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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24)

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I'm playing with the Advanced Gunnery Control mod (though not sure if it's causing this specifically) and it seems like the AI loves to switch to manually aiming DO_NOT_AIM missiles (and firing them with apparent disregard to tactical value and AGC settings), especially (irritatingly) the Swarmer SRM Launcher, seemingly ignoring my AGC weapon group settings (enemy ship has shields up with middling flux, there's a different weapon group set to TargetShields and Swarmer is set to Fighters Only and there are no fighters in sight, yet it's apparently still manual Swarmer time). Even worse is the fact half the time this happens, the AI turns off autofire on every other weapon group (yes, even PD) for the entire launch animation of the missiles in question despite low flux and sometimes even while the sole nearby enemy is overloaded, resulting in a massive loss in opportunity to dish damage.

Does anyone else run into a similiar problem and know if it's a specific mod combination that causes this? Aside from AGC, I'm also using Nexerelin and several mods that add extra factions/ships/weapons, though I hesitate to blame any of them aside from AGC as the culprit since this also happens with vanilla ships and weapons.

I have two weapons copy-pasted from the same template, just with different numbers. They have both the same weapon_data.csv range, and one has almost twice the projectile speed of the other. The issue comes in when trying to set fadeTime for each of them: they both seem to fade out after a specific amount of time (which isn't even the same for both projectile--the fast projectile fades out extremely quickly and will have completely vanished by the time it reaches about 80% range, meanwhile the slow projectile keeps on taking its sweet time and is way beyond range by the time its graphics finish fading), and even drastic changes like changing fadeTime from 4 to 12 seems to do nothing to fix this. They also both seem to still exist and have collision after visually fading out, though I couldn't quite gauge whether fadeTime affects how long/far their hitboxes remain. True to their respective visual fade-out though, the slow project seems to lose damage much less rapidly at extreme ranges, despite clearly having needed more time getting there.

So here's my question, what does fadeTime in .proj files actually do? Is there some kind of known formula we can use to eyeball its effects on a projectiles visual and actual fade-out?

Just a quick PS for some extra ***, I actually put in 3 versions each of the weapons above, 1 for each size with range and projectile speed proportional to size. When all 6 are set to the same fadeTime, for SOME REASON a) the medium versions end up fading out the fastest compared to their different-sized counterparts, and c) the small version somehow manages to get the faster projectile to fade further away instead of the other way around??

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