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General Discussion / 0-flux speed boost question about realism
« on: September 08, 2021, 04:41:20 PM »
I ain't no rocket scientist or physicist.
Is there an in-universe or non-fictional explanation for the 0-flux speed boost being a flat s.u. bonus rather than a percent bonus?
Alternatively, I'll take posts/threads where the Devs discuss the 0-flux speed boost's design/mechanics/development in detail, if there are any.
I understand that flat instead of percent is good for QoL/enjoyment from a gameplay perspective. Additionally, I understand SS is a video game, and  doesn't seem to be going for a strong simulation/realism approach in general.

Modding / A Handful of 0.95a Modding/Mod Creation Questions
« on: August 03, 2021, 07:18:35 PM »
1. Location of/file for salvaging and combat experience rewards (profitable trades and survey exp. were both in data/config/settings.json). If there are other sources of exp. not related to the tutorial that I missed (I'm not sure if main storyline grants exp. rewards), what are they and where are the files?
2. Location of/file for mechanical systems/formulas, such as the calculation(s) for armor's effect on incoming damage, and ECCM/Nav Rating mechanics.
3. How are mods prioritized/ordered without a mod organizer tool? Is there a good StarSector specific mod organization/ordering tool/program, or is Nexus Mod Manager considered the gold standard around here?
4. Are there common mod creation issues that tend to lead to crashes or performance issues, or I should be careful of ?
5. Given that I'm out of my depth on this one, are there any existing mods which improve the AI especially while: in combat, operating near suns/blackholes (Archean Order specifically), and/or near Pirates they aren't at war with who have their transponders off in civilized space (Adamantium Consortium specifically)?
6. What is "DPStoHit" under the armor section of data/config/settings.json?

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