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General Discussion / what does impact mitigation's elite effect actually do?
« on: September 15, 2021, 03:58:47 AM »
this is a pretty simple thing that i've veen wondering for a while - what does impact mitigation's elite effect, and by extenstion effectiveArmorBonus, actually do?

i've been assuming it adds flat armour that can't be stripped, but from some quick tests it definitely doesn't (reducing the damage of a heavy mauler by ~6 vs an 83% cr, otherwise stock eagle)
this leaves me with the assumption that it just adds 50 flat armour but doesn't show it in the ui, which is uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh let's just say not good

and for the bit actually relevant to effectiveArmorBonus (that should probably be somewhere else) - would reducing it cause any similar wierdness, or would it work as i assume it does (reducing armour for damage reduction but keeping the same hp)

or is this more fit for the modding questions thread? i dunno

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