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Next year :D, will mark the 10 year anniversary of STARSECTOR, and we should have a forum party when next year comes, to celebrate the birth of a game, that frankly, puts AAA game titles to shame, and celebrate all Moderators on the forums, modders, players, and obviously ALEX and his crew!!!
from 26 April 2013 - 26 April 2023!!!

Modding / Bounty Range Change?
« on: June 01, 2022, 03:22:41 AM »
Does anyone know how to , or if possible to :
1.Change universally all bounties range, so they well, are rarer to spawn the corner of the galaxy.

2.Have them spawn more locally to player to medium range, unless your in an area where they should spawn, e.g if your near hivers, you get vs hiver and also hiver requested bounties etc?

3. if 2 above are possible, then if it works with all mod bounties, unless preset locations.


if i was to get into modding, i have an idea for a mod, but wondering if with the coding ability and perimeters of the games code, would it be possible to:

----- implement lendlease feature, where you can lend ships from a faction if your rep is high enough, you can rent their elite and better ships etc, but you have to pay monthly, and if they get destroyed, you still have to pay, or pay a premium one purchase to stop monthly payments
 , imagine running around in a lendlease fleet, that gets destroyed, and you cant make your payments so their corrosponding factions put a bounty on your head ^^, also add like a buy now pay later feature

Modding / Any auto update?
« on: December 19, 2021, 05:52:09 AM »
im back after a while from not playing this game, just seen that its updated, i have 100s of mods but i bet they need updated, is there a way to auto update them or, gotta manual check each one

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