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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hyperspace Topography (10/12/22)

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No idea how old or re-hashed this particular suggestion is (trying to search for it was an exercise in patience and frustration), but is this remotely possible / viable for a future Starsector release?

I mean, in the context of an in-campaign simulator that can load-up historical/apocryphal battles, with YOU (your player character) replacing the 'original' lynchpin / focus of said missions?

The Subject header pretty much says everything I'm curious about.

I looked through settings.json (and came up with some really wonky workarounds), but I suspect that JavaScript might be the only way to actually uncap the imposed Burn limit of 20 (excepting that occasional +10).

Modding / Issue with fleet pursuit maximum thrust/burn?
« on: December 17, 2013, 06:31:37 PM »
I came across the issue on a lark, after increasing "speedPerBurnLevel" to 100 in 'settings.json' and testing out several (modded) very-high thrust/burn hulls.

When selecting non-ship/fleet destinations (stations, planets, asteroids, etc.), my ship/fleet easily reached the thrust/burn hard cap of 20, but when selecting another ship/fleet to follow or intercept, the maximum burn they attained was only 12.

What's more, the maximum burn seemed to be rapidly fluctuating between 11 and 12, as if the pursuit algorithm couldn't properly calc the appropriate thrust/burn for whatever reason...

So, frak up on my end, or core/game engine issue/bug?

1. 'Damage Control' skill, 'Autonomous Systems' perk: the 50% crew loss reduction is actually affecting overload duration; stacks in a multiplicative manner with the actual reduced overload duration effect.

2. 'Flux Modulation' skill, 'Advanced Routing Algorithms' perk: 'unapply' effect is linked to getEmpDamageTakenMult(), rather than getPhaseCloakUpkeepCostBonus().

Same skill, reduced shield damage effect: 'unapply' effect is linked to getFluxDissipation(), rather than getShieldDamageTakenMult().

3. 'Technology' aptitude, 'Computer Systems' & 'Mechanical Engineering' skills, as well as the 'Minaturized Capacitors/Vents' (both) and 'Optimized Assembly' perks all have an incorrect ScopeDescription; currently they are set to 'ScopeDescription.ALL_SHIPS', whereas they should be 'ScopeDescription.FLEET'.

4. 'Command Experience' skill, 'Making Do' perk: the current 'getEffectDescription':
return "" + (int)(SkillData.COMMAND_EXPERIENCE_MIN_CREW_MULT * 100f) + "% less crew required to take ships into combat";
will not display a correct value if the end-user edits the:
public static final float COMMAND_EXPERIENCE_MIN_CREW_MULT = 0.5f;
in to a greater numerical value (say, 0.75f) and expects to see a 75% reduction in minimum crew requirements; currently, it will set it to that exact value (only a 25% reduction).

Changing the 'apply' effect to:
stats.getMinCrewMod().modifyMult(id, 1f - SkillData.COMMAND_EXPERIENCE_MIN_CREW_MULT);
seems to be the most straight-forward solution.

Can anyone else confirm that making any changes to one of your ships, and then clicking the 'Undo' option, immediately drops that ship's CR to 50%, each and every time (and to make things worse, said CR drop carries over to the campaign/system map)?

Addendum: Tried a number of scenarios in mind, including with and without any mods... got the same issue in all cases.

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