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Suggestions / Big wig start option
« on: January 05, 2023, 10:50:41 PM »
As someone who's been playing this game for 10 years I know the early/mid game experience like the back of my hand at this point and reached the stage where the early grind discourages me from starting a new playthrough.

Any chance for a big wig starting option? I'm thinking a 7-9 ship fleet with a few cruisers, officers, levels and 100/200k credits under your belt.

General Discussion / Good job on the new enemies! (spoilers)
« on: April 16, 2021, 04:47:56 AM »
        Before this update the domain Derelicts and, to a lesser extent, AI Remnants had the most visually distinctive sprites in the game. And yet you still managed to make something even weirder with the Omega ships and their weapons.

        The ships look like abstract fractals that came from another game and some weapons look grown rather than built. On a side note I really like the frontier feel of the scavenge background music.

        Also all these contradictory posts on the forum makes me think you're getting closer to balancing the game than ever. Personally I wish more Omega weapons had
unique effects rather than pure damage. The disintegrator is a good example, they wouldn't have to be positive either as some could hinder your own ships (like Seekers Max CR reducing plague weapons, etc).

        Looking forward to what you do next with them. (file info indicates a station in the works?)

Suggestions / Bounty Payout Rework
« on: April 07, 2021, 02:24:29 AM »
      SO, many people are complaining about the credits payout of fleet and station bounties (as well as the supplies costs to reach them) when compared to other low risk high reward alternatives (drug-a-lug-lug, mainly).

      And even if you increase bounty pay it would still fall short because smuggling is faster, cheaper on resource expenditure and (unless you're really unlucky) doesn't come with the risk of losing ships.

      Therefore bounties need to entice players with a different type of reward (like exploration does) than raw cash as cargo running will always be the better option. And that reward should be increased weapons/ships salvage from wanted fleets/stations.

      That gives players a more interesting choice: low risk/high credits cargo running or high risk/high salvage bounty hunting (which would justify lower bounty credits pay as employers consider salvage as part of your reward).

      In addition, stations should not start with missing modules (to help increase salvage) and even a lone station should wield ships for salvage (that were docked at the time, presumably).

      That would make the game activities look like this: smuggling for cash, exploring for colony items and bounty hunting for fleet improvements. 

Discussions / The most bizarre game in years
« on: March 01, 2021, 05:46:57 AM »
It's not space related in any way but this...thing is shaping up to be a deceptively good immersive sim that does dystopia way better than many AAA try hards.

Grapple walls with your intestine after jumping by spitting snot from your feet in order to kill a wage C.U.C.K whose crime was using corporate money to increase his toy collection....all while being supervised by likely demonic powers. Or just relax and go fishing/grilling.

Game play is way tighter than the early 2000s web page graphics suggest. Try not to get sick looking at it.   

Suggestions / Hull mods ideas
« on: October 31, 2020, 08:10:14 AM »
While there are many mods for pretty much every aspect of a ship, some have been ignored. My proposition, starting with defective mods:

D weapon mounts: slower turn speed/higher weapon spread for prolonged fire.

D automated systems: larger skeleton crew required.

D shields: smaller shield arc, slower turn/raise speed, weaker shields (opposite to hardened shields).

D radiation shielding: faster CR loss in a corona/warp storm,  lose crew if CR<a certain %.

Focused shield: similar to hardened shield but also reduces shield arc so it should be cheaper.

Any other ideas?

Suggestions / Hidden stashes
« on: May 21, 2020, 03:29:10 AM »
       Right now the only way to get a convenient storage space is to rent (which gets expensive really fast), rely on the Corvus platform (a trouble if hostile with Hegemony) or build a colony of your own which is a bonus for players who wanted a faction anyway but a nuisance for pirates who just want a place to stash loot without attracting unwanted attention.

       So, introducing the hidden warehouse/vault:

-functions like a stash in space but planet side
-does not attract raids or inspections
-can be constructed like a colony but much cheaper, no crew requirements for example
-has a limited storage space, like 1/2 rows for ships and 2/3 rows for loot
-will be lost after some months if constructed on worlds with tectonic activity
-can't be built on gas giants
-limit of one per planet, so you need more planets for more stashes
-no upkeep costs

       Any thoughts?

General Discussion / Is it worth guarding my blueprints?
« on: January 24, 2019, 10:18:31 AM »

 I know for a fact that pirates get a hold of black marketed ship blueprints after a while, but what about weapon/hull mod blue prints?

 Will selling a weapon blueprint on black markets mean pirates will be better equipped in the future? Does this apply to blueprint packs?

 What about the other factions? Does selling blueprints on free/military markets have an impact on fleet composition?

I'm sure some of these have been suggested before, but after reading the upcoming plans for this game I've been having some things on my mind, namely....

     1. The number of starting scenarios is very limited, beginning as a pirate, ludd fanatic or a tritach corporate tool (all with their appropriate faction relations and starting ships) would go a long way in allowing players to start on their desired run quicker and with less hassle.

     2.Ship variants could use some polish:

     A)   The pirates, seeing as they’re supposed to play a bigger role in the future, could use some tuning.   I think their ship variants should have more flexible weapon slots, the Mule is a perfect example of that. Beggars can’t be choosers, and they would need to use any weapon they can get, no?
            Ramshacke ships like the Mudskipper mk II are also a nice touch, why not give them something like a carrier converted Prometheus? More converted shuttles with oversized guns? I know these guys are supposed to be loot pinatas, but that doesn't mean they should be boring loot pinatas, no?
     B)   Pathers, the luddic colossus is a sad joke of a ship, if there is a ship that would make a perfect pather conversion its the Venture. Remove all utilitarian hull mods, add SO+a hammer barrage on its nose+an actual fighter deck and you have a perfect pather flag ship.
   The Shepard is also a good candidate for the same treatment, replace the drones lasers with Swarmer missiles?

     C)    Giving the tritachs a converted Brawler was interesting, now they have an anvil to the Tempests hammer. Maybe give them a converted Dominator, an anvil to the Asuras hammer?

     D)    Hegemony auxiliary: Mule, Cerberus, Venture, Shepard, Prometheus, Wayfarer.
           Hegemony battlegroup: Legion, Mora, Conquest, Heron….bigger focus on larger ships as that will fall in line with Heg doctrine.

     3.More hull mods, both good and defective as the ones we already have are ok, but they all focus on combat and deal with the same  ship stats.

     Ex: expanded crew bunks, fuel tanks and cargo bays, usefull for augmenting your utilitarian ships.
     Contrasted by bamaged crew bunks/fuel tanks and cargo bays with the oposed effect, I believe this is a necessity to implement because as it
stands right now pure utility ships don’t have much going on for them. What are you gonna install on your Dram and Buffalo other than Unstable

Automated sistems-for reducing skeleton crew requiremts, efficient maitenance modifications- reduce maintenance per month on installed ship,
,damaged shield generator-reduce shield arc and efficiency, compromised fighter bay-makes one fighter bay unusable, etc.

     4. Stronger derelicts, so you want scavenging to be the primary way in which players get blueprints and such, how will you prevent them from
steamrolling everything if they luck out and get something cool?

     Derelict ships that get stronger as time passes, first few are your typical D clunkers, after that you face off fully repaired and eventually improved derelicts.

     That Rampart suddenly got scarier with heavy armor and a shield didn’t it? Also they could use a capital ship and a carrier for some variation.
     Same could be said for the [REDACTED], systems with fully armed battlestations should be full with better augmented fleets.

    5. Ship procuring missions, I’m sure there are many collectors out there who would like rare ships like a civilian Kite, Hyperion, Scarab, Omen.

Well that's all I can think of right now, back to the shadows...

General Discussion / What mod are these ships from?
« on: July 22, 2018, 04:04:54 AM »
 I've been watching Nemos plays recently and I have no idea where the Bully and Niagara ships are from, any help?

Suggestions / Darker systems and AI as new industry skill.
« on: June 22, 2018, 03:49:05 AM »
1.Starless systems seem way too bright to reflect the fact that they're shrowded in darkness. How about toning the background light? This is just a visual effect with no bearing on gameplay.

2. Now that the industry bits are being expanded, how abou adding the ability to install ai cores in your ships as well for:

A) Various benefits per core tech level, different from each so you're not encouraged to stach on alphas and sell the rest.

B) An extra skill for the industry branch, one that blends will with colonies so that you can use them not just to build ships but run AI operations.

C) Get into trouble with factions that don't like AI, to encourage combat.

D) Start The Third Ai War!  ;D

General Discussion / Are phase ships banned in lore?
« on: June 17, 2017, 02:24:17 PM »
Judging by some descriptions that seems to be the case. Will this play out in the future? Will we see certain factions(mainly hegemony and ludd) give you trouble for having phase ships in your fleet? Could we see procurement missions for ships?

Discussions / Scorn
« on: July 02, 2016, 02:36:23 AM »
So I saw this game on the Jimquisition....and it gave me the creeps while also reminding me why it wasn't a good idea to watch Alien as a kid...

Looks like H.R.Gigers legacy is alive and well.

General Discussion / What programs does this game require?
« on: March 18, 2016, 01:10:34 PM »

 Java I know, anything else?

Suggestions / The Mudskipper Mk. 2 is an interesting concept.
« on: March 17, 2016, 12:55:37 PM »

  I'd like to see more of that down the line, especially when it comes to groups like pirates and ludd fanatics. They don't have to be new sprites and ships, mere variations of current ones are good.

  It doesn't have to be all about guns either, just imagine a ludd cerberus with an extra pair of engines haphazardly attached to it.

  Talking about ill advised modifications.

General Discussion / The Doom?
« on: January 24, 2016, 01:16:15 PM »
As far as phase ships go we currently have:

The Afflictor, a sleek, compact hunter killer frigate that can dance between enemy bullets and has 4 forward facing weapons capable of focusing fire even shuttles.

The Shade, a not so sleek but still compact adaptable frigate with 3 forward facing weapons capable of focusing fire even shuttles.

The soon to arrive phase destroyer, again, a sleek and compact ship with 3 forward facing weapons that look like they will be capable of focusing fire even shuttles.

Seeing a pattern? Well not for long because after this we have:

The Doom: a flying X with a bulky and spread out profile, and forward facing weapon mounts that are so spread out they look like they could, under some cases, have problems focusing even on destroyers.  

To sum it up, I think the Doom sprite needs a major overhaul. In the sense of learning from its smaller brothers.  


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