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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hostile Activity (09/01/22)

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So I was off in deep spess doing a derelict ship mission and I was getting harassed by this pirate group. I applied a firm back hand to their front side and sent them running. They then went dark and then buzzed around keeping me from scaving. I figured they fancied a second go so I popped it into sustained burn and chased them down.

Before I engaged I opened up the comm link to affirm my offender was indeed the same pirate that harassed me before (I want my vengeance to be verified). It's the same pirate and they're faction icon was indeed of the pirate. I send my second in command to give them a proper thrashing once more and they ran off.  The independent faction then went from neutral 55 to hostile at -55 rep for me in an instant.

I know if I were Heg space and I was dark that alone would grounds for them to throw the book at me let alone if I was pirate.

I'm a very "I am the law" kind of player so nothing tickles my pickle more than laying the smack down on pirates. If they get a instapass for going dark it's really gonna ruin my vindictive play style.

Suggestions / stat point allocation for the skill trees
« on: April 23, 2017, 11:28:50 PM »
So you can rank up the 4 different trees to unlock different levels of skills in that respective tree. To make it less of a sunk cost I would argue for fleet wide passive buffs that comes with each rank of the skill trees.

To keep people from ranking up all the trees for their respective buffs I would say make each of the buffs contingent on the skills in the tree. Basically if you're only using one skill in the tree you'll get 10% of the buff whereas if you have multiple skill levels all throughout a respective tree you get more back from the skill point investment proportional to your points spent.

For me it would reinforce specialization and give more weight to focusing on a particular trees while rewarding me for infesting points into a skill tree. I wouldn't want the buffs to be OP but have them be enough to be an incentive to put points into a particular tree.

As far as which buffs would go to which tree someone smarter than me could probably argue for what would be best for balance.

I would want something to boost ordinance points, reduce fuel/supply costs, increase salvaging efficiency and so on. There's individual skills that already do these sort of things but I like stuff that stacks on top of other stuff.

tl;dr- Make skill point investments in trees give something back rather than be a prerequisite to learn skills in that tree.

Fan Media & Fiction / My review of Starsector
« on: March 09, 2016, 06:39:29 PM »
It's pretty short and to the point. I didn't really touch much on modding since I haven't had a chance to dabble too much in that...and also I was trying to be objective in relaying the vanilla experience. I think I was fair. Although you really only need to listen to the first minute for my verdict. In future reviews I may hold off on that...

For folks around here having spent some time with the game what your take on it thus far?  So for I'm pleased.

Honestly this is probably the most fun I've gotten out of 15 dollars for a while.

I'm running a 64bit system so I'm hoping I don't have to jump through those java hoops

Check starsector.log for more info

I tired to read the log by changing it into a note pad file but it wouldn't open for me...

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