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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Uniquifying the Factions, Part 2 (04/30/22)

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Discussions / Dvorak Anyone?
« on: September 26, 2012, 05:45:00 PM »
I just wanted to see what people think about it and to see if anyone who knows it thinks it has helped their typing speed.

Discussions / iPhone 6 anyone?
« on: September 12, 2012, 05:11:02 PM »
I just read a few articles on the new iPhone 6. Sounds pretty cool, I might buy one. I'm up for an upgrade so what the hell right? Just spreading the word/seeking opinions.

Discussions / Sleeping Dogs
« on: September 02, 2012, 02:01:48 PM »
Has anyone played this game yet? Just trying to see what other people think of it. I've liked it a lot so far.

Suggestions / Story Line Suggestion
« on: August 30, 2012, 08:13:13 PM »
Hey Alex, or anyone, I don't think there are too many guys like me that are in the place I'm at right now. After months of not playing Starfarer, I have returned and I have thought about and determined the main reason that I lost interest in Starfarer. It's not the community , the game-play, the music, or the graphics. I think all of these things are super-awesome. I think that where Starfarer falls so short is in its story. Yeah sure you've got some scattered ideas about the Domain of Man and the Collapse, but it's all so impersonal. Why should I care? How does this affect my character, my embodiment in this game (who I have never seen)? Not only have I never seen my character, but I don't think that he has interacted with anyone on any sort of emotional level. I tried to give my contribution to the story when I worked with the Caelus Project, but I don't think a real story can be portrayed only through words, nor will everyone to ever play the game download the mod, let alone read about/care about the origins of the Starfarers faction. Maybe it means making some scripted cut-scenes, or maybe it means that you need to draw out a story, but I just couldn't relate to the game at all.

Yeah I get it, this is an open-world/universe experience, but some degree of streamlining is needed. I think that any good piece of art: music, movies, paintings, and yes, video games, should be emotionally compelling so that people aren't drawn in because something is crafted well, but because it also connects to them on a deeper level. Any house can be well-made and serve its purpose, but Frank Lloyd Wright strove to create something that was beautiful and connected to people on an emotional level. This game is so freakishly well made and yet its just another well made house without its soul, its spirit, the story.

I think that the best games feature a synthesis of music and graphics as well as a great story line and characters. I'm not sure who has and hasn't played it, but Final Fantasy X is probably still my favorite game. The game-play and whatnot were amazing, but the characters and story line were even better. I got emotionally tied to my characters. I cared when the ending came out the way it did. I don't care when hundreds of my crew members die when one of my ships explodes. I don't give a damn when one of the other factions loses to another. And I certainly don't give a damn about my character. As far as I'm concerned he/she is basically whatever ship I decide to put them in. So yeah. That's my little rant/critique on the game. Hope it helps. I like, maybe liked this game, and I think that all of these amazing ideas would be put to waste without the story-line to back it up. I think that this needs to take first priority above pretty much everything else, but that's only an opinion.

Suggestions / Lore in the Codex!
« on: May 17, 2012, 01:34:13 PM »
I was thinking it would be nice to be able to view the lore from inside the codex. I'm kind of thinking of Mass Effect and how information on the history and almost anything else was available to the player so that if they didn't understand what was going on, they could figure it out. Also, I think it would be nice to make it easy to mod. Project Caelus already has extensive lore and it would be nice to have somewhere to put it in game such that someone could see all of the great ideas we have come up with.

Discussions / Digital Portfolio!
« on: May 16, 2012, 04:57:23 PM »
I just finished and compiled all of my best pictures for my photo class! Take a look and tell me what you think.


Fan Media & Fiction / CAELUS Codex
« on: May 16, 2012, 10:21:39 AM »
Please do not post in this thread, this is just so that I can consolidate the current lore for Project Caelus.


Pending Confirmation means that it is waiting for either the author or Upgradecap to let me know that this is ready to be used in the mod

Pending revision by me is pretty self explanatory

Pending permission to revise means that I am waiting for the author to let me know if I can proofread and revise their work.

Completed means that is will be implemented in the mod.

Please place all responses in the Lore Thread


The Formation of Sector-DM58 (Caelus)- Pending Confirmation by Upgradecap

(Start Text)

Sector Date: 30 November, Cycle 205

Starfarer Historical Records

Historian Harde Lee Jocque ING-67

The Formation of Sector-DM58 (Caelus)

In the year 2131, a group of elite pilots, known as the Starfarers, left the Domain of Man in a search for independence. While the Domain was unhappy to dismiss its most talented pilots, they fully supported their endeavor. In year 2137, after scouring the galaxy for an appropriate home, the Starfarers settled into a group of systems known as Sector-DM58, codename Caelus. While they were independent of the Domain, the Starfarers did not cut off their connections with the Domain. Upon establishment of the Caelus sector, the Domain began assembling gates and opened trade with the Caelans. A friendly exchange of ideas and goods soon emerged as the Starfarers proved not only brilliant pilots, but excellent trading partners as well.

Their brilliant and innovative ship designs were considered the finest in the galaxy, finding roles in many Domain fleets, some even near Old Earth. While their ships bore some influence from Domain ships, Starfarer and Domain ships soon began to express very different designs. With their increasing prosperity, the Caelan systems became more and more attractive to both entrepreneurs and pioneers. Shuttles full of foreign peoples flooded through the Domain Gates every day. While conflicts occasionally broke out, the Starfarers, now serving as the peace-keepers of the system, were able to quickly mediate and resolve the conflicts.

With the advent of the Great Collapse in year 2920, the Starfarers, as well as their Caelan peoples, found themselves cut off from both Old Earth and other Sectors. The Starfarers suffered the greatest loss as they could no longer trade with the Domain. Over time, tensions mounted as the Starfarers lost their main source of income, and with it, a great deal of their authority. The many different groups of people within the Caelan system soon split into several different factions in the interest of self-survival and protection. They began to assemble the largest fleets they could, hoping to protect their home worlds. Treaties between factions were formed and the Caelan sector became a latticework of secret alliances and agreements. By cycle 188, the situation exploded. A pair of factions began fighting over an auto-factory and several of the most powerful factions were drawn into the struggle. As open hostilities emerged, trade became dangerous work as pirates raided transport convoys and grew in strength.

However, the original Starfarers still remained the most powerful force in the Caelus sector. Led by Captain Upe G. Rayde, they believed that one day, the Gates to the Domain of Man would be reopened on a day known only as Release Day. Even today, they are recruiting new commanders and officers in hopes of rebuilding their powerful fleets and restoring order to their sector in preparation for Release Day. There is a rumor that a young commander is quickly rising through the ranks and may be the Starfarer’s best hope for reuniting the sector.

(End Text)


Faction Analysis: The Sidus Dim- Complete


(Text Start)

Sector Date: 14 July, Cycle 108

Starfarer Intelligence

Agent Codename: The Messiah

Faction Analysis: The Sidus Dim

The Sidus Dim faction began as a small company under an entrepreneur named Maalf Targoth. Like many other entrepreneurs, he traveled to the new independent Sector-DM58 in 2309. His diligence and hard work on Caligo created a foundation that would allow his company, Sidus Dim, to quickly outgrow the competition in its system. Sadly, this was not achieved in his lifetime.

After many successful years, the Sidus Dim had reached the apex of its power, dominating trade within its system. Due to the Great Collapse, the Starfarers were weakened and their influence throughout the systems was either diminished or entirely lost in some cases. The Sidus Dim, ever a step ahead, saw an opportunity to use their vast resources to seize power.  Its leader, a man named Theon Targoth, conceived an ambitious plan to convert his commercial corporations into a military empire. The secret planning and preparations consumed his entire lifetime, leaving the actual execution to his first born son, Rhe Targoth. However, Rhe Targoth had inherited a fate that he did not want. Unwilling to exact such a toll on human life, he was killed by his younger brother, Validus. Validus Targoth seized executive power and set out to create his empire.

Soon after, the Sidus Dim revealed an enormous fleet whose numbers challenged even those of the Starfarers. Using this fleet, the Sidus Dim embarked upon brutal campaigns intent upon sectorial domination. Just a few years into campaign, many planets had fallen to the military might of the Sidus Dim. Feared and hated by almost every faction in the galaxy, their only allies are the Onerar, a mining faction. A threat to the balance of power within the Sector, they remain a daunting problem that remains to be solved.

(End Text)


Faction Analysis: The Caelus Defense Force (CDF)-Pending Confirmation by Author


(start text)

Sector Date: 15 April, Cycle 117

Starfarer Intelligence

Agent Codename: Sproginator

Faction Analysis: The Caelus Defense Force (CDF)

The CDF was formed relatively early in year 2203 with the intention of helping protect the Caelan systems. The CDF was a coalition of many different planets with similar interests and served as an unofficial police force. While the CDF did help maintain order, the Starfarers did not officially recognize them, believing that separate peace-keeping forces were unnecessary and usurped their authority. Even so, the CDF was wildly popular with the general public, serving as an example of how the Caelan people could take action and were not entirely dependent upon the Starfarers. In year 2539, the CDF settled on planet Pravus and designated it their headquarters, despite the disapproval of the Starfarers.

As the Great Collapse cut off connections with the Domain, the CDF suddenly found itself in an advantageous position. Their popularity and self-sufficiency allowed the CDF to maintain a massive fleet despite the closing of the gates. However, several leading members of the CDF decided to adopt a policy of preemptive action, ending potential threats before they could even develop. This was a largely unpopular decision as many people did not agree with what were and were not potential threats. As the CDF became more and more desperate, the number of people willing to lead an unpopular faction also declined. The CDF slowly became corrupted as the enormous power at its disposal was used for the personal gain of its leaders.

The Starfarers, noting the deteriorating situation, pushed the CDF back to its home system. However, the (system name) system was far from Starfarer control and has yet to be liberated. While the Starfarers provide some small opposition, the Outlanders, an obscure resistance movement, seem to be of the greatest threat to the CDF.

(end text)


Faction Analysis: The Outlanders- Pending Confirmation by Author


(start text)

Sector Date: 15 April, Cycle 117

Starfarer Intelligence

Agent Codename: Sproginator

Faction Analysis: The Outlanders

Shortly after the creation of the CDF, a small group of politicians and officers within (system name) requested the dissolution of the CDF, believing that it could pose a major threat to the security of the Caelan sector. However, they were an unpopular minority and failed to garner much support. This unpopularity led to the nickname “The Outlanders”, much to the group’s dismay. While the Starfarers did disagree with the purposes of the CDF, they were unwilling to force the seemingly harmless group to dissolve. As such, the Outlanders did not receive any military or financial support from the Starfarers.

After the CDF established their headquarters on Pravus, the Outlanders left the public eye and supposedly separated. Away from public view, the Outlanders were quietly recruiting other rebels in the hopes of removing the CDF from (system name). As their numbers grew, so did their secrecy. Their intelligence network grew considerably and came to challenge even that of the Starfarers. They completely vanished and even the Starfarers were unable to determine their locations. With the Great Collapse and the subsequent corruption of the CDF, Outlander resistance began to appear in seemingly random areas. Perceived as a slight threat, the CDF were oblivious to the rising support for the Outlander resistance.

As the Starfarers regained a foothold and pushed the CDF back to their home system, the Outlanders became even more active, attacking enemy fleets and defending weaker planets. After a series of victories, the CDF came to regard the Outlanders as a serious threat and began to suppress their movements. Even today, they fight for the powerless and await Release Day as well, hoping that their Starfarer allies might rejoin the battle.

Intelligence gathered in (system name) indicates that the Outlanders tend to use smaller ships and fleets, most likely the product of their decentralized nature. They use their smaller ships to outmaneuver their larger adversaries and use guerilla tactics to win against seemingly impossible odds. Hopefully, they will overcome the CDF and end the injustices suffered at their hands.

(end text)


Faction Analysis: War Hawks- Pending confirmation by Author


(start text)

Sector Date: 7 January, Cycle 195

Starfarer Intelligence

Agent Codename: Sunfire

Faction Analysis: The War Hawks

The people who would become the War Hawks limped into the Caelan Sector in year 2507 upon a heavily damaged Eagle-cruiser seeking sanctuary from the Domain. The Domain had brutally massacred their entire fleet after the War Hawks attempted to raid a trading convoy. The War Hawks were the very first fleet to attempt any form of space piracy. Unwilling to set a precedent, the Domain decided that no quarter would be given. After their first ship was destroyed, the War Hawks warped through the nearest gate, which happened to be the gate that went to the Caelus sector. One ship, the WHS Strix, suffered an engine malfunction and stopped in front of the gate. The Domain ships, believing that the WHS Strix was disabled, passed through the gate and destroyed the rest of the War Hawks’ fleet.

The WHS Strix was able to re-ignite its engines and pass through the gate. Through some stroke of good fortune, they passed through the gate at the exact time that the Domain left through it. They emerged on the Caelan side of the gate, much to the surprise of the Starfarers, and immediately surrendered. The Starfarers believed that seeing the devastation of their comrades was punishment enough for the crew of the WHS Strix and agreed to allow the War Hawks to settle in the Caelan sector. The War Hawks settled into a star system which they named Strix, after the ship that had saved their lives. Dove, its only habitable planet, became their home planet and they gave up their old name, the War Hawks. The Starfarers elected to provide the newly formed White Dove faction with an auto factory that produced non-combat Eagle-cruisers. While the ships were capable of interstellar travel, they were incapable of passing through warp gates; the intention was to prevent the White Dove from attempting to exact revenge upon the Domain. For their part, the White Dove became a peaceful faction, although they did request secrecy from the Starfarers such that the Domain would be unable to discover them.

A few years after the Great Collapse, the Starfarers lost much of their power and encountered a myriad of problems, ranging from the corrupt CDF to the ambitious Sidus Dim. The White Dove realized that they could no longer depend upon the Starfarers for protection and modified their independent auto factory using the WHS Strix as a model to create new ships and increase their military capacity. They modified the designs so that combat-ready ships could be produced. They sent out their first fleets in cycle 159 and became one of the most effective mercenary factions in the Sector. The White Dove re-named itself the War Hawks in memory of their comrades from long ago. To this date, the War Hawks deploy some of the largest fleets and actively fight against all sorts of space pirates in hopes of preventing people from repeating their mistake.

(end text)


Faction Analysis: The Independents- Pending revision by Me

Faction Analysis: The Farmers- Pending revision by Me

Faction Analysis: Eucarian Republic- Pending revision by Me

Faction Analysis: Galactic Trade Conglomerate- Pending revision by Me




The Messiah



Thank you everyone for your submissions! Keep up the good work.

Discussions / What to do when...
« on: May 15, 2012, 11:44:15 AM »
my friend says that Starfarer looks stupid and shouldn't cost $10. I almost punched him on the spot. I vehemently disagreed with his first statement and agreed with his second, claiming that it should cost more. Opinions?

Discussions / AP Euro Final Tomorrow!
« on: May 10, 2012, 06:41:34 PM »
Wish me luck/pray! My very first AP test is tomorrow!

Discussions / This Game is Too Good
« on: May 07, 2012, 07:52:02 PM »
Is anyone else noticing that whenever you try to study for finals you realize you could be playing starfarer and do?

Yeah pretty much as said above, I like how you can basically stalk anyone on the site. It was kind of weird. Until I saw this.

So then it wasn't weird, I guess. Whoever this is, just want to let you know that I noticed. In a creepy I'm watching your every move kind of way.

Suggestions / Random Agglomeration of Stuff I Think Would be Cool
« on: May 05, 2012, 05:28:20 PM »
Just a list of things that would be nice to see sometime in Starfarer. Loving it by the way, Alex.

1. Ability to improve relations with other factions. I'd really like to see the ability to form alliances with other factions. I'm thinking of Total War Shogun II. If you've played it, you know that you can improve your relations with other provinces, but if you betray them, then they hate you all the more. Also, the enemies of the province you become allied with become your enemies as well. In extension of this idea, I think it would be nice if you could also set up trading relationships as opposed to just military ones. If a faction is "trading hostile" to you, then you sell lower and have to buy higher. The opposite would be true if you were "trading friendly". I guess this could be a step before the faction just starts attacking you head-on. I always think its a little weird to just attack a faction once and then they want to cut out your heart and leave you to die.

2. Just based on the alliances idea, multi-faction battles. If one faction is allied to you, then it makes sense that it would come to help you if you were under attack. Or the other way around I guess. They could function similar to the AI, except you couldn't give them commands and they choose who they deploy.

3. More interstellar politics I guess. If you can defeat a fleet, say the pirate fleet and take some of their ships, I think that if you only used those ships in a battle, you could shift the blame upon them and avoid worsening your relations with another faction.

4. Possible good-evil spectrum. Perhaps in the way that other factions perceive you and your actions. If a fleet attempts to flee or surrender and you let them go, you gain good, if you slaughter them, you gain evil. If you ally yourself with the pirates, then you gain a evil. Although that seems to be a bit too much like Star Wars, which may be something Alex is trying to avoid. So maybe a reputation system. If you repeatedly defeat larger or better equipped fleets, then you gain a greater reputation, or if you repeatedly slaughter entire fleets, even smaller ones that surrender, then you gain a reputation for taking no quarter. If only attack smaller fleets, then other commanders could become contemptuous of you.

5. Marine-training. You can trade in some of you normal crew to be trained as marines. This will cost either none or less than buying marines, but it takes time and you have to give up some of your crew. Green crew trains slowest and Elites would train fastest.

6. A better representation of accidents. While the amount of information shown on the tool tip is awesome, I have no idea what low, medium, high, or extreme means. Does low mean 5%, 20%, 33%, or even 50%? I have no way of gauging whether it is a sensible risk to try to make it back out to a trading post or if it would be better to just jettison the cargo.

7. Roaming Traders. While it is nice that there are all of these established space stations, I think it would be nice to be able to trade when you are far away from a space station. I noticed that there are independent traders roaming the system. Perhaps it would be possible to trade with them? However this could open up credit farming, if one traded with the traders, took the credits, and then attacked them, taking back the cargo.

8. Boarding in the midst of battle. I think that it would be cool if you could board other ships during battle. If you could get up alongside a ship for a long enough period of time, you could send marines onto the other ship. The longer you stayed, the more marines get sent over and the better chance of a take-over. I think that the Salamanders would see a lot more use and that perhaps the implementations of tractor beams might be needed.

Ok I guess that's enough for a first post.Thanks to anyone (especially Alex) who read through this post.

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