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Modding / [0.95.1a] Orbital Manipulation and Maintenance
« on: June 26, 2021, 12:13:07 PM »
This is
Orbital Manipulation and Maintenance
 a Mod in Development about Civilian Ships and  their unique use in and outside of Combat.

Very small update: confirmed to work with SS 0.95.1a

- almost no weapon mounts, weapons are carried by drones surrounding the ships. Weapons are swappable and drones will aim at the cursor and fire on mouse click.

- "base building" in combat: some ships carry orbital platforms which they will deploy automatically at strategic points or after some time

- powerful support systems like the Anti-Graviton Wave Emitter which buffs allies with the effect of Temporal Shell

- logistics oriented campaign abilities like Algae Farms that produce supplies and fuel as long as they are part of your fleet

- Shield Drones that intercept enemy ordnance

and probably a few more

Alpha Nexerilin only build

click the banner to download

Lazylib, Graphicslib, Magiclib and Dronelib required

Recommended mods: Commissioned Crews, VicPad, Stellar Networks

For lore and stuff check out the post right after this one

Ships of the

                                  Crevette Mobile Welder
                               Ecrevisse Heavy Manipulator
          Sand Hopper Salvage Field Defender
                                Limnopilos Algae Host
                      Sesarma Modular Cargo/Fuel/Personnel Courier

                  Euphausia Orbital Repair Unit

                          Macrocheira Mobile Algae Farm

                                 Nathantia Hyperspace Vanguard
early testing gifs

P-Space Flux Conduits syphoning flux from allied ships                                                                                                       Shield Drones intercepting enemy ordnance (sometimes  ::))
   Anti-Graviton Wave Emitter: Temporal Shell for everyone!                    a Sand Hopper deploying a Defensive Weapons Platform

Stay tuned for more information in the future!

Credits (non exhaustive and in no particular order)

Till Freitag
for his permition to let me use his art

Till Freitags ARTSTATION


Original drone weapon swap code from Arma Armatura

Fighters transfer flux to mothership code from Modern Carriers


Everyone on the unoffial Starsector Discord for their invaluable advice
known issues
-trensfering command will disable mouse aiming/shooting for drones until the battle is over
- kinda FIXED A bit more in line by now, still a bit high (huge XP multiplier that I am unable to fix so far)
- orange aiming lasers on drones don't always line up. Also it's a bit hard to aim with non-beam weapons
-no proper weapon groups for drone weapons, atm ALL WEAPONS shoot at the same time on left mouse button which might not be desirable particularly for missile slots and high flux weapons
- FIXED (a few glitches during (and sometimes permanently)special effects like jitter revealing normally hidden weapons that are used for the drone weapon swapping interface)
V0.16A "Star Descriptions: A New Hope" Update

- fixed the Faction blueprint package not containing any blueprints
- descriptions for everything
- algae farms actually do something now: periodically grow fuel and supply over time

V0.1A "the Integrating of the supportening™" Update

- very basic corvus campaign integration. You can now play vanilla, Nexerilin or Nexerilin Corvus mode 


- added Commissioned Crew support which doubles positive effects of militarized subsystems, assault and escort package
- Shield Drones no longer transfer flux to the mothership so they can actually die now and the mothership spends less time being overloaded
- Shield efficiency of all drones that still transfer flux to the mothership drastically improved. Same reason as above, spend less time overloaded
- various changes to AI behaviour
- fixed a special FX graphical glitch that revealed hidden weapons. Also base sprites like the ones on the Mjolnir will no longer float next to Nathantia

 V0.01A (Nexerilin only Alpha release)

Hotfix 1
-brought ship stats more in line with vanilla civilian ships
-adjusted all variants (no more Ion Pulsar/Sabot euipped on CIVILIAN variants for example)
-excessive battle XP bonus reduced by quite a bit (~260-300% bonus on very easy fights to ~130-160% on medium difficulty fights)
-nerfed weapon pod mobility/speed by quite a bit
-ordnance points reduced by ~5 across the board
adjusted fleet spawning:
-fleets should contain far less Nathantias and a few more militarized ships
-fleet size (number of ships) reduced by about half
-added loading screen tips

Modding / Modding Starsector as a tool in Mental Health Therapy
« on: May 30, 2021, 03:28:23 AM »

Reader discretion is advised. This forum thread might contain sensitive topics or information that might be upsetting to some readers.
If mental health issues and illnesses are subjects that are difficult to handle for you, this thread might not be ideal for you to say the least.

Sidenote for moderators:
It is not my intention to upset anyone or similar but I feel the need to post this here.
In case the subject matter does not belong into a game forum or should be located in a different sub forum, feel free to move or even delete this thread.

I appologize in advance for any inconveniences this might cause.

I am writing this while being a patient in a mental health clinic. For about five years now I am suffering from long and short periods of depression, low self esteem and feelings of being worthless or not good enough.
Now as my plans for writing a new mod and leaving my first mod (Biomancy Genetic Engineering) behind to start fresh are relatively recent, i noticed that planning out the essence of my new mod does help me cope with my current situation. For me it is a method to stay active and use my time in a productive way.
The whole structure of my daily life has been gone for a long time now and this brings all sorts of problems one might think about with it as I was vegetating in front of my computer.
As a result of that I felt unable to do most things that are fun or productive in some way, partly because there is a deep sense of not doing things good enough.

An important keyword in this context is perfectionism: A lot of times I didn't even try things because I was sure it wouldn't be good enough when it was finished.
This is a big problem. As long as one doesn't start something it can't be finished, regardless of potentially doing it right or wrong.
Now, doing things right is nice but doing things wrong is something special since it gives the opportunity to learn.

And this is the time where I get back to modding Starsector:
I did a lot of things wrong in BGE and I learned from it. I learned that it is important to have a plan and structure to avoid chaos in code and assets,
that it is important to find a niche for factions, weapons, ships and hullmodas and that it is important to plan this out beforehand.

What does this have to do with mental health?

Just as I learned the importance of planning and structure in mods, I learned that this is important for daily life. Not having some kind of schedule and structure makes it easy to cancel things you want or have to do, the end result is lethargy which leads to depression.

A different side of modding as a therapy tool is seeing that you are able to create something.
Creation with resources and tools is a good way of sparking creativity and a good amount of dopamine is released seeing your creation grow and being finished. It is a good way of fighting the feeling of worthlessness and overly strong perfectionism since you can keep working on a mod and getting ever so slightly closer to the thing you imagined in the first place.
Ergotherapy works on the same principles, so modding really can be a therapy tool.

What else can we draw from modding in a therapy context?

Everything we create is at the same time a reflection of ourselves. As an example, if you knit a scarf you might choose a color you like.
Does the Scarf have a pattern? Does it have fringes?
Those are indicators that are able to tell us something about ourselves.
What is the identity of the faction you are making for Starsector? Are they aggressive or peacieful? High tech or low tech?
These are all things that can mirror parts of our personalities, we just have to interpret them.

Why might that be useful?

Taking a step out of our heads and looking inside them by analyzing those questions can give a better understanding of ourselves.
And with understanding comes acceptance.
Acceptance of our flaws and strengths.
Acceptance of our personality traits.
And there's something else that comes with accepting ourselves as we are: self love.
Don't get me wrong here, self love doesn't mean you love only yourself and are arrogant or anything along those lines, no. It means being in peace with yourself.
I belive there is little more important then self love. It actually gives you the ability to love others and love them more deeply.

In the end that's what life is about: Love.

Initial idea: It's going to be a faction mod about the so called Freitag Corporation that specializes in maintenance, salvage and orbital operations. I was thinking like bounty hunters but for those things I mentioned above.
Corporation motto and mod prefix: OMM standing for "Orbital Manipulation and Maintenance"

Most of the ships will have civilian hull and very few weapon slots but I am planning on letting them rely on modular drones on which  one weapon mount each is located.

This is the basic jist of it.
Now, where I need advice and ideas: I am looking for reasons to take them into battle that fits the above mentioned role of those ships (keep in mind their slogan OMM)
What ideas I got so far:
- a beam weapon or a ship system that takes away flux from an ally
- anti fighter support with fragmentation weapons
- some kind of healing beam (has been tried before in other mods, finicky and tough to balance)
- an aura or drones that speed up weapon/engine repair on allied ships

Please forgive the crude formatting, I'm writing this on my mobile since I don't have access to my PC for some weeks

Modding / Mount indicaters are drawn underneath decorative weapons
« on: June 05, 2014, 04:13:17 AM »
Hi Alex and David!

I don't know if this can be considered a bug but it seems that in refit the mount indicators (blue circle, yellow box, white reticule) are drawn underneath decorative weapons.

Now most people won't have problems with this but I do since I am hiding the ship sprite underneath a decorative weapon which equals the ship sprite to hide vanilla damage textures.
This makes it very hard to actually click on the weapon mounts and swap out weapons, one can hardly see the slots partly because I didn't make visual indicators on the sprite itself.

In my opinion the mount indicators should be on top of everything.

Added a screenshot to show what I mean:
As soon as you hover over the mounts they get highlighted but on the left you can clearly see that the yellow box is underneath the decorative weapon.
PS: Sorry if this is the wrong subforum, I didn't really know where to post this.

Handwritten book pages found inside the carcass of a strangely organic appearing vessel orbiting Umbra:

" ... it appears that the chimpanse has normal sensory input after transplantation and reacts normally to stimulation.
But there still lies the problem in repairing damaged nerve tissue in order to enable the subject to use the host body's extremeties. Further testing seems to be in order.


April 23rd 1938,

Subject refuses any nourishment, continue using intravenous nutritional liquid to keep the subject from starvation.

Still no limb movements. Continue testing.

April 27th 1938,

Host body rejected transplant, any attempt to reanimate failed.

Autopsy in progress.


May 6th 1938,

Von Braun sent in his latest test results, at least he seems to be making progress after my own attempt failed.

Preparations for another attempt at transplantation have been met but I'm still waiting on that delivery from Japan."

Protocoll of a conversation salvaged from still intact components of what appears to be inside one of the organic ships after an aggresive encounter with said splinter group:

"Kapitän, awaiting orders!"
"Report our situation, Fähnrich."
"Course set to nearest Krill field for redeployment, SMS Graf Spee took minor hull damage due to a maneuvering mistake, rest of our fleet is fully operational."
"Good, let's hope we won't get interrupted while harvesting, HQ relies on us to sustain the Walküren. Are they still following us?"
"Yes Sir! Our pheromone trail is guiding them to our destination."
"Well done! Dismissed, Fähnrich."
"... Ambush! Order the fleet to protect the Walküren! They need to ... (static)"

End of protocoll.

Suggestions / Make us able to run scripts in refit screen
« on: May 04, 2014, 06:56:09 AM »
Hello again!

I would love to be able to make scripts run in the refit screen and make a check if in refit screen. Now that would be very useful for asymmetrical weapons for example.

Xenoargh wrote a script which mirrores a weapon but it only runs while in battle and looks really weird in refit for very asymmetrical weapons:

Hi everyone!

I just watched this "WTF is ..." of "The Last Federation" by Total Biscuit and thought it would be interresting to watch:

I could imagine that SS diplomacy might turn out to be something similar to this game, even if only some aspects of it.

What do you guys think?

PS: If this is not the right subforum for this kind of thing, I do apologize for any trouble that might be caused.

Modding / Create a monster contest! (vote until 14th May)
« on: March 18, 2014, 07:41:42 AM »
Hi everyone!

I thought a little contest might be a nice refreshing thing for this great community.


1) Create a monster out of the parts I am providing here or any other parts you think might be suitable.
You can use mechanical parts as well to mak hybrid ships but at least half of it needs to be organic (roughly)

2) You are not limited to the parts I am providing at the end of this post, feel free to use anything you like. You can use my mod as a resource for parts and animated stuff as well.
Please provide a little description and what the creatures purposd should ba and what kind of weapons/system it should use.
The more detailed the better it will be!

3) You can make only ONE entry per ship class (If you have a fighter and a cruiser you can post both but you cannot post two destoyers for example)

4) This is for fun so please have some!

5) At the end of the deadline I will open a new post as a poll and the whole community can vote which is the best creature.

6) The best sprite will be included in my mod or in your own mod, whichever you prefer.

Here are some parts for use, originally made ny Machine for BSF:

Mods / Biomancy Genetic Engineering (Open source)
« on: January 27, 2014, 04:29:53 AM »
Well, since I haven't worked on this in years I decided to put all files and art up as public resource for the modding community.
I would be very happy if anyone would be able salvage my lovely monsters and put them in SS in some way. Be advised, the code is an absolute mess since I simply cobbled together lines from other mods and repurposed them.
Thanky to everyone who helped making this mod in the first place!

Now the link to it:

Have fun with it!

Modding / DSTech Corporation - Some help please!
« on: January 13, 2014, 06:37:59 AM »
Hi everyone!

As I'm working on DSMK2's mod I realised it would be very cool if DSTech would have some unique mechanics to stand out in the crowd of mods but I'm not sure how to do it.

DSMK2 provided some lore for the faction:
"The DSTech Corp is a front for a race of sentient mechanical lifeforms who advance in technology (as high as it is already) and knowledge relatively slowly. They reside in artificial mega-structures (not quite Dyson spheres) which surround stars relatively distant from current human civilization. These structures extract large amounts of gas from the host star to be converted into useable matter; generally used in continued growth of their mega-structures, but also used to construct various tools...

Their ships are created from that matter, hence why their ships are cheap. However, very few of those ships venture beyond their origin system; kept mainly for overwhelming defense. Those that do often set up bases and factories near civilization, under their common moniker.

They have begun selling their ships in human space, using human captains and crewmen to take their eyes to places in the galaxy they would never otherwise see."

Keeping that in mind I think it would be cool for the faction to be completely reliant on fuel instead of using supplies and fuel.

Would there be a way to use fuel/day instead of supplies?
Would it be possible to use fuel for repairs instead of supplies?

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