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Modding / A couple modding questions
« on: May 28, 2019, 04:36:52 PM »
I'm extremely new to modding and coding in general. The most experience I have with coding is BeeperBot.

I have made maps for Age of Mythology and Warcraft 2/3 so I have some idea how those systems worked.
I even engineered a simple script for Age of Mythology that created a Day/Night cycle during the game, that people seemed to love and popped up all over the place after I did it online...

(It was basically a system of simple triggers that fired after x amount of time, and repeated.)

Anyways. I'm looking at Rules.csv and trying to understand what's going on in the dialogues. I DID look at the PDF file for rules.csv that's linked in the forums here. However, I'm still not really understanding what's going on.

So this string:

marketOptionCommDir,DialogOptionSelected,$option == marketCommDir,OpenCommDirectory,You connect to the local comm directory and browse the public and otherwise known listings.,,

So if I understand it, it's adding an option, called "CommDir", checking if someone clicked it, loading what CommDir tells it to, and then opening CommDirectory, followed by a line that is printed in the window for it.

So off of that I came up with this:

marketOptionDecInd,DialogOptionSelected,$option == marketDecInd,OpenDecIndDecision,Are you sure you want to grant this colony independence? #(Yes, No)

Currently it does absolutely nothing, as I've not defined "DecInd" to mean anything.

I'm thinking I could get that rolling with something like:

marketAddOptionDecInd, PopulateOptions,"$hasMarket
$menuState == main
$tradeMode != NONE #Is this line necessary? Does the game consider it a trade if not here? Or some weirdness?
$ == player",MakeOption ...
And that's as far as I got.

What I'm hoping this does is to define "DecInd", populate the options (Though I'm not entirely sure if this is a pre-defined set of options or, if I have to define my confirmation elsewhere, and this calls it) and checks if the planet has a market.
I'm guessing $menuState is checking if its the main menu still?
$ == player checks if the market belongs to the player, and then I have the MakeOption line that I assume calls something else. (I see a lot of "OpenCore" but not entirely sure what that is.)

I have no idea how complex this particular idea is to actually implement, and I don't think it really matters. I can learn what I need to as I go along, so long as people are willing to help me with my questions.

I'm mostly just wondering if I'm on the right track to make it create an option called; "Declare Independence" with a player owned colony.

The ultimate goal of what I'm trying to work towards is a mod with this option, asks yes/no, and on yes, "grants" independence to the colony. This independence would depend on if "free port" is toggled on or not. (Only player owned colonies)
If Free Port is off, and you use this option, it would transfer ownership of the colony to the Independent faction. If Free Port is on, it becomes a Pirate colony instead.
This DOES raise the question of what might happen if the now Independent colony has a Patrol HQ or higher, as Independent colonies don't seem to have this in vanilla. I'm unsure of what the game would do with that, if anything.

A future goal with this as well, would be to create a custom event for this. Assuming that planetary invasion ever becomes a thing, (maybe it doesn't need to be for this to work) it would generate a fleet from one of the factions that would aggressively target this new independent colony for conquest. Effectively, the player is given the choice of either personally, or by proxy, defending the independent planet from a faction invasion. (Possibly more than once.) I figure this fits in with the lore, as the Factions, especially the Hegemony are described as occasionally annexing Independent worlds, and are generally not fond of them. (EX The Last Hurrah mission and the fate of the Independent Mayathura people.) Another set of effects I'd like it to eventually do is provide an opinion malus from the main factions, and an opinion boost from the Independent faction (If it becomes independent). (Pirates/Pathers don't really care either way.) It would also provide a system wide stability malus, "Granted a Colony Independence"

So I'm trying to get the whole thing rolling just from Rules.csv (I have no experience with Java, I'm mostly just looking at what has already been done in those files from both modders and Alex, and trying to figure out what that stuff does. It LOOKS pretty understandable and I think I can figure it out just by playing with stuff. Creating brand new functions is beyond me atm. So my current goal is to just figure out how to modify and how Rules.csv works.)

ProcGen questions

Another question I have maybe a lot simpler.

I've been messing around with ProcGen (I like my Starsector with double the objects/system than the defaults provide) and I noticed two things.

Firstly, the secondary and trinary stars of multi star systems seem to quite often be devoid of planets, even with the increased object counts. Is there a way to force the planet generator to check if there are companion stars, and to specifically add a minimum number of objects to those companion stars, so they aren't mostly unused? Or is this just abnormal/unlucky behavior where I'm finding this happening? (When I say Companion Stars, I mean stars that are nearer to the edge of the map, as opposed to systems with them all bunched together in the center.)

Additionally, I noticed that either the game is running out of objects to add, or some other weirdness is happening, the faded in asteroid/dust streams usually present around Black Holes is often showing up around non-black hole stars. Is there a way to force ProcGen to ONLY generate this around black holes? I'm not sure where to look for these things.

Finally, is it possible to adjust the number of systems generated per cluster? I've not seen this option in ProcGen so far. Or maybe I just missed it.

Big thanks to anyone who can help me out!

(Also, I DID figure out how to create a mod_info file, which makes editing the game so much easier for version control, so I don't have to back up every base game file I mess with!)

Bug Reports & Support / AI Shoving
« on: November 25, 2018, 05:26:28 PM »
So an issue I've noticed with the AI... It seems to be very aggressive at closing with enemy bases. So much so, that it literally shoved my flagship into the base, and the oncoming missile storm. Needless to say, I didn't survive that, and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

I've also noticed issues with the air generally shoving me around regardless. I've had AI frigates try to shove my Eagle around too.

Its gotten quite annoying.

Bug Reports & Support / Pirate base spawned other side of sector
« on: November 24, 2018, 10:58:06 PM »
As above. I have a pirate base that's targeting my system and its quite literally on the other side of the map.

I don't know if this is intended, but having to travel that far to kill a base that re-spawns literally a month after you kill it is a little obscene.


In the same game, I also had one of my own trade fleets running away from me, but didn't make a save of that. (It literally said "fleeing your fleet.")

Suggestions / Abandoning Colonies
« on: November 24, 2018, 10:09:42 PM »
Basically, allowing players to abandon colonies larger than size 3 for what ever reason.

Probably only feasible in the next major version, involving invasion.

Basically, once a colony becomes greater than size 3, abandoning it gives you 1/2 or 1/4 or something like that of your investment back, and grants the colony independence. The colony keeps all its stuff, and becomes a Independent colony.
Now this is pretty exploitable as is, simply because you can trade with neutral colonies and use them to boost your own income.

So to balance this out, ANY colony you "abandon" this way, becomes targetable by factions hostile to you. They will attempt to invade and annex the now independent world, and use it as a base to attack you.

This fits in ingame lore, since factions like the Hegemony have a history of already annexing independent worlds. They could also just decide to destroy the colony entirely as well.

Additionally, you can't abandon colonies that are lacking certain things. For example, no industry if you don't have a mine.

So the only real way to prevent a new pirate base appearing right beside you, is to protect these colonies yourself. This can be by having them only in systems you control for example.

Another way to balance this out as well, if there are just as many independent colonies as yours (or more) you start taking a stability hit, maybe have "revolutionaries" spawn on your planets to reduce the stability. (Much like lore suggests for Syndrian home system)

Another potential balance, that new Independent world can also independently decide to go Pirate anyway if there is little/no military presence in the system.

Finally, attacking, in any way any Independent colony you released carries a MASSIVE stability penalty on your colonies. (Attacked our own people)

Bug Reports & Support / (0.9A) NPCs and Black Holes
« on: November 20, 2018, 07:37:58 PM »
So I colonized a binary system where one of the partner objects is a black hole.

Found this.

3 neutral fleets hanging out in the middle of a black hole, unable to escape.

Bug Reports & Support / Bug in Combat Screen
« on: December 05, 2012, 05:47:44 PM »
So... Here's how I got it:

sitting on Pirate planet with a Hegemony Patrol. We both attempt to engage a pirate fleet at the same time. (Hegemony fleet got priority, I only got to fight the carrier group's surviving fighters.) I'm betting the game put me into combat at the exact same time the game decided that the Hegemony fleet whipped the Pirate capitals. Anyway, after the battle, on the results screen, the "Continue" button is unclickable. Can't do anything.
This required me to terminate the game using Ctrl+Alt+Del. However, now the game's music plays endlessly in the background, forcing me to restart the system to fix it. So, that might be another bug, or something with the sound card. Not sure...
Also, is the current version of the game.

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