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General Discussion / 11 Moras vs 4 ordos (No SD/DO, full AI)
« on: July 04, 2023, 06:50:34 PM »
Here is 11 Moras and 4 Glimmers vs 1400 DP of Remnant ships, with victory after one clean disengage and two frigate losses.

It seems like Support Doctrine/Derelict Operations (SD/DO) is the most reliable way to beef up carrier fleets for endgame but I wanted to try something different, so I went with these officered Moras instead. There's a relatively low number of wings (33) in this fleet compared to SD/DO carrier fleets and that's a challenge against this many enemies, but after lots of testing I've settled on the current fighter loadout.

I'm sharing a recording of the fight below, just keep in mind there's no commentary and I spend a lot of time looking at the tactical map. I was tweaking this fleet for about a week so I promise I wasn't trying to steal CapnHector's carrier vs ordo idea! I did get a lot of inspiration from his other threads though, and Vanshilar's thread too, so big thanks to them. Anyway, here's the recording and fleet info:

Fleet info and combat reports

Character skills. I'm actually level 20 here but I have 15 levels of skills to match vanilla. Field Repair is a good skill to take, I just forgot lol

BRF isn't strictly necessary or anything. I had similar results using Aux Thrusters instead, or 4x LDAC + vents, or even Unstable Injector
1 BS 2 Flash is another strong option, or 1 Sarissa 2 Flash, but in my experience the Claws help secure kills against ships that would otherwise backpeddle forever against these slow Moras
TMI is an information mod so it doesn't affect combat, meant to remove it before the screenshot

I have a number of utility/campaign mods but none of them affect combat here. Most of the battle is ran with speed-up active, but there's an fps cap to also not affect combat.

I expect SD/DO Moras to be stronger, but I probably won't test that anytime soon. Glimmers are definitely not optimal for bonus XP - you could replace them with other frigates but I personally like Glimmers. This isn't the strongest 4x ordo, but I had CR and fighter rate to spare by the end so 1500-1600 DP fights shouldn't be an issue either. That center Mora in the first screenshot survives to keep fighting if you can believe it! Elite CR is quite nice on these ships.

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