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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Of Slipstreams and Sensor Ghosts (09/24/21)

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General Discussion / Tachyon Lance or Paragon Fit?
« on: September 25, 2021, 01:57:58 PM »
I just received my first two Tachyon Lance weapons, and I've been experimenting. I'll be darned if I can make a better fit against the AI Paragon in the fitting screen battles than the fitting I have below. Do you use Tachyon Lance on Paragon or is there another ship that really allows them to shine. I don't fly my own ships, so fits needs to be AI friendly.

Here's the best Paragon fit against the Paragon AI in the fitting screen battles:

Built in: Hardened Shields Reinforced Bulkheads
Hull mods: Stabilized Shields, Flux Distributor, Expanded Magazines, Accelerated Shields, Solar Shielding*
Weapons: 2x Heavy Needler, 4x Atropos-Class Torpedo Rack, 4x Autopulse Laser, 4x Graviton Beam, 4x Tactical Laser, 5x LR Point Defense Laser

I tried switching out the front two Autopulse for two Tachyons, and I just couldn't get the enemy Paragon's shields down nearly as fast as with the AutoPulse. Plus, the extra flux resulted in the two Tachyons being disabled most of the time since the AI ended up dropping shields to reduce flux more often. Increased weapon flux from the Tachyon Lances really screws with the AI's ability to use them. I tried to balance out the flux by reducing some of the weapons or going with more flux-efficient weapons, but same result. Either I can't get the enemy Paragon's shields down or I generate too much weapon flux and the AI drops the shields on my ship. There has to be an AI friendly way to use a Tachyon weapon, though I haven't found it yet.

*Have to keep Solar Shielding so I don't loose my marbles when flying through hyperspace

Bug Reports & Support / NPC Fleets Don't Use Jump Points
« on: September 19, 2021, 04:47:06 PM »
I was notified of a Hegemony AI inspection that was gathering at Sphinx in the Samarra star system, so I went there and watched it happen. They were heading to one of my colonies in Duzahk, so I knew what direction they would be traveling. It seemed easier to intercept them at the jump points near their own system which was relatively clear of hyperspace nebulae than to wait and hope I could find them in all the hyperspace nebulae near my own. The problem is that the AI fleets never left their system or they did, but by magic and not through any jump points or any place that was within an entire view of their systems, while centered on their group of jump points in hyperspace.

The AI fleets formed (two of them) and they headed to the Samarra Jump Point. I was closer to the Fringe Jump Point so I went there and entered hyperspace. I was there several days before their slow moving fleets could have made it to the Samarra Jump Point and I waited and waited. There was a pirate incursion in their system so I thought maybe their two fleets were delayed by a pirate encounter, though I kept checking the "Colony Threats" notification and the part detailing the impending inspection kept counting down the days until the Hegemony's arrival. When the notification indicated 3 days before arrival, I left the empty area of hyperspace surrounding the Samarra system jump gates and flew as quickly as I could towards Duzahk, where I found both fleets near the Duzahk jump gates. How the heck did they get there, if I haven't discovered the gate technology yet, and they technically never left their system.

Surely I'm not the first to work this out rationally and choose the better battle ground? Why not give enemy fleets the same rules for travel that the player has? You've gone to great lengths to develop a story that draws the player in. Why not do away with "magic" that breaks the immersion and works against the benefits of the story plot?

General Discussion / Build Two Items into new Paragon
« on: September 16, 2021, 11:36:27 PM »
I found the BP for the Paragon, and I could use some advice. It's the first ship that many people on the forum mention keeping, and I just built one. To my surprise it came with the default fitting found in the fitting screen.

I can build two hull mods into the ship. Keep in mind I don't pilot my own ships. What would make the most sense? I can get 500 more armor for 40 points or 40% more hull for 30 points with blast doors. Adding the armor takes me to 2000 armor, but the blast doors add something like 4000 hull or so. Also the hardened shields are 30 points. I could build those in. What works well for an AI piloted Paragon?

What's a good build, considering I don't have any tachyon weapons and I'm not using mods. I also have not really started the story line so I don't have any of those special weapons. Thanks!

General Discussion / Found a few systems with High danger levels
« on: September 15, 2021, 07:25:26 PM »
I was exploring with mainly a cruiser setup and I found several systems with High Danger markers, so I popped in to see what might be coming after me. There were two medium sized fleets, one small fleet and one larger fleet with a [Redacted] battleship within my viewing range. What's my next move if I want to explore these systems, and why should I bother? Is there something in them that's worth trucking my capitals out that far, besides maybe salvaging some of the AI ships? Are there amazing spoils in these systems?

I've also been told in the forum posts that the AI fleets will get stronger over time, so does that mean that I need to make one trip through each of these systems and explore everything I should, then leave for good or come back once I'm ready to salvage more of the AI ships?

Edit: To make matters worse, a Luddic Path base sending zealots to attack my two colonies has just been located in one of those systems. I'm going to have to visit at some point soon. Suggestions? I do have several capitals I could bring.

Edit2: So I went there with a super beefy fleet and no more warning sign. Just to be clear there were no [Redacted] in the system that was previously full of them, only the Luddic Path base I needed to destroy. Do the Redacted move around or did the game remove them because the Luddic Path base ended up there? The base was not there the first time I visited and ran into all the [Redacted]. It's the same system, I'm sure of it.

General Discussion / Enemy fleets larger over time?
« on: September 13, 2021, 01:41:50 PM »
I'm watching a playthrough and am now on episode 19, so this is an experienced player with one colony so far, a fleet with a heavy cruiser, a bunch of destroyers and some frigates (by choice). He can now buy the Conquest class battlecruiser at his faction's military districts as well as the Atlas class superfreighter and he routinely has one million or more in credits. He's currently exploring and he ran into two scavenger fleets in the same system, one right after the other:

First fleet: 8 modified Atlas capitals, 5 cruisers, 7 freighter/carriers, and 10 frigates
Second fleet: 2 cruisers, 2 freighter / carriers, 1 destroyer, and 12 frigates / shuttles

I usually go out to bounty hunt with a fleet designed to counter the bounty threat (at least two capitals in my fleet) and then I explore the neighboring stars. I wouldn't want to do more exploring with the capital heavy fleet due to fuel and supply costs, though I'm wondering if I need to bring them now that I've been in the game a number of hours.

Does the game have some kind of progression system that is linked to the fleets you field or the time you spend in the game, so that early exploration is relatively safe and can be accomplished with fewer military ships and later game exploration should be more defensive?

The first fleet he encountered resembles what I've faced as a 300-350k credit bounty fleet. I've never seen a scavenger fleet this large so far in my exploration or hyperspace travel. Was he simply unlucky that he ran into a whale of a fleet?

I was also attacked by pirates in hyperspace, twice recently and both times my cargo holds were full of mostly metal plates at 12 credits a piece. What I thought was strange was the pirate fleets were grossly outmatched by the offensive power of my fleets and they ended up throwing their ships away for nothing. Is there some code in the game that gives the pirates ESP or some amazing cargo scanners? They do seem to know when I am carrying loot and thus they attack, albeit fruitlessly. Most of my experience in the game tells me that the AI understands when they might win a fight or conversely lose. If it's the latter, then I see "Running away from your fleet" or "Keeping contact with your fleet." If the former, the I see "Pursuing your fleet." I found it strange that in any other case the pirates would have run away from my fleet quite quickly, and instead they attacked. Is this normal behavior for pirate AI in the current state of the game? Thanks!

General Discussion / For those who don't pilot their own ships
« on: September 10, 2021, 09:00:58 AM »
Thanks to everyone on the forum who have contributed to my sincere enjoyment and growth in the game. I'm making progress and am now able to take on 180k bounty fleets with no losses and 300k bounty fleets (three capitals and a bunch of cruisers) with only the loss of a few destroyers. I'm still on a steep learning curve and I'd like to ask a couple more questions about fleet sizes and controlling fleets during battles.

I'm not interested in piloting my own ships, though I would like to make sure I am giving the AI the best possible direction. 

Yesterday I discovered there appears to be a hard cap of 240 recoverable CR on fleet fights, or at least the ones I have encountered. I do have my game set to 400 max fleet size and I did increase the RAM available to the game up to the max 8 GB, per the recommendations by the mod community. I've looked and so far I have not found a utility mod that will increase the fleet fight size, though I would assume one of the larger mods has already taken the liberty to include such a desired feature. Have I missed the mod I'm looking for or is that just the current state of the game and the modding community? Does it even matter? Will the game simply not allow fights larger than 240?

I've experimented quite a bit in my somewhat limited game time with regards to directing my fleets and what seems to work best (least number of causalities on my side) is to "C" capture the closest two points and then take a guess at where the enemy is heading and "A" assault the third point. My fleets seem to be too spread out if I try and capture all four. So, that's the first part of my successful battles, then I look at where the bulk of the enemy fleet is and I change the assault order towards the capture point closest to the enemy blob.

This strategy works well for the first 1/2 of the battle with my ships tending to take out a horde of smaller ships and thin the heard quite a bit. The second half of the battle (300k bounties) usually results in three enemy capitals on grid and few support ships. This is generally when I will select a group of four or more ships and right click to assault one of the capitals. Once a couple of them have gone down, then I usually "Full Assault." How do you direct your ships?

My current fleet comp is against the meta, primarily since I'm still Alt-Tabbing to the Wiki nearly every time an enemy ship dies so I can see what actually left the battle. Yes, I'm familiar with the basic ships like the Condor, Mule, Falcon, and Atlas II, so I don't have to look them up, but there are quite a few ships in the game. My fleet has three capitals plus four or so heavy cruisers and two of my favorite, the Apogee, along with some lighter cruisers, a few destroyers and maybe two frigates. They don't all get deployed, since there's a limit of 240 recovery points, so I usually start with two capitals (Onslaught), both Apogees, some Eagles, a Champion (another favorite), a Falcon (maybe) and a Mora. The Mora is fitted with three Warthog squadrons and has yet to die in an engagement. It's able to kill a Falcon in a one-on-one and it moves around the battlefield unlike a Condor which just sits in the back. I don't have access to better ships, though I have the thread "A Noob's Insight on Ships" bookmarked and I keep that one open as well when I play.

I should point out that I have the Detailed Combat Results Mod installed and I rigorously evaluate each battle, along with what I observe from an AI piloting standpoint. Results from this mod have taught me that ranged weapons are a good investment along with a hullmod that further increases the range. 

I also have had very little luck with the AI piloting phase ships in the current build, at least the frigate size which is all I have experience with. They do pretty well in the very early game, but they die very quickly in the hands of the AI when running against these bounty fleets. I know the cruiser size is considered OP, though I've yet to run into it.

Also, I've only had steady pilots, and even then if I take an Onslaught and right click on an enemy too early in the battle my ship may take a terrible beating. The steady pilots appear to make relatively wise decisions and do manage to whittle away the enemy over time under the capture and assault capture point commands.

Thought from you vets on any of these observations? Suggestions for controlling my fleet with the in-battle commands? Thanks!

General Discussion / Derelects too deep inside star coronas
« on: September 08, 2021, 12:32:36 PM »
I ended up bouncing off star coronas quite a few times while exploring and unsuccessfully trying to reach research stations, weapon caches, and even one old remnant of the ring system. In frustration, I finally decided I must have been doing something wrong and I turned to a few search engines for an answer where I found a thread with the same name from mid 2017 (see link below). The 2017 suggested solution was to emergency burn into the star's corona in the direction of the object you were trying to reach.

I haven't had a chance to play the game and experiment with this 2017 solution, though yesterday I tried slow boating it and moving at 18 on a sustained burn, and all that happened was I lost lots of supplies and I just bounced off the corona. The developer and the community have had over three years to address this perplexing issue and I'm wondering what the solution in 95.a is. Same thing? Emergency Burn into it? I also saw some videos where you can create a stable point in a system if you burn into the star. I even tried that using sustained burn, but I went right through the star or around it (2-D game)? Maybe I needed to emergency burn into it?

There was quite a bit of discussion about solar shielding which at the time was deemed somewhat useless for combat and some even considered it a hindrance that might lose them their ship in battle. Is that still the case or has the mod been reworked to make it a more practical choice? Is it still only for small exploration groups that need to enter the sun's corona? Thanks!

General Discussion / Luddic Path Cells Active
« on: September 07, 2021, 08:48:03 PM »
I just received an announcement that "Luddic Path Cells Active" on my one colony. I did just install AI cores on all the parts of the colony that I could in an attempt to make it more profitable. A forum search for the same as the title only showed a patch that made them work as they should, but no direction or advice. A Google search lead me to several older threads from 2018 where people said you can find their bases in the planet search, though that was identified as a "bug" and several others seemed to think the whole Luddic Path mechanic was broken since "you could spend all day flying around looking for the bases that could be half a sector away." Another said, "Luddic Path bases were given insane range in the last patch (2018 version) meaning that they could be so far away that it would take you forever to find it." A Reddit post indicated the only way to find them was to fly around to pirate bases and speak to people in the bar, hoping that one of them would know about your particular base. Once you take it out, it appears to come back in only a year or so and the whole mess starts over. Overall, not many positive comments (none) that I could find from the game in 2018 with regards to the Luddic Path mechanic.

It's my understanding that they are operating from some base nearby, though no base is in the system. Has there been any improvement in the game regarding ways to find the bases?

How insidious are these Luddic Path? Does taking out their base really only give you a year break? Is there nothing you can put on the colony such as a spy headquarters that could eliminate these cells?

I've read from older posts that their sabotage was destructive and cumulative. Any improvement here?

Any other suggestions? Thanks!

Edit: Okay. I just saw under "Colony threats" two pieces of info:
--Luddic Path Base - Exact location unknown - seems to be providing support to cells attacking four colonies with one being mine
--Luddic Path Cells Active - The Pather base at the Zirnitra star system...

So at least I know where one base is and I can go take it out.

General Discussion / Decreasing Combat Readiness
« on: September 07, 2021, 02:43:15 PM »
I'm quite new to the game and I'm struggling at times to understand how captain's skills in 95.a are designed to influence my fleet comp. I read in the thread "Dealing with endgame faction fleets?" that adding militarized subsystems to freighters would make them count as combat ships, even if you don't use them as such and would affect combat readiness once you hit a certain threshold. I believe the poster is talking about losing some of the bonus that comes from Leadership - Crew Training, but I'm not sure.

I have a bunch of Colossus freighters, which are the best (largest capacity) I currently have access to, and they are slow. Their default speed is 7, so I've just been adding militarized subsystems to bring them up to 8, which matches with my Prometheus Class tankers (6) + (2) with augmented drive field. I sure like the Prometheus tankers and the best I've been able to do is take them to 8 (maximum burn) which is the same speed as my cruisers. I have the skill Navigation, which is +1 maximum burn level, but it seems to be broken since every ship in my fleet has at least 8 maximum burn and the fastest I travel is 16 and not 18.

Either way, I have to find a way to get my freighters moving at faster than 7 and the only other way I know to do that is by adding augmented drive field (ADF) 7+2=9 which is overkill and costs more OP than militarized subsystems (MS). My fleet is out in space, so all I can see is that MS costs 15 OP since it's already installed, and my guess is that removing MS and installing ADF would add around +5 to +15 OP, but at least I don't think installing ADF would make a freighter count towards my combat ship points.

BTW, I just hovered over the tooltip under "Fleet Composition Data" in the "F" screen and saw two skills highlighted in green and one in yellow -

-Leadership Weapons Drills - +10% damage at 120 or less total combat ship recovery cost
-Leadership Crew Training - +15% max combat readiness / + 30 seconds peak operating time --240 or less total combat ship recovery cost
-Field Repairs - increases ship repair rate and instantly heals some percent of damage --max 60 or less total recovery cost

The Field Repairs bonus appears to cover any ship regardless of combat/non-combat status. Doesn't seem there is anything I can do except run with smaller fleets or accept a penalty to both speed of field repairs and instant healing following combat. No sweat. It is what it is.

So maybe what they were discussing in the thread is the Leadership Crew Training and maybe the decrease in combat readiness is a reduction on the + 15% max bonus which comes into play when you have over 240 total combat ship recovery cost? I'm at 220 right now with just a few combat ships on a survey / hauling run and I believe it's because I have so many of the freighters with MS.

Also, I just checked the Wiki and the Prometheus has a base burn of 6, so I'll be darned if I know how the skill Navigation is helping me. I'm still at a base = 6 + ADF (2) = 8, and my fleet travels at 16 max burn not 18, which would be base = 6 + ADF (2) + navigation (1) = 9. There are no ships in my fleet with a lower max burn than 8 under the tooltip (?) in the fleet (F) screen. It's no fun to travel slower than 16 through hyperspace or subspace or even around the solar system. What am I missing?

What's the short-term fix for my Colossus freighters? ADF and just waste the extra speed and OP? Is there some other way to get a freighter from 7 to 8 without making it count towards my combat ship total?

If I remove the MS, will that help solve my issues with crew readiness and cause the game to see my non-combat ships as what they are? I would like to see real combat ships reflected in the total of "combat ships" and not slightly faster freighters.

What's with the navigation skill's +1 to max burn? When should I see it? I read - "Affects fleet." I do feel the 30% reduction in effects when flying through nebulae in solar systems and clouds in hyperspace, which is nice. Other than that, I wouldn't know I had it. Edit: Of course there's also the option to jump immediately to hyperspace. That, too.

General Discussion / First Colony Question
« on: September 06, 2021, 04:47:49 PM »
I started my first colony on a gas giant and it's currently a level III growing at 5% (per month?). I'm building a space port and a high tech orbital station, and I've already built one mining industry that is producing volatiles. I'd like to be able to refine the volatiles into fuel though when I try to build fuel production industry I am told that my industry is maxed out at 1/1. Surely colonies can have more than one industry at some point, especially since it would make sense to mine volatiles and then refine into fuel? I'm guessing that I'll have to wait until my colony is larger until it can support the refining portion and have industry 2/2. Is that correct?

If so, what's the most industry possible on a player owned colony in the current patch? Thanks!

General Discussion / Killing Pirate Bases
« on: September 04, 2021, 09:46:19 AM »
I'm a little confused because the same action appears to offer a different result depending on location.

I received a "Destroy Pirate Base" mission that took me far out to the peripheral systems, where I found a pirate starbase orbiting a small pirate colony. I was unsure how to destroy a pirate base and I couldn't locate any YT videos showing how to do it, so I Googled quite a bit and read something about having to destroy all the infrastructure, though that was for an earlier version of the game. Looked to me like my options were what I was expecting - raid, attack the starbase, or disrupt. I chose to attack the starbase, since it seemed logical to have to take out orbital defenses prior to a ground assault and to my surprise killing the starbase caused the entire pirate base to disappear.

I just watched this episode at this time mark where Fen Muir took out the starbase of a pirate base in the core systems and the base did not disappear. He is attacking the pirate base (Lost Astropolis) just north of Mairaath in the Persian League sector - vanilla. You can see him first raid the pirate base and then take out the starbase by assisting an ongoing attack. The raid does decrease the stability of the colony, but the loss of the starbase? Well, the base was there when he flew away. Why does destroying the starbase in one colony far away from the core worlds result in the entire base disappearing while the same action in the core worlds results in a pirate base with assumed decreased stability and maybe lacking a starbase until another one is built?

Edit: At this time stamp you can see the pirate base's tooltip indicates, "Undergoing repairs."

General Discussion / Making Money in Starsector
« on: August 30, 2021, 09:18:20 PM »
I restarted the game after playing a few hours and learning a bit more, and now I find myself with a very nice, full fleet with 1 BS, several cruisers, a destroyer, and a couple of frigates. The rest are cargo ships, fuel haulers, a people hauler, and I experimented with a couple of the salvage rigs. My character is level 11, and I have about 132k credits with about 9k fuel and 1200 supplies. I just came back from my first pure survey run, where I hit only three star systems and fully maxed out my cargo of 8k. Bringing it all back and selling on the black market gave me about 220k credits plus the missions I fulfilled which brought me up to over 600k credits, before I bought a few new ships.

I'm in a bit of a bind since my expenses are 34k per month and I really have nothing to trade but some guns or I could sell fuel / supplies. My goal was to get the perfect exploration / fighting / mission fleet and take some missions that would bring me out to areas where I could explore. The problem is I spent a bit too much money and I don't know if I can get out and back before the 34k expenses do me in and I go bankrupt. I'm thinking about starting over with the lessons learned from this playthrough, though I wanted to learn a bit more about how people make money since a large fleet uses lots of fuel and supplies and then the fleet itself is expensive. I've also seen in some recent YT videos that starting a colony is not something you want to do until you have 1.5 million to sink into it. How do I get an income stream to support a nice combat / hauler fleet?

Things I have done:

1. Exploration - surprisingly lucrative, though the loot sure takes up space and requires a large freighter fleet. Really just one big run where I hit a research station and a couple of planets with ruins.
2. Trading - Could be lucrative, but sometimes you buy a load of something only to discover that some NPC has filled the order before you can arrive, even if you go straight there.
--Also, I guess I fought some pirates next to umbra or some name like that, because they wouldn't let me dock any longer. I even tried coming in with my transponder off and it still didn't work. So don't fight pirates in systems with a pirate base you want to trade with or always turn your transponder off when anywhere near a pirate base?
3. Raiding a pirate base. I've seen this on YT playthroughs, but I have never tried it. Seems like a good way to get 40k-50k credits in loot.
4. Bounty missions - They are usually quite far away and the pay is low - 40-50k to start. I've done very well fighting some of the 170k villains which made the trip worth while.
5. Academy missions - quite lucrative until you get a larger fleet, then it's break even on the missions.
6. Join a faction - Another I've seen on YT, but never tried. I like the stipend of 60k or so a month, though I don't know all the factions yet and might end up traveling somewhere through hyperspace and end up face to face with a much larger force hostile to my faction.
7. Start a colony. I would need quite a bit saved up before doing that, since smaller colonies are quite a drain on resources. My first goal would be to create a colony that created fuel or supplies so that I could go there and get a bunch at a low price.

What do you do for money until you have a few colonies going, and what is your fleet comp?
How do you raid pirate factions with marines and not end up losing access to that station? Should I never turn my transponder on from the time I enter until I leave the system? I'm still trying to work out the whole transponder thing, because if I wait until I'm out of scanner range of the pirate base, they still seem to know who I am when I turn the transponder on even while on the other side of the solar system. Thanks!

General Discussion / Benefits of Chasing Down Escaped Ships?
« on: August 26, 2021, 07:24:28 PM »
I'm a very new player with limited game time and I'm trying to discover the "Why?" behind certain actions. One of the questions I have centers around pursuing the escaped, smaller fleet ships after the first battle. I started off thinking that the extra loot and character exp would make the follow up attack worth it, but that just isn't panning out for me. Character exp from battles appears to be considerably lower than I get after making a profitable sale, and loot from the destruction of a few escaping frigates doesn't seem to cover the supplies used to recover ship CR expended during the second "chasing" battle.

Missions Targets - Those guys seem to fight to the death as if their AI is different than the random encounter fleets. No need to chase them.

If there is no real benefit to chasing down a few escaped frigates which does require I keep smaller, faster ships in my fleet, then why keep frigates at all? They are the first to start complaining about lost CR and they are the most likely to die from a couple lucky hits. The exception in my experience is the Wolf line which the AI appears to manage well. They hop away when things get too bad, though they still lose CR much sooner than my larger ships.

I also wonder what happens to the enemy pilots in the ships my fleet kills. They just appear to float away and are never heard from again, though my pilots always seem to survive the loss of their ship. Is this normal or have I just been lucky?

Edit: I initially thought of the extra crew you hire as "pilots" because I simply wasn't picturing how large these ships are. It makes perfect sense that the people we hire are officers. ;)

I'm sorry if this is a repeat, though I did look through the first 9 pages and I searched for the key words I believed would highlight a report of this bug. It's such a big one that I find it very hard to believe I'm the first to find it, especially since it's one of the most obvious and frustrating bugs that a new player like myself would encounter. I'll bet that I simply couldn't locate the bug report.

I am trying to collect guns and fighters so I can fit my fleet appropriately and I've encountered a very helpful menu item that shows up when hovering over any object in storage or for sale that tells you how many of a particular item you already own. It works very well when letting you know the number of a certain item you have in your current fleet's hold, though it completely ignores any items stored in at least one very popular, abandoned star bases storage, even when you have the storage window open and you hover over the item you can clearly see. The menu still says, "You own a total of xxx weapons of this type."

Screen shots:

1. Storage at Abandoned Terraforming Platform Corvus - cheap storage and advertised in "Starsector Tips" YT videos - common knowledge and likely where a new player will go. This clip clearly shows I have 6 Hellbore Cannons 16 OP each in storage.

2. The tooltips tell me I have zero when I hover over the items in storage.

3. I as a new player think that I should have at least one Hellbore cannon and since the game says I have zero, I head to the nearest market in Corvis (Jangala) to buy one. Fortunately they have some for sale.

4. I have already forgotten how many I had in storage over at the Abandoned Terraforming Platform in the same system, so I had better check again before I buy. Maybe I have some in storage over there? Nope, tooltip says I have none. I should buy more.

5. Here are some juicy Annihilator Rocket Pods 10 op. Maybe I should buy some of those, too. Wonder if I have any? Luckily I have two in the cargo hold of my fleet and the tooltip knows that and does warn me before I buy with "You own a total of 2 weapons of this type."

6. Actually, I own 10. I have two in my fleet's cargo hold and another 8 in the Abandoned Terraforming Platform. Sure wish I had known I had 10 of them or else I wouldn't have purchased any more.

This pattern of the game only counting the inventory in your fleet's cargo hold appears to be consistent across the map. I can visit stores anywhere and the game will tell me I have zero xxx, even though when I get back to my storage location I find that I have six of them there.

The odd thing is that if I pay for storage at the starter station in Ancyra where the game starts new player who complete the tutorial, then the game appears to know that at least I have the item in storage.

I bought a Thumper at the Ancyra market and then put it into storage, and the tooltip in the storage shows the game knows it is there.

Then I went back and checked to see if the market knew I had one and it was in storage at the station. Yes, this seems to work.

I bought a mining blaster at another station in the same system to see if maybe putting that in the Ancyra station storage would mean the tooltip at this station would show that I owned one as well, and that it wasn't just a fluke that I was buying something from the Ancyra Market while I had the same item stored at the Ancyra station. In other words, does the game only tell me when I have an item in my cargo hold or when I'm buying from the same station that stores my excess inventory?

Buying at alternative station - one mining blaster

Put the mining blaster into storage at Ancyra.

Then went back to the alternative station to see if the tooltip tells me about the mining blaster in storage at Ancyra. Looks like the alternative station knows about the storage at Ancyra.

Since it's well known that abandoned stations don't charge for storage and because this tip is shared on YT channels in tips and tricks or things I wish I knew, it seems like newer players or even experienced ones will use these stations to store everything and it would be nice if the game kept track of inventory in these abandoned stations as it appears to do for stations in which you are charged 1% of all the items you store there. Hope this helps.


General Discussion / Bounty Hunting Questions
« on: August 24, 2021, 06:03:20 PM »
I accepted the Derelict Artifact Recovery mission from the Galatia Academy Station and I flew out there thinking this was a "find a ship and salvage it", but when I got there the small-scale momentum decoupling device had already been salvaged and I was faced with what I recall as quite a large force. I left it there orbiting the gate and then learned it would stay there until I came back with a larger force, which I have been working to build. I'm thinking I will need at least a couple cruisers to take it on. I currently have 13 ships and I'm looking to make more money to buy fuel and supplies for the journey while increasing my fleet as possible.

1 - Apogee-Class Balanced Cruiser that came with the starting fleet - CL
1 - Sunder Class - DD
2 - Hammerhead - DD
2 - Enforcer (P) - DD
2 - Shrike (P) light attack - DD
2 - Condor Class light attack CV
1 - Afllictor (P) Phase Strike frigate
2 - Wolf frigates

What kind of fleet would I need to take on the salvaging fleet orbiting the gate?

There are a few bounty missions open. One of them is Pirate Base - exact location unknown - for $50k. I've never taken on a base before and I'm not sure if this is a mission my fleet could handle. Should I bring marines, too? Is this a straightforward kill the base mission with possibly a defending fleet, too?

There's a personal bounty worth $89k that has one cruiser and I believe my fleet could take that fleet down easily. I also happened on an agent, though I can't recall where I found them. This agent gave me a nice $175k bounty mission that my considerably smaller fleet (minus the sunder, two shrike DD, and one hammerhead) took out without losing any ships. That makes me think I should be visiting more space station bars or lounges and speaking with the two contacts that show up in each place. Should I also be speaking with the staff on the coms channel? Tips? Thanks!

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