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General Discussion / Using ordo farming in campaigns
« on: October 30, 2023, 04:55:23 AM »
So thanks to the efforts of CapnHector and associates, there's all kinds of cool fleets known to decimate Remnants.

What's a quick and interesting path to building one in campaign?

You can colonize a planet for <100k credits using the Bulk Transport skill:
5 mudskipper colonist special
Most mining and farming planets are net-positive as soon as the industry comes. (As long as you keep hazard pay off.) Colonize 3-4 worlds, get enough basic industries running to cover a chunk of import costs in-faction, tech mine a little, *then* start looking at hazard pay boosting specific worlds and building fuel/industry supply chains. By the time you find interesting industry items or blueprints your planets might already be size 4!

How to finance all this early game rather than mid game? IMO route looks like:
  • Commission and levels:Buy and fit out an SO Lasher or (ideally) loot a Luddic Path variant. Do bounties in Corvus or run the Luddic Church quest line until you can get a commission. Search markets for antimatter blasters and interesting officers. Keep an eye on survey missions. Habitable planets close to the core might indicate a warning beacon. Starting skills are all combat - you likely want expanded missile racks/ECCM/ITU/IPDAI/heavy armor hullmods. Starting with an Afflictor/Shade (P) at low level also works but to me they only get fun at level 5+.
  • Phaseship exploration:Having S-modded out some Mudskippers for fast XP gain, found your Afflictor or Shade, picked up a bunch of Academy quests, and leveled to 5 or so, you can head out of the core. Fill ships with 1k crew and close to 100 heavy machinery/200 supplies. You're looking for red warning beacons. Respec towards TaLaR's Afflictor build with the Automated Ships tech capstone and go look for Automated Ships to salvage.
  • Colony drop and fleet buildout:Second you find the beacon, transverse jump to a habitable world and colonize it. Repeat for a no-atmosphere industry world and one or two more for good measure. Prop up initial ~200-300k per colony start-up cost with core and blueprint sales. Shouldn't have to do that much though with commission income and delaying hazard pay. The tricky part is building up a wolfpack of Glimmers until you can bag a Radiant or Nova with proper weapons. AI cores are dumb: build for survival first, damage a distant second.
"using what you've got" starting Lasher
TaLaR endgame Afflictor

End result is a stack of ridiculously early colonies safe from Hostile Activity because any time it's a threat you come back and farm alpha cores.

Variations include doing it to the Diktat with a Hegemony commission instead of searching for red beacons. (Colonize something distant or knock over Umbra if playing Nexerelin.) Diktat weapons are good on a bunch of things, and CapnHector's Executor build has swagger. You can also use stations more versus Diktat than Remnants - although a fun trick is to build and upgrade a station while on a long trip away from your system, then transverse jump directly to it when coming back and pop an Alpha Core into the structure. Every fleet in the quadrant will come to kill it, but if you set your fleet doctrine to prioritize kinetic and EMP weapons the station's slots should prioritize them even without a Heavy Industry up! You basically need a level 3 station to not have it quickly fold, but if you're scaling your fleet off of AI ships there's nowhere else to spend credits.

In the current patch there's also a phase ship trick you can pull. Deploying the phase ship first, then the rest of your fleet in a second wave, causes enemies to clump up and stay clumped as they get pelted by missiles and bombers. Building a fleet to exploit this in the presence of Remnant-grade PD is tricky but doable. They're a bit too mobile for Pirahnas sadly but any kind of capital-grade artillery or large/medium missile spam will do work.

Suggestions / Make forum theme more Luddic or Hegemonic
« on: August 20, 2023, 11:32:46 PM »
This forum picked a side in the upcoming AI war. It's time to cast off the awkward middle ground between the perfidious blues of high technology and pale grays of neutrality. To celebrate our imminent baptism in the cleansing flames of Butlerian jihad we should move to a green or orange theme.

It would be good for morale. Who doesn't want a big old phoenix at the top of every page?

Edit: AI search-replaced stylesheet here.

They're cool because you can't improve what you can't measure. They have some limitations:

- Remnants have most EHP in shields, their armor is fairly easy to crack, and their PD can be saturated or shot down. What does optimizing do against a polar opposite like the Hegemony?
- Critical mass fleets don't scale linearly with number of identical ships used. Does farming ordos with a full monofleet tell us anything about the value of 2-3 of those ships?
- Campaign combat (especially Nexerelin) contains a mix of assassinations, hit-and-runs, pursuits, retreats, assists, rescues, and defenses. An Ordo-crusher superfleet can technically do all of those, but is it the most effective way to do it?
- Campaign-map logistics footprint is an important property of fleet design. Is slowing your power growth by building a heavy monofleet worth it?
- With some focus on either mechanics or map awareness, player-controlled flagships and orders (direct retreats, hammer-and-anvil tactics, exploiting flanks, bomber striking dangerous targets) can have a massively outsized impact. Can the monofleet exploit those?

tl;dr loadout/composition optimization is complex enough to need a holistic approach.

General Discussion / Neural Link is S-tier
« on: May 28, 2023, 09:04:57 PM »
Neural Linked Afflictor-Shade tag teams are insane. Why?

- 700 base flux dissipation, x2 if you run Phase Anchor - almost a Radiant of damage potential!
- Neural Link cooldown resets get you 100% uptime on Entropy Amplifier/EMP when needed.
- You control the ship with Antimatter Blasters ready; AI retreats and vents the other one.
- Shade covers Afflictor's point defense, Afflictor helps Shade pop capitals, together they sandwich omni-shields.

It's easy to start and grow:

- Pirate variants are common on black markets. You can incrementally upgrade from lvl1 to 15.
- Massive XP from being outnumbered.
- Bully the Lion's Guard in Askonia for their unique loot.

The amount of map control two phase flagships exert is amazing. No gap goes unexploited.

I haven't experimented enough with the endgame, but there's fascinating options (Harbinger tag teams! Doom & friend! Infinite* AAF Atlas or Eradicator cheese!) I haven't seen tested.

General Discussion / Logistics is 90% of Combat
« on: April 23, 2023, 03:24:02 AM »
Hot take: logistics hullmods and skills are combat skills.

There's a lot of simulator jockeys out there that claim otherwise. The better ones say endgame REDACTED doomstacks need every OP of combat power you can squeeze out, so why run stuff like Efficiency Overhaul?

Because better logistics lets you do more combat. All of the following are combat bonuses:
  • Field Repairs keeps you at full power in back-to-back battles. If you skip it patrols will respawn, bounties will tick down, and isolated fleets will rejoin their reinforcements.
  • Efficiency Overhaul, Support Doctrine, Containment Procedures, Hull Restoration... Campaign map "non-combat" benefits give you more Harpoons on the field. Without them you'll conserve your ships to avoid rerouting to the core for new crew. Efficiency Overhaul on your Buffalo means 25% more danger close Harpoon volleys before you're out of crew. You like Harpoons right?
  • Even supply and fuel efficiency skills let you do goblin tricks with ambush-retreats and clean disengages. You can bring haulers and fuel tankers and slurp up supplies at Core markets (keeping in mind those ships now *also* need supplies and fuel in a cursed rocket equation) but this bloats your fleet and invites unwelcome guests from afar on the campaign map, making you waste more supplies maneuvering. Supply and fuel efficiency increases your fleet's tooth-to-tail ratio!
  • Fuel and supplies bought are ships and weapons you could've bought. However even if money is infinite, time isn't. Every resupply trip and complex maneuver by your radar-reflective fuel hogs wastes it.
  • Even if you reach the giga-lategame where deployed combat power is all that matters, % DP reductions are extremely high value. If you git gud at the campaign map this point happens way later than most people think.
  • While we're at it, hull and armor are a flux pool you can spend to do damage. Saving them by tanking hits on shields wastes time and CR. Players can gamble to overextend and secure kills way better than AI can! Armor isn't defensive, it's offensive.
In short low tech rules high tech drools Chicomoztoc Metrocomplex for life.

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