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I think it would be neat if colonized worlds with ruins got a discount or construction time decrease, reflecting the colonists repurposing existing buildings or reusing scrap material. I think this would be a neat way to increase the variety of worlds that are attractive to colonize while fitting in the general feel of the setting, trying to make a living amongst the remains of what was before.

Currently the only way ruins interact with colonies is through tech-mining which is a bit underwhelming. If this were to change, and tech mining became something really strong, the opposite of my suggestion could be implemented, I.E. An increase in time or money required for construction, simulating the need to clear land or demolish rubble before new construction can start.

Suggestions / New Shepard (P) Class ship
« on: August 09, 2022, 10:32:07 AM »
The "Shepard" is one of my favourite ships; it's cute, got logistic utility and if you slap a salamander on it, it can be quite good support early game in combination with it's drones.

Hence I think it would be fun with a new variant of it, A (P) type, which in pirate fashion either is a regular "Shepard" with just a neat paint job, or upgunning it through some pirate tinkering, maybe the drones are made more deadly?

Or it could get a new ship system, of the top of my mind a really cool system could be a kinetic version of "Termination sequence" from the "Tempest", one of the "Borer drones" overcharges it's laser and rams target enemy ship dealing mediocre energy and kinetic damage (on a decently long cooldown so it won't be to tedious to face). This system feels pretty in line with the pirate faction and expands on the unique feature of the "Shepard".

Or just swap "Manuovering Jets" for "Burn Drive" and give it a bigger gun in typical pirate fashion. The sky is the limit after all.

I Would like the ability to "anchor" the main fleet in a system and take off with a small task force of a few ship, for example when there's something to investigate near a sun you don't need to run your battleships there and therefore increasing their recovery cost from the corona effect when you can instead "anchor" the main fleet and break off with a few sheperds and salvaging rigs to check it out.

As a trade of for the lower cost of checking out stuff in dangerous places it would decrease salavaging efficiency since you carry less crew and heavy macinery.

The main fleet would also be exposed to danger in case of attack without you to command it, so you'd probably want to secure the system before you break off, unless you're completely confident in your fleets ability to defend itself.

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