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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hyperspace Topography (10/12/22)

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It is possible to get a production opportunity(sell production slots, illegal arms dealer) with an item with price that exceeds the maximum order value.
It is also possible for all the offered items in an opportunity to be more expensive than the order limit.

...turns out I missed RC15. shouldn't matter though.

If you have Field Repair skill, acquire a ship with a D-mod(or had such vessel upon picking the skill), then restore the ship at the dock, you may get a notification informing you that the D-mod you already removed was repaired.

This seem to be one of the things that will never ever come up, but as current version contains certain cosmetic bug that bothers some of the people(myself included), I managed to accidentally run across this.


This should do all the explanation it needs.

No reproduction condition observed.
Potential condition(untested): defeat another fleet while it is detecting your fleet?

Attached is a save, in the middle of it happening.
No non-utility mod active.

The system I am instructed to perform dead drop changes every time I decline, visit the map, and talk to the NPC again.

It would be nice to have a map widget that showed relative direction in the mission dialog. Or a full intel map widget.
Current mission UX flow is: read the mission, decline the mission, exit the dialog, go to the map, manually search for the system, switch to Intel, look at currently pending missions, decide to take the mission, go back to taking the mission, accept the mission.
A good widget will remove 2 to 6 steps from above.

Missing informations from current mission dialogs that really should have been:

* Raid competitor warehouse
Currently does not show which faction controls the market, distance, or - in case of contact missions - the number of marines required.

* Bounty
Does not show specific celestial body the target orbits around. Does not show in the intel entry either.
In fact, target doesn't seem to orbit around one celestial body. Or stay in one system. But that's separately filed for bugs.

during the Finding Coureuse line, when you visit Kapteyn Starworks and ask around in the bar, you get a potential contact with a pirate NPC - without any type tag. This "contact" seems to never provide a mission.

Confirmed reproduction across three different saves.

Acquired a bounty from a contact(Officer Kaliban Tseen Ke). After spending collectively 12 months of in-game time searching through three consecutive reloads, I have activated the devmode and confirmed the fleet is not in-system.

1. Target left the system through a jump-point.
2. Target failed to spawn.
3. Target was killed before player arrived(the system has small Remnant presence, though the chance is small)

Save file attached. No non-utility mod active.

in the Fleet screen and the relevant skills such as Weapon Drills and Phase Corps, the new Phantom and Revenant have their DP counted in Combat Ships and Phase Ships DP.

* Minimum planets per system
Too many systems have one star, one jump point and nothing else(occasionally ring or asteroid belt). You'd find a derelict if you're lucky but otherwise not really interesting. Minimum of 3 planets and high probability of at least one moon would make for more interesting systems.
Personally i'd like it if every system had some interesting feature, be it high planet count, habitable or otherwise valuable planet, many derelict ships, ruins or [REDACTED] presence.

* More secondary effects on hazard conditions
Low Gravity makes interesting choice thanks to that sweet +10% accessibility.
Another good example would be Water-Covered Surface since it has 25% hazard rating but enables construction of Hydroponics which has twice the food production(not sure if it is bug, but that's besides the point).
I'd like to see more hazard conditions having benefits, either directly(by giving boost to production/other stats) or indirectly(by enabling construction of certain industries). If nothing else, you can boost planetary defense because if it's inhospitable to you, it certainly would be to your enemies too.

* Planet Size
For now planet size is definitely a thing but affects only two things: survey cost and whether the planet has Low Gravity/High Gravity. Some advantage could be given based on planet size 1) since having more landmass would definitely give some sort of benefit and 2) big planets are penalized by High Gravity without any benefit. Number of industries or non-hazard planetary conditions comes to mind.
On a related note, High Gravity could be 25% hazard and gas giant/ice giants can get Extreme Gravity(50% hazard, -20% accessibility) or something.

* Proper colony threats
Once you lay down three colonies in a system and all of them have Star Fortress and High Command, none of the expeditions or pirate raids pose a real threat. Either they should scale accordingly(after all, who sends a force that is certain to be defeated?) or player should have some limitation on space force in their systems.

* Pirate raid behavior
Now all the raid forces are spawned from single base and sometimes it happens when the player is in the same system, meaning suddenly, without warning, they have a massive mob of murderballs to deal with(or more likely, run away from).
Instead, make multiple bases participate in a raid, with reasonable amount of forces per base. The fleets would gather in a point, likely one of the bases or uninhabited systems near the target, then once in sufficient numbers they would travel towards the target to begin raiding(or failing that, disband).
In this case, there are multiple piece of information player can obtain: raid target, rendezvous point, participating pirate bases. You could make it so that player automatically know only about raid target and need to find out the rest by other means. If the player can catch some of the fleets on the way to rendezvous point, they can weaken the raid force without having to face massive death fleet at once.

Bug Reports & Support / [0.9 RC10]Pirate raid, suicidal fleet AI
« on: December 24, 2018, 06:01:12 PM »
Happened in Ragnar Complex, Valhalla. Pirate fleet keeps engaging the station, despite the fact that the first engagement wiped out nearly all of their combat vessels. Second engagement had single Hound deployed which is immediately destroyed. In the third, they sent all of their remaining ships i.e. tankers and freighters, which immediately started retreating.THEN they tried to engage again.

Got a save copy I can send over. Could be reproduced reliably, within the save, between reloads. No mod other than modified config.

The AI should take possible failure to track due to beam turn rate reduction while firing, as well as what is behind its target, into account when evaluating friendly fire risk.

The AI will use beam weapons that cannot retain its turning speed while firing, such as Phase Lance, to attack fighters when no other target is available.

Which is not a problem EXCEPT when there is a friendly ship present in that general direction and within range, which causes any missed shot or shot that obliterated its target to end up inside a friendly tailpipe.

With the Phase Lance, between significantly reduced turn speed while firing, 600 range of the weapon meaning the fighter is pretty close when it is fired(requiring faster turn rate), and damage output enough to vaporize most fighters on a full hit, the miss and subsequent friendly fire is bound to happen. Not a neglible one either - in one incident it went straight through my Medusas' armor and 20% of the hull.

Currently running a fleet with heavy presence of Phase Lances and beams in general, so I have noticed the issue. In one battle the only significant damage I suffered was a friendly Lancing on my Eagles' rear.

Bug Reports & Support / Erratic planet generation
« on: December 15, 2018, 03:40:51 AM »


MN-6381681567705038358 south to the Core Worlds, Ohai nebula, Beta Ohai

Planet has no "Irradiated" condition despite orbiting a neutron star, and should not have spawned as a Tundra world at all.

It seems that the sector gen didn't check neutron star as it is not the "main star" of the system, and just gave it to a celestial body as a moon. It is also noteworthy that the Beta Ohai B I-L4, a barren world orbiting the same neutron star, has Irradiated condition but Beta Ohai I and II, orbiting the main star and certainly within the beam range, doesn't.

0.9 RC9 save, but it would be reasonable to assume that this issue still persists.

General Discussion / [Spoilers]Explorations thread
« on: December 14, 2018, 09:39:26 PM »
Share anything RNG had coughed up for you! nice system, events with absurd context, funny stuff, etc.

I'll start with the best colony I found...

.....unfortunately taken first by pirates.

one Bad Idea later

It seems they won't be raiding anyone for the foreseeable future.

Bug Reports & Support / Fleets defending dead bases
« on: December 14, 2018, 08:58:19 PM »

The Morthanth Cleansing is - was - a Pather base, currently undergoing rapid uncontrolled expansion. Player fleet marks its former position.
They do this for a while before "Standing Down", "Returning to <Station>", then despawns into the debris field.

I have a copied save if you are interested.

Bug Reports & Support / Core World NPC colonies getting decivilized
« on: December 13, 2018, 07:15:49 AM »
Happened twice in RC9, no convenient save spot to refer to. No reproduction steps discovered.

Sometimes the intel tells me that an NPC colony in the core world got decivilized. No prior warning, other than maybe mission postings I wasn't checking regularly. No player contribution or even interaction(haven't visited the system for a few cycles). Possibly after pirate raids, but purely speculative.

And there was this one run where I was actively waging war against Persean League, and one of their colony was held in 0 stability for months. the intel periodically notified me that the situation at the colony in question was getting worse, probably far longer than intended(possibly half a cycle or one full cycle), before finally succumbing and being decivilized.

Based on these events, I suspect the destabilization timer and warnings aren't working as intended. Most of the time a colony(at least NPC ones) barely sends out warning via intel before getting decivilized. Sometimes they do, for extended period of time.

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