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Suggestions / Bonus XP tooltip clarification
« on: December 15, 2021, 02:42:21 AM »
When .95.1 came out I decided to do a vanilla run (was gonna do a whole writeup on it but I didn't have the energy & my thoughts could be TL;DR'd as "player xp reqs are too steep and inconsistent") and when I finally got to level 15 I noticed something odd - the bonus xp tooltip looks like it hasn't been updated since story points were 4mil xp per SP after level 15.

Aaaand I just noticed a second thing while typing this post up - the "you will gain x bonus xp on reaching max level" line remains while i'm at max level, has that xp already been given to me or do I have another 20mil in storage?


I'm guessing neither of these things are intentional, can they both be cleaned up / clarified?
The first thing is hopefully a minor change, but for the second thing I'd recommend an "x Bonus XP gained due to reaching max level" popup that shows up along w/ the final level up notification (and some change in the character screen tooltip to reflect that it's already been given)

not sure if this is intentional / has been fixed in rc4/5 (though it's not in any of the patch notes), but bar events are giving out high level merc / remnant / derelict drone bounties

example screenshot

and while i'm here - are all 4 xiv legions meant to be in one constellation again?
3 / 4 spawned in one for me, though that might just be dumb luck

Bug Reports & Support / "no_autofit" tag doesn't seem to work?
« on: November 29, 2021, 07:26:32 AM »
I've recently been fighting a bunch of guardians in derelict drone bounty fleets & they all get random loadouts, ignoring the no_autofit tag (or is this intentional?)

(example image in spoiler, it has 2 guardians w/ random loadouts in it)

And I'm asking wether this is intentional or not because the cryosleeper guardians always have the same loadout, it seems wierd that "no_autofit" only applies in some situations

Modding / Custom skill colours?
« on: October 17, 2021, 09:16:26 AM »
I've been working on a mod that introduces custom skills for officers hired at faction markets and i've run into a minor but annoying thing - can a way to change the colour border colour + elite border of a skill without requiring a new aptitude be added?

As for a solution, I'd say a "colorOverride" and "eliteBorderOverride" (alternatively and preferably, can the border colouring be done entirely in code, going off the coloroverride?) which will override whatever the aptitude has set for those fields should be added to the .skill file, like so
   "eliteBorderOverride":"RGTO_HegeTrainingBorder.png" (then have it automatically look for the 48px & 32px versions from there)
         {"type":"SHIP", "script":"data.scripts.skills.RGTO_HegeTrainingSkill$Level1"},

and a second thought I had while writing up this post (or alternate solution to this problem, but I don't like messing with csvs) - is it possible to add an aptitude that the player can't see in the character menu (or can't take skills from), but officers can still progress through and whatnot?
as for a solution to this, I'd add 2 columns to aptitude_data.csv which are true / empty, "visibletoplayer" (or just "hidden") and "availabletoplayer", hopefully they're self-explanatory enough.

hopefully this is all coherent enough to undersand & reasonable enough to implement!
and sorry if it's in the wrong place, didn't feel right for the minor questions or api request threads

General Discussion / what does impact mitigation's elite effect actually do?
« on: September 15, 2021, 03:58:47 AM »
this is a pretty simple thing that i've veen wondering for a while - what does impact mitigation's elite effect, and by extenstion effectiveArmorBonus, actually do?

i've been assuming it adds flat armour that can't be stripped, but from some quick tests it definitely doesn't (reducing the damage of a heavy mauler by ~6 vs an 83% cr, otherwise stock eagle)
this leaves me with the assumption that it just adds 50 flat armour but doesn't show it in the ui, which is uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh let's just say not good

and for the bit actually relevant to effectiveArmorBonus (that should probably be somewhere else) - would reducing it cause any similar wierdness, or would it work as i assume it does (reducing armour for damage reduction but keeping the same hp)

or is this more fit for the modding questions thread? i dunno

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