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General Discussion / Making new variants for simulator
« on: September 23, 2022, 04:40:49 AM »
So I wanted a different Conquest variant in the sim.
So I made one in campaign refit screen, opened the savefile in notepad++, and searched for the name I had given it. After finding the proper variant XML element in the savefile, I then duplicated a variant file in \starsector-core\data\variants\conquest. I then sort of pasted various strings from the XML, to the cloned .variant file (which had a json format.) I then added the variantId to \starsector-core\data\campaign\sim_opponents.csv. And this worked. But it was rather tedious. I also tried using the in-game variant editor by enabling devMode in settings.json, but my edits didn't modify the variant file, despite me pressing save? So that was out.

And now I wonder how you're "supposed" to do it?

Bug Reports & Support / Projected raid casualties too low
« on: August 31, 2022, 10:39:27 PM »
So I noticed that if projected marine losses were around 30, the real losses would be about 50. So I did some additional sampling, and with 16 raids, the average losses were around 150% of projected. The initial 50/30 figure came from using ground support and tactical drills, the calculated average came from using tactical drills only. (

Bug Reports & Support / Gravity well of Qaras displaced
« on: August 19, 2022, 03:25:29 AM »
When transverse jumping to Qaras, I kept ending up at the other side of the dwarf star than I expected. Turns out the nascent gravity well in hyperspace was out of sync with the planet in the system and on the system map.. I have no idea why. I have never seen it with any other planet. The position in the orbit around the white dwarf is off, by some varying amount. It's not by a fixed angle, and it's not a X/Y flip. Very high priority stuff, I know...

Mods: Speedup, Detailed Combat Results

Suggestions / Excessive profits from Pirate/LP shortages
« on: August 16, 2022, 01:45:53 AM »
I imagined what it would be like, being a small-time trader or smuggler. So I started a new game, and there I was, in my dinky little Wayfarer, a tiny speck in a bustling dangerous world, staring at the commodities screen in Jangala Space Station... Which pretty much told me to buy supplies in Nova Maxios and sell them in Epiphany/Chalcedon. Again and again and again. No rush and no danger, although I got to pay 'tithe' a couple times. Then I bought some Shrikes, then some Buffalos, then an Atlas. Then, a Conquest.

And then I imagined again what it would be like, being a small-time trader or smuggler. The core worlds got small and tame very quickly, with nothing pushing me out of the comfort zone. And believe me, I'm not implying that I'm especially skilled or experienced with this game. Which I am not.
This issue of getting all this free money, is caused by pirates and LP having low in-faction production, combined with low market accessibility from the "hostilities with other factions" debuff. Leading to persistent shortages for them. Which makes all the other options for making money get crowded out. Even if you make your own rules, putting a post-it note on your screen saying "never sell to raiders", then you still can't see the smaller opportunities on the commodity listings, only the same Umbra, Qaras, Epiphany, Chalcedon. The rewards from bar quests seems trivial by comparison. And the options for exploiting --or creating-- transient shortages seem ... uncertain and complicated. Why bother,  when supplies cost 120 in Sindria and sell for 300 in Umbra? Or 80/200 for Maxios/Kantas Den, or whatever. The lack of consequences from black market trading with pirates and independents adds to the problem. And does it really make sense that a haven for smugglers and looters have shortages of such things as weapons and banned drugs?

I don't see an easy solution.  Pirate activity counting as an industry in itself would make some sense. I mean, taking stuff from others being ... a source of stuff. Anyway, those were my experiences with trading early-game.

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