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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: New music for Galatia Academy (06/12/24)

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General Discussion / About Natural Dreams
« on: November 11, 2023, 12:11:56 AM »
In short, this topic is about (but not only) proper and large-scale text quests for Starsector. Would you want them? Maybe as a mod?
Now, to more explanation:

This game is not from this world. Okay, maybe it is - but... If we start talking about gameplay, there's nothing even close. And it's easy to see the result of several productive years of development with the idea and passion. In my list of favourite games it'd be ranked as 2-3 place. Comparing games of totally different genres is not a good thing to do, but, aside from the overwhelming positive experience Starsector(tm) has to provide, there's one small itch that it somehow... didn't cover? Should it even? Starsector is what it is, it is perfect that way it is, the missile knows where it is at all times, but I still want to share.

There are open-world space games I've played before that are astonishingly good. I am from Russia, this may be relevant, because, most likely, you wouldn't hear about these games: Space Rangers (1, 2, and 'A War Apart', though last one is definitely broken, and please don't try any mobile versions, like 'quest'), Parkan: The Imperial Chronicles (1997). They are (at the very least, first one) part of Post-CIS culture, a "Nostalgia for a future that never came". They both are open-world, but different in gameplay terms and scale, even genres, they both have some wacky gameplay moments, but also... they both have that one thing in common - in-game atmosphere is on another level.

Now I'll provide some examples based on Space Rangers only.

You'll find a lot of different dialogues based on who you are. If you do pirate activities more, you'd most often referred accordingly, you'd have more quests (text adventures) related to your 'job', and vice versa. You will be judged by your “appearance”, judged by your rating, military rank. Different parties (civillian fleets, military fleets, independent rangers) will have their opinion based on a lot of metrics. You may try to rob someone, and the success of the persuasion will depend on your ship's strength and speed. Military bases will provide dialogues with the context of current galaxy situation in mind. They will be brave if a war is in stale and the galaxy is split equally, and desperate, if the war is almost lost. What I mean, there're a lot of contextual dialogues. I've seen occasional context-dependent dialogues in Starsector, of course, but... different games, different genres, yeah.

Yet there's also something that could be in Starsector right now. Large text adventures. Not everyone likes these, so it's good to keep them optional, although in the right hands these could provide much more immersion to the game.

There's a Persean Chronicles mod that somewhat close to what I want to see, but those quests are still relatively small. E.g. in Space Rangers game text quests have HUGE branches, a lot of possible choices, some of them are complete mini-games that make them replayable, though they are not necessary, most of what they do is... Atmosphere. While music adds to it.

It's hard to find good videos on English about these quests because of the reason mentioned in 2 paragraph of prologue. My favourite one was a "Cybermind", where you've sent by some government to fix a problem on some distant AI-driven complex, and it already delivers from the start. You find it pretty much abandoned, except from the one scientist that tells you about rogue AI problem. And then that rogue AI activating its comms and says that... the scientist is the problem. It has a lot of branching and minigames, and a lot of ways to die, of course. They may be hours long, like Proprologue, that sends player in the past and emulates the game in the text format, although this is overkill.

These quests add a lot to world design and creating in-game atmosphere in general. Also music works, in Starsector it's usually serious, but sometimes also feels boring and repetitive, though it's whole other point and some will already throw hats at me. Right now, there are some quests in Starsector that involve some text navigation, and I love them. I simply wish for more.

Now, should we, as a mod community, find some writers that are willing to make some full text adventures? I also feel like there'd be a need for a framework in this case.

Random images from text quests

...and some music:

Modding / [0.96a][WIP] What The Dawg Doing (v1.2.1)
« on: November 05, 2023, 02:18:10 AM »
Some ship designs "upgraded" by the notorious pirate Dawg. What IS the Dawg doing?..

Created as a joke topic, finished as a joke mod.
Mod page in development (ri-i-ight after there will be more content).
And if you want more symmetric high-tech desings, here's your salvation:

Download this mod (also changelog):
Ship designs (rough placeholder showcase):

Credits to Itumingma for dakka colors, Apogee Mk. 3000 and Doomlin designs.

Please, report any bugs, typos and suggestions.

Q: updates wen
A: let's say I'll make yet another dive into this game after december, currently planning to code some quests and to do this I need someone who speaks English fluently

upd: this meme will die with the 0.96 version, and we have Grendel now, so no Doomlin

Yannick Ram told me about a safehouse on Volturn, yet when I arrived on Volturn, there's nothing related on it. No contacts, no safehouse options, nothing. There's also nothing on my accepted missions tab.

What should I do?

[ SOLUTION: If you are playing with Nex, make sure that any planet in Askonia system hasn't been captured. They should belong to their default owners (3 Sindrian planets, 1 independent, 1 pirate). ]

General Discussion / This game is stuck in the 00's. Here's some ideas
« on: October 20, 2023, 09:48:27 AM »
First of all, we have internet in the modern world, so we shall use it. Store some data on the servers and require internet connection for every launch, this will make many more features possible.

Second of all, restrict any balance settings change, and also provide in-game mod manager that will allow only certified mods to be activated for the game. Yes, this will require some time spent on moderation, but it's still ok.

Now about the real gameplay changes:
- Blueprints should be more common, but they also should contain only single blueprint (not a pack of something) and it should be random. You get one, you don't know what it contains, until you use it. Like, any gun, or if lucky, ship hull, but only one of them, no matter the tech tier or faction. Of course, common things should be more common.
- SP should be more difficult to obtain - like, you should acquire them by doing some quest, and maybe only 1 per level.
- There should be an in-game store for purchasing more blueprints/sp/credits/etc, otherwise it's really not about current era, your game won't be as popular as today's big titles. People seem to love this stuff.
- Any ship resurrection must cost SP of course.
- No more cheats, no dev mode, no console commands.
- More anime is good though since it's bringing in popularity.

Making all of said, you can basically release the game as it is and make future updates (or just mod integrations) as paid DLCs. Starsector is cool, that's why I provide this vision without even asking for a profit cut, this game really deserves a better state.

If really interested though, I can do more.

General Discussion / Silly question
« on: October 09, 2023, 06:26:26 AM »
Why shepherd class ships are always trying to experience over9000g (rotate rapidly)? Should it ever be fixed, or it's ok because they distributing incoming damage through all of their armor?

Discussions / is midnight dissonant alpha or beta core?
« on: September 22, 2023, 05:44:22 AM »
is midnight dissonant alpha or bqeasZxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzzzzzzzzzx

General Discussion / -109 relationship with Independent
« on: August 27, 2023, 10:38:25 PM »
Yet another independent shitpost.

0.) Nexerelin is installed.

1.) I had a mission from [REDACTED] Dissonant to drop a secret package, which I did (never do that in real life)
2.) After some time, amogus independent fleet showed up and tried to intercept mine
3.) Which I had successfully eluded from, and while travelling through more and more systems, it SHOWED UP AGAIN (so it was on my tail the whole time)
4.) Requisite 1, I have options to engage or try to disengage
5.) If I'd try to disengage, they'd pursue me and severely harass my ships + kills some transports and stuff (save-scumming, but only because...)
6.) Requisite 2, the game tries to tell me that THEY ARE NOT HOSTILE?! (Which was a foo-keen lie!)
7.) ? ? ? *insert some space battle sounds in a vacuum*
8.) Requisite 3 and 4, we have a war against independent. I've never thought it is even possible.

The purpose of this topic? Idk. Was that even intended? I've had ****ed up somewhere?

General Discussion / Independent forces scan ships for contraband
« on: August 26, 2023, 11:22:29 PM »
Was that always a thing or this is something that Nexerelin adds? I guess they didn't like that I bought some vessels from Black Market.

General Discussion / GraphicsLib without Graphics
« on: February 17, 2023, 02:51:19 AM »
I don't care about flashy graphics and stuff, yknow, about the "pew-pew boom wooaahhh colours go brrr" and something like this. I love to play videogames not because of this.
But I care about my potato computer not going through thermal decompisition, nor I want my PC to be turned into a corrupted nanoforge.

But... some of the mods, even LEGENDARY ones (there's actually even a musthave - United Aurora Federation, I think that this mod actually should be included into a base game, it's very beautiful and perfectly balanced, 10/11 would recommend) have that quirky "GraphicsLib" in their requirements. Which basically screams, "wanna play my mod? How about we turn your machine into a Luddic Path weapon instead, huh?".

Finally, the question:

Is there a way to set such options into GRAPHICS_OPTIONS.ini of the GraphicsLib mod to minimize the damage, but to not make graphics worse than it was originally? I don't want a graphics overhaul. All I want is to run LEGENDARY mods using it. If I just turn off shaders, will that be enough? I mean, I see, it's really customizeable. But what settings will be the most "DEFAULT" settings in case of original graphics? And I also need to use antialiasing because I have to scale UI.

Thanks for your answers in advance.

General Discussion / Survey: Your preferable game difficulty
« on: February 08, 2023, 07:45:46 AM »
Hello! I just want to retrieve some information about the playerbase here, because some of the questions and answers may relate more to... certain game difficulty!
I myself had started playing on Easy mode, so now I wonder about turning it off... Thus I'm asking people who switched to Normal, in which way it is a significant difference? How some of your tactics or gameplay strategies have changed?
I find this game very hardcore-ish until you learn at least half of its core mechanics, so Easy mode certainly makes a big difference, still it's an interesting poll topic to me.

Suggestions / Sharpen UI on scale option
« on: February 03, 2023, 05:33:51 AM »
Antialiasing isn't doing its job good, in fact. I remember playing Heroes Might of Magic III not so long ago, and in HoMM case it's possible to make all look more sharpen, and so, good on high resolutions. Is it possible to consider for Starsector?

My resolution is 1920x1080, but I still feel really uncomfortable when playing without UI scaling, I need to squint my eyes to read text and some UIs are just centered with a lot of empty space on screen sides.

I've tried to search this idea on forum, hope it's not a duplicate.

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