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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24)

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General Discussion / Missile slot balance between size is... dubious
« on: April 13, 2023, 08:41:51 AM »
After playing a lot i feel like small and medium missile slot are a bit of a waste and large missiles are just too good to not use.

Small and medium mlissile dont send tha tmuch ordinance aroudna nd run out of ammo quite fast thus if youa re not a griffon (that will have extended missile rack anyway) you will have missile rack extension for the extra ammo which put a strain on the OP of the ship that already is using OP for its gun vent capacitor and other mods AND is paying for missiles

Large missiles send massiv amount of damages at very long range, still for no flux, all of them specialised or not have deep ammo pool good tracking and projectile sturdiness
their damage per salvo to OP, total damage per ammo pool to OP are exceptionnal...

It mean that very often i keep every missile slot empty except the large one or if the ship got a missile forge (thus griffon).

I feel more like most small medium missiles work more like finisher than real weapons that can be used all figth long , exception of sabot that cna be used both as utility (for emp) or openner for shield overloader.

Torpedo are nice on paper but mostly work against capitals or heavy cruiser with low PD they are damaging but so slow and easy to shoot down that it end up being an all or nothing weapon, and that what i have achieved with torp woudl have been achieved withotu them, just a bit faster...

Right now i only enjoyed two missiles user ships... Eagle (P) which speed tankiness and massiv ordinance allow it to go nuke somebody out of the battle quite hard...Griffon since you can reload your missile, so you can go ham with them.

General Discussion / Militarized Subsystems
« on: April 08, 2023, 11:37:43 PM »
Even after those hours of playing starsector i still dont get why militarized system is payed in OP (and quite costly) and not just in crew fuel and maybe supply...

I mean you ignor eit if you take it for burn speed since we have a skill that give it.

The armor and flux bonus are weak... the only real stuff that get buffed are sensor and stealth... which are extremely limited in use anyway...

How many civilian ship have some use in fleets as fighting ship anyway?

The few that come to mind are... the gemini, the venture and the prometheus and atlas MK2 all which dont gain much from going militarised and are already OP starved...

Bug Reports & Support / is the lost activation key message up to date?
« on: April 02, 2023, 04:52:03 AM »
Just asking  because I lost my key during a pc update and the message on the board is from 2014

General Discussion / The ai do eveything to make you lose
« on: March 21, 2023, 12:18:51 AM »
Been playing a few game after coming back and the Ai do everything to get itself killed freely

Going 1vs1 staying in ennemy gun range but making sure none of its gun can shot back
opening shield to eat torpedoes but keeping it up against pd laser, nbever retrating out of ennemies fun to vent

And ignoring any order except "retreat"

Ask 8 ship to attack a single on that is isolated ... nope stay aty max range to get slowly killed one by one

Ask to attack ship A they all go to ship B and spread get isolated then each go attack their own ship and get demolished 1 by 1

Ennemy AI: a stay in group and make sure their pd and gun have focused arc of fire, and block reaper with shield and block normal shot with armor

even reckless officer do nothing, they just or suicide or stay in range to get slowly ***... and all mys hip have at least +25 more speed than ennemies....

Edit: they dont even shot back they just let themselves get killed one by one until im alove and see the undergunned outnumbered ennemies come on top to finish me having lost no ship to speak of... only super long range build and carrier try to do anything

Here i go:

Excellent:Lasher, its just overall a good frigate for very cheap price tag and supply cost. I am never dissapointed by it, even in late game. tanking, flanking, dpsing it can do so much with so little.

Enjoyable: ATLAS MK2, i know its not the best ship around here, even more with mods, but damn is it enjoyable to unleash hell with the ammo feeder ON! its also super cheap in DP for such firepower. even with 2helbore gun its bring a lot of range and firepower for quite a low price.

Disapointing: Mule, its a combat freighter but in its weigth class it feel outgunned by ship half its price and DP cost like the lasher...even the pirate one with its universal med slot feel weak, its decently mobile and got a good shield for a low tehc shiep but its lack of venting and maxs flux make it unfit to fight as a frontliner since it doesnt have enough frontal fire power (1 med 2 small is quite weak) as a support with energy gun or laser (thus the two small are almost never used) and as a missile user its not that good(2small and one mif if pirate).
alw0ays feel like taking one civ frigate for cargo and one fighting frigate would be more usefull...
and yet i always come back for it as i love the concept of figthing carog from the fringe of space.

And you?

General Discussion / fixed weapons ships any beneficial effect?
« on: June 11, 2022, 08:10:14 AM »
Do fixed guns get any buff? because I feel like a lot of fixed gun design on frigate and estroyer suffer from having fixed guns like:

Muskipper MK2, Brawler and Wolf,

Hammerhead(saved by its module), Sunder,

Apoge, Aurora, Falcon and Eagle, Dominator

and to a lesser extent the Onslaught twin energy canon

all struggle abit to make their fixed gun really interesting even when its medium or large slots because they don't have enough flux and capacitor anyway to use such guns reliably thus make those fixed gun a bit of a OP waste

but since the gun are fixed a lot of space isnt used for the turret the rotation rings ect... why not make those guns a bit less flux intensiv since the ship is build around those medium/large slots, or give them increased range, thus brawler won't be so pushed into using SO

General Discussion / Balance of cruiser and capitals
« on: May 25, 2022, 04:20:55 PM »
It seem that on those ship very often the best builds are the one where you leave the small weapons slot empty...ands only use large and mediums weapons slot so that the flux consumption and OP usuage of the ship stay good.

Astral · Atlas Mk.II · Conquest · Legion · Odyssey · Onslaught · Paragon · Prometheus Mk.II and also Dominator  are pretty much all the better without those small guns on them...

which is a bit sad because it mean the best thing to do it to never use them, and never to really DAKKA

Maybe its just me but except for missiles maybe, small slot are more of a destroyer shuttle and frigate kind of guns...

General Discussion / Hardened system is a bit weak/illbalanced
« on: January 10, 2022, 06:54:12 PM »
Most of the use of hardened system is keep a ship in the fight longer.

Most ship that do need it are the smallest ones because the cruser and capital already do enjoy massiv a time of PeT

And most Frigate barely gain 60 seconds thx to it, and destroyer barely 120seconds... so if you want frigate that stay in battle longer(for big battles) like a lasher tempest or wolf, fat luck its pretty much useless...

for destroyer its okaish, cruiser its meh and usually they already struggle to get what they need to really shine.

Feel like its a system that doesnt give enough to make it wanted...

Very often if the AI in my fleet or ennemy fleet dont raise their shield if i use phase lance thus they often take 50-70% of the Lasor in the face thus a weapont ha is supposed to suck vs ennemeis with shield withotu help, always pass throught

General Discussion / anybody using OP for ship modules?
« on: December 25, 2021, 06:23:44 PM »
Just thought a bit about it there is very few ship that I even use a single OP on mudules when i can use SP, except maybe capitals since they have so many OP...

But for all the other I just take the three sp build in modules and its usually enough.

Suggestions / Show what is in surplus and deficit when you are in a market
« on: December 17, 2021, 05:22:41 AM »
Because pressingF1 on every productuct and nhaving to pass the mouse cursor on every stuff is annoying...

We interstellar com but cant know what is cheaper or costlier fast... a little red arrow up or a green one down would help a lot...

µIts more of a quality of life suggestion

Suggestions / Make salvaging less "weak" and "annoying"
« on: December 13, 2021, 12:51:21 PM »
Simply make us find less metal and more of everything else it will also help to not overflow our limited cargo space so fast...

Or maybe allow the fleet to make stuff with raw material as we fly around? like supply from Metal and ore and volatiles ect...

Even if I make a fleet with like 4 Salvaging Rig I only get stupidly high amount of metal, something every market in gamle is already flooded and thus with and have not specific use.

Finding a bit and tranplutonien ore/metal or luxury ressources a bit more often coudl also help making raiding a bit more interesting

General Discussion / Vigilance and Brawler anybody do use them?
« on: December 06, 2021, 01:18:30 PM »
Tried brawler the fixed gun make is super meh. and Vigilance seem to be built to be an overpriced Pilum carrier

any good use for those ships?

Condor, Wolf, Falcons(not the P version),Waufarer ect... do you use the missiles small slot at all?

I mean they arent particulary cheap in OP value dont reload between consecutiv battles and except the very specialised ones (sabots and torpedo) they tend to suck...they also suffer from running out of ammo very fast...

Personally i think they are or too costly or have too little ammo... those 8-10 OP (since they usually go by pair) could be used for extra flux or vents or a special mod...

why salmander reload in battle and not other missiles?

I just got a couple of officer level7... so firstly it make officer training kind of pointless... secondly can you find even higher level officers?

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