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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Of Slipstreams and Sensor Ghosts (09/24/21)

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-Edit 3- Welp, the simplest solution to every piece of software, actually worked. Uninstalled and re-installed the main game and no more errors received. No idea what went wrong as I had the latest version before and I never update from older versions, only uninstalled and reinstall the newer one. Well either well all is well.

-Edit 2- Ok, I finally narrowed it down to Nexerelin. I did not know it had Version Checker integrated. Even when running Nexerelin alone, I still get the same spammed error. I am not saying it is Nexerelin's fault. If either Nexerelin or Version Checker are active, the spammed error happens.

-Edit- Ok. I turned off Version Checker (in a new game) and I still get the same error. I am guessing Version Checker itself is not the problem?..

After the game loads, Version Checker will start spamming rapidly an error. The game is new. I am not loading an older game.

127110 [Thread-4] ERROR org.lazywizard.versionchecker.VersionChecker  - Failed to retrieve mod update info
java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class javax.crypto.JceSecurity
   at Source)
   at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.get(Unknown Source)
   at org.lazywizard.versionchecker.UpdateNotificationScript.advance(
   at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.CampaignEngine.advance(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.CampaignState.advance(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.BaseGameState.traverse(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.state.AppDriver.begin(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatMain.main(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.StarfarerLauncher$ Source)
   at Source)
Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class javax.crypto.JceSecurity
   at javax.crypto.KeyAgreement.getInstance(
   at Source)
   at Source)
   at$KeyExchange.isAvailable(Unknown Source)
   at Source)
   at Source)
   at Source)
   at Source)
   at<init>(Unknown Source)
   at Source)
   at Source)
   at Source)
   at Source)
   at Source)
   at<init>(Unknown Source)
   at Source)
   at Source)
   at Source)
   at Source)
   at Source)
   at Source)
   at Source)
   at org.lazywizard.versionchecker.VersionChecker.getLatestSSVersion(
   at org.lazywizard.versionchecker.VersionChecker.access$400(
   at org.lazywizard.versionchecker.VersionChecker$
   at org.lazywizard.versionchecker.VersionChecker$
   at Source)
   ... 1 more

If anyone needs the whole log, [here it is](

My active mods are the following

GraphicsLib 1.2.1   
LazyLib 2.2   
Autosave 1.0f   
Combat Alarm Sounds 1.31 (0.8a)   
Combat Chatter 1.8   
Common Radar 2.4c   
Galatia Complete 1.4 (Music Pack)   
Leading Pip 1.8.2   
Lightshow 1.33 with Dynasector   
Rebalanced Pilums 1.1   
Simulator Overhaul 1.4   
Target Practice 1.2 (0.8a)   
Upgraded Rotary Weapons 1.31   
Version Checker 1.7c   
Arsenal Expansion 1.4.12   
Omnifactory Rebooted 2.2.7   
Portrait Pack 1.2.3   
Nexerelin 0.8.3e   
Audio Plus 1.1.0   
DynaSector 1.4.5   
Ship and Weapon Pack 1.7.1   
Blackrock Drive Yards 0.9.1   
Diable Avionics 1.92RC1   
Interstellar Imperium 1.19.0   
Junk Pirates 2.7.2   
Outer Rim Alliance 0.78   
Scy Nation 1.40RC1   
Shadowyards Reconstruction Authority 0.7   
The Knights Templar 0.9.8f   
Tyrador Safeguard Coalition 1.5.1   
Underworld 1.2.2   
Blue - Extratential Lanestate Union 0.3.1a   
Dassault-Mikoyan Engineering 0.9.8f   
Metelson Industries 5.0.1   
Neutrino Corp. 1.84RC3   
New Galactic Order 1.06b   
Red - Oculian Berserks 0.7   
The Mayorate 0.10.3   
Oneiros Kingdom 0.65.2a (Running a new game without this does not fix the problem)

Bug Reports & Support (modded) / Nexerelin random crash to desktop.
« on: February 24, 2017, 10:56:15 PM »
If I am understanding it right, the crash happened when a minit fleet was to be spawned for Glasnir, but then again I am just guessing. This is the error I got, along with some previous lines.

3535567 [Thread-4] INFO  - Trying mining fleet for market Agelasta Outpost
3535569 [Thread-4] INFO  - Spawned Hegemony small mining fleet of size 5
3535569 [Thread-4] INFO  - Trying mining fleet for market Tigra City
3535569 [Thread-4] INFO  - Trying mining fleet for market Skathi
3535572 [Thread-4] INFO  - Spawned Tri-Tachyon small mining fleet of size 5
3535572 [Thread-4] INFO  - Trying mining fleet for market Orthrus
3535575 [Thread-4] INFO  - Spawned small mining fleet of size 8
3535575 [Thread-4] INFO  - Trying mining fleet for market Glasnir
3536536 [Thread-4] ERROR com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatMain  - java.lang.NullPointerException
at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.CampaignEngine.advance(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.CampaignState.advance(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.BaseGameState.traverse(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.state.AppDriver.begin(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatMain.main(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.StarfarerLauncher$ Source)
at Source)

And for reference my mods list:
00a - GraphicsLib 1.0.3
00a - LazyLib 2.1
00a - TwigLib 0.6.11
00b - Combat Chatter 1.6.1
00b - Common Radar 2.3
00b - Console Commands 2.7
00b - Lightshow 1.21 FOR SSP
00b - Lion's Guard 0.03a - NOT for Dynasector
00b - Simulator Overhaul 1.2b
00b - Target Practice 1.1
00b - Upgraded Rotary Weapons 1.2
00b - Version Checker 1.6
00c - Steiner Foundation 1.1.1
01 - Nexerelin 0.7.6d
01 SSP - Audio Plus 1.0.1
01 SSP - DynaSector 1.0.6
01 SSP - Ship and Weapon Pack 1.1.3
01 SSP - Starsector Plus 3.6.1
02 - Citadel Conglomerate 0.8.3b with Blaze's and Orikson's patch
02 - Diable Avionics 1.71RC1
02 - Interstellar Imperium 1.14.0
02 - Junk Pirates 2.5.5
02 - Knights Templar 0.9.6b
02 - Mayorate 0.9.2
02 - Scy Nation 1.11RC2
02 - Shadowyards Reconstruction Authority
02 - Tiandong Heavy Industries 1.1.2
02 - Underworld 1.0.4
N0 - AI War 0.3.1b
N0 - Dassault-Mikoyan Engineering 0.9.4b
N0 - Metelson industries a2.95b
N0 - Neutrino Corp. 1.83RC4.3
N0 - P9 Colony Group 0.48
N0 - Pegasus Belt Council 1.6
N0b - ApproLight 0.4.6a-f1
N0b - Flu-X 1.0
N0b - New Galactic Order 1.04c offered by Orkinson
N1 - Tore Up Plenty 7d
N1b - ICE - Idoneus Citadel Exiles 0.3.3LTS-1c

Discussions / Does anyone look into Ryzen?
« on: February 16, 2017, 08:02:13 PM »
I have been going "strong" with my [email protected] for more than I can remember. It has been a great CPU and before about a month I got my hands on a "free" i5-2310. That was what made me realize that as awesome as Q9400 was, generations have changed.

After my realization, I decided I should look into upgrading and that is how in one way or another, I found out about Ryzen. The space hype train is great and going at high speeds.

Amusingly enough something else that made me happy is when I saw the rumor that Vega actually beat GTX1060 in OpenGL games. I never though AMD would be able to even reach a good level, but beating NVidia, even if it is a previous generation.. it is amazing to me.

I never before in my life owned an AMD, but I always worried they are too hot for my taste. I really hope Zen will bring the changes I am dreaming of.

Discussions / The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt
« on: September 06, 2016, 09:55:12 PM »

I was randomly trying to kill time on my android tablet, looking through some game apps and fell upon this one. This is a really awesome pass-time, letting you play as a pirate.

You can attack merchant or military ships, get ambushed by pirates, board and capture ships, attack and capture ports (if you do not mind defending them), trade, smuggle, transport people, protect convoys, upgrade your ships, upgrade your ports, have your own fleet (well at least as I know up to 4 ships, but might be different), level up your character and learn new skills, raise your repputation with nations for better prices, bla bla bla bla. You also start with only a small portion of the map open and slowly expand it, unlocking more ports but also larger variety of ships.

The battles are easy and neat and there is an fast button, making time go 3 times as fast. Graphics are actually really nice too and if you zoom in towards you ship, you can see the sailors doing jobs, depending what you assigned to the ship.

This is actually a really awesome sandbox game, but of course with an arcade feeling tone.

It is free and not only that, but it has both an offline and an online mode. So you can play it as a single player game or a multiplayer game, or switch between the modes.

The in-app store offers some stuff, but afar from two packs that unlock some buildings (which just give you extra gold if you build them so you can do without them) I do not see something else that you NEED. So even without paying a dime, you can enjoy the game fully. As I have read, you can capture the best ships only, or I guess buy them if you prefer that for real $$

I also want to say that it has a graphics quality slider and a resolution slider. My tablet is not that strong, so I decided to lowed the resolution, since it looked more awesome with full graphics.

To top it all, you can even get it on the PC through steam AND you can also log in on both your PC and android, so you can continue the game between them and enjoy the same game.

I feel I have found one of my all time favorite android games~

PS: Keep in mind it has some bugs, but it is worth it!

General Discussion / Black Eagle?..
« on: September 02, 2016, 08:18:58 PM »
I just attacked a Sindian Diktat fleet and my eyes fell upon one of it's three Eagles.

Holy Moly! A really cool looking black Eagle!

Is this just a rare spawn of the vanilla game or is it something a mod adds? I have never seen this before, but I have to say it looks really awesome. I am just wondering from where it came from, since I have never seen it before. It seems to have the same hullname/description as the normal Eagles, which made me wonder even more from where it comes from.

First of all I am sorry if I just did not see it right or it has been talked about before.

Sometimes when I play play my own faction in Nexerelin, or even when I just support a faction, I want to do some trading with them, hauling cargo towards the 0 stability poor stations, so they can grow.

In the Intel map, we can see about how much commodities the stations demand, but in star systems that there are many factions, the intel map can either be chaotic and lacking if you check the prices of all commodities and even if you check one by one.. well you have to check it one by one and that is tiresome sometimes.

In the marker info, instead of approximate numbers, it shows the percentage of the demand that is not met and even if you click on the commodity, the info on the right do not provide a number.

Currently I just see which commodities the station requires and then click on the intel map and select each of the commodities it needs, looking at the star system the station is and look to find the approximate required number, which sadly does not work for crew/marines. I also think it does not work for some commodities sometimes, but maybe that is because the demand is too small to really affect the station.

Would it be possible the approximate demand number to be in the Market Info too, at least for whatever the station is in dire need.

General Discussion / Are there any ships like Venom-X?
« on: August 11, 2016, 08:05:02 AM »
I have played so many times through games, but I never really liked, or cared for Venom-X. Seems thought the reason for that is because I never tried it myself.

For god's sake, that always malfunctioning little ship, is a tiny walking death.

At the beginning I only captured it just until I get something better. I always capture d class pirate ships for initial support. But wow.. I never expected it would be so awesome.

With Resistant Flux Conduits, Stabilized Shields and an Automated Repair Unit, I can take on even some cruiser ships, even if it is one on one. The malfunctioning part only seems to be a minor inconvenience, except if it happens in a really bad time, which is rare.

I can't believe I have Cruisers in my fleet and I can't bring myself to change main ship!!!!!

I would love to know if there are any other little ships that could match Venom-X.

I just "finished" a game of Nexerelin and I stopped because the game would crash a lot. I have to admit, I loaded all available faction mods, wanting to play a massive map, but most of crashes were probably from mods.

Now to ask. Which mods can make the game unstable and do these mods maybe have a "fix" to not crash?

Should I choose Java 7 instead of 8 for stability and if I do, which mods will that deprive me? Personaly from tests, to me at least Java 8 seems to be faster in battle, but ever so slightly.

Discussions / Which digital game resellers are not like G2A?
« on: July 15, 2016, 12:21:08 PM »
Ok I decided to make this new thread, since I just learned that G2A has been doing something *** and thankfully it seems it is the only place I used that seems to be like this. Although since I do not know how the world works, I felt like asking for people that might know more.

I looked up the sites I use and mainly I use Bundle Stars, IndieGala and WinGameStore. But I am use I used in the past G2A and maybe a couple others I do not remember, since they were single time buy from them.

I am looking online trying to find which sites sell games in low prices, because they are allowed to and not because they can sell stolen goods and get away with it.

I found this list and I am happy to see the names of sites I have used in the past... and in the comments how G2A is ***. Can I get a couple of second opinions on the trustworthiness of this list?

Discussions / Can you suggest a nice new 4X space game?
« on: July 14, 2016, 08:35:31 AM »
The last game I played and liked was Endless Space. It was nice, sleek and quite relaxing and calm (well mostly).

Games I played before that are Sins of Solar Empire which I really loved it's RTS kind of style and Galactic Civilizations 2. Even if now Space games seem more attractive to me, I have not liked them until 2008 or so, meaning I do not have much experience on it.

I tried Master of Orion that was suggested and could not follow it at all. I guess if I spend enough time I will manage it, but I would like to try something that looks a bit better.

No I do not care for graphics when it comes to games, so if I had to choose between a really good game with old graphics and a bad game with awesome graphics, the choice would be obviously the old game. But I am hoping for a game with friendly UI.

PS: I am not interested in Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth for sure.

Bug Reports & Support (modded) / Out of Memory Error: Java heap space
« on: March 15, 2016, 11:19:44 AM »
Hello everyone. I hope you are all well today :)

Ok, even if I know why I am getting this, I still have to ask. Is the game nicely telling me to not make such a large Nexerelin map?

I am on 0.7.1a, but I doubt that is the problem. I wanted to test if my pc could handle the new Nexerelin options maximized. If I just play without saving, the game is fine without problems. After saving 3-4 times, the game decided that it is time to crash.

I have every possible faction Nexerelin can handle, with SS+ along too. Although as I have seen, the map size seems to have a larger impact than just having more factions.

This is the error;
2689814 [Thread-5] INFO  - Saving to ..\\saves/save_Holy_4115957125982356327...
3246371 [Thread-5] ERROR com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatMain  - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
   at java.util.Arrays.copyOfRange(Unknown Source)
   at java.lang.StringBuffer.toString(Unknown Source)
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.AbstractReferenceMarshaller.convert(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.TreeMarshaller.convertAnother(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.AbstractReferenceMarshaller$1.convertAnother(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.reflection.AbstractReflectionConverter.mars hallField(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.reflection.AbstractReflectionConverter$2.writeField(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.reflection.AbstractReflectionConverter$2.<init>(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.reflection.AbstractReflectionConverter.doMa rshal(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.reflection.AbstractReflectionConverter.mars hal(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.AbstractReferenceMarshaller.convert(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.TreeMarshaller.convertAnother(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.AbstractReferenceMarshaller$1.convertAnother(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.reflection.AbstractReflectionConverter.mars hallField(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.reflection.AbstractReflectionConverter$2.writeField(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.reflection.AbstractReflectionConverter$2.<init>(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.reflection.AbstractReflectionConverter.doMa rshal(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.reflection.AbstractReflectionConverter.mars hal(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.AbstractReferenceMarshaller.convert(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.TreeMarshaller.convertAnother(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.TreeMarshaller.convertAnother(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.AbstractReferenceMarshaller$1.convertAnother(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.collections.AbstractCollectionConverter.wri teItem(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.collections.MapConverter.marshal(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.AbstractReferenceMarshaller.convert(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.TreeMarshaller.convertAnother(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.AbstractReferenceMarshaller$1.convertAnother(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.reflection.AbstractReflectionConverter.mars hallField(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.reflection.AbstractReflectionConverter$2.writeField(
   at com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.reflection.AbstractReflectionConverter$2.<init>(

I can't understand this, but I feel it is just telling me "tone down the planets or get more RAM!

General Discussion / A question about garbage collection.
« on: March 12, 2016, 11:28:53 PM »
I used -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC and I am wondering if this can cause problems, not so much in lag, but crashes and especially corrupt saves.

I decided to try a garbage collection command, since I overdid it with mods and it actually feel it is working right. I am guessing using such a command just changes the default garbage collection java has, but if anything this new command seems to be working miracles. After I tried adding all the mods I could (well then...) the ram would keep increasing and increasing going over the usual (usual as in the usual it would take when I would play heavily modded games) and eventually taking up all system ram and having slowdown problems in game.

Using that command dropped even the usual used ram, down to 2.7GB from the usual 4.2-4.5 the game would float around before I updated the mods. I feel or more like I am sure, the ram going haywire is not because of the couple of mods I added, but because I decided to play Nexerelin with full stars/planets/station. I raised xms to 4GB from 2GB and the ram does not go up or down after that.

Hello to everyone and I hope you all are well :) I am looking for two Flu-X Version v0.8 for 0.7.1a but sadly I can't find it. I feel I keep looking for older version mods every time >.> Be it you have it or not, I still hope everyone is and will have a good week :D

Thankfully spoortje1 shared it, so this is all good now :D

Azmond was really nice and said he would look for it, but I am guessing he did not manage to. This is definitely the last 0.65.2a mod I am looking for, and I hope someone picked it up and still have it and can share it.

Thanks in advance :D

Suggestions / Scrolling inertia for the in game Index.
« on: December 28, 2015, 12:23:46 AM »
OR should I call it encyclopedia? I am not sure if it is plausible, but since we have the ability to slide through the lists by right clicking and holding down the mouse button and then sliding, it would be nice to make it so if the mouse button gets released while sliding it, the menu will use physics (lol) and keep sliding for a while. I am sorry, I am sure there is a way to explain this in English more easily, but sadly I do not seem able to find the words.

It would be nice though to have the dynamics effect that the menu keeps sliding, not to make it look better, as much as using that when the lists get huge with all the mods, to easily slide through all the ships. Currently the easiest is to mouse over the really thin and not easy to mouse over scroll box and then slide it along the scroll bar. I thought that a thicker box would help with being easy to easily click on it, but I am guessing the thin design is for the UI to look futuristic, minimalistic and less of a window.

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