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Suggestions / Small idea about auto Fleet point generator for new ships.
« on: December 28, 2011, 10:13:46 AM »
This is a very small idea, but as I was messing around with modifying some ships and variants, I began to wonder if the ships I was creating were anything close to balanced.  (Sometimes I got carried away with creating AWESOMENESS!, ha ha )   ;D

So that got me pondering if maybe there would be a way to have a formula, or mini program that would generate the appropriate Fleet Points that a particular variant or ship hull should possess, because most if not all of the various items which make up the value and effectiveness of an individual ship are based on datapoints, like total flux, hitpoints, armor rating, various weapon mounts available on the hull, the available ordinance points, etc. 

This is clearly not very vital, because people can just eyeball it balance wise, and do a pretty good job, but as a long range concept, I think it would be rather nice, to help modders keep their ships roughly in line with the base/original ships provided with the game. 

Anyways, ignore this currently, but maybe think about it down the road a bit.  :)

Suggestions / I was pondering the weapon/engine disabling functionality.
« on: December 19, 2011, 01:47:17 PM »
I was pondering the weapon/engine disabling functionality, and a possible idea for shields came to mind.

In reading a post earlier where you talked about having to turn your ship when the weapons on one side became disabled due to enemy fire, it occurred to me that having something similar for shields would be rather interesting.

I really enjoy the way shields work currently, and I don't really want a huge change to them, but it would be fascinating to see a heavy salvo of torpedoes overload the port shields, and leave you scrambling to turn the ship around to avoid being so vulnerable while that shield projector rebooted/repaired itself.

The obvious downside to this idea, is that it might take a fair amount of development time to put into place, and considering how excited I am to see the next iteration of the game on my computer, far be it from me to slow you down, ha ha.  :)

But on the outside chance that such a thing wouldn't be too hard to put into place, this could be pretty fun to see in game at some point.  And from my point of view, very little would have to be changed "visually" to make this work.  For instance, on the forward shield version having half the shield fail shouldn't be too complex of a job, but where I see possible issues, are having an omni shield partially fail, I suppose it could be done by not allowing the omni shield to traverse on the "broken/failed" half of the ship for the duration of it's downtime, hmm, yeah that might work.  I suppose that 360 shields would be as relatively easy as the forward shields, just have the damaged half stop rendering/having effect.

Anyways, just a fun idea, that came to mind while thinking about the new changes to combat brought about by weapon and engine disabling functionality.  I can't wait to see those changes in the game itself, very exciting indeed.

Suggestions / Idea for a new Destroyer Class Ship concept.
« on: December 16, 2011, 12:39:51 PM »
I was just pondering about the various roles and niches that the current ships in the game fill, be it low medium or high tech of various classes and sizes, and it occured to me that I would really love to see a smallish Destroyer type ship that was extremely durable, and at the same time extremely high tech and expensive

For instance, it would be great if you could pay out the nose to make a destroyer that could go nose to nose with a more standard cruiser and have a quite good chance of winning with a decently skilled pilot.  Now clearly this sort of ship is very unbalanced in general, so my thought was to have the very high price be the balancing factor in the campaign.  :) 

Anyhow, this is HIGHLY low priority and very much subject to taste, but it was just a random thought on another possible niche that might be filled if time and interest permits.

Also, it is very possible that this sort of thing will end up being possible through skills and the progression system that will be in place for the campaign that would allow extensive mods and tweaks in game to various existing ships for a price, and that would be fine too of course.

Thanks for reading.  :)

Great game, and I'm really looking forward to the Campaign that Alex is working on currently.  But there are a few small things that would be nice to have at some point down the road.

I would really enjoy the option to play on MUCH larger maps, as sometimes faster ships can retreat from the battle in a matter of seconds, which seems a little strange to me.  I'd like them to have to take at least a little time to reach the end of the map prior to escaping so that there is a better chance of being able to intercept them in time. 

Additionally, I saw someone else already mention it, but I would enjoy Larger ships having a little more main gun ammo than is currently supplied, but then again maybe you already have that situation well in hand with hull mods to hold more ammo, so this could end up being a non issue.

The one and only real annoyance that I have experienced while playing has to do with the priority system in place in the A.I. when you use commands to have ships capture points on the map at the same time as having a command to do something else like harass an enemy ship.  I have seen a ship that is right on top of a capture point peal off to go harass another ship all the way across the map, and then the A.I. sends a ship that was near the harass target to go capture the point that was near my first ship.  It kinda made me pull my hair out, lol, because I ended up losing the capture point and the battle didn’t go well at all after that.  I wonder if there could be a system of priority with the commands, where we could put emphasis on which command was more vital than the other, just a thought.   :)

But aside from that sort of stuff, which I assume will be resolved over time, this has been one of the best games I have played in a LONG time.  :)  Keep up the great work sir!

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