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i just released my first version of my new faction mod and few people got an fatal error on loading starsector,
luckily enough i found out that you need a newer version of java inside the starsector jre folder and that you have to allocate more ram to java.

With the ver. jre1.8.0_31 and higher the problem disappears.

(i tested it with a fresh starsector download and only with the mod needed shaderlib and the NGO mod itself)


Modding / At level up +1 base logistic
« on: May 19, 2015, 01:34:02 PM »
Hey there,

can somebody help me to modding my files that way to get +1 to base logistic points at every level up?

I don't want to change the skills like fleet logistic or leadership aptitude skill logistic point gain.

thanks in advance for your help!

Suggestions / Better AI for future SS Versions.
« on: May 18, 2015, 09:49:34 AM »
Hello guys,

Starsector is one of my favorite games since a long time and i have only few complains about it or just wishes for the future.
My biggest concern is about the mediocre AI in general, better said the combat AI and the tactical commands i can give her. For example, if i give some ships an direct order to attack an important target they often or most of the time fight with target in "their way" and don't follow my command to shoot down the target!
They just gimp around with little fighterwings or frigates instead of fighting and shooting at the target! This leads to massive frustration because my tactic don't fulfill and that can cause my whole fight to collaps! Also the tactic command choices i have (defend position etc.) are not executed like they should. For example the defend command, i tell my ass-slow battleship to defend an nav point and just stay at the point to shoot at targets in range but instead the battleship moves one whole screen from the defend position into the enemy fleet and i can just watch it die because it can't simply fly back to the position i ordered, it's a very very slow ship that need good positioning and protection from litte fast ships.

Thx for your time, i hope the best for the game, it has still some flaws i want to see vanished.


Bug Reports & Support / The game uses insane amounts of ram
« on: February 10, 2015, 02:46:14 PM »
hello there,

i really enjoy the game and i play since some time now with the mod "shaderlib" and "ironclad" but now i have a problem that even my allocated ~7 gb ram limit for this game is not enough to play further.

I'm not sure how much ram is enough to play the game vanilla but with the mod and 6.8gb ram and increasing is not good.
Something need to be optimized i guess.

here is a picture:


Suggestions / Some ideas/features i wish to be in the game
« on: February 10, 2015, 07:23:20 AM »

here are some ideas i have collected while playing this awesome game.

-advanced weapon group options

(be able to add same weapon in different weapongroups with extra options to disable/enable single weapons and their behavior in fight if they are controlled by the AI,{set specific shoot ranges and maybe also their main target area they should aim at})
->also be able to deactivate build-in weapons for the AI

-options in the fleet menu to set the favoured "crew member experience" for this ship (green crew/crew/veteran/elite/"captain"/"Admiral") for every single ship in your fleet to automatically and equal give the selected ships the crew members they want
(example: "Tornado-Wing" marked with "green crew/crew" or a "Battlecruiser" marked with "veteran Crew/elite crew/"captain"/"Admiral")

-->also the possibility to manually assign crews to a specific ship would be awesome

-better fight AI (AI for the ships who are controlled infight by the AI)

(the AI should use various tactics depending on their crew level and maybe (new feature/skill "leadership/panic level"(could be combined with the current CR system,if the ship takes too much dmg or gets surrounded by the enemy or too many crew members die or the ship has mainly green crew members who are more effected to gain faster panic level -->this all would let the panic level increases which causes some misbehavior of the crew to ignore commands or they go crazy and shoot without aim or they try to retreat), also it would be great if the AI would attempt some tactics/manouvers depending on their ship/race for example: agile ships with great speed try to flank
->also improvements to the ability of the AI to do special combat manouvers for example (a ship controlled by the AI equipped with a short range plasma burst cannon and 2 very long range support beam laser should not fire at max range constant their beam laser if the situation would be better to shut down the shield, fly in close range of the enemy and shoot the burst cannon to do massive damage and then fall back to ventilate fluxx and use the support beam weapons on range etc)

-improved infight tactical map with more options for commands and the possibility to place your ships in a specific order in the little start area, maybe with defined formations like the spear or the ball but with the option to manually switch the places of the ships you want to be

(example with pre-defined formation enabled (chosen the "spear"), your flagship spawns right at the forfront of the "spear formation" but you don't like that because your ship is a support carrier, so you want to switch the place with a destroyer who got "parked" in the bottom of the "spear formation")

-ofcourse i wish me more systems and randomly generated systems where i can explore unidentified "empty systems" with scanner/command ships
-->these for most of the factions/pirates unknown systems could be invaded by exploration fleets of the main factions or be already claimed by pirates who have some hidden bases in the unexplored void, it could contain very many planets/debris/asteroid belts/stars/wrecks/bases(abandoned or not)/research facilitys/weapon facilitys/old hangars/little abandoned hideouts/some lone outposts with neutral traders to be able to buy for many credits expensive fuel/crew/supplies, the systems could contain anomalies such as black holes(damages your fleet(depending on hull per ship if you get closer), gigantic asteroids who orbit around some stars/planets or just fly through the system(avoid them or you get crushed(depending on hull per ship if hit), or acid nebulars who damage your whole fleet if your ships don't have specific hull moduls implemented, or raiding pirates or aliens or or or etc etc etc

--> the unexplored/abandoned systems should be a very dangerous endgame environment for strong fleets or for small exploration groups who are designed to avoid big trouble or are equipped with tech to engage most of the anomalies in there to get to hidden places (for example the fly through a acid nebula to get to a planet with intelligent life on it and where you can trade with an isolated species)
-->another idea to fight in environments like some nebulas/or in the near of a black hole/pulsar star/etc. to get some buffs/debuffs for all ships in the fight also for the enemy like in FTL game or the normal nebula which decreases the speed of the ships

-->infinite possibilities!

-better and more balanced character skill tree with even more schools (for example "exploration" or "hyperspace travel" or "a specific branch for player who want to focus on a little fleet and their flagship assigned "escorts" {needs many points but increases the strenght of the flagship and the assigned escort outstanding})

-more hull moduls for the example of the exploration school branch and more very rare experimental weapons who can only be found in the random generated unknown/abandoned sytsem in old wrecks/station/research facilities(maybe buy them there)

-more options to deal with uninhabited planets (maybe build a base there and finally grow to a equal  own designed faction{with your chosen faction name and some bonuses you can chose from)
-->then you could try to get allies or declare war to other faction who then will try to invade and destroy your base if they find you with a exploration fleet

Thats all for now but i will add more ideas when i play.

NEW Ideas

-overall balancing(ships,weapons,damage numbers,skills and npc fleet sizes),  one little example nerf missle dmg or modify the missle skills
-> also ships should be balanced around the progress of an developing captains skill tree, some ships are good even without a high captains level and skill points but don`t get too much value out of a high level captain and some ships are strong and have weaknesses but get so much more value out of an high leveled captain and available new hull mods/upgrades/weapons that they become overpowered.
The steady progress of the captains level and the available skillpoints(hull mods/weapons) should be considered in balancing and designing new ships

-detailed after fight analysis or overview to see which ship dealed most dmg or did most kills and tanked most damage

-the factions should have the ability to conquer other systems and to siege or set up blockades at wormholes, with assigned missions/orders to break through the blockades or to siege/conquer systems or to help a specidic faction to dominate the sector

-the ability to really join a faction and than to have the same enemys/allies and to fight for their goals

-maybe for lategame to defend the whole sector against alien invaders and push them back through some already infested systems
(also it would be very cool if your faction conquered with your help the whole sector and defeated all enemies, then appears a cool in drawings for each faction specific "end-message-story", a little overview what happens now in the sector under the new established order,after this the game is "finished")

->for example: you have joined the luddic church in the beginning and you helped the church to defeat all its enemies and cleansed the sector from all the heathen, now the message appears that the last resistance got expunged and in the background you see some graphics who shows some church fleets flying over a planet and in the next drawings some new build churches on planets with a text that the new sector will be guided into a bright heaven with a new messiah rising, then some text about the future and how the faction will change the overall life for everyone

-some more informations about your ships in the fleet menue, for example how many battle the ships have participated in and how many ship kills they have, also some minor important information but funny to know how many crew members died already on that ship etc.

-more potraits and maybe more options in the character creation

and so on

General Discussion / New Player Here
« on: February 07, 2015, 07:43:14 AM »

i played the game at my friends house and i want to say that this little (90mb!) game is one of the best games i've played in the last few months.
What a blast! I love this game and recently i checked out the modding sector here to get a more alive starsector universe with new features like mining and exploring. Unfortunately my pc has a 4gb-ram bottleneck and thats not enough to load the massive scenery of a later savegame. I want to tell the developer of this little masterpiece that i'm completely flashed and hyped about the game and i thank all of you,also the nice modder for the incredible ironclad/starsector+/shaderlib mods for their work!
I wish i could combine the new features of the ironclad mod (mining,exploring..) and its balance with the also amazing stuff of the starsector+ mod *sad face*.

But whatever i will buy this game for myself as soon as possible and also ordered two new 4gb ram moduls only to be able to play this game with mods,holy *** not even skyrim or any other game in the last two years was able to convince me to upgrade my pc! And this 90mb game has a gamedepth i was looking for, i like games with freedom and complex systems, with an world to sink in and to think about my next action (playing iron mode).

I love this game and the guys behind the great mods and i wish that this game develops to a even greater experience and that this game gets more attention, maybe announce it in steam?
I wish you guys/girls only the best!


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