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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24)

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General Discussion / A Sad Day for a Craptop User
« on: June 29, 2017, 08:18:11 PM »
The day has finally arrived, a day that I have long feared would come. That the development of Starsector would finally lead us to a game ever nearer to completion, and ever nearer to eating up that precious, precious, RAM. Today, after my fervent efforts testing out every possible permutation of setting, config file, VMPARAMS, and all that jazz, I am sad to say that version 0.8.1, and indeed the 0.8 update itelf, would be the first version wherein I can no longer mod the game with at least 1 faction mod, out of the many faction mods out there. A sad day indeed.

It is at this moment that I would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to our ever hardworking modders, those that have taken us through the hard times of waiting for the next update that is soonTM to come. To the Moderators, and no less the entire community of Starsector, that helped to provide a wonderfully positive community for the game. No less important is the hardwork done by the master craftsman David who, time and again, continues to deliver with exceptional content for our eyes to feast on. (There's also that dude who made the sounds for the many factions in Starsector. I cannot for the life of me remember his name, sadly. But huge props to him nonetheless) And ultimately, to Alex, who has continued to provide us with an enormous amount of entertainment now, and even more entertatainment soonTM, when the next content update finally hits.

Your resident craptop user,

Bug Reports & Support / [0.8.1a-RC7] The Bounties... They've Stopped.
« on: June 05, 2017, 09:48:40 PM »
Happened across two separate saves already.

After I accept a commission from the Persean League, all the bounties would just stop coming. No system-wide bounties. No named bounties. Nada. I'd usually be able to finish the last named bounties (from before I accepted the commission from the Persean League) before they expire, but returning to the core worlds would give me the rewards for the bounties I've done... and that's it. No further bounties come up.

I was keeping a lookout for other possible reports on this happening, but nothing comes up. So might be some sort of edge case. Got the two save files ready in case it's needed. Will also test out the saves, try to see what's happening.

Bug Reports & Support / [0.8.1a-RC6] Missing Loot After Battle
« on: June 04, 2017, 04:53:52 AM »
Kinda hard to describe but here's how it goes.

Fight pirate (or just get into a fight).
Destroy some ships, then make a tactical retreat (full retreat my ships while enemy still has ships deployed).
Redeploy my ships, proceed to destroy remainder of enemy fleet.

Pretty sure what happens next is I get to loot ALL the ships that I fought. But what happens is I only get loot from the ships I destroyed after I redeployed my ships the second time.

Suggestions / Missile Target Re acquisition
« on: February 28, 2016, 08:35:03 AM »
In the latest patch, anything that dips into p-space would essentially be immune to guided missiles. Which is kind of cool, but the missiles should be able to re acquire their target after x amount of seconds if the next nearest target is farther than the missile's available range. So that Medusas and Wolves still actually need to mount some form of Point Defense.

Discussions / Backstories Anyone?
« on: February 05, 2016, 07:03:27 AM »
Kinda interesting to know what kind of backstories your username in this forum has. Some of the interesting ones I've found that I'm really curious about is that one from Takion Kasukedo, which sounds like "Tachyon Cascade" or that one of StarSchulz, which has sort of a nice ring to it.

My username comes from my local language. Saying "Baka tae yun" out loud (said as bakata-eyon) means "Maybe it's poop." Remove the "B" from the start, change up the spelling a bit, then voila. Username.

Bug Reports & Support / Not Moving in Hyperspace Still Consumes Fuel
« on: January 12, 2016, 10:38:53 PM »
Last I checked, fleets would consume fuel ONLY if they were moving in Hyperspace. Now, in a large fleet, I'd get 0.3 fuel consumption when idling in Hyperspace. Is this intended behavior? Or is the player still actually moving in Hyperspace once the "click-to-go-here command" has been finished?

General Discussion / Quality of Life Improvements
« on: January 06, 2016, 07:59:37 AM »
It's kind of annoying to have to deal with the little niggles that pop out every now and then in Starsector, especially in that small moment where you wish there was an active ability for a certain situation or a bit of extra information to help you out. That kind of thing. I'm hoping that people would pitch in their thoughts about how to improve the little things in Starsector. So here are some of my thoughts:

As it is right now, waiting in ambush within a ring is a tedious job of constant clicking. Maybe an ability that toggles an "anchor" so that you'd stay in place relative to celestial bodies? Give us some way to make a proper ambush!

What's also annoying is during trading. Essentially, you'd need to guess how much credits you're actually earning because you don't know at what price you're selling your junk. Maybe some sort of price per unit indicator?

Checking out new ships in the market. Buying and selling ships in the vanilla game is relatively simple. You end up playing so much Starsector, you essentially memorize whatever ship is better and whatever ship is crap. But when you start putting in mods, comparing ships against each other basically means you have to physically jot down notes of which ship has better armor, flux capacity and all that jazz. Can we have a proper way to compare ships in game, in their manner of stats? Sort of like the codex but for ships in the market.

Bug Reports & Support / System wide bounties for no reason
« on: December 04, 2015, 07:22:13 PM »
And I've got another one:

The Tri-Tachyons issued a bounty, but no reason was given. Is this a thing?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Bug Reports & Support / Missions not giving accurate numbers
« on: December 04, 2015, 02:44:59 PM »
Yay! My first bug report!

I noticed that some missions have discrepancies in the amounts that are posted. i.e. market wants 10000 commodity X, but the description of the mission would show that the market only actually wants 10.

Couldn't get a screen shot, because reasons, but I'm 1,000,000% sure it's a bug.

General Discussion / To The Craptop Players of Starsector
« on: December 02, 2015, 08:45:56 PM »
If you're like me, and you play Starsector on a ridiculously weak as fudge laptop, then you've surely dealt with the MASSIVE frame drops every single time you encounter anything larger than a pirate attack fleet. Over the time that I've played this game, I've seen some workarounds to at least alleviate the problem and have Starsector run consistently (and if we're talking about adding mods, which you will surely do sooner or later, you're gonna want the maximum amount of mods you can add without the gameplay becoming a slideshow picture of your ships getting wrecked.) Besides playing in the LOWEST possible settings here are some of the things that I did that *could* help you as well.

Keep your max fps to 30. If you can stomach it, you can lower this even further to what you can stand.

Disable sounds. Yep. Disabling sounds entirely from the launcher allowed me to play with mods/mod combinations that would otherwise be impossible.

If you can't stand playing without sounds, you can manually edit one of the configuration files in the Starsector folder and make it such that ALL fleet interactions use only one sound. This holds true for mods as well. It's a bit boring and repetitive, but hey at least you have sounds.

Resize the background pictures to something smaller. Travelling around the sector and going jumping from hyperspace to system always crashes my game. I resized mine to half the size using Paint. So there's that.

Do note that these are just personal changes to my game that helped me get that few MB's of RAM to squeeze in just a few more mods. If you've found other ways to do this, please do share it with the good craptop users here.

Suggestions / More Love for the Crew
« on: October 23, 2015, 09:31:41 AM »
I don't think that crew should be treated like commodity. It's a thing. Whenever I acquire for myself a new batch of crew I've always felt that I was buying some sort of slave that is forced to do my bidding until he dies. So here's an idea of how crew could be more, organic? Realistic? At the least bit believable.

Crew would work on a contract based system. Essentially you hire crew for X amount if time for Y amount of money. Should you end up in space for longer than your contract period, the next time you drop into a station you would pay the crew an extra fee. Or you may renew your contract.

The icing on the cake would be having some form of notoriety system for the crew. A bit like the relationships you have with the different factions. I don't like how you can burn through thousands of crew in battles and you would still end up with people lining up to join your fleet. It's ridiculous. If you were notorious for having your crew killed, you should have less crew that are willing to join you, and the ones who are willing will ask for more money for their services. On the flip side, if you were careful with your crew, there should be more willing to line up to join your fleet for cheaper amounts of money for their contracts.? Your average notoriety for the past week will decide how rare/copious and cheap/expensive the crew are. This is to avoid having to spend ludicrous amounts of money to replace the crew that you've lost when you are utterly decimated that one time you underestimated your opponent. But constantly losing would drive the prices and rarity of the crew sky high.

Just some idle thoughts before I head to sleep. Please shoot it down or back it up as you see fit.

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