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Suggestions / Toggleable Speed Up Time
« on: December 21, 2018, 06:44:53 AM »
As the title says, a toggle option for the "Speed up time" in game. Would be nice to not hurt my pinky finger constantly holding shift or some other button.

Can't really think of any reason that this -shouldn't- be an option, at least.

Suggestions / Making Carriers Cool(er)
« on: August 18, 2017, 07:21:37 PM »
So, as I'm sure all of us know, carriers in real life utilize catapult systems to launch their aircraft with a fair amount of starting velocity, due to the fact that it looks really damn cool practical reasons about take-off distance and the like.

In comparison, our current SS fighters slowly leave their fighter bays as if theyre headed out for a midnight stroll on a Saturday. How much cooler would they be if they shot out from their decks like as if each pilot was going through a hidden Gundam launch sequence?

My suggestion is, as such, have two types of fighter bays:
1.) As it currently is, for Converted Hangars, converted ships like the Condor, and certain lower-tech or non-militarised ships like the Venture. Maybe certain side decks or non-catapult equipped decks on military carriers as well.
2.) Another type that launches fighters along a set pathway, at a certain velocity (maybe some function of mass of the fighter and a constant).

Of course, there would be little practical reason to do this in space, but hey, rule of cool, right?

Actually, as for a practical reason, why not add in a 3rd command on the fighter orders (after Engage and Regroup): Dock? This would allow damaged fighters to repair (which they currently cannot) as well as rearming and protecting the fighters from any incoming fire. Even under Regroup I notice my jets getting plinked off because they strayed too close to the front of my carrier or such.

This would also give the militarized catapult decks an actual use, as they could fully launch a squadron faster or perhaps get them into direct combat more quickly due to the launch velocity.

(Also, its cool. Really.)

General Discussion / Did you miss me?
« on: May 07, 2017, 11:52:41 PM »
After... many years... of being away from this game (though still having it installed on my computer), I'm back with the release of 0.8!

And I must say, it is AMAZING what Alex and co. have accomplished here.

Not only have they changed the game so dramatically it felt almost unfamiliar to me (at least, with the exception of the very familiar combat), the expanded game mechanics, atmosphere, universe and lore, even some of the character design, feels... smooth. Not quite into fully polished territory, but its certainly a game worth playing.

So really, while I start on my second playthrough, I just wanted to ask...

Whats been going on here since my departure? I'm pretty sure I went dark when it was like... 0.65 or something. Also, it's so good to see familiar faces (icons?) all over again! Hey everyone!

General Discussion / Metal and Machinery?
« on: January 16, 2015, 08:22:00 PM »
Seems like every fleet I destroy - be it a trade fleet, war fleet, patrol, pirate fleet, whatever - is to some degree carrying like 10 Heavy Machinery and ~100++ Metals.

Whats going on?

Bug Reports & Support / Where is the Java that SS uses?
« on: November 16, 2014, 05:02:09 AM »
Just looking around in the Nvidia control panel, trying to set some defaults, and was wondering where the java executable that Starsector runs on is located so I can set the default card for that one to my Nvidia card.

I've got one folder in the regular Program Files and one in the x86 version, which is where my SS folder is. I've set my Starsector.bat to run using "java" instead of "..\jre\bin\java".


Suggestions / General Ideas
« on: November 14, 2014, 09:18:31 AM »
Alright, so I had my dabble in vanilla and mods, and I'd just thought about what I would think Starsector (Starfarer in my heart) could use at this point.

1.) Codex Changes - Ship System Entry

Often when playing with mods, and even a little bit in vanilla itself, I find myself wondering the exact statistics of certain ship systems. For example, how many flares does the Flare Launcher launch? How fast do Active Flares move? How much flux per second does the Fortress Shield generate? How long does Manoeuvring Thrusters last? And so on.

This gets very confusing especially with the special systems that certain mods stick onto their ships. I have little way of knowing how far the Advanced Phase Teleporter actually jumps me in Starsector+, for example.

Granted, these are all very technical things, and certainly do not belong on each ship entry, which is why I'd like to see a separate section where we can read up on the stats (And the lore, oh the lore that I do so love) of each unique ship system.

2.) Changes to Factions and Reputation

A. Commissioned Trades

I like the trade system as it is now, actually, what with the nonsensically-high tariffs and the like. Of course, food shortages might be a bit wacky, but thats a different story. What I'd like to see are factions actually allowing people to do the 'Ship 5000 Boxes of Hand Weapons to Jangala' kind of thing, and pay you in the process. Granted, they have their own trade fleets to do this, but it'd be mercenary work, hard stuff - perhaps flying through a pirate-infested area of space, or with the Tri-Tachyon Corporation hot on your heels - but it'd provide another way of getting reputation with the faction as well as making a quick buck (providing you dont get blown up).

B. Faction Bounties

I believe this has been put up before, but I kinda wanted to add to it a little. I think that, at a certain point, factions should place bounties not only on pirates, but on independents, on other factions, and yes, on you. Sure, it might get a bit annoying having the occasional Bounty Hunter catching up to you in their Burn 8 fleet of Wolves, but thats part of universe, dont you think? That bounty hunter right there is trying to make a living just like you are, and who are you to stop him? Oh wait, your Paragon's plasma cannons accidentally fired. Oh well, its too bad. Alas, you hardly knew him.

This also provides a little more variation to the bounties you'd be hunting. Most of what I get to fight are clearly pirate fleets - D variants, boatloads of Talon squadrons, the occasional Eagle - that somehow have managed to get a 150 thousand bounty on their heads.

C. Independents

Now this is a little wacky. What I dont understand is, why does blowing up, say an independent Bounty Hunter captain render you suddenly hostile with the entirety of every person that's free? I mean, first off, I dont even know how they heard of me murdering Smook McCarthy a few parsecs away from any known star. Unless, of course, the Independent nations are kind of a loosely-knitted society of people that control the open markets or something, but I always had the impression they were like you - free and operating on their own terms. Beat too many of them up, then sure, but I dont see why a few fights here and there would render me a pirate in everyone's eyes.

3.) Assault Craft and Corvettes

Now, I got these ideas from mods, but I always thought fighters in vanilla were really underwhelming. Sure, you've got the Xyphos which is kinda good I guess, and the Daggers (which by the way are sick now because of the Reaper acceleration), but theyve always been a kinda lackluster ship class for me. We don't have any true CAS fighters like the A-10, or any gunships like the AC-130, which I would really like to see. Slowish craft that would get easily intercepted by other fighters, but with fairly tough engines and anti-ship guns. Even better, make the gunships circle around targets and blast them instead of ramming their face into the gun barrel of the nearest Onslaught that they see. Sure, you'd have to balance them, but I think the CR/respawn mechanic provides a great way to do just that.

4.) Explosions!

While I do understand that, frankly, nobody wants to destroy a disabled ship, there are always times when my quad-plasma Paragon accidentally wipes that Falcon off the face of the map, but the resulting *boom* is tiny, and the ship just kinda disappears. It doesnt really feel exciting, that way. There should be a big BOOM! and maybe a few parts (could be generic, easier to make, too) flying off like asteroids, maybe occasionally smashing into some ships here and there but nothing major. I always thought the ambience of this game was a very strong draw, and I'd like to see it be extended.

In comparison, the disabled flash of some ships is ridiculously high. Disabling an Onslaught, for example, makes my screen turn white for a good two seconds, and any quick pauses that I make during that time to look on the tactical map are similarly blinded. Perhaps the tactical map could have a tint to it, to darken the background a little?

Well, that about wraps it up for whatever I've managed to put on my mind right now. Might get around to writing another one of these after a bit more playing, and all.

Bug Reports & Support / Memory Issues
« on: November 03, 2014, 09:37:45 PM »
Title doesnt describe much, but it seems to be an issue I've been having with the vmparams file. Since the recent update switched the default memory to 1024, I cant play the game. Did a bit of troubleshooting, and when I try to open the starsector.bat file, it gives me a "could not create enough space for the virtual heap" error, among some other words I cant really make out because it only opens for like a fraction of a second at a time.

Dialed the memory in the vmparams file down to 750, and it works. Which is weird, because I'm pretty sure my computer should be able to handle more memory. Any solutions for this?

General Discussion / Epic Scale Mod
« on: November 02, 2014, 06:51:39 AM »
Had a crazy idea (literally the night before my exam, whats up with me?), but how would a crazily epic scale mod sound to you guys?

What I was thinking was: Scale down everything to the point that current capital ships (e.g the Paragon, the Onslaught) are 'Frigate' class, and are equivalently frigate sized in-game. Then you'd have your fighters, which would be like, squadrons of Hammerheads or Sunders, lone Eagles and such. Of course, remove most small and medium mounts on ships, letting the large mounts become the small mount equivalent.

And then you'd really get into the modding part, where your destoyers and onwards would be these truly massive vessels (in relative terms), where you'd have like 10+ storm needlers on a broadside, gigantic missile batteries capable of nuking squadrons of Paragons to oblivion, etc. Your freighters would be able to haul entire cities from planet to planet, crewing in the thousands (not really, should probably scale the numbers down on everything, like crew, health, supplies/day, etc).

Just wanted to hear some thoughts.

Bug Reports & Support / Everyday I'm Smugglin'
« on: October 31, 2014, 04:37:43 PM »
So approximately 8 months ago (in game time), I smuggled 40 recreational drugs to Jangala.

Every month after that, I've gotten the "Smuggling activity on Jangala" news report, which states that I've been involved in a smuggling activity which has lowered the stability of Jangala.

Pretty sure its not supposed to last for so long, right?

(unless meth is that great a drug)

Suggestions / Planetary Battles
« on: October 26, 2014, 08:46:23 AM »
Did a quick search before I posted, but didnt go all the way back so please bear with me if I happen to be repeating something someone else has said before.

With the new patch, and the mechanics that come with it, such as clear orbital stations and fleets that stick around in a planets orbit to do whatever, I was wondering what the community thought about having a different - not widely different - kind of battle that would take place within a certain distance of a planet, such as the radius at which fleets currently orbit or something like that.

The thing I noticed is that, when engaging these fleets or similar fast pickets and stuff as you approach a planet, it becomes a little weird. Suddenly there are these nebula out of nowhere that somehow pop up in high-orbit, slowing your ships and stuff, and communications relays, sensor bouys, and nav points that arent in any particular ownership. It strikes me that, above Jangala, for example, the Hegemony forces don't bother to deploy some of their own sensor relays or whatever that can clearly be seen in battle. Also, asteroids. Why are there asteroids?

My thought was that perhaps there could be some mechanic where fighting in the orbit of the planet would have different effects on ones ships. Instead of nebulas, it could be that the planet's atmosphere (though I do believe there isnt actually an effect when you're that high up), shortens the range of weapons, or dampens lateral motion like the nebulas do. Instead of asteroids, it could be random space junk that has accumulated over the years, especially over industrialised planets. Perhaps the planetary guns or orbital station defenses could play a role in the battle, especially when fighting faction fleets. Perhaps the specific characteristics of the planet could change the battle, like how fighting when over an asteroid field does.

I'm not quite sure how difficult this would be to implement, but I just thought I'd post my thoughts. Also, I hate nebulas.

General Discussion / Thermal Pulse Cannons?
« on: October 23, 2014, 12:19:40 AM »
I noticed that Volturn has a surprising number of Thermal Pulse Cannons in stock (Like, 10 or so). I tried buying one, and it wont let me stick it on any hardpoint, so can someone explain why the planet has a stock of inbuilt Onslaught weapons?

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