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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: Codex Overhaul (05/11/24)

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Suggestions / The Bounty Hunting Travel Credit (BHTC)
« on: June 20, 2022, 09:16:49 AM »
Originally suggested in Foxy's QoL thread:

Essentially to mitigate the annoyance of having to travel to the outer rim of the sector to hunt down a bounty if you try to acquire one via a contact, you get some extra funding. Especially annoying if you use 'Adjusted Sector' like I do and the sector is larger than normal.

The Bounty Hunting Travel Credit (BHTC) is defined by the following formula:

{(LY distance to target x 200) + (LY distance to target x 50)} x Size of Bounty Modifier = Reimbursement amount for Fuel and Supplies used to reach the target and return

The idea is if they're going to try and send me 50 LY to whack a 40000 credit bounty, they better damn well pay the travel costs (the 200 and 50 credit amounts are simply double the base cost for Supplies and Fuel, as it's round trip). This would obviously only apply to bounties specifically acquired through contacts, pickup bounties you detect while travelling don't get this bonus, and you'd only get it when you kill the bounty in question. The 'Size of Bounty Modifier' is just if you picked the small/medium/large bounty, probably a simple 2/4/6 but it can be adjusted as needed since the assumption is a harder bounty will need a bigger fleet which will eat more fuel/supplies.

Overall a pretty simple idea to make picking up bounties from your contacts more attractive.

Suggestions / Optional Simplified Hyperspace
« on: June 09, 2022, 10:39:01 AM »
Just an idle thought I had when looking at the frame rate drop in hyperspace due to so much more activity than the average system. Thus this would be a thing aimed at people with lower end computers, or a truly ridiculous amount of mods (a thing I am guilty of).

The basic idea is to tick an option in the menu and the next time you enter hyperspace it's a more simplified layout, looking a bit in my minds eye like a tabletop miniatures battle map. Fleets are simple circular icons (displaying their faction flag if you're close enough, with the player having the default star or their faction/commission flag as appropriate) which grow or shrink depending on the size of the fleet. The clouds and terrain look simpler and easier to render, and it all looks like a display our PC would be looking down at on his flagship bridge... though if you wanted to go really simple you could make it all look like a larger version of the radar... a bit esoteric though.

Mind you this is almost certainly a low priority and if the idea is used at all, assuming a modder doesn't run with it, it'll be long after more important things are dealt with.
Just an idea I wanted to toss out there for future consideration.

Suggestions / Custom Player Music support
« on: March 10, 2022, 11:15:35 AM »
Essentially a folder or something that players can drop MP3's into that'll play in the game (alongside the normal music, either shuffled or in order depending on config file).

Organized by sub-folder or labelling the music file correctly (ie Hyperspace, Station, etc) so it'll play in the correct places when not overridden by faction specific stuff.

A suggestion born from a sudden nostalgic urge to hear the Star Control II hyperspace music play while I tool around energy storms.  8)

Star Control 2 - Hyperspace (Precursors mix 3)

Suggestions / Mini-Commission groups
« on: January 14, 2022, 11:52:50 AM »
Essentially having smaller organizations you can commission with other than major factions, for people who want the extra income early game without suddenly going to war with major factions.

Obviously such things would pay less than a full faction, and likely only have facilities on a single planet, but would give you a slight boost to an associated faction rep (if it has one) and extra missions or market options.

Such as one idea I had would be for an Exploration/Stellar Cartography Office, located on a (possibly random) Independent world. Signing up with them would give you some bonus rep with the Independents, you can talk to your contact there to get better paying exploration missions, payouts when fighting pirates, and you can also talk to said contact to sell them Survey Data at a better rate than the open market (ie the same way you can turn in AI cores).

The 'Great Houses of Kassadar' from the Tahlan mod would also work as a Mini-Commission... stuff like that essentially.

Suggestions / 'Extended Magazines' hullmod needs more applications
« on: December 24, 2021, 09:45:46 AM »
Currently, there don't seem to be many weapons that the 'Extended Magazines' actually affects. So here's two parameters it could also affect to let it be useful to ships without those weapons:

+1 or +XX% to non-beam burst size, whichever is higher.
+XX% to non-beam reload speed

Where 'XX' stands for whatever number is balanced for the ordinance cost (which may change depending on what numbers they end up being). Beam weapons aren't included as they already have dedicated hullmods.

Could go with one, or the other, heck might even keep it's original ability along with them so the few weapons it works with will continue to do so. I think it just needs something.

Suggestions / Salvaging Ships - more intricate and valuable
« on: December 23, 2021, 11:05:30 AM »
Idea imported over from the 'incremental discount per d-mod' thread as it was getting off topic.

Essentially I never thought scrapping a ship in the field giving more value than selling it made much sense, even with 3-D printing ships most colonies don't have nano-forges so restoring old ships would probably be easier. So the following is as idea to both make living as a salvager a viable playstyle, but also make things more interesting:

When you salvage a ship it's usually a "hulk" which is on permanent mothball and can't be used until restored (say around 75% of the time). Rarely you'll get it in a repairable state, but with difficulty as it will need a story point (call it at 20%) and if you don't spend the SP it'll be salvaged as a hulk. Very rarely you'll be able to pick one up that'll only need minor fixes and can be used right away (5%). D-Mods will be quite common regardless across the board.
Now hauling a hulk to any station will let you sell it on the market for about 1/3 it's sale value (a 100,000 credit ship will net you around 30,000. A decent payout for a cruiser wreck). A sold hulk won't show up on the market, at least not for a while. If you haul it to a Salvage Yard or Restoration Dock then things change (those two things are added by the mod 'Industrial Evolution', obviously if implemented something similar will need to be used or it adopted by vanilla). A place with a Salvage Yard is much better equipped to deal with wrecks so you can sell a hulk there for 2/3 it's market value (ie 100,000 credit ship for 60,000), a Restoration Dock however can restore the ship to working order for use by your fleet, it'll take time and cost you credits but if you want it that'll be what you need to do (it'll still be cheaper than buying it new, say about 1/2 the market price). Removing the D-Mods is optional and cost the normal price added to the restoration work.

What do you think of this for an outline to a new salvage system?

Suggestions / Alternate uses for weapon mounts
« on: December 11, 2021, 04:13:13 PM »
Edit: old title -  'Trading a weapon mount for ordinance points'

The idea here is a simple one, a generic "weapon" that fits into any sized weapon mount and plugs it. It can't fire, obviously, and grants the ship mounting it additional OP depending on the size of the mount it's blocking. Not sure what the balance would be, but right now I'm thinking 5/10/15. Maybe adding some armour or structure to the ship too since it's like an additional bulkhead.

It's for those ships that just have more weapon mounts than you actually need, but could always use more OP.

Not sure what they'd be called, but a quick search gave me 'tampions' for those things they use to plug naval guns when not in use.

a plug or stopper placed in the muzzle of a piece of ordnance when not in use, to keep out dampness and dust.

Suggestions / Colony Station Defense Fleet
« on: October 24, 2021, 11:42:29 PM »
Just an idea I thought up when trying to figure out what to do with that mass of ships you inevitably collect over the course of a game and don't want to get rid of, but don't have room for them in your active fleet. Usually you just end up storing them at your colony, at least that's what I do.

The idea here is that there's another tab on the Fleet Buy/Sell screen called "Station Defence Fleet", basically the same as your main fleet (30 ship slots, etc). Ships in those slots repair CR at a fixed rate but also cost you monthly maintenance fees (perhaps 50% of what they'd cost you in your actual fleet?). The idea here is that those ships will defend the station if it's attacked. They don't patrol, they're simply a dedicated defence force for the station.

Basically a way to use extra ships and beef up your planetary defences, also probably something somebody thought of before.

Suggestions / Hypershunt/Cryosleeper should have their own Intel tabs
« on: October 04, 2021, 05:29:37 PM »
Hypershunt and Cryosleepers should really have their own tabs, like Gates and Warning Beacons already do.

If you're worried about intel screen bloat, just group them under a single tab (Points of Interest or something) and have each of them be a sub-tab within them (Hypershunt, Cryosleeper, Gates, Warning Beacons, whatever is invented or modded in later, etc). It'd make planning easier for those who like to scout a lot before settling on a colony location.

Yes, I know, another stealth suggestion.  :P
Please hear me out anyway.

Getting stuck on one of those missions that need you to sneak somewhere is generally annoying. Getting chased, doubling back, inevitably having to use Story Points to avoid tanking your rep, etc. We've all been there, and unless you've had the fortune of collecting an all Phase Ship fleet you're not sneaking past that annoying patrol pulling doughnuts around your target and even if you get him to chase you he'll likely be back there before you are... heck, even with the phase fleet they usually catch me. Adding insult to injury is the smuggler NPC's that just drift right through the patrols, must've been generous with the bribes. Anyway, it got me thinking... a lot of games have a delay between going into detection range and actually being detected. Maybe that might be worth implementing here.

Essentially we keep detection ranges the same, but when you're running silent you aren't immediately spotted when you get too close. Instead the detection icon (a slowly filling circle around you or the other guy, an indicator at the bottom of the screen, whatever) changes to indicate you're in detection range and a countdown starts. When time runs out you get spotted and things proceed as normal. How long the countdown is could be tied to obtaining a skill (maybe spice up the 'Bulk Transport' industry skill by adding smuggling ability to it) and it'd increase with your level (something like 1 second per level, maxing out at 10), but with the +3 slow burn boost 'Sensors' give you'd have enough time to actually get to the target and away again if you're careful. Even copy those snooty "pass through a patrol" smugglers if you want, well worth a two skill investment.  8)

You could also play around with it, increasing or reducing the timer depending on what kind of ships you have in your fleet. Maybe have a few Pirate Hullmods that can be added to ships to make them stealthier. Obviously it wouldn't work if you go dark when already in detection range, it's being quiet and not a super power.

Anyway, just a few of my thoughts for your consideration... or for if somebody with more ability than me wants to make a mod of it.

Hi there, just something I thought would make sense.

A ship is built to work with certain weapons and would therefore work better with weapons of the same 'type'.

What I mean is the ship design type (ie Low Tech, Luddite, Pirate, etc) would get an Ordnance point discount for weapons that are of the same design type, to represent that the systems are designed to work together and don't need any fancy workarounds to function. How much of a discount would be up to balance tests (50% on the extreme of one end, to 20% on the other. 35% to be midway), but I thought it'd make sense for there to be a reason to arm your ship according to the design philosophies of the faction you got it from rather than just grabbing the "best" weapon you can find and bolting it on.

The simplest way to implement this I can think of would be to add a hullmod to each ship design type that gives the relevant discount... at least I think that's simple, I don't honestly know much about programming.

Just something I thought would be interesting.

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