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Discussions / Not entirely sure if you guys can help me.
« on: February 19, 2014, 10:13:32 PM »
Basically, I have managed to finagle myself into a campaign advisor position for a politician in the States, and I have run into an issue that has really stone-walled me. My position ordains that I screen all the volunteers that attempt to join the campaign. I do other stuff besides just recruiting, but this is where I ran into my problem. So today a young man about 19-ish came into the office, wanting to join, and after asking a little bit of background information I found out exactly how f*cked this guy's life has been. Frankly I was impressed that he even had the sense to try and get it together, considering his incredibly crappy past, and try and work for the campaign. Then however it hit me, he was a young and impoverished African-American boy with a very broken nose and a very shady past, and that this would not fly with the heavily conservative voter base the candidate I was working for was trying to reach out to. As much as I hate stereotypes, the harassment and bereavement he would face while working here would not be worth the experience. I myself am not conservative, but a job is a job. I couldn't flat-out turn him away, even though I am on my way to being a politician myself I haven't become that soulless yet, so i told him to come in to the office next Monday. So guys got any opinions or ideas on what I should do? This is a touchy topic and I think a bit more diverse opinion will help me make the best decision.

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