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I run a late-game campaign with 100+ mods with the latest JV8 installed (8gb alloc) to cope with the strain. So far, my game runs smoothly most of the time, with the game eventually doing a hard crash if I push my luck and do a 400dp fleet battle more than once without me saving and restarting the game entirely after the battle; I more or less have accepted these conditions, currently.

Usually (through mods) I run with a 900+dp fleet with 30+ ships in tow. But as of late I have run into an issue that I don't think this forum has yet encountered:

When I saved and loaded the game, my campaign fleet size had completely shrunk to its smallest radius (as if I have only 1 ship in my fleet), my logistics counter no longer reacts to me shuffling my ships at the Fleet screen, and the game UI fails to account of me storing my ships somewhere else, reverting to my fleet's previous state as soon as I leave the Fleet screen. The game does account for me storing my ships somehow, as soon as I save and reload the gamesave after attempting to store my ships, but this obviously would be highly annoying to deal with, and reloading the game doesn't make the problem go away.

Also, something that I have noticed in my attempts to fix the matter is that when I restarted the game, the save in which my fleet has shrunk would be caught in an exception of sorts, but when I reloaded the previous save before my fleet had shrunk, which would load normally, then load to the bugged save-slot from the un-bugged save, the bugged save would then load.

Here is my modlist:

"enabledMods": [
  "1 - VIC recombobulation",
  "Mayasuran Navy",
  "Terraforming and Station Construction",

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