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every faction has somehow gained the ability to automatically ID my fleet regardless of the transponder.

Prior to making some advancement in the main storyline, this was not happening. Only now that I've finished (I think) with the Gates and gone back to doing occasional station raids, I'm seeing that all of the factions instantly know it's me. I went ahead with combat despite the warning to see if it was a false positive, but it wasn't, and they all end up going completely hostile immediately afterward as if i had turned on my transponder.

I have no idea what caused this except that it has to be something in the main storyline.

Bug Reports & Support / Main questline broke: find Kelise Astraia
« on: April 17, 2021, 12:30:49 AM »
After cracking the Kallichore archive and stopping at both Hegemony and Tritach-owned bars (and getting questioned by both factions), I went back to the Galatia Academy and went through all the dialogue about having to find Kelise Astraia. The game didn't add any new missions regarding finding her, nor was there anything relevant available in the Hybrasil system when I went to check. I noticed I got this error message after finishing at the Academy and was wondering if this is an indicator that the main questline just refused to load anything afterward

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