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When fighting/farming full-strength Ordos (not the baby Ordos initially encountered the first time in a system), it's frustrating to run into arbitrary limits when fleets refuse to engage via assisting each other: for example, if your fleet is too small (such as flying a solo Ziggurat with only logistics ships), nearby Ordos won't even assist at all. You're forced to either engage one Ordos at a time or add a lot of bloat to your fleet just to entice them into assisting each other. Likewise, once you have a large endgame fleet, you can transverse jump right next to a Remnant nexus into a huge pile of spawning Ordos and still only have ~1.2-1.5k DP worth of Ordos actually willing to engage at once.

This mechanic appears to be based on an evaluation of your fleet strength vs enemy fleet strength (for example, full-powered Ordos seem to avoid assisting when they're all rated at 5 stars difficulty due to fleet point difference), possibly to protect players from stumbling into "impossible" battles too early, and there's a limit to how many are willing to fight you even when you have a very strong fleet. However, with warning beacons and the recent story point disengage mechanic, these guardrails for Ordos fleets feel completely artificial, unnecessary, and prevent the player from seeking out epic endgame battles in a sandbox game. It's especially jarring and a complete let-down when going from huge fights with many thousands of DP against human faction fleets that have no problems assisting each other (such as Nexerelin invasion or defense fleets) only to go into so-called "high danger" systems and fight puny Ordos battles, and this also frustratingly slows down Alpha Core farming with lots of unnecessarily small battles.

IMO Ordos fleets are supposed to be endgame challenges and should always assist each other to pile-on the playerfleet, regardless of fleet strength evaluation and how badly the odds are stacked against the player - this is exactly what high danger systems (and story point disengage) are supposed to be for! Until there's such an update, if there's a way to make Ordos always assist each other either via editing settings or mods, I would love to find out where/which changes need to be made, or if a modder has already solved the problem. Thanks!

Ran into an issue with CR not being consistently calculated correctly with the combination of Automated Ships and Derelict Operations. Video:

"Fleet composition data" to the left correctly displays Automated Ships value of 232, discounted from 320 due to Derelict Operations and d-mods. This should result in max CR of 51%. However, the game is calculating max CR of 39% based on pre-discounted Automated Ships value of 320. Moreover, the game will sometimes calculate the correct max CR of 51% if ship order is changed within the fleet.

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