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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Of Slipstreams and Sensor Ghosts (09/24/21)

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Modding / vector dependant engine activation
« on: April 18, 2013, 06:35:31 PM »
ok, sorry for the weird thread title but thats the most comprehensive i could think of considering my question.
say i place engines spots on my .ship file placed at every cardinal direction (north-south-west-east), when i press to go forward, will all engines fire up ? will only the one that would make me go forward fire up ?

im asking cause im trying to make a mod that would be realistic, with engines on all sides that would light up only when the direction they point is is relevant to the direction  iwant to go in.
say i want to strafe left, only the engines on the right side would fire up.

is that possible ?

Modding / how do you draw the glow layer of phase ships
« on: April 13, 2013, 12:16:59 AM »
so i wanted to know, for making phase ships.
i understand everything that needs to be done (mostly) about the glow layer and such for the phase effect.

except one thing and im not sure i know how to explain, what "color" do i put for the glow effect ? i mean, in the graphics files, its fully transparent until you highlight it and see the actual glow effect, but how do i "color" that ?

im not sure im being clear :S

Modding / kindly asking/suggesting a mod for a friend
« on: April 09, 2013, 10:43:08 PM »
That'll sound weird but i have a buddy that plays starsector who is scared/too shy to actually register and come ask the following.
I told him you guys were really helpful but he dosent seem convinced.

so here what he wanted me to ask (direct transcript) :
"make a "sandbox" mode,  like one where you can freely raise or lower stats in the char menue, [or have inf raise stats with a reset to zero button] and money adder, so you have unlimited money, and an godmode toggle, that makes you, and your fleet's hulls never drop"

I will transmit the answer myself back to him :P

alright, so i currently developping a mod idea that would happen long before the domain of man, when humanity's spacefaring ability is still only in its infancy.
the core concept here is that there wouldnt be any shield nor flux and the weapons other stats would be further balanced around that.

but it just hit me, will suppresing shield and flux just transform the whole thing in a boring slugfest where ship just stand still and shoot eachothers to death ?

its a pretty important detail, i wouldnt want to spend a lot of work-hours just to discover the mod i made isint even enjoyable

Modding / how do you do total conversion ?
« on: April 07, 2013, 06:24:19 PM »
as the title say.
how do you do to suppress the vanilla files to avoid conflict with modded material.
e.g.: the refit simulator, how to replace the vanilla ship with my modded ship per example. (that also goes for the campaign itself)

Modding / the modding community congratulation thread !
« on: March 29, 2013, 12:36:41 PM »
As a newbie modder, i have entered starsectors modding community and discovered a wonderful world but also saw that people, for the amazing work they do, dont get enough justice for the quality of theire work, and as such, instead of spamming everywhere to give them a big fat high-five, i thought of this thread.
Second part will be oscar parody where i point out my favorite details among various mods. Dont forget its entirely based on my limited experience of all the wonderful thing starsector's modders have to offer and as such, some form of bias will show. (its only my personal opinion after all)

But first and foremost, as some were worried i might offend people with this thread, i will clarify the following :
From small (relatively speaking) but incredibly useful mods such as Restock (by Thaago) and Omnifactory (by LazyWizard) to huge total conversions such as Caelus (by Upgradecap's huge team) and Ironclad (by Okim), with all the fabulous faction mods in-between like cycerin's blackrock drive yard, flashfrozen's neutrino corps and many more i dont have the place to mention here,
Starsector's modding community is incredibly talented and varried !

-----And now for Phyrex's modding oscars !-----
Please keep in mind this is only my own opinion voiced as a parody, i thought it'd be more convenient and less spammy than to tour every single thread and constantly repeat the same thing and, altho im congratulating the publishers of the mods, lets not forget those who directly or indirectly helped the creation process such as pelhamds, lazywizard, trylobot, endernerdcore, sprogginator and many more i cant, for god sake, remember right now

First category : ship design !
#1 : In first position, with its highly detailed, menacing shape and grim color scheme, is Cycerin's Blackrock Drive Yard ! There is a lot to say about Blackrock ships and designs such as the Desdinova destroyer, Nevermore cruiser and Kurmaraja Battlecruiser examplify everything that make these designs awesome !

#2 : In second position, but only by a margin so small it could have been an ex-equo, is Flashfrozen's Neutrino Corps ! With its varied and oftentime wild design, Ships like the Unsung battlecruiser, the TheEnd phase frigate or the Nirvash cruiser bring a decisive light to the mind behind these designs.

#3 : In third position, thanks to his out-of-this-world, yet very original design is MShadowy Shadowyard Heavy Industries ! Showing off almost organic, asymetric designs like the Cahrybdis cruiser or the Enlil frigate

#4 : In fourth position, thanks to highly detailed designs and also an undeniable nostalgic factor is Thule's Thule's legacy mod. With his flying saucer shaped ship, rendered with incredible detail, im still wondering myself why im not putting it ex-equo with Shadowyard Heavy Industries. In fact, scratch that ! in third position, ex-equo with MShadowy is Thule's Legacy !

#5 : In Fifth In fourth and last position for this countdown is Erick Doe's antediluvian, bringing to us slim, brightly colored eye-catching designs !

Dont forget ! this is only based on my own experience, there are Many more mods out there that command just as much prestige as those

Second category : Weapon graphical design !
#1 : In first position once again, with an intricate animation is Cycerin's solenoid quench cannon ! you have to see it in action ;)

#2 : In second place with a slow, unwieldy but highly detailed and incredibly satisfying to use weapon is Thule's meteor ! What else can be said about launching a damn meteor at someone ?!

#3 : In third position, with its trademark design is MShadowy CEPC line of guns, with its design that almost seem to sprout outward from the ship using it !

Reminder ! We all have different fighting style, and there are so many cool weapon out there  ;)

Third category : Sound effect !
#1 : In first position is Keptin's hadron collider charging up sound ! Thanks to a ramping up, bone-chilling sound that foreshadows the destruction ahead, its hard to not be amazed !

#2 : In second position, with a sound effect only matched by the animation of the weapon that uses it is Cycerin's solenoid quench cannon (yeah theres a pattern ;) ), With its snappy effect and metallic reverberation after-effect, its hard to not use the weapon just for the sake of hearing it fire

It never stops ! great sound effect are key to a good experience, and every single mod ace that domain !

And for the final words !
I have no clue how people will react to this but i will repeat myself just in case. Starsector's modding community is MINDBLOWING, and as a modder myself, i feel like they all deserve a big fat high-five for the fantastic work they have done !
I wouldnt have enough of ten threads to fully do justice to everyone like i feel they deserve, so i thought of this thread and the oscar part as a joke to voice my personal favorites.
Congratulating everyone name-by-name would mean basicly writing here the moniker of almost every person on this forum as even solo modders like me have more than dozens of direct and indirect helpers behind them.

And as such, in the end, theres not enough word to thanks everyone so i will have to make it snappy

You guys are fantastic and as an apprentice modder, i felt like you guys deserved the biggest, fattest, longest, most awesome high-five i am able to lay down in words here !
keep going !

edit : mods, i needed to get this out of my system, but if thats too controversial, i dont mind, just delete it

Modding / where do you get your sound effects ?
« on: March 26, 2013, 12:34:09 AM »
the title couldnt be more clear.
I cant help but think "damn these are cool" when i hear FX like cycerin's solenoid quench gun, keptin's hadron collider or thule's HVPC (or barbarossa cannon for that matter) to only name a few.

and it got me wondering, where do they get those awesome sounds ? or do they even make them themselves ?

i'd really like to know because for me, wether its a full game or a mod, a good array of sound effect is a mandatory element to a good experience and id really like to expand the audio library of my mod.

for that matter, i will thank MrDavidoff for lending me the one from his files dump

Bug Reports & Support / forum bug
« on: March 23, 2013, 09:15:28 PM »
basicly with my messages, the outbox isint working. its not showing the messages i sent at all

Modding / Fatal: Expected a ':' after a key at [something]
« on: March 22, 2013, 07:37:44 PM »
its the second time i get this error. i was helped the first time and now i forgot how i did it (i should have kept a link or something.

so basicly i got
Fatal: Expected a ':' after a key at 1849 [character 1850 line 1]

and i completly forgot how to fix it. i have yet to really become apt at reading the starfarer.log too, so im still not rly sure whats going on

General Discussion / a little question just like that about simulation
« on: March 21, 2013, 12:51:36 PM »
yeah so...i was wondering why in simulation, theres mostly only hegemony ship (with some exception like the medusa and the aurora)

i dont get why there isint all the vanilla ship ? after all in some mods, they are available during sims.

so why the hell not with vanilla campaign/missions ?

Modding / in serious need of help
« on: March 16, 2013, 08:03:39 PM »
ok i seriously need some help here with my weapon sprites.
after fiddling long enough, i finally got the body and the barrel to finally look like theyre attached to each other, and following a tutorial, i found the center and counted the offset for the barrels.
they dont match at all. shots appear much farther in front of them.
the barrels arent doing the recoil animation they should be doing either

im completly lost !

Modding / concept question
« on: March 16, 2013, 01:44:59 PM »
i had a little idea but wanted to get some feedback before applying it.
Battlecruiser with phase teleporter. Would a long cooldown and a spike in hardflux enough to compensate or the idea is just flawed from the get-go ?

the concept itself seems interesting overall...

Mods / The Utopian Empire (0.5 released)
« on: March 13, 2013, 08:31:38 PM »
project on hiatus for the moment being (for personal reason)

Message of the moment : Utopian Empire 0.5 is out ! includes 4 ships, 9 weapons and a mission to try them out !
Current starsector compatible version : Currently coding for 0.54.1a compatibility.

a new power approaches...


The Utopian Empire approaches.

Come closer to discover the information that Hegemony spies have uncovered on the mysterious and powerful power that is approaching corvus...

The Utopian are a race of perfectly sentient synthetical beings with full mental freedom that evolved from a highly evolved prototype that was created eons ago, when such technology was still in its infancy.
The Utopian, having evolved from a synthetic being that was created with open-ended moral and cultural guidelines, have evolved over the milleniums into a superpower with high moral standards and great comprehension and acceptance of the unknown. This allowed them to bypass any cultural bias that could have slowed down theire technological development and as such, they are gifted with great technological skills.
Starting off the philosophy that injustice should always be punished, the Utopian Empire consider itself a sort of "galactic police force" sending probes across the galaxy to find where theire Pacification fleet would be most useful. Altho what they send there fleet to "pacificate"  is entirely up to theire own definition, which mean sometime, some solar systems arent very happy to see a Utopian Pacification fleet come in theire system to say the least.

---Current situation in corvus---
For now, the Utopian Fleet has setted-up an outpost around corvus, content enough to simply hunt pirates and leave the Hegemony and Tri-tachyon alones. The two powers do keep a watchful and suspicious eye on the newcomers.

Explorator-class frigate

The Basic ship of the Utopian fleet. We havent found much information on it yet other than its name and the obvious heavy armament it sports. My colleague thinks the elongated pods might hide powerful engines, which would further add speed to what seems an already deadly combination

Negociator-class destroyer

Report from HSS Thor. Our mission failed and we were detected by a Utopian Negociator-class destroyer. Captain Toren from the HSS Loki suggested we headed for the nearest asteroid field where the lumbering ship would have trouble following us. I watched in horror as this heavily equipped ship started to suddenly move around in constantly shifting vectors, avoiding the asteroid that were coming at it, simply destroying the smaller ones. I must report the loss of the HSS Loki as it tried to delay the Utopian destroyer so that we could reach HQ.

Pacificator-class cruiser

This is what seems to be a Utopian assault cruiser. We havent been able to find much about it but rumors that it carries a special system to empower its weaponry even further. I shudder to think of this monster performing frontal assaults...

Exterminator-class battlecruiser

We were spying on a utopian battlecruiser today. These things are monstrous. But what surprised us most was when a pirate fleet approached it and started firing. We were amazed to see the massive ship disapear and quickly reappear right behind the pirate fleet, torching almost all of theire engines before they could even move. I cannot even fathom how utopian managed to get such a massive ship to teleport like that...

-Fusion Bolter (small)

This seems to be the smallest gun that uses fusion technology. We know that it is a quick firing weapon that retains decent firepower despite its size.

-Fusion Cycler (small)

Our spies today observed a strange weapon during a mission. Hidden, they launched missiles at an utopian frigate to test its defense. small cannons on the frigate hull started firing at them. there plasma bolt seemed weak enough compared to usual fusion technology, but the incredible firing speed still made short work of our missile.

-Fusion Cannon (medium)

The staple of the Utopian fleet from what we've seen, even theire basic frigate sports one of these. It is a twin-linked weapon with frightening power.

-Fusion Mortar

Excerp from a salvaged utopian log. "Admiral, the mortar testing have been successful, we estimate the power of the weapon to be stronger than the impaler, but with a longer range and a smaller mount. However, to reached the commissioned range, the magnetic containment field had to be strenghten, which heavily impaired travel and firing speed".

-Fusion Impaler (Large)

The biggest application of fusion weaponry as far as we are aware, my colleagues have compared it to a bastard child between our heavy autocannon and the tri-tachyon's plasma cannon. I am afraid however that the technology at work here is much more efficient than what the tri-tach bookworms can do.

-Fusion Lance (large)

This is what seems to be the best weapon the Utopian have equippe dtheire ship with. It seems to be shooting a long and thick stream of plasma not unlike a huge spear that crashes against ship's shields and hulls. I have seen firsthand the damage this configuration can deal and it is utterly terrifying

-Micro Drone Pod (small)

The smallest drone technology we got our hands on. The carrying capacity is enormous along with an impressive tracking AI and powerful vernier. The warhead is strangely small but i feel like it this weapon is meant for more than just brute force...

-Drone Launcher (medium)

The middleline of drone technology. I would be temoted to compare it to our harpoon missile, but that would be dismissing this drone's incredible agility and speed.

-Heavy Drone Catapult (large)

Commander, i must report that the destroyer HSS Tarkad was lost yesterday during testing. The testing procedure went well but as the heavy drone fired forward, it then sharply veered toward us and punched a huge hole in the ship's hull. It seems every single Utopian drone system sports the exagerated precision and agility we have seen until now

Very few is known about Utopian technology but here is what we have found about them so far.
-Cannon technology : It seems that the Utopians are using a magnetic containment system in theire weapon to generate small fusion reactions that are then propelled throught space toward targets. Of course the magnetic field cannot be sustained forever and the bolts of plasma simply dissipate after a certain distance
-Missile technology : Judging from the specimens we were able to get our hands on, it seems the Utopian uses missiles they call "drone" due to the smart AI and powerful engines they mount. As we used our sample to test theire abilities, we were frightened further by the impressive fusion warheads they contain

---Work Log---
currently having pelhamds sprite the first batch of ship and weapons
coding has started, 3 of the initial 12 weapons are ready and 2 of the 4 ship sprite have been received
coding of material is done, about to jump the debugging hoop to get things working. when thats done we'll have a mission to play with ! campaign compatibility will soon follow

changed the name of the faction to avoid obvious confusion

-Author's note here and ill start by saying that this is a joint project between me and pelhamds. while i started the whole idea, my lack of skills would have putted this whole thing in jeopardy if it wasent for Pelhamds generously accepting to sprite for me. He has also confirmed he wishes to stick around which mean content update after the first patch are guaranteed.
-I'd like to add that this is my very first mod, and im very excited about it. i will make sure to constantly work on it and keep it up to date
-I must also mention that since my playtime in starsector is almost only using Uumoz fantastic mod, i plan on coding accordingly. you can expect fitting relations between the utopian empire and the other inhabitants of corvus (such as the antediluvians, junk pirate and such.

-Phyrex : coding and testing (more like piecing together :P)
-Pelhamds : spriting, testing, helping and counseling me
-Cycerin : for allowing me to use his burst jets ship system
-EnderNerdCore : for programming said ship system

Modding / looking for talented spriter
« on: March 11, 2013, 11:50:05 AM »
ok so im a bit embarassed to ask that, but i wont get anything for not asking either.

would a talented spriter be willing to lend is talent :-[ ? i dont know if its inapropriate to ask (it sure feels like it tho).

again, its somewhat embarassing but its only to know if some people would be kind enough to offer such help in the future, im still gonna try doing it myself for a moment.

for background, ive learnt very quickly how to mod and wanted to make a faction mod of my own, but spriting ship has turned out to be much harder than i expected, even with all the great help people gave in a thread i made (and scouring the forum), i cant seem to get the hang of it.

please, dont flame just say if such a demand is innapropriate  :-[

Modding / burgeoning modder in need of help (for making sprites)
« on: March 08, 2013, 06:50:29 PM »
alright, my CV
i learned how to mod stuff in starsector some days ago and, may i brag about it, i learned quite quickly (thanks to trylobot tho, his program helped immensely)
so now i can positively say i know how to mod ships, weapons, tweak stuff here and there for funny result. i dont know yet how to intimately create my own faction for use in the campaign, but that can wait until i have crafted every part of that faction.

And thats where my problem is.
i cant sprite a nail's worth. not that i need practice, i just dont know how to achieve the level of details and perspective you see in people's ship right now. I thought i'd give it a shot in gimp, did a little frigate to begin with by following warstalker's guide. it was aweful, it lacked detailed and wouldnt be credible even a second if putted in-game. it looked like a four-years old drawing.

i've scoured this forum to a good extent searching for tutorials and help. I found many, and of course they were useful, but none of them adressed directly my difficulties.
i dont want to do kitbashing tho, because i'd like to make my faction myself. only exception would be turret and harpoints emplacement sprites. but i cant find any clean one and i had to rip them myself from the game's file. they look ugly and dont mesh well with designs :/

so to put it accurately, i need help to learn how to sprite detailed and credible ship. im not asking for the moon either, i know i cant expect to sprite stuff like the vanilla ship. but i'd like to be able to do something better than what my ugly attempts have resulted in.

here's the frigate i drew for reference. mind you, it lacks the weapon slots and things like engines, but its complete enough to prove my point

p.s.: i must precise that it isint a lack of practice, i just cant fathom how to put details in sprites as little as those in the game. i'd be inclined to compare myself to erick doe's antediluvian ships, as they could be considered "simple" but even looking at those, i just cant figure it out.

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