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Suggestions / Weapon cooldowns
« on: May 11, 2011, 06:22:45 PM »
Some people on another forum mentioned it was hard to see when a weapon can fire and came up with a few suggestions.

Maybe a color change could happen on the weapon's status indicator at the bottom. I think now it's just a small bar that shrinks down (haven't played in a few days due to work so correct me), maybe if it went from orange to green when ready to fire again the player could have an easier time just looking for the color.

Maybe just having the cool down bar bigger and red while you cant fire and then change to green when you can would be enough of a difference.

The other thing that might be worth doing would be having the firing arcs red when you cant fire then green when you can instead of just using brown(?) as it appears atm. Not sure Sure if that would look horrible or not tho but it would make it easy to see which firing arcs can fire and which cant.

This sounds really useful. Instead of colour change how about significantly dimming the firing arcs when you can't fire? Simple visual cue and it won't have any risk of looking odd by changing colours. The only problem is that firing arcs for weapons with very fast rates of fire might flicker back and forth looking silly, so maybe only dim when the RoF is slow enough for it to matter.

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