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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hyperspace Topography (10/12/22)

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Suggestions / Please remove the "per hull" production limit.
« on: July 18, 2022, 04:31:20 PM »
I needed to move tons of cargo... so I go build a ton of atlas and... can only build 2. What? WHY??? The game says NOTHING about this!

So I go testing things, and find out you can build 2 "per hull" capital ships, 5 "per hull" cruisers, 10 for destroyers, 20 for frigates.

This is stupid and silly.

Assuming you have the money and the production capacity for it why you can't build a entire fleet if you need it? Why the limit is per hull anyway? why you can't build 4 Onslaughts but you can build 2 Onslaughts + 2 Paragons? Or worse... if you get multiple "skin" variants of a hull you can then go and build these. So... why? Just to be annoying?

Suggestions / Make ground battles slow
« on: July 17, 2022, 12:34:52 AM »
So while playing Nexerelin, I was wondering what was the point of Nexerelin new ground battle mechanics and... was pleasantly surprised when I actually fought a real enemy.

In vanilla the steps are:

1. Attack station, sometimes a boring fight there.
2. Raid
3. Flee.

On Nexerelin this happened instead:

1. attack station
2. invade
3. while waiting my turn, get attacked
4. get attacked again
5. realize I ran out of CR, fly away from planet.
6. my troops need my help, so as soon some of my ships had CR I fight my way back.
7. reach planet, help troops, get attacked.
8. no ships ready for combat, flee again.
9. see enemy sent a huge swarm of fleets to prevent invasion, start to kite thjem all over the place.
10. marines on planet need help again.
11. stall until I have all ships with CR.
12. fight a crazy sequence of battles to get back to planet.
13. planet finally mine, dock and insta-repair.
14. more fleets arrive, some have their own marines, so I have to fight them off to prevent them from landing.

That was way more fun than I expected.

Modding / Ship Repaint
« on: July 13, 2022, 09:23:37 AM »
This is a proposal in case modders want to join this project. I am not sure when it will be done yet.

But inspired by the factions that have hullmods that change ship sprite, I realized it is possible to make hullmods to paint ships in your faction colors.

So how it works:

You add a free hullmod to your hulls, the name and icon of hullmod configured on the mod config files, and it will search the mod folders for a graphics folder that has a configured name. If it finds it, if checks if there is a file there for the hull texture, if there is, it replaces the hull texture, if there isn't, it does nothing.

So example usage: assuming the mod didn't have permission to ship with any textures included:

  • Download this mod
  • Download diable avionics
  • Download a diable avionics skin pack, for example Rosenritter skin
  • Put Rosenritter skin in this mod folder (instead of a normal install), configure this mod to create a Rosenritter hullmod
  • Start your Rosenritter playthough, find their ships, buidl some mechs, learn Diable Avionics blueprints, then add the Rosenritter hullmod to them.
  • Now you can be Rosenritter with white-pink Diable ships, while Diable remains red :) So when you fight them you can see who is who too! Can even steal their ships after combat, and paint them in Rosenritter colors.

So I assume what is needed is coding the hullmod itself, and getting modders permission to use existing skin files, and also have people make new skin files.

Also this mod can maybe work as a library for any other mod wishing to repaint existing ships without any other modification, for example we have the "anti-hegemony" faction mod that has no ships and just use existing ones. That mod could use this one to paint existing ships in new colors, by automatically including the hullmod in all their ships (assuming someone made the sprites, of course).

Also I assume with clever usage of shaderlib it might be possible to make ships that change color by code (for example have ships with a certain mask texture, and have shaders repaint the masked area in other color).

So, there is this mod floating on discord called "Bingus", made by AlexAtheos, it is a overpowered star system with cryosleeper, shunt, and all 4 IndEvo ruins. I decided to create a derivative mod from it (with his permission, thanks AlexAtheos!), but I enjoy being vanilla-friendly regarding lore and backstory, so I decided to add some features for that, and those features needed other  features... 1 month and a lot of scope creep later, it became a mini-faction mod.

I mean, it still is a single StarSystem mod, with a lot of cool features... all other things are there to make the Starsystem cooler.

Details: System is called "Paradisus", is trinary, has a lot of cool stuff to find, including custom admins and commanders that break vanilla limits.

Also it has a custom nexerelin start, so you don't have to find it. The start has a backstory, and because of this if you actually start on this start, you get a whole faction too, including faction ships (nothing major, mostly faction version of vanilla ships).

Still not done: quests, including one to actually unlock the system (it starts unlocked in my current build). And I am looking for help to make a cool unique ship for the player to use as flagship, and tied to the quests.

Lore of custom start: You are an employee of Exploratorium right after the collapse, the Exploratorium is the black ops arm of the domain, using normally-illegal technology (like AI warships) to defeat rebellious frontier worlds, exploration, dealing with potential first contact, dealing with non-sentient aliens (for example building a station to observe xenofauna that exists on a Gas Giant) and so on. Right after the collapse, before the Luddic Church even formed officially, you noticed one of the Exploratorium black ops project was now cut-off from space basically, "Paradisus", a perfect system that has all that the Domain would want.

The system already had a gate installed, colonization had started although not self-sufficient, and a lot of "interesting" projects, like the creation of AI-based administrators was going on inside laboratories over there. Because of the amount of controversial things there, and the fact the Domain didn't want to share the system with any corporation, the system jump points were made unstable on purpose, and the gate was the only way in, or out. Without the gates working, you expect for everyone there to die, since self-sufficiency wasn't expected of them yet. You plan then a mission, grab the last of the Exploratorium crewed ships on Persean Sector available, make a colonization fleet, and travel slowly, some 200 years or so, through normal space toward Paradisus star. When you get there the tasks are simple:

1. Restore connection to hyperspace.
2. Get rid of interloopers if there are any.
3. Secure all the Exploratorium technology lying around.
4. If Domain is back, proceed with original plans, colonize the  system and hand it over.
5. If the Domain is not back... colonize the system, and start the Domain from it, crushing any pretenders and fake Domains out there.

Currently to get the mighty radiant, you need Automated Ships skill, that also severely limits the number of radiants you can get... since they are so OP this makes sense...

The problem is this end applying to all other automated ships too, and getting the skill in first place is too hard.

So my suggestion: allow automated ships in player fleet by default, don't even need to limit their numbers, if player wants to make a mighty fleet of derelict (not remnant ships) for example, they should be a ble to.

And then make the automated ships skill give a boost to those ships. Maybe make the skill control the amount of AI officers you can have (And thus force the player  to use automated ships without orfficers until they get the skill), or limit the OP points available to the ships, including making the limit flat, so players can build a cheap drone army, but their radiant will be severely limited until they get the skill....

Something like that.

Right  now if you want the radiant, you get the skill. And if you went through all this trouble  you won't bother with the frigates and stuff.
If you don't want the radiant, you don't waste a lot of skillpoints trying to get this skill... and you won't get the drone frigates even if you wanted to.

I think this state of affairs is sad. Lots of cool designs being wasted with the player not seeing them much.

So I noticed the Exploratorium ships are almost all, green and yellow.

Their flag, is blue and yellow.

And then I realized, the mothership, is blue and yellow too!

So, why  mothership is came color as the flag, while the other ships aren't?

Also will you fix the name? Some places in vanilla call it Explorarium, others Exploraria, saw some lore post calling them Exploratorium, and when I went to research on internet found Exploratorium is the correct name, it  was an historical roman organization that did the exact same thing (not in space though, but exact same thing does include "law enforcement" against rebellious frontier colonies using things that were nominally illegal in Rome itself).

Suggestions / Make faction colors mutable
« on: July 03, 2022, 11:12:45 PM »
I noticed factions can have a ton of color settings, but only if you edit .faction file.

The player faction notoriously, can't be edited in-game, everyone is forced to use TriTachion blue.

It would be great if faction colors were mutable, not just for allowing people changing them in-game but it would be cool to see the interface change color because of your comission, for example have everything turn into that weird purple when you become comissioned with Diktat.

Modding / How I make planet texture?
« on: June 23, 2022, 10:13:08 AM »
I looked all over the place, found some tutorials that were deleted or made private, and a image of a cast iron skilled turned into a texture with no explanation. And a silly thread where someone ask this same question in many different ways and people keep giving stupid answers like: "just create the image and that is it!"

So... how I make a planet texture? What resolution and file format it need to be? What is the projection? Are there any common tools for this?

There are some mods lately that create custom star systems. I am making my own too.

I was wondering, suppose I decided to make the mod "cheaty" and add exactly one of each planet you need, with perfect market conditions, what is the smallest planets you need and what planets are them?

Idea is:

Assuming you have:

  • Hyperhsunt and Cryosleeper in range.
  • Planets have the perfect condition to install the appropriate items (for example no atmosphere on the planet you will have the fuel factory, so you can use the item that needs no atmosphere)
  • Planets all have enough size to have 5 industries (4 + 1 from hypershunt)
  • You will use AI cores and Story Points on everything that is needed
  • You will install "commerce" in at least one planet to give monetary fuel for your industrial shenanigans
  • Administrator will be whatever is best (player, AI core, NPC, etc...)
  • Optional: assume all planets will have ruins thus 1 slot busy techmining

What is the least amount of planets you will need, to have a well oiled production chain that produces the maximum output without imports from other factions?

For example a good planet for mining probably won't be a good planet for "habitable" stuff.
The best planet for fleet ouput need to be "extreme hot"
Nanoforge must go in a planet it won't pollute

The list goes on.

My take on this so far, probably wrong:
1 very hot planet with no atmosphere, to host Fleet HQ, heavy industry, fuel refinery, metal refinery.
1 habitable planet to be your main source of population growth, it should have maybe farm conditions? it should have I guess the light industry that also get boost from habitable...
1 non-habitable planet but low hazard otherwise, that has all 4 mine-able items, so you can put an efficient mine there...

That is my guess, probably missing something.

I am playing with Arma Armature, Tahlan (that has Rosenritter mechs) and Diable.

ignoring Diable a bit (their mechs don't play well with other mods because of wanzer gantry rules), what mod has the coolest carriers to stuff full of mechs?

Some properties if possible: if possible they should support "WINGCOM" hullmod. Their burn speed need to be able to reach 8 at least (with hullmods if needed), and should have a good efficiency in deployment points cost regarding number of fighters (for example: 40dp to have 2 fighter slots is not that useful...)

I realized the game, in a very detailed manner, keeps track of the origin of all people in a planet. It would be neat if this was added to intel screen.

Also, "luddic majority" modifier should be applied to any market that has 60% or more of its population coming from "luddic factions"


Suggestions / Please allow some formation commands
« on: April 20, 2021, 12:45:56 PM »
I keep reading all the angry rants about the AI and realize often the issue is that the game has zero control over formation.

Seriously just look at most battles, the result is ships making a weird ball and slowly slugging out until someone go nuts and break formation, then that someone gets murdered, or murder someone unexpectedly, or the usual: turns the formation instead into some "stringy" stretched thing, as sevreal ships pick 1 target on both sides, and the battlefield looks now like when you place your hand on slime and slowly raises it and there are those sticky strings between your hand the the beggining point.

So instead there should be a way to burn command points by making some formation.

1. I  would love if in some fleets I could tag some ships to stay "inside" and others to make a circle or square around it (for example to protect a carrier or a station).
2. Sometimes your fleet has heavy firepower in one direction, for example  when all your ships have frontal shields, or when playing  mods that introduce broadside ships, so being able to make a 1600s style battle line would be great.
3. To counter battle line, similarly great would be able to setup wedges, for example I bet 3 onslaughts using their burn drive in a wedge formation probably would managed to split a battle line formation in half and then focus fire in whoever is closer to them and slowly kill everyone.

Just these would help a lot. A ton more formations are possible though.

Modding / Mod Request: Colonization Targets
« on: April 15, 2021, 07:05:00 AM »
I saw a couple mods use the intel screen to display data that is missing from other screens.

So it would be nice if someone did a screen  similar in purpose at least, to one that exist in the game Distant Worlds: Universe, that has the purpose of helping you decide where to make your colonies.

The idea is the screen would let you filter your surveyed planets for information that is actually relevant, for example mininum amount of planets in the system, presence of gates or other structures, modifiers you want on the planets or the system, etc...

For example  suppose you want to start a colony for the production chain of drugs, you would want a system that has reasonable accessibility and low hazard + organics + suitable place for light industry and its items.

I know some hull variants are different mechanics-wise so this would be gamebreaking, but some hull variants are just for visuals, so it would be cool if you could change them.

biggest offenders:

(D) hulls that you fixed your skill to remove d-mods.

faction-specific hulls that all they have different is the paint on the hull, for example if you capture a luddic path ship and doesn't like green or something.

going beyond that: allow you to pay a faction that likes you, to turn a civilian hull back into a real military one... and allow you to choose visual design of ships that have multiple of them (for example some mods that add multiple visual designs for the same ships... currently you can replace all the designs at once, but it would be cool if you could allow Diable Avionics keep their red ships, while you can choose to have the blue variant yourself)

Suggestions / Too easy to never have enough cargo space.
« on: April 06, 2021, 11:15:44 AM »
I think this is not supposed to happen but... whenever I check on a bar mission for delivery, they ask me to deliver 2x my cargo space (not free cargo space, I mean total cargo space).

I saw this through multiple playthroughs, modded and not modded, seemly somewhere the game detects my cargo space to generate the mission, and then generate one twice as hard.

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