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General Discussion / Typo or Skill Bug? Navigation III
« on: May 31, 2019, 09:33:09 AM »
Here a clip of what it says word for word in the current version...

Navigation Level 3

+1 to Maximum Burn Level (Fleet)
Increases the Burn bonus of the "Sustained Burn Ability" by 1 (Fleet)

My Fleet's Current RAW Burn Rate = 8 (8 is my slowest ship)
My Fleet's Burn Rate while at normal speed with this skill = 9
My Fleets actual Sustained Burn Rate = 18

Does anyone else see the problem?

The first part of the skill works perfectly... However, I never get the burn bonus on the Sustained burn.   9 x 100% = 18 When in fact, if it was adding an additional burn point to the sustained burn, it should be = 19       
8 + 1 for the first part = 9
Sustain burn 100% more = 18
1 extra burn speed for Sustained burn = 19  if one followed the math of what the skill states

Either the skill has a typo or bug?

General Discussion / Remnant - Recoverable?
« on: December 06, 2018, 02:15:51 AM »
Anyone done it?  I was killing fleets and so far nothing... sure would be nice.

So I noticed a AI inspection fleet was headed to my base... but it was 46 days away... intel said the fleet was out matched by my forces, and my ground forces out matched it also...  so I figured no need to wait for it and it would be stopped by my defense...

MFW the fleet takes my cores, 1 alpha and 4 betas.... WTF??? they just walked in without a challange? that solarsystem is a hornets nest of my huge fleets, how did it get in??

General Discussion / Thunder Intercepter is OP (am i right?)
« on: November 30, 2018, 01:00:51 AM »
only fighter with 8000 range, from what I can tell so far... every other fighter/bomber in the game is 4000 range.

So basically you just get like a fleet with tons of these going...(like at least 10 light carriers 2x ea) and maybe a few bombers, and its good night everything.

They are stupid fast (450 base)... come with an Ion gun that stun locks/flameouts everything... AND have a Light machine gun for killing missiles and other fighters, AND a SRM launcher.

They go screaming across the map at anything you spot in a horde of death... they *** everything in sight pretty much.

all for only 8 OD points. 

Feels OP when you mass them, though getting them may take some luck. 

General Discussion / Am I done? Or am I missing something? Help?
« on: November 29, 2018, 01:02:23 PM »
Ok... so I got the new update... its cool... dont get me wrong...

I did all the missions I could find...  I've done a lap around the outside of the map.. stoping here and there for distress signals, and following any leads I might have....

I got 7 pretty healthy settlements going... I have a fleet that can take down anything and everything I come up against without any losses.  (I once took on like 500 ships like it was nothing, all the fleets on the screen somehow combined against me in one huge megafight)

I can freely waltz into any system and completely crush any planet I want, tossing all the ships aside on my way.

I've found a mothership that was pretty cool, but I didn't get to salvage it, just blow it up... I've found a lot AI cores.

Remnate doesn't really seem to do anything... they had a cool battleship at the red planet but it blew up.

So... what do I do now? am I done?  is there more?

I mean is it possible to do something else?  Is there more secrets to be found out there?

Bug Reports & Support / Lost Activation Code
« on: November 17, 2018, 10:18:44 AM »
I picked up the game back in 2009 or something... back when it was Starfarer.  Searched my email for several keywords, but can't find the email with the code...
For years I never even thought about it because I literally managed to run the same windows 7 install up till about last December when I got windows 10.

Been watching this game for years, but since the new update, wanted to play... now I need the code. Forgot to pull it out of my windows 7 registry before installing windows 10.

As an early supporter, I dont feel I should have to pay again.  But Since my email doesn't contain "Fractal" "Starfarer" "Starsector" (that contains a code anyway)

I doubt he even has records back that far.  I could have sworn there was a way to log in to get your code before.

General Discussion / 345 days - you've read this post before
« on: March 04, 2018, 12:39:04 PM »
come on man, i know we arn't suppose to talk about it...

but bro... 345 days of reading/checking the blog page about good ideas and plans....

why sit on something like this for so long?  By the time you finish the game at this rate, we will have moved on from 2D screens completely.

This has had so much potential from day one. It still does...  If you actually kept this game moving forward and updated it more, as well as brought it to release it would probably more then out shine whatever job you are working now in income.  The sky is the limit for actively supported games theses days. 

If i was in your shoes I would have doubled down on this project so hard, given all the followers and community.  Defiantly would have quit my job.

I try to play the game everytime there is an update.

Seems that even getting a decent fleet always gets to the point where I am ALWAYS fighting supplies and fuel, cutting in the profits constantly.

I mean i get the mechanic and all, also it hasn't really stopped me from getting to the point where i have lots of money.   

But to combat the problem I often drop most of my ships off at my abandoned outpost, and try to take smaller fleets or just a few big ships.

Having said all that, it still feels like I am just constantly fighting draining supplies and fuel, its to the point where the entire game, every move involves being solely based how much fuel and supplies I have... exploring the deep space seems out of the question considering if you arn't going out to get more money to buy more fuel and more supplies you are going to go broke.

It just gets a little old... always chasing that supply and fuel drain every turn....

Could rename the game to StarSupplies.

Suggestions / Alex - you could be rich if you did this
« on: January 18, 2014, 03:47:50 AM »
Alex, I want you to think about this.

Right now there is a game called "Vega Conflict" that has a lot of features like this game, only when it comes to the details of ship combat and ship customization your game is light years ahead.

Currently those people that made "Vega Conflict" are raking in 7 figures, simply because of the MMO aspect and how they set up the game (they basically are using the "Farmville" model)

What I want you to consider.  Is probably a serious undertaking but if you pulled it off, you would have the best MMO/RTS/Spacesim in the world.

You would be rich, you would have all the money you ever wanted, and then some.

If you could look at "Vega Conflict" and see how they did the game, and use that as a model, for the multi-player aspect of your game, you can far surpass them with what you have now.

Your game has everything Vega Conflict is missing

If you had MMO, some base building, your game could surpass Minecraft.

I can't say I agree with the "Farmville" model, but unfortunately it would probably be the most profitable for you, however you could chose to have premium subscription features, sometimes a little money from a lot of people is better then a lot from a few.

I am so sure that if this could be done, and done using your current game as the platform, that if you choose to do it, and if you think you can do it.  If there are parts you think you might need help on, maybe we can talk to some other coders and see.

I will fund the development.

We can talk money via email and phone if you want, message me if you are interested.

General Discussion / No one finishes space games
« on: December 18, 2013, 11:55:57 PM »
So yea I bought this game over a year ago, updates have gotten so few and far between, it feels dead.

the mods are great, but I remember when there where updates like every few weeks.

I think the developer has lost interest in the project.

So many upstart games like this are going this way now, look at StarDrive for example.

they get to a point and just tapper off, and finally the dev just calls it finished, when none of the original plan is finished.

I can totally understand, I couldn't stay focused on a single project for this long myself, especially if I was the only one doing it.

I should start a new kind of Kickstarter Website, where projects are funded the same way, only in order for the developer to get 80% of it, completion and goals should be voted upon by the crowed that funded it. And if the Dev doesn't deliver, the money can be voted back by the crowed. 

Kind of like a trust fund, where he only gets the full payout if the majority agrees he has met the goals, that way he still has something to work for, a Dollar amount, and gets like 10%-20% up front, but if the crowd votes he has not met the goals, the remainder of the funds is returned after several rounds of votes (chances) in percentage to the crowd, based on each person's original fund amount.

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