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General Discussion / Writing Java version change guide, please help!
« on: March 03, 2022, 10:04:05 AM »
Hi, I am writing a guide to change the java version of the game, but all guides I find on the internet, are:
Download this jre from my drive...
Well, you need to really trust strangers to download softwares from other people drive, but I downloaded it anyway.
It was java 8 version 271
Checked the version on my computer and it is java 8 version 321.
Downladed the Jre (Java SE Runtime Environment) from oracle, version 8 321.
Discovered it is the same I already had on my PC, so I could had just copied it to the game folder or better, just edit the vmparams file to point to my java install location. Thinking about writing a path command or a .bat file to the game for people wanting to chance or revert java version in one click.

Now, the problem... My game runs fine with the downloaded java 8 version 271 from someone drive, but it doesn't work with the java 8 321 from the oracle website! Even tried the java 8 271 from oracle archive download and it doesn't work too!
I already check the game option and run in any java version it set to true for default!
I really don't know it you need to edit something on your java folder to make the game run, the folders from 271 is almost the same as 321, so it you need to edit something, it is not clear to me.

And checking this Survey people runs the game in 4 different java versions in the game!

I used to program in java, 10 years ago, in java 7, I was going to debug the game in java 8 to check why the savegame corruption happens and why it happens, playing the game in 7 and 8 in the same time to see what is going on wrongly in java 8.

I also want to write a guide to easy change the java version of the game, when I figure out what I am doing wrongly. Can you guys give me some help?

Bug Reports & Support / XXXXX Blueprint Intel, impossible to find it!
« on: February 26, 2022, 12:16:18 PM »
I am near endgame I already explored all planets in this small system.
I go in every bar to find quest to retrieve the few blueprints I still don't have.
Multiple people pointing the same location is common, it is strange to buy the same intel twice, but not a questionable bug.
Getting the blueprint and not completing the quest happens sometimes, but this is not a big problem, just abandon it and move on.
Also, if you have a quest on an intel of a blueprint and you get it from rading a faction, the quest will just end, don't matter where do you get it.

Those were just feedbacks.

The problem is with my latest save, I got a few mods, but all of them are QoL mods, libraries or grafics, not a single one that changes a mechanic in the game. List of them.

Got Twice the quest Legion Blueprint Intel, on the system alpha kydoimos, when I get there, there are a few scavengers, I already tried to find it, three times, with no success, Took several months with the neutrino detector and even got out of the map trying to reach the false positives.
Also Tried it on my other quest, Hyperion Blueprint Intel, on a system close Delta Madron. It is empty, no scavengers.
One systems got a planet with explored ruins. The other, don't.
After breaking my sanity trying to find them, I search for reports of bugs on this quest, didn't find anyone with this problem.
Installed the console mod, trying to cheat sensor range, but discovered there is a devmode on it, where you can disable the fog with control-z.
Nothing floating on both systems, killed all the scavengers, thinking they could have got it, nope, they don't.
I heard it is listed on my save where is the location of the item in the quest, too bad it is in coordinates, so I don't know how to use them, but I am pretty sure they are on those ruins I already explored.

All mods can be disabled with no problems... Maybe not the combat log one. I will provide another save with it disabled if necessary.

[attachment deleted by admin]

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