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Modding / [0.95.1] Goathead Aviation Bureau - EN Edition [v. 1.4.5]
« on: February 08, 2023, 04:08:21 PM »
Goathead Aviation Bureau

Original mod by Mimeio(Original Fossic post)

"The friction between speed and firepower makes sparks in the shining Sector. Welcome to the Goathead Aviation Bureau."

Download link for translated ver: Google Drive

Requires LazyLib, MagicLib, GraphicsLib

Faction blurb:
After a lengthy evacuation process, the Aviation Bureau eventually settled in two restored orbital stations, located in the Taivassija system south-west of the Core Worlds. Their ships are roughly analogous to "midline" design philosophy: tending towards high firepower and/or speed, but most ships lack solid armor and shields (there are exceptions, of course).
With the links taken directly from Fossic, the text in these will still be in Chinese.

#Content added
Implement Polarity Repeater added to the Aviation Bureau's blueprint

#Bugs and optimization
Fixed the Ribosome's module not increasing fleet burn level
Fixed that the range and damage displayed for the Scorchfire was incorrect
Optimize all missile trails

#balance adjustment
DPH of Gloom-series launchers reduced by 15%, burst size reduced by 50%
Scorchfire MRM Launcher range 1000->2500
Roar Driver DPH 600->550
Megahalberd Series: Gain two-stage guidance capability

Infallible-class fast carrier: Parallel Manufacturing now requires four times the number of fighter launches to regenerate missiles

Replaced some of these ships' mounts with hybrid or synergy types:
   Nighttime Book

Increased DP of Nighttime Book from 14->16
Speed: 95 to 75, all missile slots removed, dissipation halved, shield efficiency 1.2->1.0, hull 9500->8000, maneuverability reduced.
Birdwatcher-class DP 15 to 17, dissipation 300->280, armor 600->400
Remove some ships' built-in fighters

Reduced maneuverability of most ships by 10% to 20%.

#New content
Winter-class destroyer has been added to the Aviation Bureau's production line
Autumn-class frigate has been added to the Aviation Bureau's production line
Goathead markets now have their own music

#bugfixes and optimizations
Fixed the collision issues on Birdwatcher's LRMs and bombard/pounder cannons

#Balance adjustment
Heavy Burnout Oilgun dps 650->330
#New Content
R&D has finished the new Rising Tide Superheavy Mortar
#bugfixes and optimizations
Fixed a bug in the immortality's spiral horns range buff
Optimized bombard/pounder sfx
Optimized oilgun sfx
Optimized oilgun AI behavior

Turmoil-class bomber's glitter bombs do kinetic damage instead of HE
Thousandsails flux capacity/dissipation 7000/700 to 6000/600, replace some composite slots with ballistic
Photon Deathray range 400->500

#New content
Crematorium-class salvage cruiser new system: Flame Burst
Ribosome-class is now a module ship
Night Tea-class Cruiser has been added to the Aviation Bureau's production line
Thousandsails-class Cruiser has been added to the Aviation Bureau's production line
Roar Driver - breach onhit
Eagle (GP) refit is now available
Falcon (GP) refit is now available

#balance pendulum
Marstina's Spear hull 990->1000, flux capacity 600->1000
Midnight Letter hull 9000->8500, armor 900->1150, renamed Night Book
Meltbore Cannon range 1800->1500

#bugfixes and optimizations
Fixed that some male portraits and male-identified robot portraits were always labelled as female
Fixed the bug of unbalanced ship refresh rate

*I promise to fix the Nostalgia's tendency for friendly fire next time*

Hot Fixes
Fix the bug that some ship descriptions are missing
Fix the bug that Megahalberd lifetime does not match the listed range
Fix the bug that Ribosome was classified as frigate and not destroyer
Adjusted some weapon effects

#Balance adjustment
Gnaw Clustergun changed to burstfire
Oilgun series explosion radius 25->55

#Content added
Sunset-class Heavy Armor Cruiser has been added to the Bureau's production line.
Settler- Class Salvage Destroyer has been added to the Bureau's production line.
Birdwatcher - Class Destroyer has been added to the Bureau's production line.
Ribosome- Class Survey Destroyer has been added to the Bureau's production line.
Sleigh-class frigate has been added to the Bureau's production line.

#bug and optimization
Beautification of tail trail and tail flame effects
Fixed the error in the crew data for Windchime
Fix the bug that the built-in fighter can be selected in the battle
Shadowsoul - Class Phase Destroyer Grid 7500/450 to 9000/300, number Malstina Spear craft 3-> 4
Fix the bug that some missiles cannot fire normally
Fix the bug that the oilgun series projectiles are over-penetrated

#Balance adjustment
Illwind-class frigate, 9 to 8 deployment
Cagepot-class personnel carrier max crew 4500 to 6000
Gloom SRM launcher refire delay 2->4
Gloom SRM launcher ammo 30 to 24
Pounder compact cannon dph 300 to 450, dps 160 to 113, range 700 to 800, only fires a 1-shot burst
oilgun series dph 300 to 150, range 550 to 650
Prism Bastion-IX wing count 4 to 3, refit time 5 to 4

Hot Fix
Nostalgia - Class Battleship
   speed 50 to 45
   reduced maneuverability
   main gun damage 70 to 60
   structure 22000 to 300000
   armor 1800 to 1850,
Shadowsoul - Class Phase Destroyer
   Lance of Marstina refit time 21 to 12
   ordnance points 90 to 70
   speed 110 to 90

#Content added
Shadowsoul-class Phase Destroyer new built-in hullmod and drone wing
Nostalgia - Class Battleship has been added to the Aviation Bureau line

#Balance adjustment
Infallible - Class Fast Carrier
   Ordnance point 360 to 210
   built-in hullmod effect adjustment.
Heavy Burnout Oilgun dph 250 to 300
Gnaw Clustergun flux/shot 0.9 to 1.15
Thunderfist Coilgun
   dph 200 to 80
   now fires a six-shot burst
Punishment Collider Lance
   dps 540 to 416
   flux/damage ratio 0.9 to 1.2
Lantern - Class Phase Frigate
   system multiplier reduced to +300%
   Temporal Disruptor adjusted to increase range by 30% (disclaimer: does not seem to actually do this)
# Balance Adjustment
Immortality - Class Battleship
   Ordnance Points 350->310
   Armor 1600->1400
   Speed 30->45
   Hull 22,000->20,000
   Shield Efficiency 1.4->1.2
   Dissipation 900->700
Infallible-class Fast Carrier
   Flux Capacity/dissipation 16000/900->14000/600
   Ordnance Points 300->260
   Armor 1000->1200
Windchime-class tanker: Fuel capacity 1800->2200
Shadowsoul-class phase destroyer: flux capacity 5600->7500

Punishment Collider Lance: flux/damage ratio 0.75->0.9
Dazzle MRM Launcher: now fires 3 missiles in a burst.
DeepL: Machine translation software

The Unofficial Starsector Discord in general for letting me bounce my thoughts off of them
   Special mentions to:
   Ansari: Giving me the idea to search things in the chinese text online
   Avanitia: Giving good feedback both on translation and the mod in general
        Wisp: Being a genuinely talented writer and thus offering good advice in that field

And of course:
Mimeio for making the mod

Proof of authorization:

If there are any issues with the mod and/or translation, feel free to report them: if it's the former, I'll pass the feedback on to Mimeio the best that I can.

Modding / [0.95.1a] Gudalanmu | EN Edition (v. 0.24)
« on: December 28, 2022, 10:13:20 AM »

Original mod by Linskentry/fire_turtle(Original Fossic post)

Download link for translated ver: Google Drive
Save compatible

Requires LazyLib, MagicLib, GraphicsLib

Faction blurb:
Aliens from a distant galaxy, the Gudalanmu's homeworlds had been completely destroyed by an unknown enemy. They formed three wandering fleets, which each fled to a different direction; the second of those fleets was destined for the safety of the Persean Sector. The second fleet finally arrived in the Sector after a voyage of dozens of centuries. In order to get a firm foothold in the Sector, the Gudalanmu began to have dealings with humans, but it became clear that humanity is not unified; so the conflicts with the Gudalanmu are still ongoing.

Gudalanmu are best described as a high-tech faction, making extensive use of energy weapons and some missiles, with few ballistic-capable mounts and fewer in-faction ballistic weapons. You can find them in the Mosta system, north-east of the Core Worlds.

Ship showcase(large image warning):

Weapon graphic showcase(large image warning):

GIF previews:
With the links taken directly from Fossic, the text in these will still be in Chinese.


DeepL: Being the machine translation software I used
Discord Folks: Proofreading from an outside perspective (special mention to Nightly#2967)
And of course:
Linskentry/fire_turtle for making this mod

Built-in weapons have been strengthened:
   Spinal Supernova Cannon DPH 500->800
   Starbreaker Mining Pulser DPH 170->255, range 700->800
   Starbreaker Mining Pulser (C) range 700->800
Pickaxe-class cruiser:
   Deployment points 23->20
   Slot changes:
      2 medium energies to small missiles
      other mediums changed to hybrid
Spine deployment points 22 -> 20
Bruteforce deployment points 25->22
Gudalanmu Autopulse Cannon:
   Refire delay 0.3->0.25s
   Projectile speed 1100->1500
   Flux/shot 125->120
        Mindfulness renamed Memoriam
        Ironhead renamed Steelhead
        Blunt renamed Bruteforce
Added a new NPC-only portrait
LR Smart Fusion Cannon:
   Ammo regen rate reduced
   Projectile durability 300->250
Pulse acceleration duration 3->5s
Spinal Supernova Cannon pierces missiles
Solar Lance color altered
More simulator variants


Proof of authorization:

P.S. If there are any notable translation issues, please notify me. As far as bugs and other issues: I already fixed the default_ship_roles.json file (and notified the original mod author), but anything else is either unknown to me or beyond my ability to fix.

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