' (such as bombers, fighters and so on):

1) Small kinetic PD weapons find it difficult to kill nimble fighters. While vulcans and light machine guns can kill missiles and torpedoes relatively well, this is because they move in a straight line towards the ship. A fighter, however, does not move just towards the ship, but also over and around it. Due to the way the aiming works on ships, and the fact there is delay between the weapon firing and reaching the fighter, kinetic PD weapons just can't hit fighters. This is also problematic when flak cannons are attempting to fire on a nimble fighter at close range. This can be mitigated somewhat by skills from captains, but it's easy to get more carriers than captains. Larger weapons and burst PD can also be more effective at deleting fighters, but often this makes the ship less suited for ship-to-ship combat, and the ship is not able to adequately deal with fighters anyway.

2) Shielded fighters are difficult to kill. Traditional anti-fighter weapons like flak cannons and swarmers can't really hurt a shielded fighter. Sure, they can probably knock down a shield and then the craft given time, but during that time they aren't firing at anything else, like torpedoes or other fighters. When combined with a fighter deathball, this means that even properly PD dedicated ships are easily overwhelmed.

3) Fighters with projectile weapons are terrible at dogfighting, but way too good at ship suppression. These ships are supposed to be able to cut through enemy fighters, but due to point (1), they can't hit them unless they're in a mass. On the flip side, they are brilliant at fighting against larger ship classes, who find it difficult to fight back, again due to (1). This can often lead to destroyers and even light cruisers being mobbed by a deathball of fighters and becoming stun-locked and dying horribly, even with suitable PD options.

4) Ships end up 'target saturated' when being attackedby three or more wings. This can also happen with frigates, but I've noticed it a lot more with fighters. The current AI can't seem to prioritise which target to go after, as it seems to try and target one fighter wing, then another, then a ship, quite often as the fighters are strafing the ship. This can result in a rather frustrating situation where a ship under AI control is destroyed by a missile strike it should have been able to deal with because it moved to focus on a wing that was flanking it with heavy weapons.

5) There isn't a true hard counter to carriers in a big fleet situation except carriers. Right now it's difficult for an AI ship to flank and take out a carrier if escorted, as the fighter swarms are often able to catch and kill them, while heavier ship classes are often both mobbed by fighters and the escort ships. This means a carrier can fight with impunity from behind the line, reforming a fighter wave and sending it out at roughly the same time other carriers do, replenishing the deathball and giving only a small window of opportunity for ships to try and break through the escorts before another deathball appears.

Due to this combination of no really suitable hard counter for fighters at close range, difficulty in killing shielded fighters, the current difficulties in AI fighting fighters and difficulty in dealing with carriers in general, the general Meta has begun to lean towards carrier fleets feeling overpowered.

Now, in all honesty, these issues are not overly distracting, as Alex has done a wonderful job of balancing. However, during the early to mid game when it's difficult to get a dedicated PD boat, and the fighters available aren't up to scratch at killing other fighters, these problems become rather annoying. The AI problem also persists from the mid game to the late game. Some mods also compound the issue, as they bring in very flashy fighters and effective carrier options that can form deathballs way too easily. While I know that Alex has fixed / is fixing the AI issue with fighters, I still feel the other problems are worthy of discussion. I also have no real idea how these problems could be fixed, and whether they should be fixed at all - maybe this isn't an issue with you, and you've found fighters to beunder powered (I have seen this statement once or twice since 0.8 came out). So, have you found these things to be bothersome in your own gameplay? Or do I just need to git gud?

Suggestions / Transponder Check on System Entry/Exit
« on: February 09, 2018, 09:52:02 PM »
Pretty simple - when you get to a hyperspace gate, instead of just "Go through, will cost this fuel" and "leave" menu, you're given the option between:

1:Keep on/Turn on transponder and go through
2:Turn off/keep Transponder off and go through

While this won't apply for transverse jumping, it would be very useful for casual entry and exit of systems, so you can avoid a lot of the transponder issues people can have.

Suggestions / Show cargo space along with fuel in the UI
« on: February 03, 2018, 04:16:53 PM »
Just a minor one - with the new focus in 0.8.1a on salvage, and thus the amount of cargo space you have is paramount, could we have the cargo meter show up alongside the fuel meter in the UI while in the campaign layer? I think it'd be more useful to at a glance know how much cargo space you have while in the campaign layer, rather than bringing up the cargo screen to bring the meter up to see how much space you have.

Mods / [0.95.1a] Hazard Mining Incorporated (Sick of Waiting Ed., 0.3.5f)
« on: January 26, 2018, 07:41:25 PM »

"The Hazard Mining Company doesn't run on supplies - that'd be too expensive, too inconvienient. Instead, it's run on meat, on the poor unfortunates that get in it's way and the lost souls decieved by profits and advancement until it's too late." ~ Folly of Greed, Jebidiah Exalted

Many cycles ago, a daring space miner called Haseo 'Hazard' Fuyutsuki set out into the Outer Rim to make his fortune with nothing by a Shepherd, some loose change and a dream. Today, the Company he founded holds an iron grip beyond the Core Worlds, always seeking more profit. Made up of adventurers, freebooters and mercenaries, Hazard Mining Incorporated is well known as a company where anyone can make their fortune. It is also well known for being unethical in the acquisition of goods, luxuries and technology from the Outer Rim colonies. The Luddic Church often demands the destruction of this 'Soulless Machine', and other established factions are rendered nervous by the accusations of briganditry, banditry, protection racketeering, and possibly even genocide. But while the Company continues to churn out absurdedly high profits and an endless supply of raw goods, the major factions remain placated...for now...

Hazard Mining Incorporated holds tenuous dominion over four systems, and an iron grip on a fifth, beyond space claimed by Luddic Church. These systems are filled to the brim with pirates, luddites, and dangers unheard of in the Core Systems. It is heavily advised that anyone seeking high adventure or lucrative trading opportunities there be well-equipped and ready for anything - not even the expensive protections offered by the Company can guarantee your safety there. However, if one can survive the gauntlet of horrors, insane profits can be made trading with the more difficult to reach colonies of the HMI.

The Company is well reknowned for their Junker ships. These vessels are cheap, efficient but fair poorly in combat. Their key advantage is that they are nigh impossible to completely destroy, with lost hulls being put back together in more efficient ways. With increasing number of d-mods on these ships, there is an increase in the number of Ordinance Points up to 4 d-mods.

Another known feature of Hazard Mining Incorporated is their library of unusual technologies acquired from the dark recesses of space. These designs are often incomplete; but Hazard Mining, not wanting to sell these on or spend the time to fix them, instead hack the LPC of the ship to produce something functional. These Techmined Hulls have unusual features and can be incredibly powerful, but suffer from key drawbacks in long engagements and can be problematic to handle logisitically. Techmined Hulls are powerful, however they lose Combat Readiness twice as fast after their Peak Time has expired, repair 50% slower out of combat, and take 50% more damage from storms and coronas.

Further, several hulls have entered circulation in other factions as a result of HMI activity, including some rare ones not seen here:

Possibly due to rampant Company harvesting of systems infested with [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], there appears to be new hulls observed in these [REDACTED] fleets, along with rare and unusual [REDACTED] hulls:

In addition to the seemingly endless supply of raw materials, unique and rare commodities from beyond the Core Worlds are also produced by the HMI. Many are considered illegal by the established factions, but they still remain in high demand:




Due to the original mod becoming too large, I split the mod up into three seperate mods. Below you can find the two 'sub' mods of HMI; these mods can be downlaoded and used independantly of HMI and each other.

The Brighton Federation

A collection of refugees from some terrible disaster, the Brighton Federation is a desperate polity. Given their location, and how they lie firmly beneath the attention of the other major powers as a weakling polity without access to great resources, the Brighton Federation relies heavily on hulls scavanged from Remnants and Derelicts, and converted into crewable vessels. These vessels are somewhat poorer in quality than expected, but mass well.


In addition to these scavanged hulls, Brighton also uses the hulls to recreate base-blueprint hulls from the main core systems. These ships suffer terrible drawbacks to everything from armour to hull, but are much cheaper to run and pack a significantly greater missile complement than their well-constructed cousins.




Hazard Mining Supervillains

The Draco Group and the Fang Society are two truly deranged factions that inhabit the south-western part of the sector. Both organisations suffer from an obsession with gene-modding to go above conventional humanity in strength, speed, intelligence - and cruelty.

The Draco Group, aristocratic and cold, harvest populations to imbibe their blood in their hedonistic rituals, reaving on high-speed high-tech ships from the system of Prester John. The Fang Society, animalistic and vicious, prey on defenseless peoples to consume, eat and torture, roaming the sector from heavily armoured but shieldless ships. Often destroying these ships leave behind grim cargoes that the enterprising and amoral captain can sell later on for profit.

While their hatred for the Sector is well known, their loathing for each other is even greater. It is for this reason that their impact on the Sector at large is relatively minor, as they are more content to butcher each other.





This is my third 'faction' so to speak. It has since morphed from a small modification to an altogether hungrier beast. This beast became so bloated that I split it up into three more mods, which are independantly useable in their own right. All the secret, hidden content remains in the main HMI mod, and to find it you'll have to read the clues and figure things out rather than find a guy to give you the quest - largely because coding a quest is beyond my capabilities. This mod pack contains a now unique 'Junker' faction, five mini-boss factions, an optional Scavanged Derelict/Remnant faction, and four hidden systems for you to stumble upon in your adventures. This mod is inspired by ORA, Metellson and the idea of a player-created space empire based on conquered pirate markets. Hopefully this will be an interesting addition to any game, however be forewarned that some people take issue to some of the more...unusual content added by this mod. Please let me know if I've done anything hilariously wrong. I will also rename the Scarecrow if the Obscene Mod Nevermore is ever made into an IBB.

Dark.Revenant, Histidine and Alex for coding help - this mod could not be done without these brilliant people
Mesotronik, AxleMC, Tartifletee, HELMUT, Azmond and the Discord Server for inspiration, spriting help and refinement (and in the case of Meso, Sounds).
Gen Waffle, Avanitia, Nia and HELMUT for doing an outrageous amount of playtesting - very much appreciated!

Modding / SUPPORT fighters don't use rockets
« on: October 29, 2017, 12:48:05 AM »
Currently trying to make a support fighter that sits next to your ship and shoots annhiliators. However, fighters with the SUPPORT taag do not fire the rockets.

Is there a way around this?

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