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Suggestions / A few balance changes for more flavour
« on: January 13, 2022, 06:30:48 AM »
1. AMB is very good weapon to the point it outperforms heavy blaster
- completely change HB into medium sized version of AMB, for example make it 2 barreled version. And for good measure nerf slightly AMB by reducing its ammo from 20 to 10.
So, small AMB: 1400 dmg(same as now) and 10 ammo
Medium AMB: 2 projectiles each doing 1400 dmg and same 10 ammo
10 ammo maybe problem for current AI behaviour, so make AI to shoot both AMB versions only at enemy shields close to max, or only at armor, and dont shoot fighters at all with it.

2. Mining weapons(mining blaster and mining laser) are boring.
- Make them give a fleet some industrial bonus, there is no mining currently in game, so maybe bonus to salvage?
- Change their damage type to HE or Frag

3. Frigates are pretty weak late game. You tried to fix it with skills, but i think it failed.
- Make new supercapital ship which has hangars for frigates. So when this supercap is in combat it can repair and resupply friendly frigates on the fly, frigates just fly and dock with supercap when their consumable ammo depleted or when their armor is below 50%, and after some time they spend inside supercap they fly out fresh and loaded. And out of combat supercap makes frigates to not consume fuel or supply(like it carries frigates inside). Only 1 supercap per fleet.

4. Last updates completely killed human administrators, they are not fun and not efficient
- Leave both player admin and AI admins as it is now.
- Make human admins have thematic skills. For example one human admin was a farmer, so he gives good bonuses to farming, other was a miner so he gives good bonuses to mining, etc.

Thats all for now  :)

General Discussion / How to board?
« on: October 10, 2013, 04:26:48 AM »
In this new patch, are you need some special ship for board option to be available? My fleet is not small, 5 ships + 2 fighters wing. Im fighting against fleets about same size. And have not seen any board option ever. I have 18 marines onboard

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