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Suggestions / ship/hullmod specific campaign level abilities
« on: June 12, 2017, 01:24:42 PM »
I'm wondering how practical this would be, seems like it would grant a lot of flexibility for future features/modding. Basically give campaign abilities some type of link to hull features such that some abilities are only usable with certain mods on some/all of your ships. Some examples I can think of follow:

High Resolution Sensor Burst - More powerful version of Active Sensor Burst, requires some ships to have high resolution sensor to activate

Remote Survey - This would be a balance issue, of course, but something like the remote survey could require surveying equipment in addition to/instead of the skill

Fleetwide Phase dive - eliminates all sensor signature of the fleet (even the base 300) and increase burn speed at the cost of supplies, requires all ships to have phase field to activate

Mine Entity - If we want to maintain the mining role for ventures/shepherds, maybe they can be given a "Mining equipment" hullmod that allows them to have this ability which would extract resources from asteroids/gas giants and the like

Improvised Repair Yard - requires at least one ship to have a salvage/repair gantry to activate, slows fleet to a crawl/stop but increases repair speed and decreases supply consumption, also decreases/eliminates refit CR penalty while in the field.

Again, this is not a suggestion for those abilities in particular, I just think campaign abilities tied to the ships would be an interesting system and the above are some possible ways to make use of it

sorry for the undescriptive title, I'm not sure what's happening here but it doesn't look right



Mostly because I'm tired of friendly patrols stealing my bounty. Can we have a simple dialogue option that allows us to preclude friendly ships from joining our forces?

Something like this:

Hegemony Patrol: Supporting your forces
The Pirate fleet maneuvers to prevent you from disengaging easily.....

You decide to....

1) Move in to engage
2) Transfer command before engagement
3) Attempt to disengage

Move in to engage

A Hegemony Patrol is nearby and willing to assist you in the upcoming battle, if you transmit your fleet's IFF codes to them.

You decide to....

1) transmit IFF codes
2) do not transmit IFF codes

Suggestions / explosion effects for "pound into scrap" command
« on: May 15, 2017, 10:44:39 AM »
small qol and probably not worth it unless it's done with minimal effort, but thought I'd put it up

when you pound salvage into scrap, there should be a few explosions like those found during battles, for realism and just so the player knows that something has happened. I have several times found myself waiting around aimlessly after giving the command, not noticing the thing is already a cloud of debris

The cost to recover display on the fleet screen does not seem to take into account the supply needed to repair damage until your fleet has fully recovered its CR. This leads to some misleading displays like this:

whereby the first image makes it look as though I won't need much more supplies to get the fleet back in working order but ticks over to the second after CR is recovered

Suggestions / surrender to stations
« on: May 05, 2017, 05:54:29 PM »
Basically, sometimes I come home from an expedition with 0 supplies and dwindling CR, and I forget to turn on my transponder. Some fast picket from across the system catches wind, the planet refuses docking, and I get to mull over my mistakes in low orbit for days risking accidents while they take their time moseying over to hand me a space-ticket.

Can we just tell the station "oops, our bad, here scan us" and be done with it?

General Discussion / what's the formula for repair cost?
« on: May 03, 2017, 04:44:37 PM »
Basically this^ What determines how much supplies it takes to repair a ship to full health/armor? Is it related to supplies/rec?

Suggestions / effect of stability on economy
« on: May 03, 2017, 02:59:36 PM »
I feel like there exists room for improvement on the current implementation of market stability, the whole "prices increase/decrease" thing isn't (imo) very exciting nor, unless I'm looking for a place to sell survey data, very useful.

I propose stability be present as a simple multiplier to supply/demand. This multiplier applies differently to different goods based on the following axioms:

  • In times of low stability, people hoard essentials, forgo luxuries, and seek to leave the planet.
  • In times of low stability, production of luxury goods shut down first, followed by industrial goods and finally essential/agricultural goods.
  • In times of high stability, production and consumption of all goods increase, with luxury goods increasing above the rest in proportion to total consumption (people want good stuff) and industrial goods increasing below the rest in proportion (only so much infrastructure)

Therefore, I propose existing goods be roughly divided into 3 categories: essentials, industrials, and luxuries (commodities.csv already has tags to a similar effect).

Essentials: food, domestic goods, organs (need those to survive, ya know), hand weapons (gotta stay safe somehow)
industrials: ore, metals, volatile, etc. etc.
luxuries: luxury goods, "chemical arts", lobsters

with only some back-of-the-napkin math, I tentatively propose the following functions for multipliers:

essentials: s = 1+ 0.075(x - 5)
industrials: s = 1+ 0.4(ln(x+1) - ln6)
luxuries: s = 1+ 0.6 (arctan (x-4) - arctan1)

essentials: d = 1+ 0.025(x-5)^2
industrials: d = 1+ 0.1(x-5)
luxuries: d = 1+ 0.02(x-6)^3

(graphs below provided generously by orost)

where a planet's final production is its initial production times s as a function of x (stability from 0 to 10) and final demand is its initial demand times d as a function of x

this means that at stability 10, for example, a planet will demand 128% more luxuries, 62.5% more essential goods, and 50% more industrial goods. It will also supply 37.5% more industrial goods, 31% more luxuries, and 24.2% more industrial goods. commodity prices can then shift based on those numbers.

heading out right now but I will go deeper into the advantages of this system when I get home

EDIT: right... ahem... thanks orost for the graphs. Basically from there, you can see that all markets produce at their baseline capacity at stability 5 (multiplier = 1) and will, for example, stop producing luxury items almost completely at stability 3. Below I briefly discuss the main properties of this system:

  • A natural, stable economy. Since (generally speaking) higher stability => higher demand and vice versa, and since demands being met and stockpiles being built up naturally increases stability (I believe this is the current state of affairs), markets will trend towards an equilibrium without outside influence. This gives markets a good baseline stability which we can then edit with various properties (region capital, military base, etc.) The only case where this system is unstable is...
  • Food shortages! Or in this case, essential goods shortages. This is by design as it, in addition to certain events (interception of essential good trading fleets, etc) allows disasters to organically occur. As essential goods supply decreases, the market demands more essential goods and simultaneously produces less, compounding the issue. This creates what is essentially the 0.7.2 version of the food shortage without artificially influencing the price and will not return to stability until an outside force is brought together to relieve it.
  • Not a current concern, but I believe this is something alex intends to work on at some point in the future: insurgency, revolution, and decivilization. As hand weapons and organs are essential goods, demand for them will naturally increase in a time of crisis. While in most cases demand of goods being met increases stability, these two goods are different as they're contrabands for the most part. This allows the player (or other nefarious parties) to fuel the crisis and make a neat profit (from local warlords) by smuggling those in instead of organizing relief like a good samaritan . Now THAT is what I call "meaningful choices" in the economic model (something alex strives for, according to the game's faq).

In conclusion. This seems to be a really simple change code-wise (take whatever function that generates commodities, multiply it by whatever function that commodity uses, give output) for a huge gain. I hope alex at least deigns to play around with it a little bit.

Suggestions / dropping off ships similar to cargo
« on: May 01, 2017, 10:05:12 AM »
perhaps one step removed from fleet separation mechanics, but this one should be a bit simpler to implement (if a bit more limited)

since we can already leave cargo to come back to later, I propose we be allowed to do the same for ships. A ship dropped off in space can be tracked permanently and will need to be supplied and crewed to maintain CR, otherwise it will lose CR as though it's unsupplied and mothball itself once CR reaches 0. Ships left in space will be subject to all terrain (nebula/asteroid belts, mostly) and will be running dark. Enemy fleets will not look for the ship unless they see you drop it or have seen your fleet recently (and therefore identify the fleet as missing a juicy freighter, for example). If they find the ship they will destroy/capture/loot it but if they're not specifically looking for it they will not interact with it in any way.

Suggestions / qol extension to ctrl-click behavior
« on: April 30, 2017, 09:28:09 PM »
suggestion: ctrl-clicking a good on the market should put all you can afford into your inventory if it is less than your full capacity, ctrl-clicking again gets you to full capacity, and ctrl-clicking a third time gets you the entire stack

so I'm on an expedition, minding my own business, when a scavenger fleet started chasing me. This has been known to happen from time to time, sure, scavengers see a target of opportunity and can't help but give chase. The problem is I think the way this is done is by assuming the player has done something to them? I didn't interact with this fleet at all and suddenly my transponder button started glowing red and it says turning it on would reveal my identity and my hostile actions to the independents

Bug Reports & Support / "a nebula in a nebula"
« on: April 28, 2017, 04:52:57 PM »
saw this before and thought it was just weird phrasing, when alex didn't seem to understand what I was talking about I thought it might've been a bug. Here it is again:

ship's log tells of a mother ship in an asteroid field in a nebula in a nebula

Modding / What can we do with skin files?
« on: April 28, 2017, 10:16:11 AM »
So, I know with skins we can change weapon mounts, op, hull mods, etc etc.

From experimentation, apparently we can remove built-in wings.

What else can we do? Can we change burn level? Can we change fuel/cargo capacity/consumption? Does documentation exist somewhere?

Suggestions / proposal for a reimagined hullmod system
« on: April 27, 2017, 02:23:30 PM »
So, in the current hullmod system, potentially extensive ship upgrades can be removed and/or installed for free while similarly extensive damage have great costs associated with removing them.

I think it would be nice if hullmods become a more permanent part of a ship's hull than a simple, temporary loadout option, perhaps something along the line of the way d-mods are done right now. Detailed proposal follow:

  • The "restore" button be changed to "hullmod"
  • This button will lead to a menu where players can add/remove hullmods at some cost
    • hullmods available for addition/removal depend on player skills and station docked at
    • some stations provide installation of hullmods unavailable to players at a higher cost
    • d-mods can only be removed in stations, some hullmods need dry dock to install, etc
    • d-mods will be removed in the same way as all other hullmods
  • potentially some hullmods are illegal in some spaces (eg integrated PD AI illegal in heg space cuz AI)
  • ships can show up in markets with pre-installed hullmods, much like (XIV) or (A) hullmods but non-permanent
    • highly hullmodded ships may be very valuable (think buying a normal YT-1300 vs buying the Millenium Falcon)
    • ships can be bought with hullmods players cannot install themselves because they haven't learned them
    • number of positive hullmods can be indicated as blue pips next to the red pips of d-mods
    • a ship disabled in combat may both lose normal hullmods or gain d-mods, potentially both

There are two primary advantages to this system:

  • this brings hullmods and d-mods in line with one another and make them more streamlined as parts of the same system
  • this allows highly specialized/upgraded ships (like the Millenium Falcon) to be a valid way for players to invest their resources, potentially creating a new playstyle (like playing the Millenium Falcon). Did I mention I wanna be Han Solo, flying the Millenium Falcon?

Modding / (by request) [experimental minimod] - Talon Rebalance v1.0
« on: April 25, 2017, 07:25:45 AM »
By request

a 5 minute minimod that changes like 3 numbers. This gives talon swarmer missiles limited ammo capacity and reduces their burst size to single shot. The goal of this change is to dramatically reduce the talon's ability to maintain pressure on armored targets while maintaining (for the most part) their ability to take part in dogfights. The change in burst size also reduces their ability to overwhelm ship PD's and should result in lower survivability around larger ships.

google drive download link

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