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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: Codex Overhaul (05/11/24)

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Mods / [0.96a] All the Domain Drones+ (ATDD+)
« on: January 12, 2023, 02:17:03 PM »
All the Domain Drones (ATDD+)

A collection of mods which adds/buffs/modifies the Derelict Drones found out in the wild of Starsector. Each submod brings something new to the table.


Mods available:
All the Domain Drones+ Vanilla
This mod modifies Vanilla drones, increasing their stats. It also upgrades the Domain Faction and allows Motherships (not Probes or Ships) to spawn Derelict fleets as if it were a [REDACTED] Battlestation.
Download Link:

All the Domain Drones+ New Drones
This mod adds new Domain Drones, Capital ships, carriers, drone wings, frigates, freighters... Everything that will be needed for a domain ship only run (though Phase ships and human-livable ships not included for now >:D)
Download Link:

New Ships (added by Domain Drones+ New Drones):

Station Images:
Large, still functional Domain Fortresses. These automated fortresses were, at one point, mass produced and spread across the galaxy.
They have no shields, no energy weapons, but, they have lots of hull, modules and armor, lots of ballistic weapons and a symmetrical design meaning it is hard to fight from any angle.


Supercapital Ship Images:
A monstrous vessel that is cobbled together from a dozen other large Derelict ships. Salvagers dub these "Domains End" ships due to ancient records suggesting similar ships were deployed to obliterate rogue colonies.

The Devourer, an overhauled Mothership with multiple armed modules and a vast hanger bay.


Capital Ship Images:
A larger Derelict capital ship usually guarding higher value locations.

A heavy-duty cargo drone designed and built by rogue or evolved Mothership/Survey ship AIs.

A converted Atlas cargo hauler ship. Far more durable and better armed than its normal variants

A converted Prometheus fuel tanker ship. More durable and better armed than its normal variant.

Survey Ship: A recoverable, durable and well-armed cargo vessel.

The Linebreaker, a large ship with two modules on its sides, it lacks ballistic slots but houses a large hanger and a large series of missiles. It also has a built-in shield.


Cruiser Ship Images:
The Heavy Hauler. A multi-use Fuel and Cargo ship that also bears significant armor.

The Osiron Minotaur. A shielded and surprisingly quick (for a Derelict ship) missile cruiser with Auto-forging missiles.

The Campaigner is a carrier and mining support ship that is treated as a non-combatant's vessel by the Derelicts. They possess tugging equipment that increases the burn speed of the fleets slowest ships. It is long suspected by those aware of the War Drone fleets in the wild sectors of space that it is these vessels that gather salvage and raw ores for Survey Ships and Motherships to process and use to churn out more ships.

The Bulldog MK3 has a small hanger and 1 large weapon slot. It additionally has advanced targeting systems that far outdo much of standard targeting hullmods. When given escorting vessels, these ships can slug out shells at vast distances to support assaults.

Survey Probe: A recoverable, smaller, less armed/armoured but is a faster variant of the Survey Ship. More common.


New Destroyers:
The Bulldog Protector MK2, a ballistic only ship with ammo loaders and durable armor.

A converted Phaeton fuel tanker. Better armed and armoured than its normal variant.

The Ward Mutated Drone. A high-tech, fast ship with an all-energy-based arsenal and shields.

The Yack Carrier. A general purpose carrier drone that verges on being classed as a cruiser.

New Frigates:
Defender MKII: A less durable Defender with a small hanger bay and a shield generator.

Bulldog Protector MK1: A durable frigate with afterburners, good turning speed, 1 small and 1 medium ballistic hardpoint.


New Fighters:
A very durable fighter with two Dual-MGs.

A very durable bomber with a pair of Hammer Torpedoes.

A light drone equipped with a autocannon. Comes in groups of 4. 0 OP cost.


1: Added Osiron Minotaur Missile Cruiser ship.

2: 13/01/2023
Defender MII - a frigate carrier.
Fencer (Hammer) - a Fencer Fighter but with Hammers.

Osiron and Monstrous Survey Ship sprites have been tweaked.

3. 13/01/2023
Motherships now spawn Derelict Fleets in the system they are in. Credit to Lucas04 for this as he made the system for it.

4. 14/01/2023
Changed core id of the mod. Might be save compatible but the mod will need to be re-enabled (new name is now "All the Domain Drones+ Vanilla")
Added a new Destroyer, the Bulldog Protector MK2
Added new variant of the Defender MKII that utilises autocannons and the newly added "Explorium Defender Pods", small swarm drones with auto-cannons.

A light drone equipped with a autocannon. Comes in groups of 4. 0 OP cost.

Bulldog Protector MK1: A durable frigate with afterburners, good turning speed, 1 small and 1 medium ballistic hardpoint.

The Bulldog Protector MK2, a ballistic only ship with ammo loaders and durable armor.

5: 15/01/2023
DD+ Vanilla: Survey Probes and Survey Ships now spawn Derelict fleets like Motherships (thanks to Lucas04 for the help again!). They spawn fewer, smaller fleets with longer respawn times than Motherships however.
DD+ New Drones: New Paragon sized ship added, the Domains End Abomination variant. Has a very low weight chance in spawning but be careful! It is also capturable >:D
In the console command area (with the Console mod), you can type: addship dom+domainsend_abomination to get this exact variant. Removing the "_abomination" will give you the plain ship.
DD+ Vayras Ship Pack: Added tag to all domain ships that were recently added to Vayras ships.

6. 17/01/2023
DD+ Vanilla: Drone Fleets now also come with Cargo ships and Fuel ships if they are available (none will show up if you have no mods that add any. DD+ New Drones adds some)

DD+ New Drones:
Added one new Freighter ship
Added two new Fuel ships
Added one new Utility ship that has tugs and mining lasers.

DD+ Drones
Added new fuel ship, added three tiers of a Domain Station which are buildable at colonies.

Modified Campaigner, increasing its supply and fuel usage.
Changed a file name to help Linux users.
Derelict fleet AI civilian ships have been given "Militarised Subsystems" (players can remove this from salvaged ships as it is not built-in) and some civilian ship variants have received a better armament, this should make them enter battle alongside the rest of their combat ships. Rather than arriving once they are destroyed.

ATDD+ New Drones:
Requires new game
Added Survey ship and Survey Probes, these can be found as part of normal derelict fleets, but are, as you guessed, are more commonly found at Survey ships and Survey probes.
Fixed crashing related to fighter BPs.
Added light dual mortar.

This update is save-compatible.
This update should be compatible with older versions.
Multiple new ships, thanks to @blue ore yellow josh for the sprites. The ships are the new Mothership "Devourer" (which has a tiny chance of being a part of fleets and a 50% of replacing the Mothership station (yes, the ship is recoverable)) and the Ward Mutant drone which is a high-tech War Drone.

Submods for other mods:
Vayras Ship Pack:
Buffs some ships (+OP, +armor, +hullpoints, -supply and fuel consumption (cheaper to run), +slower CR usage and ensures all derelict domain ships have "Rugged". Requires Vayras Ship Pack.

Secrets of the Frontier:
Buffs some ships (+OP, +armor, +hullpoints, -supply and fuel consumption (cheaper to run), +slower CR usage. Requires Secrets of the Frontier.

Fuzzy Ship Pack:
Buffs the Buster drone and gives it "Rugged"

HMI and the Brighton Federation:
Buffs Brightons drones, normal HMI added drones and the Domres drones.
Additionally I have added some drones from New Drones+ as ships for the Brighton Federation or the Domain Resurgent.
Additionally converts some New Drones+ Mod Ships into Brighten variants.


Lucas04 - Created the Mothership Fleet spawning system.
Totallynotjosh (Yellow Josh) - for making a few of the ship sprites and helping with others.
Blackknight - for helping with some sprites.
Centurion - for making some fighter sprites.

How to install:
Download and Install Winrar (or other programs capable of opening .rar files), a free program that allows the opening of .rar folders.
Download any of my mods, open them with Winrar, and then simply drag the contents to your Starsector mod folder.

Link to a modding Discord I have. If you have heard of the Starcraft 2 Peacekeeper campaign, this is that discord (as the Peacekeeper campaign is another of my projects).

Recommended mod: DEX - adds a tonne of good quality Drone ships to the game.

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