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General Discussion / Why do fighters in the setting still use pilots?
« on: November 21, 2022, 03:49:31 AM »
Something that has always bugged me about the setting is that there's all of these factions with relatively limited populations, and they use carriers with fighters that can and do often measure their lifespans as "One Way".

An Astral or Mora can lose their entire fighter/bomber compliment on a single attack run. And then they just spit out replacements because everything is running off of autofactories. More to the point, the onboard fabricators and replacement rates straight up suggest that they don't expect to get most of the spacecraft back.

If anything, they should at least be remote operated, with the pilots being in command stations back on the carrier, much like modern day military drones are controlled.

Or should I believe that it's normal for a Condor with two wings of Talons to lose a fifth of its crew after three sets of fighters get spit out against that fleet with a bunch of burst PD and Paladins?

Fighters and Bombers in the game are literally made by autoforges on the carriers and sent off to get blown up in short order. They don't have a lifespan beyond ordnance delivery half the time, and I'm pretty sure none of them ever actually survive an entire fight outside of really small skirmishes.

This doesn't make sense in a setting that has factions fielding fleets of thousands out of populations of in many cases less than a few million. Signing up to be a pilot, or being drafted to be one, is basically a literal death sentence and just throwing lives away from a constantly shrinking pool.

All fightercraft should be drones remote piloted from the carrier. Maybe the further away from the carrier they get, the worse their performance can get due to light lag and enemy ecm/eccm. Actual drone fighters could avoid any such negatives by virtue of having an onboard ai core.

Suggestions / ECM redesign.
« on: April 16, 2021, 10:43:59 AM »
So from what I've gathered, a current issue with ECM is that it's easy for one fleet to just overwhelm the other and in turn mess up the ai, making them not want to press the attack.

What if instead of reducing the weapon ranges, ECM increased the default 'Recoil' state of all applicable weapons.

That way at max range said weapons could still miss, but the closer ships get the less effect it has.

Beam weapons, I don't know about. If you're in ballistic range, lasers aren't going to miss. Maybe a 10% damage reduction to simulate trouble seeking weakpoints.

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