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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24)

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Modding / [0.96] The Apocrita Association v0.3.1
« on: May 02, 2023, 11:12:45 AM »
The Apocrita Association
Requires MagicLib and LazyLib

The Apocrita Association is a small faction mod with a handful of ships, several being focused on built-in weapons.

-A small faction with 14 ships.
-2 pirate and 2 Persean League variants of those ships.
-6 non-built-in weapons.
-1 non-built-in fighter.
-7 High-Value Bounties.

I'm looking for feedback! Especially with balancing stuff!

The Ships

Osmia-class Frigate
Agile, cheap scout.

Halict-class Frigate
Missile boat with an autoforge.

Zethus-class Carrier Frigate
A cheap way to field fighters.

Synoeca-class Advanced Frigate
High-explosive short-range missile spammer.

Mellifera-class Heavy Tug
Roughly two Oxen.

Sceliphron-class Destroyer
Specialized ballistic weapon platform.

Ceraphron-class Destroyer
Tough, missile-focused destroyer.

Xyloc-class Destroyer
Light destroyer with a big, built-in mining laser.

Mutill-class Heavy Destroyer
Advanced, tanky destroyer, said to be of AI origin.

Vespul-class Cruiser
Agile all-rounder.

Polistes-class Cruiser
Armed with a built-in rapid-fire energy blaster and a system to support it.

Cteno-class Heavy Cruiser
A hardy cruiser with an interdictor system.

Mound-class Drone Carrier
Old station-parts repurposed to hold a swarm of drones.

Urocerus-class Fast Battleship
Has plasma burn and a spinal plasma cannon.

Abscond: Find at Apocrita Association or independent markets (or their allies) after two weeks passed.

Belcher: Find at Apocrita Association, Persean League or independent markets after some time passed.

Chalice: Find at Apocrita Association or independent markets after a year has passed, if friendly with AA and not friendly with Tri-Tachyon.

Strange Vessels: Check bars at AA, League or independent markets (or their allies) as you progress through the game.

Credits: Tartiflette for the Kitbash Database

-Added the Calcari and Alyro systems so the faction will spawn without random core worlds enabled.
-Added sim opponents.
-Added the Chalice High-Value Bounty.
-Urocerus: Decreased OP from 300 to 280.
--Adjusted default variants accordingly.
-Mound: Changed  system from Reserve Deployment to Reserve Drones.
--Reserve Drones: Identical to Reserve Deployment pre-0.96, but with 80s cooldown instead of 60s.
-Added the Atrox Light Cannon (medium energy).
-Updated for Starsector 0.96.
--Adjusted default variants to reflect OP changes.
--Added new weapons to default variants.

-Added the Cteno cruiser.
-Added the Mandibula MRM (medium missile).
-Added the Tristis Pulse Gun (small energy).

--Small ballistics mount now has 360° angle.
--Reduced hull to 8000 (was 9000).
--Increased speed to 60 (was 50).
--Max crew reduced to 250 (was 350).
-Atrox Light Cannon:
--Now has autocharge (will not need to hold the fire button for the duration of charge-up).

--Ceraphron destroyer.
--Ceraphron (P) destroyer.
--Osmia (P) frigate.
--Polistes (E) cruiser.
--Halict (E) frigate.
--Belcher cruiser (HVB).

---Reduced armour to 900 (was 1000).
---Supplies/month reduced to 5 (was 6).
---Increased armour to 220 (was 200).
---Increased flux capacity to 2000 (was 1800).


--Exsecta Mortar (medium ballistic).
--Aculeus SRM Pod (medium missile).

--Mandibula MRM
---Reduced missile hull to 400 (was 750).


-Added Belcher High-Value Bounty.

--Upgraded to size 6.
--Added Military Base

--Removed Military Base.
--Added Light Industry.

-Reduced several cruiser and destroyer prices. Good lord the cruisers were overpriced...
-Fixed issue where the Cteno would not naturally spawn.
-Fixed typo in the sim_opponents file resulting in the Xyloc sim opponent being replaced by a nebula.
-Adjusted Nexerelin starting fleets to include new ships.
-Adjusted planet locations in the Calcari system to make it less obviously based off a specific vanilla system on the map.


--Mellifera-class Heavy Tug.
--Abscond-class Courier (HVB).
--"Strange Vessels" HVB bounty chain. (It's supposed to be difficult but it's probably just unbalanced as hell...)

---Tweaked sprite.
---Removed 4 small slots.
---Reduced OP to 130 (was 160).
---Adjusted variants.

--Polistes (E):
---Tweaked sprite.
---Removed 1 small slot.
---Reduced OP to 140 (was 170).
---Adjusted variants.

---Reduced OP to 120 (was 130).
---Adjusted variants.

---Added Automated Repair Unit and Resistant Flux Conduits as built-in hullmods.
---Replaced Interdictor Array system with Entropy Amplifier.

--Ceraphron (P) and Osmia (P)
---Changed tech/manufacturer to Pirate.

---New system AI to make it use its system as a weapon.


---Projectile now passes through missiles and fighters.
---Increased range to 1000 (was 800).

--Mandibula MRM
---Flight time reduced to 15 (was 30).

--Aculeus SRM Pod
---Flight time reduced to 10 (was 25).

-AA crest flag changed.
-Slightly tweaked a bounty description.
-Adjusted weapon rarities.
-Fixed weapon prices not being read properly.
-Tweaked the Synoeca's description.


-Atrox Light Cannon:
--Increased flux per shot to 300 (was 250).

-Tristis Pulse Gun:
--Increased flux per shot to 120 (was 100).

-Byblos Antimatter Caster:
--Added 'restricted' tag so it should no longer appear randomly, only as a bounty reward.
--Increased flux per shot to 1000 (was 900).


-Slightly debuffed the shield efficiency of some non-pilotable bounty ships.
-Adjusted shield module placement and module shield arc on a non-pilotable bounty ship.

General Discussion / Why is there flux instead of power or something?
« on: October 24, 2022, 04:40:35 AM »
Hey, I was talking about the game with a friend and I was thinking how it was cool that the flux mechanic balanced out attacking and defending instead of just powering the shield and weapons like most other games I've seen, when it occured to me that flux is basically the same thing. So I was wondering why flux build-up and dissipation was used instead of energy that gets consumed and recharged.

I guess it is easier to keep track of a bar that goes up above a bar that goes down instead of just 2 of the latter? Or it's easier to explain soft/hard flux?

Sorry if this has already been answered, I tried to check if someone asked this before, but since flux is such a major mechanic I couldn't really find anything cause there are so many mentions of it.

Hey there!

I do hope this has not been suggested before, I did a quick search but couldn't find it. I'm not used to forums with topics and categories and all, so sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.

I bought this game recently and I've been having a lot of fun, but I found the manual controls to be very hard to get used to, so I just ended up using autopilot for the most part. Messing around with the controls further, I found that my main problem, especially during strafing, is that the movement directions are relative to the direction the ship is facing instead of being absolute. If my ship is aiming 'south', then if I hold A, it will go 'east', etc., which is something I found very annoying and clunky. I think it would be really nice if there was a toggleable option in the settings to make the controls absolute, so if I press A, the ship will go 'west', no matter which way it is currently facing. Such a feature would probably make the game a lot more accessible to people more used to such controls.

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